Loft-style design (170+ Photos) Brightness of colors and simplicity of Interior


Appearing relatively recently, the loft-style design has already become part of modern, stylish interior solutions. Want to update an apartment or house in this style, but do not know how? We will tell you about all the nuances of decoration, decor, textiles. We will also take a detailed look at the example of each room on what exactly is the emphasis. The simplicity of the loft has no limits for any design.

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  • Loft Design for Apartment
  • Variety of directions
  • Wall decoration
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling and windows
  • Loft decor
  • What should be the lighting?
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Entrance hall
  • Studio apartment
  • Loft-style country house
  • Loft-style office
  • For cafe
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Loft Design for Apartment
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Entrance hall
  • Studio apartment
  • Loft-style country house
  • Loft-style office
  • For cafe
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Loft Design for Apartment

    The main feature of stylistics is its versatility. Loft-style can be seen both in small one-room apartments, and in spacious treshka, country houses, studio apartments and even offices.

    Loft is widely spread in the field of interior design thanks to its excellent functionality (minimum of furniture and accessories - maximum space). At the same time, the colors in the design directly depend on the direction of the loft style (bohemian, industrial or glamorous).

    The main feature of the loft style is minimalism. Among the experienced designers, she received the definition of industrial-urban interior style, and for good reason. Visually, such an apartment can resemble a basement, a wine cellar, an attic, an industrial building due to the peculiarities of the decoration.

    The main feature of the loft style is minimalism.

    Huge window openings, walls covered with simple plaster or lined with brick, open communications, beams - all this is a loft-style design for an apartment. In addition, there are many other important characteristics that are worth adhering to, so that your housing is as close as possible to a loft apartment:

    • The openness of the space - a feature of such kvartirok is the lack of interior doors, thanks to this move, the living area increases visually. Of course, this rule does not apply to the bathroom. It should be simply disguised, for example, under a brick wall. The same goes for the bedroom.
    • Non-masked auxiliary structures (open bookshelves, cabinets, fireplaces, etc.).
    • The walls have the color of brick or rough plaster. For finishing surfaces, you can use natural stone, brick, paint or wallpaper with imitation of a brick wall.

    The openness of the space - a feature of such kvartirok

    • High ceilings, which is especially important for the industrial loft.
    • Cement floor (not a dogma, but consistent with the style). You can make a plank floor, cover it with parquet, laminate or linoleum under the tree.
    • Light shades prevailing in the finish. Loft style is impossible to imagine in dark colors, because his main credo is freedom and openness. Dark colors absorb light and visually reduce space.
    • The presence of fireplaces and stoves, which once served as a means of heating production and storage facilities. Now they occupy a central position in the design of an apartment in the loft style. In spacious apartments they are placed right in the center, and in small ones they try to make them as open and visible as possible.
    • Multifunctional furniture - loft-style furniture sets are distinguished by a neutral color scheme. Often, such furniture has a modern filling and vintage appearance (scuffs, vintage accessories, bright inserts).

    Light shades prevailing in the finish

    Urban, filled with charm, loft style is often used in the interior of apartments with a small area, studios. And the interior decoration will directly depend on the area, preferences in colors, materials.

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    Variety of directions

    For the first time the world heard about the loft in the 50s, when the United States and then Europe experienced a terrible crisis. Plants and factories ceased their work, and empty premises were re-equipped and turned into residential apartments. Translated from English, the word loft means: attic, top floor of the warehouse, attic, etc.

    If before such apartments really resembled a factory floor or a carpentry workshop, now the loft-style design has been improved.. Designers used a lot of directions. All of them allow to emphasize the courage of the owners of the apartment in the style of a loft.

    Loft style

    Loft helps to harmoniously combine concrete floors, peeling wooden floors, somewhat untidy brick or plastered walls with modern appliances, furniture, decorating elements. Conventionally, interior designers of our time divide the loft into several main areas.

    1Bohemian Loft - looks like an old factory room, furnished with taste. In such an interior, everything is imbued with creativity and creativity: worn furniture, sometimes, as if picked up at a city dump, organically gets on with new design solutions and modern technical stuffing. Avant-garde paintings, sculptures, musical instruments arranged in an arbitrary form are selected as decorating elements.

    Bohemian Loft

    2Glamorous Loft - different unusual, unconventional for the style of colors. For example, a combination of pastel and spectral, saturated tones (white-lilac, white-brown gamma, etc.). Considerable attention should be paid to the decor of the apartment in the style of glamorous Loft, the main highlight of which will be antiquated mirror surfaces, carpets in the form of the skin of a dead bear, large domestic plants, antique chandeliers, floor lamps and other similar elements.

    Glamorous Loft

    3Industrial Loft - common style for the interior of apartments. It is characterized by a bright finish. Furniture must comply with the design of industrial premises. This may be metal structures, open ventilation and wiring, furniture of regular geometric shapes.

    Industrial Loft

    Loft-style design is ideal for people who appreciate the spaciousness, natural light and simplicity in the interior. Of course, in some cases, redevelopment may be required, allowing you to increase the space and remove unnecessary partitions, but adding a few elements in the attic loft-style will turn into almost any apartment.

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    Wall decoration

    Loft style is truly unique. Typical wall decoration - concrete, plaster or brick of various textures and light colors.

    It is important that the load-bearing walls are massive, both in production and storage.

    You should not remove absolutely all partitions, because they are useful for zoning, partitioning off of personal space (bedroom, bathroom, toilet) or creating utility rooms. These utility rooms will help "unload" the interior.

    Typical wall decoration - concrete, plaster or brick

    For the zoning of the apartment are often used interior partitions of glass blocks, in the form of shelving under the ceiling or sliding screens. If it comes to a small apartment or studio, then you can delimit the space with the help of furniture (bar counter for the kitchen, etc.) or floor covering, changing its color, material, texture.

    If we talk about painting the walls in the style of a loft, they should not be too bright and catchy. This will emphasize in the design a touch of original industrial style loft. For this perfect:

    • plaster;
    • pastel colored emulsion paint;
    • brick;
    • natural or artificial stone;
    • concrete;
    • decorative brickwork (budget and stylish);
    • Wallpaper imitating a brick or wall of stone.

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    In production, factory workshops, warehouses, we used to see a concrete floor. Of course, concrete perfectly reflects the loft style. Its disadvantage is the impracticality of the coating and the cold emanating from it, which is not at all suitable for living quarters.

    Concrete perfectly reflects the loft style

    An excellent replacement for concrete flooring will be other materials corresponding to the design in the loft style:

    • Mosaic concrete.
    • Natural wood or laminate, imitating wooden floor.
    • Floorboard.
    • Ceramic tiles, important for the bathroom or kitchen.
    • Natural, artificial stone, marble.

    Also appropriate will look carpet with a subtle ornament or plain.

    The tile imitating concrete - is more practical

    The loft style often uses a combined floor covering (tile and laminate, wood and stone). It helps to diversify the interior and divide any dwelling into zones. Return to the menu

    Ceiling and windows

    If your apartment has high ceilings, you should use already rooted materials for their finishing:

    • tree;
    • wooden beams;
    • large vent pipes;

    If the ceilings in the apartment are low, then we can limit ourselves to plastering or painting the ceiling in white or any other light shade.

    Wood and wooden beams are best suited for ceilings in this style.

    As for the windows, they should be as high and wide as possible. The more natural light gets into the house, the better! An excellent choice will be the windows to the floor, opening the view of the beautiful landscape, which corresponds to the American loft.

    BoardTo increase the amount of sunlight penetrating into your home, you should abandon the thick curtains, confine yourself to transparent curtains or generally refrain from using them. You can emphasize the design with the help of cotton roller blinds, for example, vertical or horizontal blinds.

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    Loft decor

    Any loft-style room should not be too crowded. No need to use a lot of bright decorating elements. Highlight the unique design will help:

    • funny posters;
    • graffiti drawings;
    • family photos;
    • avant-garde paintings;
    • stylish pillows with stripes;
    • small ceramic figurines;
    • vases or flowerpots with flowers;
    • books.

    Do not use many bright decorating elements.

    In the last century, the owners of apartments in the loft style were mostly writers or artists, so decorating elements should be arranged chaotically, in order to create a feeling of creative disorder.

    BoardUse different design objects, it will help to highlight the uniqueness of the interior in the loft style, combine the zones in the apartment, add integrity and liveliness to the look of the apartment. Return to the menu

    What should be the lighting?

    Dividing a loft-style apartment into zones is the main task of any interior designer or owner of such a house. Lighting can be used as a tool for zoning. The more varied they are, the better.

    As a room divider into zones, lighting can serve

    What lighting devices should be used in an apartment with a loft design:

    1Massive chandeliers. Gray plaster, cold concrete, raw brick - to add warmth to such a room and to emphasize the loft-style help chandelier. This is a chandelier with a metal frame and a glass lampshade. It is suitable for lighting the living room, dining room or spacious hall.

    Version with a massive chandelier

    2Hanging lamps - multifunctional and most frequently used lighting devices. Many loft-style apartment owners use designs with wires and chains, which allows them to adjust their position.

    Option with hanging lamps

    3Floor lamps - add an apartment in the style of loft comfort. To illuminate a country house or a spacious apartment, choose large floor lamps with an unusual silhouette and a large lampshade. For example, spotlights for stage, train tracks, studios.

    Option with floor lamps

    4LED bulbs and lights. Such devices are suitable for small apartments or studio apartments in the style of a loft. Bright lights visually expand the space, add volume to it and focus on zones.

    LED bulbs and lights

    If you often work at a written or computer desk, and the main lighting is not enough to complete the work, then you should take care of an additional light source. A simple metal table lamp on a flexible leg will be able to complement the design.

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    Most often, the kitchen in a loft-style apartment allocates a little space, especially when it comes to a studio or a one-room apartment. For the kitchen area often take away the corner of the living room. The decoration of the kitchen in the loft-style is no different from the whole room - wood, brick, etc.

    As for furniture, glassware with chrome-plated elements or metal parts will be appropriate. The central place in the kitchen should be occupied by modern appliances:

    • large fridge;
    • dishwasher;
    • oven;
    • microwave;
    • coffee machine and other equipment.

    For the kitchen area often take away the corner of the living room

    Kitchen furniture should not be much. Loft-style kitchen is better to furnish in the spirit of minimalism. The refined antique table, buffet or set of carved wooden chairs will become a bright note.

    Furniture facades and hardware doors made in the same style or from similar material will help harmonize the kitchen space.

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    Living room

    If you have chosen a loft-style design for your living room, then it is worth learning how to put accents. Focus on windows, furniture and decoration. The window openings should be large, the framed semi-antique wooden frames will look harmonious in the interior.

    The central position in the living room will be taken by a sofa made of thick fabric or natural leather. The lounge and reception area can be complemented by a small coffee table made of wood or glass, poufs, and armchairs.

    BoardFor placing decorative elements or books it is better to use shelves with open shelves.

    Focus on windows, furniture and decoration.

    Avoid any clutter: put the decor on the shelves of cabinets, pictures and photos hang on the walls.

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    In any house the bedroom is the most secluded place, so the loft style allows you to enclose it with walls, veiled doors or opaque sliding partitions. If your apartment has high ceilings, you can equip a bedroom on the second floor.

    Features of the design and decoration of the bedroom in the loft style:

    • To paint the walls, use monochrome, light shades. The choice of such colors will make the room brighter and cozier.
    • To match the bedroom style, leave one of the walls untreated.
    • A small electric fireplace will help dilute the severity of the urban style loft.
    • A mirror wardrobe or a dressing room with glossy sliding doors, a large dressing table with a mirror will help to increase the space of the bedroom and add a little light to it.

    The bedroom in this style provides the minimum amount of furniture

    Do not forget about the decor, which gives liveliness to any room. Decorate the bed with beautiful decorative pillows, and the floors with large vases of flowers or massive plant pots. It is impossible that the chosen decoration elements stand out from the general style of the loft.

    BoardIf the bathroom or bathroom is located next to the bedroom, then it can be separated using a glass partition. Separating the zones will also help different flooring, for example, laminate in the bedroom and tile in the bathroom. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    When you design a bathroom in the loft style, you can resort to various areas of style, combining eclecticism with high-tech, bohemia and industrialism.

    Use small but roomy open shelves for storing cosmetics.

    What plumbing and furniture will look harmonious in the interior of the bathroom with a loft design:

    • Shower cabin, hydrobox or antique bathroom with metal legs.Styled bathroom antique can be using acrylic coating and accessories in the style of the 50s of the past century.
    • Small but roomy open shelves for storing cosmetics and other trifles.
    • An outstanding sink with an unusual design and bronze valves.
    • Large hinged mirror with shelves for storing accessories and detergents.

    The original solution for the shower

    We should not forget about the technical equipment, because the bathroom of a modern apartment can not be imagined without a washing machine. Regarding the decoration of the walls, then for her pick tile light colors marbled or other natural stone. Use tile or granite as flooring.

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    Entrance hall

    Often the corridors in the apartments of multi-storey buildings are small, so due to the light finish of the walls and floors you can visually expand the space.

    A vintage dresser can be a harmonious addition.

    The hallway should be well lit, use LED lighting, floor lamps or a large chandelier for several light bulbs. Despite the fact that the room in the loft style should be open, it is better to arrange the corridor with a mirror wardrobe for outerwear or use it for storage and teach a hidden niche. A vintage dresser or a large full-length floor mirror will be a harmonious addition.

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    Studio apartment

    The space of studio apartments should be used especially rationally, so the best design solution will be a loft style, suggesting minimalism in furniture and decor.

    Design studio-style loft:

    Lack of partitions. In such apartments, the kitchen from the main room is often separated by a bar or dining table. Openness will visually expand the space and make the room brighter. Look beautiful stand, smoothly turning into a brickwork walls. Thanks to this design move, a single style is created. And the appropriate addition to a small table made of glass or metal will be wooden stools, folding stools or bar stools.

    The space of studio apartments should be used especially efficiently.

    • The minimum set of furniture - studio apartments often can not boast a large area, so you should refrain from bulky walls and huge sofas. Choose a simple, solid-colored folding sofa that can be attached to a wall or partition separating the guest room from the kitchen. It would be appropriate to look a small angular coffee table, chair bag, soft pouf.
    • The hall should be made in warm colors with imitation of brickwork from decorative bricks. Limit yourself to simple furniture. A small padded stool for shoes, a modest wooden shoe shelf, a mirror wardrobe or built-in storage for clothes with a mirror will be quite enough.
    • If your studio apartment has high ceilings, then for the bedroom, you can select the upper tier. Choose a decor for a bedroom and other rooms in the loft style, based on your preferences. The main thing is that it should not be too bright and redundant. From textiles in the bedroom, use only a tone cover and a small bedside rug.

    Use the minimum set of furniture

    The means of lifting to the second floor of an apartment in the loft style (if there is one) is a comfortable staircase with glass, metal or glossy railings and sides. Try to keep the light colors in its decoration, so that they are combined with the decoration of the lower and upper floors.

    Of course, the bathroom should be separated from the other part of the studio apartment in a loft style.

    BoardLeave one wall untreated to preserve the style, the rest can be trimmed with decorative stone or tiles. In a small bathroom you should not zealous with plumbing. It will be enough to have a toilet bowl, an unusual washbasin with shiny taps, a white or bronze foot bath to create the effect of antiquity.

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    Loft-style country house

    Making the interior of a country house in a loft style is much easier than implementing an eclectic design in a small apartment. Large, spacious rooms, several floors, the possibility of finishing the facade - the perfect space to transfer the atmosphere of the old factory floor, warehouse or attic.

    Loft-style building facade

    In a loft-style country house the role of a business card is performed not by the entrance hall but by the facade of the building. The ideal material for exterior wall decoration will be brick or masonry, tile brown or gray hue. A wide window, the full height of the wall will be an excellent source of daylight.

    Unlike the apartment in the house, you can use massive wooden beams for the ceiling decoration, from which lamps with metal shades haughtily hang down. The main room can be decorated with a large urban chandelier.. In the interior of the house with a design in the style of loft floor lamps and a fireplace will look especially attractive and organic.

    Do not have equipment and furniture close to the walls.

    Features of finishing the house in the style of a loft, how to choose and install furniture:

    • Functional, laconic furniture of small size - soft chairs, ottomans, tables, clothes hangers, chairs. As a finishing material for furniture, use mainly dense textiles, leather, high-quality natural wood, aluminum and chrome-plated parts, glass.
    • You should not have equipment and furniture close to the walls, especially since the space of country houses in the loft style allows you to follow this rule. This arrangement helps to achieve the effect of the emptiness of the room.
    • In each room, try to isolate one wall, which will look a bit untidy, like a raw wall from a warehouse or factory floor (brick or plain white plaster). This will preserve the integrity of the loft style throughout the house.
    • Do not be afraid to combine textures and materials. Especially when it comes to the design of a country house kitchen in a loft style. Wooden kitchen furniture in harmony with glass and metal inserts.

    As a flooring in a country house is recommended to use natural wood.

    Do not be afraid to combine textures and materials.

    BoardThe bedroom of a country house in the loft style will look more brutal if you put a low bed made of solid wood or metal in it. It will look good bed platform with textile upholstery.

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    Loft-style office

    Such design is often used in the interior of advertising agencies, IT companies, architectural organizations, model and design studios. To create an office in a loft-style, you do not need to look for an empty factory or storage room; an ordinary building will suit as well, in which you can easily make redevelopment.

    Use a minimum of decor

    Features of the style and design of the office:
    • Lack of partitions between the premises of the office building.
    • In the decoration of the walls should be used classic brickwork, and in the decoration of the floors - a wooden floor.
    • A harmonious combination of antiquity and modernity - open ventilation pipes, factory fittings, unhewn brick and high-tech equipment with stylish decorative elements.
    • Minimum decor.
    • Simple and practical furniture in the urban style.
    • Large windows with vertical blinds.
    • Zoning using color contrasts.

    The office should not be very catchy or bright

    BoardInterior design office in a loft style should not be too bright. In finishing, give preference to light tones that positively affect the work of the staff (gray, white, terracotta, light brown). Return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    For cafe

    Probably, you have seen or heard about restaurants and cafes, where an open kitchen is practiced. Guests from the hall through the transparent glass can watch as cooks prepare dishes for them, follow the process and the correctness of its implementation. Such a move is used by restaurants that value their customers, who have nothing to lose.

    A great solution for creating an open interior will be a loft-style cafe design.. What are the features of its implementation in the walls of the catering.

    Use discreet tones for a relaxed atmosphere.

    • Open bar and, if possible, kitchen. This allows the cafe staff to quickly establish contact with visitors.
    • Simple, but comfortable furniture, relaxing, enjoying delicious food, chatting with friends. It can be bright (red, striped, orange). The main thing is that the interior decoration was made in bright colors, and some decorating elements are the same color as the furniture.
    • Tables must