Wall Hanger do it yourself in the hallway: with a shoebox, with a shelf, with hooks. Forget about the lack of space!


As is known, not only the theater begins with a hanger, but also visits to other less ambitious institutions. Each housewife, of course, wants her guests to remember her house not just with abundant food, but with unique furniture.

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  • Not just an element of decor
  • Here it is, my only ...
  • What options to choose?
  • Corner
  • Mirror corner
  • Hanger hooks
  • Actually, the wardrobe
  • Open Hanger-Shop
  • Crossbar Hanger
  • Plastic, wood, metal: what is more practical?
  • Plastic
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  • Tree
  • Do it yourself
  • Additional elements of decor
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  • Fabric elements
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • Not just an element of decor
  • Here it is, my only ...
  • What options to choose?
  • Plastic, wood, metal: what is more practical?
  • Do it yourself
  • Additional elements of decor
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • Not just an element of decor

    Make an interior at the same time beautiful and multifunctional is not easy But with regard to the clothes hangers, these two points are fundamental, because a limited number of square meters in the hallway makes it necessary to save not only free, but also “working” space.

    For smaller rooms, only floor hangers should be considered. Why?

    First, the things that should be in the hallway belong to the demi-season period or to the cold season. Jackets, fur coats, down jackets weigh a lot, which is why ordinary hangers do not often maintain their weight. And when not only the parents' coats, but also the children's jackets, the raincoats of the guests, and the umbrellas of the grandmothers are hung on the same coat hanger, the most persistent “fighters” cannot bear this load. The "right" floor hanger allows you to place all the necessary things, and can still easily withstand their weight! Secondly, winter and demi-season coats often differ dramatically in weight. It is impossible, as you know, to let fighters of different weight categories into the ring. The same case: if a September raincoat hangs on one side of the scale, and a fox fur coat perches on another - the mechanism will crack. With a beautiful fur coat will have to erase stains from the drips of dirt, and the unstable hanger will need to pass in the repair.

    The interior is both beautiful and multifunctional.

    Thirdly, things need space and air - they languish without it. The lack of the necessary distance between several warm things gives rise to an unpleasant smell, infection. That is why it is important to leave some space between the fur of the fur coat and, for example, sheepskin. Floor with a strong bar allows you to properly place almost all warm things in categories without the risk of mold, unpleasant plaque or suffocating smell.

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    Here it is, my only ...

    Unfortunately, often ready-made versions of floor hangers are designed for large-sized apartments or private houses, and the inhabitants of modest "odnushek" or "two-piece" can only be satisfied with wall-mounted fragile mechanisms: compact, but absolutely impractical.

    In this case, you can develop your own design or assign this task to a professional designer.. He will take into account your wishes, the number of free meters in the hallway, the color scheme and the amount of warm clothing.



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    What options to choose?

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    Placing furniture along the wall is a standard but very reasonable solution in cases where there are a lot of right angles in the apartment and few square meters. Corner, as a rule, has the form of a wardrobe (often - a wardrobe), therefore it protects things not only from daylight, unpleasant odors, but also from dust, as well as constant friction (not having door-restraints), put clothing at risk of permanent pollution : scurrying around, apartment dwellers corruptingly act on your warm clothes.

    Corner hanger in the interior

    High ceilings of the hallway (in this part of the apartment the ceiling can reach a height of 3-3.5 meters) allow you to make a closet that extends to the ceiling itself. This allows, in addition to directly hangers, to fill the space inside the cabinet with various useful guts:

    • shelves open / closed;
    • pull-out drawers / simple drawers;
    • boxes / hooks.

    Your hanger turns from a conventional bar into a multifunctional closet where you can hide everything: from shoes and umbrellas, and ending with a net for catching butterflies or fishing rods.

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    Mirror corner

    One of the types of corner, the appearance of which brings it as close as possible to the wardrobe (including the issue of versatility). It makes sense to install a large number of mirrors in the closet only if the lighting in your hallway is set correctly. If desired, you can add wall lights or mini-floor lamps, but it must be borne in mind that such a source of light is still not enough if you want to, for example, put on makeup, or try on a new skirt.

    Mirror corner option

    If you still decide to install a mirror, then you need to choose the most convenient option for you: external or internal. The external mirror will have to be washed more often, but there will be no problems with the light (if other lamps are present). The inner will be in constant twilight, but the surface will always remain clean. The choice is yours.

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    Hanger hooks

    Known to us by the old Soviet times, the design of the hanger-hook is now significantly improved. We are all accustomed to the fact that the hooks are usually located on the crossbar, which is attached directly to the wall. This makes the structure entirely dependent on the strength of the wall and the strength of the material from which it is made. Usually hangers of this design leave for a bathroom or pantry: these rooms do not require much physical effort from furniture.

    Coat hooks save a lot of space

    Meanwhile, the correct design of the floor coat hanger, which has a small amount of hook, allows to increase the functionality, will allow to solve some problems associated with the low growth of apartment occupants. Floor usually implies the presence of the top shelf, which put:

    • caps;
    • scarves;
    • gloves;
    • umbrellas and other necessary trifles.

    This is not always the right decision for families with children or for adults whose height is less than 170 cm: if a person who cannot reach the cherished features came to visit you, this can put you in an awkward position.

    The decision to put things on the lower shelves also causes some difficulties, since many apartments have pets: your beret may not be happy.

    Hanger-panel - for classic style

    In this case, the only correct solution would be either a closed closet, or special hooks for small items. Of course, the entire hanger cannot consist of such hooks. But they will be a great addition to those elements that are already in the louse design.

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    Actually, the wardrobe

    The sliding wardrobe is now one of the most common, most expensive and most unfortunately impractical options. What is the catch here?

    • Standard wardrobe takes up too much space. This is an excellent option for a bedroom or a hall, but there is too much free space in the hallway. Most of the wardrobes are designed according to a single principle: two doors + several shelves + several canisters + several hooks. Any additions are considered redundant since this model has gone through fire and water.

    The sliding wardrobe is now one of the most widespread, most expensive options.

    • Assembling wardrobes makes them very fragile for such a conflict zone as the hall. Agree, on this small area of ​​space, anything can happen: a soccer ball will break the outer glass of the cabinet, the cat will jump into the lower case, and the door will close, the neighbor who has come for the salt will accidentally hit the door with his shoulder, and she will jump out of the rut. Moving structures are not always the best solution for rooms in which active movement takes place.
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    Open Hanger-Shop

    This is one of the most conservative and most acceptable solutions for small apartments. The hanger shop, as a rule, consists of the following modules:

    • several upper canisters (variants with open shelves or mezzanine models are possible);
    • several lower shoe cases (open shelves or retractable shelf boxes are also possible);
    • a base with various hooks and a crossbar attached (sometimes a mirror is added);
    • shop.

    These are rarely metal or plastic. The design of this somewhat old-fashioned, but very practical unit is done exclusively by people who know a lot about space organization. Products, as a rule, made of wood, the hooks, the base and the crossbar in this case should be metal or also wood.

    Unusual model with a bench

    In addition to strength, it is good for apartments where older people or disabled people live. The stool next to the wardrobe occupies inadmissibly a lot of space. The hanger shop is more compact. That option, which, between us, you might think ...

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    Crossbar Hanger

    "Minimalism is our all," - this phrase has become almost the motto of postmodern interior design. Small apartment with small rooms and small furniture needs a small hanger.

    On the hanger-crossbar can fit all that is necessary for the couple, which is given a cozy "odnushka":

    • several warm coats;
    • several down jackets;
    • demi-season rainwear;
    • sport jacket;
    • vest;
    • handkerchief;
    • several caps.

    On the stand below will fit several (6-8) pairs of shoes (for one season). True, footwear will have to be removed from time to time (alternation of summer and winter seasons), but the same problem appears in the case of a wardrobe.

    Remember the simple truth: the more space there is for things, the more things are trying to fill this space.

    Minimalist style


    BoardWhen buying a crossbar, pay attention to the material from which the crossbar is made, the holders and the fasteners themselves. The rod is made to withstand the weight of the coat and jackets, and yet all the trempel hanger, which you will cling to this crossbar.

    At the bottom there may be an extra shelf for shoes made of a material that will not be too branded (note the color).

    Chose the type, but still confused about the material from which it will be made? Both appearance and durability depend on the material.

    What to choose from?

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    Plastic, wood, metal: what is more practical?

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    Hangers made of plastic - the most impractical of all that offers us the furniture market. Weak strength, inability to attach heavy and durable fasteners, brittleness. Plastic things are now less and less common in rooms where a child can be.

    Interesting plastic model

    Plastic furniture offers an abyss of design solutions:

    • color mixing;
    • the ability to melt and create original forms;
    • dullness and gloss.

    This is especially true for manufacturers of wardrobes: the more beautiful the furniture, the faster the owner will be found. Meanwhile, in a few months the same owner has to get the warranty card out of the box, since a plastic cabinet or shelf will show its real face after a few weeks of operation: a screw will fly off, a glossy surface will be scratched, and even worse: the door will fall off ...

    Sad prospect, is not it?

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    Good durability, but not too high degree of practicality - it's all about metal cabinets. Metal structures can withstand the giant's outerwear, and a dozen of the hardest sheepskin coats, and many pairs of boots ... However, an obsessive shine and a too sharp reaction to temperature changes may not appeal to both the floor covering and the wall covering too much.

    Good durability, but not too high degree of practicality

    Often, due to a too sharp temperature drop (condensation has formed on the hanger), excess moisture begins to degrade the wall space near the hanger: wallpaper peels off, plaster “flows”, unpleasant tracks appear on the paint. Sometimes parquet or linoleum can be deformed. Moreover, the deformation is caused not so much by condensate as by the large weight of the hanger: metal structures weigh up to several tens of kilograms.

    External strength is very attractive for floor hangers. But is this feature aesthetics hallway?

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    Last but not least, material.

    1 First, quality. Wooden furniture (made of real wood, not recycled sawdust) is known for its strength. 2 Secondly, good interaction with the external environment. The tree does not give in to internal deformation, but does not spoil the floor, walls, or ceiling. "Sweat", "condensate" - these are words that are not known wooden furniture. When you buy a coat hanger made of durable wood, be aware that it will not spoil the color of your walls, will not deform the parquet and will not paint the ceiling.

    Wooden products are known for their durability.

    3 Third, wood is a “healthy” material. The tendency to improve the environment most fully manifests itself in the furniture industry: the interior has been made from environmentally friendly materials. This is not the cheapest option. But, on the other hand, what could be safer for your health and the health of your child than wooden furniture. Natural material promises the absence of an unpleasant odor - an important enough criterion for closed-type hangers. Winter things that should be stored in this improvised storeroom during the long spring, autumn and summer months (even if they are packed in cases) absorb unpleasant odors that furniture produces. For an environmentally friendly tree, this problem does not exist: you can forget about mothballs. Clothing preserves the presentation and “marketable odor.” 4B-4, wooden hangers look very advantageous, for example, with keyboards or wooden baskets for umbrellas. It is very difficult to choose the appropriate for the color scheme and design trifles for furniture made of plastic or, especially, metal. They have to buy or complete, or make individual items to order after you have decided on the main accent (in the case of a small hallway, this accent will almost always be a hanger). The tree is well combined not only with other wooden products, but also with furniture made of plastic and metal.

    The tree looks very profitable

    From all possible materials for the hanger, the priority is wood - natural, affordable, healthy. Win-win option.

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    Do it yourself

    Particularly interesting furniture made by hand. You can develop a project in the hallway both independently and by changing individual parts in ready-made options.

    VIDEO: How to make a hanger with your own hands?