175+ Photos of Interesting Panels on the Wall from improvised means with their own hands. From fabric, from cork, from beads - what is more beautiful?


A wall panel is an opportunity to create an individual interior by decorating walls using available materials. If we talk about the panel as a product, it is always the author, handmade, which has a rather high cost. Decorating an apartment with such fakes is not always relevant, because the product is selected according to the existing interior and if repairs are made, the panel becomes unnecessary, and it is a pity to spend the money. But it is quite another thing when the panel is made independently. This makes it possible to choose the very theme, size, texture, material, color, but at the same time the flow of money is minimal.


  • How to do?
  • We make from improvised means
  • Material selection
  • How to do?

    In fact, there is nothing difficult to make a panel on your own; there is no need for special skills and knowledge. The first thing that is needed is to choose the place where it will be placed, choose a thematic area and prepare the necessary materials, which are most often found in any hostess.

    A wall panel is an opportunity to create an individual interior.

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    Few important points

    • If the room is small, you should not use large panels, they will not look harmonious and make the room visually smaller.
    • When the room is large and decorated with a bare wall, you can use a large panel or several small, but the same themes.
    • If the room is colorful and has many decorative elements, the panel should be chosen in soothing colors with minimal combination of colors.
    • When using several panels on the same wall, it is necessary that they are perfectly combined with each other, support one theme or perfectly harmonize in color.

    In a small room, do not use large panels.

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    We make from improvised means

    Materials that are suitable for the manufacture of panels - this is usually what is at hand. There is no need to acquire anything special, and the technique of execution is reminiscent of hand-made fakes, which many did in schools.

    Of course, the shops feature a variety of products, where they are used:

    • glass;
    • ceramics;
    • metal;
    • photo printing is applied.

    But our panels, which we will learn to do today, have nothing in common with decorated tiles and photo wallpapers. Is that the goal they have one - to make everything beautiful and unique.

    Hand painted panel

    You can use:

    • threads;
    • fabrics;
    • buttons;
    • ear cancer;
    • flowers;
    • leaves;
    • cereals;
    • coffee beans.

    You can consider the features of thematic products.

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    Panel on the wall in the kitchen

    Use food for decoration

    This is probably the only place where the use of food for decoration will be fully justified. It is relevant here:

    • cereals;
    • grains;
    • vegetables;
    • fruits.

    But, by the way, coffee beans are a versatile material and can be used in any premises. It is easy to work with them, and during operation they do not lose their appearance and color.

    With their help, you can lay out any pictures, for example, a cup of coffee, which already maintains the theme. You can cut photos of beautiful fruits and vegetables, complementing them with cereals.

    Coffee beans - versatile material

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    New Year's panel

    In this case, the brighter the better. This picture should talk about the holiday, fun and good mood. Here it is permissible to combine any materials and surrender completely to fantasy. And if you were invited to visit, the panel, made with your own hands, will be an excellent gift.

    This picture should talk about the holiday

    Suitable use:

    • spruce branches;
    • cones;
    • rowan berries.

    As a background, you can use a Christmas picture, for example, printed on a printer and decorate it. Snow white can replace crumbled foam, cotton wool and even semolina.

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    When choosing a theme for a child's room, consider the interests and tastes of the child. We must not forget about age, it is unlikely that a ten-year-old child will be interested in just a bear or a dog. And if he does, for example, football, the panel on this topic will be very happy.

    Consider the interests and tastes of the child

    If the girl is engaged in dancing, you can make a picture of a ballerina. Such work on a fake will surely interest your child, so you can make a joint fake.

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    Panel macrame

    In the manufacture of such products, we need knowledge of weaving techniques. If you made macrame, you can create an incredibly beautiful decor. Plus products in that everything will depend on the desire and imagination. They can be:

    • large;
    • small
    • round;
    • square.

    You can decorate them:

    • beads;
    • stones;
    • tapes.

    Depends on desire and fantasy

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    Material selection

    Knowing the main points, it is possible to consider in more detail how to make panels using one or another material.

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    From wood

    Wood has always been popular when creating decorations. Now eco-friendly, natural materials belong to fashion trends, they are used in almost all interiors.

    If you have a husband is not related to the field of woodworking, it is unlikely there will be a variety of work at home. But if there is a hacksaw, they are easy to make yourself. For this you need a branch, the diameter is not important, with which the pennies are cut.

    The tree is popular when creating a decor

    Additionally, you need a wire, thin sprigs of wood, glue. For the frame, you can use wooden slats if you want a square or rectangular pattern. For oval or round frame, you can also use thick wire, and for decoration, tightly wrap it with thread. For the background, you can use plywood, white cardboard, burlap, or leave it empty. In the latter version, all elements are attached to each other and fixed to the frame.BoardThat the tree had a glossy surface, it is varnished.

    Eco-friendly, natural materials are fashion trends.

    Design Ideas:

    • You can put on the branches of the patch, which are attached with glue. To the bottom did not look empty, you can fill it with the same blanks.
    • Beautifully arranged in the form of a flower arrangement of patches, if this is a large product, you can use cones or dried flowers.
    • It may be a heart laid out or a star.

    In order not to spoil the impression, it is better not to use synthetic materials in the composition.

    Option of tree trunks, looks very stylish

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    From fabric

    It is easy to work with fabric, and its variety allows you to create amazing pictures. With its help you can create:

    • abstract drawings;
    • sew animals;
    • nature;
    • create whole pictures.

    Fabric is easy to work with

    • Absolutely any fabric will work for you, the more different fabrics you have, the wider your choice when translating ideas.
    • Need threads, frames, cardboard, elements.
    • As in the previous version, the frame can be made independently. It will look great panels without the use of frames.
    • The basis on which the picture will be created, you can choose any thick cardboard, fiberboard or particleboard, plastic and other materials at hand. It should be covered with material, and from the seamy side to fix it with glue or a stapler.
    BoardYou should not throw out small pieces of matter and shreds, they will be useful for the following works.

    Any kind of fabric will work for you.


    1This can be nature, flowers, trees. To make a tree or flower look alive, you should use the following technique. The barrel or stem is drawn on the fabric and cut, glued to the canvas. The leaves are also cut, but glued only one side to the canvas. For a flower, you can first create a composition with a needle and thread to fix, and then paste it.

    It can be nature, flowers, trees.

    2 Now in many interiors panels are used when using the same material, without any additional elements. The idea is the following, for example, you have a living room, where two, three primary colors are used in the interior: beige, orange, red. It is necessary to choose a material with a pattern, where red flowers are painted on a delicate background. Or take a cloth with a red background on which small beige flowers.

    Ideal to choose three different types of fabrics. Next, take the base, square or rectangular sheet of plywood and is covered with cloth. The sizes of plywood can be different, the main thing is that at the end they look harmonious.

    Cloth trees

    3 Pictures look great, for this you need to choose a drawing for an example. Then cutting out the parts to glue them onto the base. This is a little time consuming process and it is better to start with simple drawings.BoardTo add volume under the elements of the fabric, you can put cotton. Return to the menu ↑

    From photos

    The use of photographs for the decoration of apartments has been used for a long time and, probably, in every family such equipment is used. And although it’s impossible to surprise with material, the way of registration will definitely come out.

    • Absolutely all photos are suitable for this method.
    • Beautifully look black and white photos.
    • Additionally, you can use photos of nature, beautiful landscapes.

    The use of photos for the design of apartments has been used for a long time.

    Design Ideas:

    Framework. Depending on which panel is expected in the final result, it is necessary to choose a frame. It can be made of cardboard, where only the front part of the frame is cut out of thick cardboard and glued to the photo, it can be glued to the back on the density, as a base. If the photo will stick directly to the base, but the frame is not needed. You can use the fabric for the front side of the photo, as a frame.

    Option from the framework

    The family tree looks very beautiful in the interior, it brings comfort and creates a special atmosphere. It is quite simple to make it, you need a basis for this, you can work with cardboard, the main thing is to find the dimensions. It can be dyed or wrapped with a cloth. Then a tree trunk and branches are cut from the same cardboard. Covered with paint, if something does not come out, problem areas are easy to close. Then attach the photo.

    Another original version

    It is possible on a similar basis to place a photo in a chaotic order, and to decorate empty places with additional elements. To distinguish between photos, you can use a colored tape or a thick thread. Another original version, take a large frame and stretch the threads horizontally. Then with the help of clothespins fasten a photo to them.BoardBeautifully look photos of different sizes, while not following geometry and accuracy. Return to the menu

    From paper

    Paper is another convenient and affordable material that is easy to work with.

    • You can fake paper mounted on the base or immediately on the wallpaper.
    • Paper can be used in any color, thickness and size.
    • Often used paper napkins, which can be found all sorts of colors and patterns.

    Paper is another convenient and affordable material that is easy to work with.

    Design Ideas:

    Widely used panels of butterflies. For this purpose, colored paper is taken, and butterflies are cut out approximately in one sketch. You can use one color or several, only in one color palette, for example, from pale pink to burgundy. Then butterflies are stuck onto the base (cardboard, plywood) or directly onto the wall. It is possible in the shape of a heart, the bottom is the lightest color and ascending to the top. It can be a flying composition. You only need to glue the body, the wings must lag behind the surface.

    Heart Shaped Butterfly Panel

    You can create a composition of flowers. There is better to use soft paper with cardboard will be difficult to handle. We take a square sheet of paper, it needs to be folded with an accordion. Further, the accordion is folded in half and these edges are fixed with glue or a stapler, the loose ones are stretched and also fastened. To make the edges of the flower figured, folded paper with an accordion cut from both ends. You can decorate beautifully with small beads, pebbles or beads.BoardIf you have a panel of butterflies, they can be placed additionally around the room! Return to the menu ↑

    Of plaster

    They can be called luxurious and elegant. Stucco molding from plaster has always been appreciated, and now there is an opportunity to make panels with the use of plaster on its own. Gypsum can be purchased at any store, as well as forms for future compositions. But if you work a little and spend time, then you can and without forms.

    Luxurious and elegant product

    • Masters who do this professionally, use special tools. For home creation, you can use any available tools, a pencil, a spatula. Ie, those items that will be convenient to put a picture.
    • Begin with the simplest forms to get acquainted with the material.
    • Difficult works of art are unlikely to succeed, but by mastering the basis, you can produce beautiful drawings.

    Apply some plaster to prevent it from drying out.

    Design Ideas:

    • It is possible to work with plaster directly on the wall, but then it is necessary to have a perfectly flat surface.
    • It should be applied a little plaster, so he did not have time to dry. You can make out the flowers, patterns. If you draw well, you can make difficult compositions.
    • The material itself is not bright, so you can decorate it with a bright frame and colors. In the latter case, do not overdo it so that the material does not resemble clay.

    To create, you can use any available tools - a pencil, spatula

    BoardAt the first stages, you can simply get acquainted with the material in order to know how it behaves in work. Return to the menu

    Of the threads

    With the help of ordinary threads and nails, you can make a panel that will make them admire. Such crafts belong to the art of string art and are popular all over the world. And in the sale they are of high value.

    The product of threads and nails

    • You can make simple patterns, difficult compositions and works of art.
    • As a basis, it is better to use wood or plywood.
    • In addition to the multi-colored threads, nails or pins are required, nails with beautiful hats will look beautiful.
    • When using simple nails, they can be decorated with beads or stones.
    • A sketch of the future mural (drawing) is applied to paper. Then it is applied to the base and fixed. The nails are hammered along the contour of the drawing; the less they are clogged, the larger the drawing will be.
    • Next, the paper breaks down.
    • A thread is wound on nails, horizontally and vertically.

    You can make simple patterns, difficult compositions and works of art.


    • Flowers and stars. It can be three large flowers or a few small ones. Flowers will look beautiful when using different color threads.
    • It could be a big heart, a cat, a dog, or a bear. Even the simplest picture will look original and unusual.
    • You can make a picture of several elements, then you will need patience and time.
    BoardWhen using thicker thread consumption will be lower, and the work is done faster.

    When using simple nails, they can be decorated with beads or stones

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    Bead, buttons

    Such panels can be called bright and original decorations. Beads are used in many fakes, thanks to the multi-colored palette and hardy material you can be aware of incredible compositions.

    Using buttons

    • To create such fakes, you can use beads separately, combine it with buttons or with other materials.
    • You can use fabric, foam, wood, cardboard as the basis.
    • Mounted material with glue.
    • Before you create a pattern of beads, you need to draw a contour with a pencil, and fill in small sections. First, glue is applied with a brush, then covered with beads.

    Beauty do it yourself


    • It is better to begin art fakes with simple drawings, for example, flowers, trees, animal subjects. Try to make a butterfly, for this draw a contour and highlight the zones where different colors will be used.
    • If the pattern is large, you can use buttons, so the picture will be filled up faster, but it will become no less beautiful.
    • When there is artistic talent, you can draw a picture, and select some of its elements with beads.

    Bead Option

    BoardIt is better to hang a panel of beads on an empty wall so that it serves as a bright accent in the room. Return to the menu

    From plaster, putty

    Such work is similar to gypsum, but if gypsum is used in small areas, then plaster most often acts as a material for large panels. It cannot be said that such a view will easily succumb to beginners in this business, but with some small training, everything will work out for sure.

    This view is not very suitable for beginners.

    So the panel is made directly on the wall, to train better on any smooth surface.

    Work technology:

    • The drawing is applied to a piece of paper, according to this sketch the following works are performed;
    • Then the drawing is transferred onto the plaster;
    • According to the drawing, the form is applied layer by layer;
    • To smooth the sheet and not damage the shape, it is necessary to cover this area with a film and gently fix it, smooth it;
    • To give the surface texture, you can use a brush with a hard pile;
    • When the pattern is formed it is necessary that it is completely dry;
    • Next, using sandpaper, aligns the zones;
    • You can paint the canvas.

    Exercise better on any smooth surface.

    The process is time consuming and requires patience, but the result is worth it.

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    From cork

    The only difficulty in creating such a panel is to find a sufficient number of traffic jams. If there are wine corks at home, then creating an original panel is not difficult. This material is easy to process, easy and convenient.

    • They can serve as a background if they are cut into circles.
    • Mounted with glue.
    • Well combined with natural materials.

    It is necessary to have a sufficient number of traffic jams.

    Design Ideas:

    • Corks have both soft beige tones and rich brown. If you cut different corks, you can lay out a picture with their help.
    • Cut circles can be painted with paint, from which the phrase is composed.
    • With them you can cut the figures, which are further fixed to the base.

    You can insert a photo

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    Of discs

    With the advent of flash drives, the disks went into the background. Probably in every family there are these computer accessories. It is very good that they have been preserved, because there are many ideas on how to make unique, luxurious panels of them.

    Design Ideas:

    For families where there are kids, it will be important to make "smeshariki", cartoon characters. To do this, cut parts from colored paper or cloth (spout, eyes). Next, they are glued to the disc with glue. Heroes are applied on the base, which can be made of cardboard or thick fabric.

    Every family has these computer accessories.

    • The discs are well cut into different parts, which allows them to decorate the panel. In the light they shimmer and shine.
    • Another option is to cover the disc with paint, the background can be chosen any that will fit the interior. When the paint is dry, a pattern is applied with a pencil. Further along the contour of the picture with a knife removed a layer of paint.
    • You can use a floppy as a basis for the panel. For this, it can be decorated with paint or wrapped with thread.
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    From seashells

    Shell variant

    If the family likes to relax on the sea coast, the obligatory souvenirs are seashells. Children love to collect and replenish their home stocks. But very rarely is the use of them, so from year to year they lie and wait for their time. Now is the time when they can serve as the main element of a beautiful mural.

    • Before using shells, they need to be well washed and dried.
    • For applying them to the base will need glue.
    • Before working for convenience, it is better to sort them by size.
    • To diversify the picture you can additionally use sand, pebbles, beads.
    • You can add color using paints.
    • To the surface of the shell was glossy and shiny, it can be covered with colorless nail polish.

    In nautical style


    • This may be a flower laid out of shells or a chaotic arrangement. Much depends on where the panel will be placed. Need to withstand the theme of the sea or create an overall picture.
    • Such elements on a sacking will look beautiful, and as a frame simple branches which are tied up with a thread can serve.
    • It is possible to take a marine theme for the background and decorate it with shells.
    • To create volume, shells are attached to the sidewall.

    As you can see, any things can be used. Here are some more examples of how to decorate a wall beautifully.

    In black and white

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    Decoupage panels

    This option can be considered an update of old things. In this case, the basis is taken any canvas. Old painting, wooden plates, iron or glass elements. With the help of paints, beads, threads and other materials, the base is decorated.

    Most often for products the frame is not required. They are suspended by a rope or just on a hook. For decorating it is better to use natural materials. It can be several pictures that are interconnected.

    Option to update old stuff

    In large rooms will be relevant large panels, made in the same style and colors.

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    Such an element can be used not only in the nurseries, they look great in the living rooms and corridors. Many people know and have seen amulets, on which there is a brownie. It symbolizes order and comfort in the house. Can be used by the finished doll or made by yourself.

    For the manufacture of dolls, you can use foam, which holds its shape well. With the help of fabric and thread, you can drag it, forming the necessary silhouette.

    Look great in the living rooms and corridors.

    As a frame, you can use designed for photos or paintings. You can do it yourself, if there are thin strips. For the background most often used fabric, which is covered with the base. Since the doll has a certain weight, the base must be reliable - wood or plywood.

    As additional materials you can use:

    • tapes;
    • bows;
    • beads;
    • buttons.

    If you have time and desire, you can make dolls that resemble family members and create a family mural.

    Can be used by the finished doll or made by yourself

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    Now you can buy any wall clocks. They have different shapes and sizes, color and texture. But finding a unique model is unlikely to work out, making yourself a lot easier. Such panels are convenient because you can choose all the parameters yourself. The only thing to consider is the general rules for all products.

    DIY watches

    Themes can be completely different:

    • time of the year;
    • nature;
    • romance;
    • flowers;
    • abstraction;
    • patterns.

    All that is required for work is the choice of appropriate materials and the basis. The basis may be foam, wood or plywood. First of all, it needs to be prepared. You can decorate with paint or covered fabric. If you intend to use multi-colored elements, then the basis should be chosen monophonic.

    It is not necessary that the clock be located in the center. On the contrary, if they are located on the edge, this will greatly expand the possibilities and it will be possible to create a beautiful composition. Here you can use all the techniques presented above. If the watch has a volumetric glass and in the overall picture it looks rough, it should be removed.

    The subject of this product may be completely different.

    As a rule, watches have their own background, if they are already purchased and the background does not fit the overall interior, this problem is easy to solve. The clock is easily disassembled, the main thing is not to damage the mechanism. The seized base can be painted or decorated with beads. You can use pieces of a floppy disk that shimmer beautifully in the light.

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    With pockets

    Such a panel will not only bring beauty, but also benefit. It is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, nursery. Its main advantage is pockets in which you can fold any accessories. You can make different sizes and shapes, and use as many pockets as you see fit.

    Knitted version of a practical product

    Such a panel consists of a base to which pockets are sewn. From above the level fastens, it is better to use wooden. Depending on which accessories will be stored in the pockets, the base is selected. The heavier they are, the stronger the foundation must be. Plywood is perfect, it is not deformed, and will perfectly hold the shape of the panel.

    Regarding the fabric, there is no special framework, but it is also better to use thick fabric. Pockets can be of different sizes, and placed randomly. You can use segments of different tissues, even if they differ in density.

    Such a panel will not only bring beauty, but also benefit

    Such panels are made from the pockets of old jeans and pants, which looks very original. This product perfectly complements the interior corridor.

    You can decorate:

    • tapes;
    • bows;
    • buttons;
    • stones.

    If color material is used, then its pattern is quite enough.

    You can never give up, because the first successful work will bring positive emotions and pride in the work done.