How to make a brazier of bricks with their own hands (150+ Photos) - Step-by-step instruction (diagrams, drawings)


For many, a country house is associated with cooking kebabs or barbecues. And the necessary element of this process is brazier. And cooking meat dishes will be doubly pleasant if the roaster for them will be made with your own hands.


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  • Brazier on the summer cottage - is the key to a successful holiday with barbecue. For this reason, most vacationers want their device for cooking on their territory. Some prefer the option from the store, but made on their own always arouses pride in the owner of a country estate.

    Multifunctional BBQ

    Smokehouse for cooking kebabs performs several functions simultaneously:

    • used to decorate the landscape;
    • It is considered an important helper in the case when you need to feed many people at the same time, because a self-made invention has a larger surface than the purchase option.
    In addition to the brazier performs important functions, it is characterized by: strength, less fastidiousness to weather conditions and an individual appearance.

    In order to build such a device, a couple of skilled hands and materials are enough. Even the one who has no experience in this business can cope with this task. On the Internet you can find a lot of training videos that describe in detail each step of production. In addition, there are many ready-made drawings, on which you can build a high-quality brazier yourself.

    It has high strength


    If you do not study the brick construction drawings of a brick, then the process of its construction will be more problematic and difficult. On the ready-made schemes, all parameters of the future product are described in detail:

    • height;
    • width;
    • total area that he will occupy.
    For beginners, the construction of the mangal according to the drawings is much easier, since they show all the elements containing it.

    There are such cases when people want to build a summer complex, which will be based on a brazier. They consist of countertops, storage space for firewood, firebox and other items that may be useful in cooking.

    Create a step by step drawing

    If the master already has experience in this matter, he can independently develop a drawing based on the existing ones. In this case, the scheme will be unique. It will decorate the summer cottage or a country complex.

    Think carefully about the plan

    But there are general instructions that must be followed in order to get a quality product as a result. Step-by-step instructions are useful because they help build the process of working correctly. In this case, it is very important to do everything one by one and on time.

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    Step-by-step instruction

    At the first preparatory stage, the most important point is the choice of the place where the roaster will stand for cooking kebabs. It is necessary that the place was chosen correctly and not interfere with others. To do this, it is recommended to listen to the following tips:

    • It is worth remembering that the building is an object with increased fire risk. For this reason, the brazier is better placed away from home, outbuildings and other objects that can easily catch fire.
    • The roaster should not be located far from the resting place, as this may cause some inconvenience. Ideally, put a brazier near the gazebo where the holidays take place, or near the summer kitchen. To create more comfortable conditions, you can build a wide shed, which will simultaneously cover the brick from the rain, and at the same time, the benches and the table will also be protected.

    Cozy corner for relaxation

    • It is recommended to equip the site, which was intended exclusively for the brazier and all auxiliary equipment. It is not recommended that there be flowerbeds or beds near this zone. High temperatures can cause all plants to disappear. It is necessary to consider how to approach this zone comfortably, namely, to make paths to it.
    • Do not place garbage cans and toilet areas next to the broiler as this will not look aesthetically pleasing.

    The next step is to select the material from which a barbecue roaster will be constructed. In our case, this is a brick. It is best that it be heat-resistant and not destroyed. This material is fireclay bricks. He is also known as "oven".

    In order for the construction to be strong, the mortar must be made from clay and sand.

    Choose quality materials

    BoardSo that the construction can be used for several decades, you should choose a quality brick. It is this material that constitutes its basis. In the case of high-quality material on the hearth it will be possible to cook shish kebab for many years.

    In order that the street brazier was strong, it is worth paying attention to its basis. That is, you need to prepare building materials for its construction.

    The foundation will require the following materials.:

    • Crushed stone
    • Stones.
    • Cement.
    • Plywood or boards (for formwork).
    • Sand.
    • Fittings.

    For the foundation will need to use metal

    Also, you need to purchase the tools that will be needed during the construction period.

    These include the following instances:

    • Bucket.
    • Shovel.
    • Trough for cement kneading (concrete mixer can be used).
    • Master OK.
    • Circular saw.
    • Level.

    It is recommended to develop a project for the construction of the mangal. You can take a project that was already developed by someone. In this case, the work will be easier. And also, it will help to calculate the right amount of materials. A small stock is acceptable, but large surpluses are not profitable and useless.

    This brazier can be built with your own hands

    The next step is to fill the foundation.. This stage is considered basic, as further construction depends on the foundation. The foundation is necessary only for the stationary type of brazier. For a portable product, this process is not needed. After the foundation has stiffened and is ready for further work, brick laying is carried out.

    BoardBefore starting to lay brick it is recommended to pour water. After 24 hours have passed, you can begin the process. Also, you can dip it in water for a few seconds immediately before laying. This is done in order to better its adhesion with clay.

    The order of laying bricks cost to carry out according to the finished scheme. When there is a desire to independently develop a scheme, it is better to do it on a piece of paper in the cell.

    Laying brick is better to start from the corner and go to the central part. It is important to periodically check the grill level and plumb. This will detect inaccuracies and correct them in the future.

    A small room for cooking delicious food

    After that, you need to start laying the central part of the product, namely, the firebox.

    It may be already pre-cast from concrete, or it can be made of brick.

    If the grill will serve as a barbecue, then at this stage you need to decide where the grill will be installed. It is installed on reinforcement bars that are located in the walls of the product. In order to be able to change the levels of the lattice, you can make several projections.

    After that, wind walls and a smoke box are built, which is attached to the columns and gradually decreases in diameter. Some schemes do not include the erection of a pipe to isolate smoke.

    As a result of such a sequence of steps, you will get the simplest brazier. To protect it from rain, you can install over it a visor made of metal.

    In oriental style

    The final stage of the construction of the barbecue is the finish and canopy.

    A canopy over a product to be cocked for the purpose of extension of its operation. It can be done in two ways:

    • A canopy that covers exclusively the brazier itself.
    • Canopy, which covers the entire area, which is designed for recreation.

    In any case, precipitation will not fall on the brazier. From the point of view of design, a canopy over a brazier is a good option.

    In order to build a canopy over the entire building, you need to install special concrete bases along the perimeter. They can be made not only from concrete, but from metal or wood.

    BoardIn case of choosing wooden supports, they should be covered with a special agent that will make them heat-resistant. Or install them at a distance of 16 cm from the product.

    As for the roof, it can be constructed from any material. Fit into the overall composition of the cover, made of the same material as the roof of the house.

    Brazier can be left as it is. It is enough to handle a little brick machine for grinding. Also acceptable option when the bricks are covered with special paints. The design of the building is decorated with decorative stone trim. In addition to these options, you can use a plaster finish. In this case, the product will be more refined.

    Today it is difficult to surprise someone with a fireplace in the dacha. Now more and more often they give preference to other buildings that will be relevant and useful for the suburban area.

    These include:

    • street stove;
    • B-B-Q;
    • special smokehouse;
    • barbecues in the form of a cauldron.

    Next, we consider the features of the construction and use of these structures.

    The brick can be decorated with any other material.

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    Street stove

    The street furnace well supplements any country site or a country house. It can perform the following functions:

    • Cooking.
    • Drying mushrooms or fruit.
    • It can be used when canning in the fresh air.

    The design of the structure for this structure can be made to fit the interior of a country house. It can be done with one or several foci. Can be done with or without doors. This is influenced only by the project that was selected for the construction of this device.

    Full street kitchen

    When building an outdoor stove, you must be guided by the fact that it must meet the following requirements:

    • Practicality.
    • Security.
    • Functionality.
    • Durability.
    • A small cost of construction (if own work will be expensive, then it will be more profitable to buy a ready-made version).

    In the markets of materials for the construction of an outdoor stove a large number, but we must be guided by the fact that it must be of high quality.

    To do this, you can use the following raw materials:

    • Fire-resistant brick and aerated concrete. These materials can withstand high temperatures.
    • Metal or cast iron. Most often from this raw material produce ready-made designs. Its price will not be small.

    Brick and aerated concrete - fire resistant materials

    It is necessary to approach the choice of material thought out. Aerated concrete is cheaper, but a brick oven looks much aesthetic.

    The important question is the choice of the main location of the outdoor stove. Well, when the construction of outdoor products was provided at the beginning of construction work on the house. If, however, the decision to build this construction was made later, then you need to follow the same rules as the construction of the barbecue.

    This attribute of rest is done in the following sequence:

    • Foundation laying.
    • Laying the base of the furnace.
    • Chimney installation.
    • Installation of arbor walls, in which the stove will stand, as well as equipment of the enclosing territory.

    It is necessary to approach the choice of material thought out.

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    Facing the street stove

    As for the decor of the outdoor stove, there is a large number of options. You can decorate the product with the help of special decorative plaster. It can also be revetted. As a decor, you can use tiles of various design and design.

    There are these types of simple furnace finishes:

    • Whitewashing and coloring.
    • Plaster.
    • To reduce the surface roughness you need to wipe it with a brick, and then process it with water.
    • We treat the surface with a primer.
    • We paint the building with paint. It is better to choose on a glue base.
    • In the case of whitewash, then skip the previous step, and instead of paint take lime. You can add salt to it. This will help achieve a better result. To add a blue tint, a small amount of blue is added to the lime.
    • To whitewash was of high quality and lasted a long time, ultramarine or ocher can be added to lime on the surface.

    If the design contains elements of metal, for example, doors, then they can be painted in black paint. So that it does not peel off and was heat-resistant, it is better to choose silicon, organic paint.

    If plastering was chosen as a decor, the oven is manually dipped and then whitened. This decor needs to be updated every year, but this is easy to do without the help of specialized services. Enough newly formed cracks cover with a mixture of water, sand, clay and cement.

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    Tiles as a facing material

    In addition, tiles can be used as a cladding material for a furnace.. They are tiles that are made by hand. Such a finish is considered old and has a fairly solid appearance.

    Use tiles to decorate

    Advantages of such facing:

    • The surface of the tiles can be easily cleaned and wiped.
    • The coating of the tiles has a large heat transfer.

    Since real and regular tiles are made by hand, they can differ among themselves, for example, in shape or size. Therefore, before the furnace lining process, it is necessary to sort the material by shape and color.

    Tiles are placed using a thick solution. They are mounted on the pins of wire. The joints between the facing material should be no more than 2 mm. They are overwritten by a special tool, such as albatross.

    Tiles stacked using a thick solution

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    Outdoor stove tiles

    Tile is one of the veneer lining options of the outdoor stove, which is common among users. For cladding use the following varieties of such material:

    • Majolica. It is a ceramic tile, the outer side of which is glazed.
    • Terracotta. This is an analogue of the previous version. It differs only in the fact that there is no glazed surface in it. This tile is made from special clay.
    • Clinker tiles. The production of this type is made of several varieties of clay, which is chosen highly plastic grade. Such tiles are pressed and fired with high temperatures.

    Due to the fact that the furnaces have uneven heating throughout its entire area, there is a high probability that in certain places the tile may crack.

    Tile - one of the options for facing the outdoor furnace

    It is better not to choose a large-format tile for cladding. Such material has a high risk of cracking. It is better to choose tiles of small sizes. Return to the menu ↑

    Facing outdoor tiles with natural stone

    The process of decorating an outdoor structure with stone has no noticeable differences in comparison with tiling. The advantage is that the stones look more sophisticated.

    The peculiarity of such a facing is that the stones should be placed on the floor and laid out in size, shape and color scheme.BoardIn order not to confuse a sequence of stones, you can denote them from the reverse side. This action contributes to the fact that the stones are not mixed up with each other and the process itself takes much less time.

    Stone Cladding

    Also, it is possible to impose a stone not the entire surface of the product, but only a separate part, for example, corners or a fire chamber.

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    For many, the construction of a kazan-brazier is an incomprehensible and useless thing, since you can use a portable brazier and a purchased cauldron. But still, experienced gardeners, gourmets insist that this is the right thing on a country site. Barbecue and cooking complex is a godsend for large companies that like to have a picnic in the fresh air.

    Such a structure will provide an opportunity to simultaneously cook meat dishes, fish or vegetables on the grill, and pilaf, potatoes and other side dishes are suitable for the cauldron.

    Most often, cauldrons are made of metal, the difference is the manufacturing technology.

    Next, consider what can be such devices and how to build such a structure at his dacha.

    Make a place for cauldron

    Many have no idea how to combine incompatible at first glance things. After all, the brazier and cauldron would seem to be two different devices.

    To equip such a structure as follows. If the brazier is already built, then for the cauldron it is necessary to complete an additional brick section. The same actions can be done if the building is made of metal.

    If, the cauldron and the brazier are built simultaneously, then initially you need to choose a project that implies the construction of two sections.

    In order for the cauldron to warm up uniformly on all sides, it is necessary that the design includes a firebox. In it the cauldron is located and thus cooking takes place.

    It is important to consider that the product is convenient and practical. The height of the building must be chosen for the growth of the owners of the house. If it is too high, then there is a high probability of getting a burn, and if, on the contrary, it is too low, you will have to constantly bend over.

    You can finish this part at any time.

    It is possible to construct the product when the cauldron is hung from above. This option is considered more simple to manufacture, because it is not difficult to build. Also, such a design can be made already with the finished structure. It is enough to add some details on which the cauldron will be hung.

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    BBQ smokehouse

    The brazier-smoking shed itself is a very convenient and practical product, since at one time you can cook shish kebab and smoke meat products. To start doing yourself, you need to pay attention to the important nuances:

    • The size of the design should be selected based on the number of people who will need to be fed. Too small items will not be comfortable, because you will have to separate the cooking process into several approaches. Too large facilities are not profitable due to the fact that not the entire surface will be used.
    • How the product will be constructed: stationary or collapsible.
    • The main material for the manufacture of: metal or brick.

    BBQ smokehouse

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    Features of building a smokehouse

    In the construction of a smokehouse it is recommended that the building include a lid that will trap smoke for smoking products. There are several ways to make it:

    • To build its sliding from two halves.
    • Make one half. In this case, it will be folding.
    • Removable.
    • Pushing.

    The base of the smokehouse can be placed on the legs of metal, or make brick supports. The length of the legs can be selected individually. In the design of the brazier-smokehouse you can build an additional table. With this option it will be comfortable to cook on the fixture.

    When building this device you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of time and effort. But what happens as a result will be useful for many years. Qualitatively made construction is a guarantee that the cooked dishes will always be delicious.

    Very compact smokehouse

    The whole process consists of the same steps as the previous products. The difference is that laying bricks is done according to other drawings.

    As for facing works, it is also required to give this much attention. You can use decorative bricks. Now there are a large number of species, therefore, externally, the device can be made such as the situation requires. Also, so that the entire location of the product looks aesthetically pleasing, you can impose it on paving slabs.

    In this case, it will play the role of a landscape design element and will be useful for fire safety.

    To prevent the entire structure from getting wet in the rain or snow, you can build a special shed. This will provide an opportunity to engage in cooking in all weather conditions. Also, in order to create a more practical and comfortable cooking zone, it is possible to provide for different shelves, worktops and sinks. These elements can be built separately from the general construction of the mangal-smokehouse.

    Many functions in one building

    With this decoration and arrangement, you can make a comfortable and cozy place for cooking food for families and guests.

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    The design is built in the same sequence as the previous attributes for frying meat. Its peculiarity is that it uses a special mesh on which dishes are prepared.

    The difference of such a structure is that it combines two objects for cooking: a brazier and a barbecue. Brazier is a rectangular bowl with holes at the bottom. Barbecue is considered one of the most convenient and functional device for cooking meat products and vegetables.


    Such devices for cooking can be constructed as mobile, ie portable, as well as stationary. Each of them has its advantages. Portable barbecue grills are convenient because they can be placed in any convenient place. The positive quality of stationary brick structures is that they are more durable and can be used for many years. Most often, they provide for the presence of valves, with which you can regulate the ingress of air. The type of product must be selected at the beginning, when preparing a general project and drawings.

    Such a structure can be used in all weather conditions, since the structure provides protection against wind.

    Properly equipped area, where the barbecue grill is located, can become an ornament of the whole interior of a country house.

    Most often, the barbecue area includes not only the oven, but also other attributes. For this zone it is recommended to equip a special area with a canopy or a gazebo. Here to install furniture for a comfortable stay in the air.

    Such a structure can be used in all weather conditions.

    Thus, the independent construction of structures for a country house will give the opportunity to spend time with family and friends in a cozy atmosphere. In this case, a special sense of pride will cause structures that are made by the hands of the owners of the house. Also, as an option, products can be constructed not only for your site, but also as a gift to your loved ones.