A gift with your own hands? Which is easy and quick to do? 12 beautiful options for all occasions


What kind of gift, made with their own hands, to surprise loved ones? Most of you, for sure, are now thinking of gifts: are there any of you who would not like to receive them? We all know how many people love handmade gifts, as they have something special. When my children come home from preschool with a handmade gift, my heart melts! This is the best of all that I could ask for. Most of these gifts can be made in less than 200-300 rubles! Check how cute they are!

Today I have selected some incredible handmade gifts for you. They can be made just in time for the New Year and Christmas, but will also make an excellent gift for a birthday or other holidays. Have fun viewing them.

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  • Christmas wreath of tangerines
  • Lemon sugar scrub do it yourself
  • Handmade soap
  • Peppermint Candy
  • Branch with pompoms
  • Mini gardens do it yourself
  • Spices in light bulbs
  • How to do?
  • Polymer clay gifts
  • Crafts from salt dough
  • Natural Polymer Clay Substitute
  • Ideas for homemade clay
  • Candles
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  • Christmas wreath of tangerines
  • Lemon sugar scrub do it yourself
  • Handmade soap
  • Peppermint Candy
  • Branch with pompoms
  • Mini gardens do it yourself
  • Spices in light bulbs
  • Polymer clay gifts
  • Crafts from salt dough
  • Natural Polymer Clay Substitute
  • Ideas for homemade clay
  • Candles
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 105 photos)
  • Christmas wreath of tangerines

    The new year smells like tangerines and this wonderful time is not complete without a citrus satellite, whose fragrance can cheer up its associative line!

    ABOUT! Fragrant tangerines

    European culture has told us such a cozy way to decorate your house with funny and cute attributes, which include traditional Christmas wreaths, which are usually hung on the door.

    A wonderful decoration for your home

    How do you like this simple and funny idea of ​​a wreath of tangerines (or other fruits) that the recipient will surely like?

    Why not share citrus joy with friends and neighbors? This wreath is a wonderful way to wish those you love to be happy and healthy in the new year!

    A wonderful product with their own hands

    To create your own, you will need tangerines, cellophane, transparent tape, rope and paper tape.

    Prepare the necessary materials

    Add a strip of colorful ribbon to an empty tag. Here, the tape is set along the edge, so that both sides of the tag look on the front.

    Cut a piece of cellophane. Align 8 mandarins along the length of cellophane. Leave a small space between each fruit.

    Lay out 8 mandarin length

    Wrap the cellophane in a tube with mandarins inside. Secure with several small pieces of transparent adhesive tape.

    We wrap all the fruit in cellophane

    Tie a piece of rope between each mandarin.

    We fix every step with a rope

    Connect the two ends of the cellophane together so that your mandarin tube becomes a ring (or wreath). Fix the design with a piece of rope, add your congratulations (write your message before attaching, not after).

    Tie the two ends of the wreath together

    And tie a rope with an eyelet so that the finished craftwork can be conveniently hung. If the ends of the cellophane are too long or uneven, carefully trim the excess.

    Unusual and simple gift is ready

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    Lemon sugar scrub do it yourself

    And here is a simple gift idea, which is easy to surprise your loved ones. A lemon-sugar scrub is suitable for any occasion, however, you can make this gift even to yourself if you decide to treat yourself.

    Treat yourself to "yummy"

    I do not know about you, but my hands and feet become incredibly dry with the onset of the cold winter months. This sugar scrub will help in the fight against such a defect. The bonus in favor of such a gift is that it takes no more than 10 minutes to make it! At the same time, the efficiency of the home version will not be inferior to the high-quality and expensive purchased peeling preparations that you will find in the store.

    Effective skin cleanser


    • 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar;
    • 1/4 cup coconut oil (almond oil is also suitable);
    • 10-15 drops of natural lemon essential oil.

    Take the right ingredients

    Put the sugar in a large bowl. Set aside. Measure 1/4 cup of coconut oil and place it in the microwave. Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until it melts. Pour the butter over the sugar and stir. Add a drop of lemon oil.

    Mix all ingredients

    If desired, add lemon zest for extra color and smell. To do this, use a small grater, rubbed the rind of 1 lemon, then stir.

    If the sugar scrub is too wet, add sugar, but not more than 1/4 cup, until you reach the desired consistency. Then take a small jar. Labels need to print on a color printer, cut and paste - it's simple.

    Stick on the jar label

    Put your scrub in a finished jar. Done!

    Sugar Lemon Scrub DIY

    And to become a responsible donor, you first need to check the product yourself before giving it away, right? Just take about 1 teaspoon of scrub, smear it on your hand and rub it. When you finish cleaning, rinse thoroughly. Lemon produces a fragrant, clean scent, coconut oil helps moisturize the skin, and sugar helps exfoliate dead skin.

    Experience the effect of hand scrub

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    Handmade soap

    Make your mom pleasant by giving handmade soap. Be sure that she will appreciate it. You can achieve absolutely any fragrances by combining natural essential oils according to your mood. This project presents three flavors: honey oatmeal, aloe vera and chamomile. And you make your own brand, "seasoning" your soap in any way.

    Wonderful elements of the New Year

    When it comes to making soap, all of you are sure to be new to this business, however, like me. Therefore, for anyone who wants to go the easy way and not complicate his life, this life hacking is intended: melt and pour glycerin soap into the form.

    Basic materials:

    • 4 cubes of glycerin soap (120 g);
    • petroleum jelly or vegetable emulsion;
    • bottle for spraying (with fog), filled with alcohol;
    • soap forms (you can take specific forms for soap or use the base from a container for yogurt or any other plastic container).

    Now about the basic instructions for making soap. Regardless of the “taste” of the soap you want to make, the basic steps are the same.

    Unusual gift for all occasions

    Start by covering your forms with petroleum jelly or vegetable emulsion. Set aside. Cut the glycerin into cubes and place it in a safe microwave container with a spout.

    We cut glycerin

    Heat the glycerin in the microwave at intervals of 20 seconds before melting, but do not boil it. Stir until smooth. Mix fragrances separately and add them to soap.

    Melt the main soap cleaner

    Pour the "flavored" soap into the prepared form. Spray alcohol from a spray bottle onto the surface of the soap using the “cloud” function. This must be done in order to remove bubbles from its surface. Let the soap cool for 2 hours.

    We combine all the ingredients and fill in the form

    To remove the soap from the mold, click on the bottom of the mold and pull it out. If the soap still resists the exit in this way, place it in the freezer for 10 minutes and try again.

    We take out a natural product

    Now that all the steps have been completed, I can share with you wonderful recipes! Add this to molten glycerin before pouring it into the mold.


    • for soap with chamomile, use 1/4 teaspoon of tea leaves;
    • 1 1/2 tsp honey, 1 pinch of ginger and 2 tsp. oatmeal for honey;
    • 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel for aloe vera hand soap.

    I made several different types of soap in one day! The work did not take much time, and it is a perfect gift for any occasion. I'm sure you will succeed too!

    Give the soap your favorite shape and fragrance.

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    Peppermint Candy

    Peppermint cooling lollipops are suitable as a sweet gift for the holidays and are easy to make at home. Confectionery sugar and powdered gelatin are used to create plastic dough, which are then rolled into a thin plate.

    After the dough is cut into squares and allowed to dry completely, it can be decorated with rubber stamps using food coloring. The possibilities of design are endless, and besides, this is quite a fun activity, in which the passion for creativity is manifested in all.

    Plan a gift in advance, because the mint needs to be dried overnight, and be sure to use new (unused) rubber stamps that have been washed and dried. This recipe requires meringue powder, which can be found in most shops for baking.

    Coin ornaments look beautiful when they are packed in small jars tied with a ribbon.

    You will need:

    • 2 tablespoons cold water;
    • 700g of powdered gelatin;
    • 1/3 cup meringue powder;
    • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar;
    • 2 teaspoons of mint extract;
    • food dye gel "black";
    • rubber stamp.

    We buy the right ingredients

    At the exit you should have three sets of coins in a dozen (12 pieces) each.

    Place cold water in a small seasoning cup. Spread gelatin powder evenly on the surface. Let stand until gelatin is absorbed and forms a solid mass.

    Fill gelatin with water

    Beat together meringue powder and powdered sugar in a large bowl; set aside. Heat the gelatin in the microwave or on the stove for about 10 seconds or until the mass is thinned. Allow to cool slightly, then pour it into the mixture with powdered sugar.

    Falling asleep icing sugar

    Stir a little, then add peppermint extract. Knead the mixture in the bowl with your hands until a stiff, flexible dough is formed (you may not need to use the whole icing sugar mixture).

    Sprinkle with the sugar mixture and roll it between two sheets of parchment paper. Make the dough as thin as possible with a rolling pin, or if you have a pasta machine, pass the dough through the roller several times until it becomes very thin.

    We bring the mixture to the desired color

    Cut the dough into squares with a pizza knife or small penknife. Let the mint dry.

    When it hardens and fixes the form, it means that the product is ready for printing. Lightly paint over the surface of the print and paint over the maximum area of ​​rubber stamping.

    Leave the mixture to cool in the fridge for at least 24 hours.

    Gently but firmly press the cut squares on the die — do not press too hard, as the candy may break.

    Pour sugar

    Leave the mint to dry for 5-10 minutes, then place them in jars or baking bag.

    Mint candies are ready

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    Branch with pompoms

    This handicraft is sure to have time to make everyone by the New Year! After all, it is such a popular and fresh look at the decoration of the New Year house. Some even completely forgot the Christmas trees, actively decorating houses instead of them with such branches. Here everything is limited only by your imagination. If you do not know what to give your loved ones for the New Year, give them this jewelry.

    The bouquet will serve as a gift to someone close

    Pompons can be made both perfectly round and almost shapeless, so that they do not look "refined."

    Count the number of turns so that the pompons between them are the same.

    Alternate the balls on each side of the branch and try not to repeat the colors nearby.

    We tie the pompons on the branches in a chaotic manner

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    Mini gardens do it yourself

    How do you like the idea of ​​giving someone a hand-made plant? The smaller it is, the more it will cause. For example, use a nutshell to plant this tiny aloe.

    Or plant more large plants in a glass jar and decorate the composition with fun details.

    Florarium do it yourself

    People like everything small and mini-gardens will cheer them up perfectly. It can be put on a window sill or other prominent place to decorate the room. The perfect gift for Christmas!

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    Spices in light bulbs

    Do not throw out old light bulbs, you can make stunning containers from them for an elegant gift! They are perfectly twisted and can serve as decorative jars.

    Old light bulbs for a decorative ornament

    Before you start this life hacking, I want to remind you of the dangers of using light bulbs for other purposes, because they consist of thin and fragile glass and careless handling of them can be dangerous. Hazard increases with contact with food. Therefore, I would recommend that you position this gift as a decoration on the wall in the kitchen (which can be used on a black day).

    Bulbs as kitchen decor

    You can put your favorite spices there and as a supplement to the gift add a mini-book (again, homemade) with your signature recipes, in which you use spicy blends. For example, place the mixture for mulled wine in one jar and sign it, and in a booklet remind you of a drink recipe.

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    How to do?

    Mix different spices and place in the form using a funnel. Before closing, wrap the hole in a small piece of foil, and then put the lid on. The metal layer will not allow to leave large gaps through which spices can spill out. However, the foil can break through during curling, so everything must be done carefully. Shake each jar a little to see if a hole has formed in the foil and if the contents do not wake up, the process is successful, and if not, repeat the process of donning the foil.

    Cute containers for your favorite spices

    Instead of a book you can make separate cards with recipes and instructions for using each mixture and put them next to each jar.

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    Polymer clay gifts

    For a long time I was afraid and avoided polymer clay, despite its attractive features and properties. It scared me that in order to fix the finished product made of polymer clay, kiln in the oven is necessary. It is known that if the temperature is not observed and the product is accidentally over-exposed, poisonous gas will be released from the clay, and the stove can be immediately thrown out.

    Funny Polymer Cats

    But there is also good news: clay, which did not require roasting, but dries under natural conditions in the air, appeared and received its distribution not long ago. Here is a godsend for lovers of creativity! I advise all of you to study this material well, because from it you can create wonderful trinkets that are so nice to give.

    Christmas clay bracelet for mood

    You can make Christmas toys, key chains, hairpins, pendants, earrings and other trifles from them. The method of use is unusually simple - a kind of clay that can be subtle to transparency (which is valuable when you make, for example, rose petals).

    Symbol of the year for good luck

    There are in this business and their subtleties!

    Very often for the manufacture of clay products used items from the kitchen - forms for cookies, forks, knives, cutters.

    Do not mix earthenware and groceries. You can certainly use cookies for cookies, a rolling pin, etc. — but once you use them for clay, they will become your supplies for non-food handicrafts and should not be returned to the kitchen anymore.

    Master class on making strawberries

    Just feel like a real chef and roll out your clay (I work on wax paper to protect my table) to a thickness of about 5 mm and then work by hand.

    As a supplement to the gift for New Year and Christmas, you can unusually decorate gift wrapping using a baking dish, stamps in the form of letters and clay. Roll the clay in the manner described above, make a shape using cookie cutters and write the names of your loved ones to whom the gift is intended. Polymer clay comes with a variety of colors, including metallic effects - you will definitely find a product to your liking.

    Decorate the cup and spoon with your own hands

    The most pleasant thing about working with clay is that if you screw up, you can start over. As soon as you like the result, make a hole with a decent size (I used a bamboo skewer) and leave to dry (or bake if your clay provides for thermal processing).

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    Crafts from salt dough

    While working with clay, I began to think about all the chemicals that should be in it and decided to make my own homemade clay. To embody my recipe just remember childhood, because everything is so simple - you need the usual salty dough (a little more salty).

    Here is the exact recipe:

    • 1 cup flour;
    • 1½ cups salt;
    • 1 cup of water (maybe a little more or a little less).

    Mix salt and flour in a bowl. Add water ¼ cup at a time, mixing well. You may not need all the water, or you may need a little more, depending on the humidity and temperature in the work area. Form a ball, then remove it from the bowl and rinse a little. It should be firm, but pliable. You can interfere with the desired color now, or do it later on the finished product after firing, covering it with paint on top (or use two methods at once).

    Bright and supple salty dough

    Give the desired shape. You can let the product air dry, but baking at 120 degrees will reduce the work. Baking time will depend on the thickness of the pieces. If the shape is the size of a ping-pong ball, bake it for about 20 minutes.

    Give the desired shape to the dough

    When done, allow the product to cool completely. Then they can be painted, they become quite durable and can hold on for years.

    Dry and color the gift

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    Natural Polymer Clay Substitute

    Here is another recipe, it is a little more complicated, does not use salt and produces a finer finish.


    • 2 cups of cornstarch;
    • 2 cups of baking soda;
    • 1 cup of cold water;
    • dye if desired.

    Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat over medium heat, while stirring. The mass will gradually begin to thicken, like mashed potatoes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

    Homogeneous mass of starch

    When it is cold enough to work, knead the dough as above. You can add a tablespoon of oil (baby, petroleum jelly or mineral oil) and a teaspoon of liquid vegetable glycerin to make it smoother.

    White dough for creativity

    At this stage you can cut the dough into several parts and paint them with dye (or wait and decorate them later in the process). The use of gloves will protect your hands from food paint, as well as reduce fingerprints on the product.

    Form the shapes in the desired shape. Bake at 120 degrees for 15-20 minutes. This type of dough must be baked, as it does not harden itself.

    Choose a form for modeling

    If you want to decorate crafts, wait until they cool down completely.

    We form the finished composition

    Such a dough and the like can be made in large batches in advance and frozen in a plastic zipper bag. Keep in mind that after removing from the freezer, condensation appears on the surface of the dough - moisture - which needs to be dried before use. After defrosting the dough will become a little harder and more crumbly, so you need to spend more time to knead it for work. If the dough is too sticky, put it on a cutting board and treat with a little flour.

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    Ideas for homemade clay

    For dyeing finished products you can use any type of paint. Be sure to cool them after baking, as some oil-based paints may be flammable. Apply sealant, such as varnish or paste. Use wax for glitter.

    Sovushka beauty for your guest

    If after baking you see unsightly fingerprints on the product, use sandpaper to slightly wipe off the top layer.

    Apply special effects by adding color mica or shine. To do this, mix it in the clay before baking.

    Bright clay pendants to complete the look

    You can also decorate the product with rhinestones or foil. Place the pebbles on top, and then press them into the clay. Then remove them, add glue and insert the rhinestone back into the hole. You can bake most of the stones, and everything will be fine. Crystals and stones do not melt, and they rarely ever crack at the low temperatures required for this clay.