Scandinavian style: 240+ Photos of conciseness and restraint in design. What makes this style in the interior of this?


Want to see your home bright, cozy and spacious and choose a new design? Scandinavian style is a great choice.

Its popularity has grown significantly thanks to the well-known Swedish company IKEA. After all, she showed the world the ability of the inhabitants of Scandinavia to beautifully and tastefully equip cozy homes and not to waste all the money.


  • Rustic style of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula
  • What makes the interior typically Scandinavian?
  • Studio Apartments
  • Kitchens
  • Living room interior
  • Cozy bedrooms
  • Nursery interior
  • Original ideas for the hallway
  • Bathroom
  • Rustic style of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula

    Scandinavian called the rural style of the inhabitants of Northern Europe. It was formed under the influence of the harsh cold climate, as well as ethnic traditions and other features. And just like other country styles from different countries, it is based on environmental friendliness, practicality and naturalness.

    The foundations were laid by the harsh Vikings, who valued restraint, slowness, thoroughness, practicality, frugality, and preferred freedom and spaciousness. For the decoration of housing, they, like all the villagers, used natural (eco-friendly) materials and tried to fill them with light and warmth so that it would be comfortable there in the cold overcast winter.

    Modern Scandinavian interior is just as practical and versatile, because:

    • for its arrangement it is not required big investments of means, forces and time.
    • it is quite aesthetic and attractive;
    • will create a cozy atmosphere in different rooms;
    • great for our latitudes, where in winter there is so little light and comfort.

    And this is not all the advantages of style. Others are easy to read in the article below.

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    What makes the interior typically Scandinavian?

    The style has a number of expressive differences that not only emphasize its originality, but also make it modern and practical. Among them are the following:

    • Daylight.
    • Using multiple light sources;
    • Open plan without partitions and bulky high cabinets.
    • The predominance of light shades and white finish.
    • Low solid furniture.
    • Use of natural materials for finishing.
    • Original decor with bright elements.
    • Comfort and practicality for living.

    Use natural materials for finishing

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    Wooden windows

    Due to the fact that in the northern regions winter is not happy with warmth and light, people tried to fill their homes with light. To do this, they installed large windows with wooden frames through which a lot of light comes in.

    Scandinavian style windows

    To ensure privacy in the room is now worth using natural shutters or wooden blinds. Private houses use wooden shutters, which are closed in a dark time to ensure privacy.

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    Do you need curtains?

    In rooms made in the Scandinavian style, curtains are rarely used. But if you are completely uncomfortable with "bare and uncovered windows", then you should hang them. For this suit monochromatic curtains of light shades. They can be made in the following colors:

    • white;
    • cream;
    • Ivory
    • beige;
    • blue;
    • light blue;
    • light green;
    • light brown;
    • Gray.

    Curtains in this style are rarely used.

    BoardEspecially carefully choose fabric. It should be made of fine natural fibers (cotton, linen) and at the same time remain translucent.

    Also appropriate to look Roman shades of light shades. During the day, they should be raised to the very top of the window, and lowered at night to ensure privacy.

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    Light does not happen much

    The lack of daylight, especially in autumn and winter, makes it necessary to pay special attention to lighting devices. It can be pendant lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps or even ordinary lamps without lampshades or candles.

    They must be monochrome, not multi-colored and concise. Often in the interior there are ordinary incandescent bulbs of various sizes, which are screwed into a cartridge freely hanging from the ceiling.

    Geometric chandeliers are also used:

    • metal;
    • wooden;
    • glass
    In the Scandinavian style is not used decorative lighting. All devices must be practical. Therefore, do not use lights or decorative lights. Return to the menu ↑

    Heavy comfortable natural wood furniture

    As for the selection and installation of furniture, then you need to choose functional, durable and comfortable items with a concise design. This may be modern soft sofas or antique models with the effect of aging.

    Mostly used products from natural materials that are durable and good quality. So often found furniture made of solid beech, pine, birch. The shape of the frame is distinguished by strict straight or slightly curved lines. The legs are short, thin. Also for wooden furniture in the Scandinavian style is characterized by the absence of carved decor and light or natural color.

    For upholstery use:

    • skin;
    • suede;
    • durable linen fabric;
    • cotton fabric.

    It is usually slightly tough and durable, performed in a single color or has a discreet pattern.

    Since the Scandinavian interior is spacious, you should not overload it with furniture. For installation suitable low, items without which it can not do, as well as those that will not clutter up the interior.

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    Light color range

    It is impossible to imagine the design of the Scandinavian interior without white color. It is the main one, since the interior, made in bright colors, becomes visually more spacious and lighter. Namely, this is a room made in the Scandinavian style.

    White color scatters and reflects light and serves as a backdrop for bright color accents. Against such a background, even the most ordinary objects will appear bright and expressive:

    • houseplants;
    • decorative colored pillows;
    • wooden upholstered furniture.

    White paint covers:

    • walls;
    • ceiling;
    • floor;
    • furniture frame.

    Other items are also painted white. Often there are also light pastel shades, namely:

    • light green;
    • blue;
    • light brown;
    • beige;
    • Gray.

    To add originality and expressiveness to the style, the design must necessarily meet bright or saturated spots. It can be contrasting black or dark gray objects and color elements.

    The bright and expressive elements are: lampshades or ceiling lamps on the chandelier, glass vases, flowerpots, decorative soft pillows on the sofa, rugs, carpets, napkins or other textile. Return to the menu ↑

    Attention to the walls

    For the decoration of the walls in the house or apartment, they mainly use natural materials of bright, pleasant shades. They are covered with white plaster, light gray or light pink shade. Also used wooden panels made of coarse planks.

    For the decoration of the walls are mainly used natural materials.

    In bathrooms, bathroom and kitchen the walls are faced with plain white ceramic tiles. To dilute the style use tiles with neat authentic patterns and patterns.

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    What should be the floor?

    To make the decor as cozy and stylish as possible, natural wood boards should be used as a floor covering. To save often this material is replaced with laminate. In this case, it is necessary to absorb light wood shades or paint it in white.

    Organically in this interior will look and expensive wooden parquet.

    Use natural wood as flooring.

    Handmade soft colored rugs made of natural material (homespun, handmade woolen) will be an excellent complement to the stylish interior and make it more comfortable and complete. The natural sheepskins and skins of other animals also look good. Return to the menu ↑


    Since the interiors of homes in the countries of northern Europe are minimalist and concise design, it uses mainly only functional objects and a minimum of decorations. But if they are present, they must be simple. So as the decor used:

    • glass vases that beautifully refract light rays. They are often placed dried branches or flowers;
    • photos in wooden frames;
    • clay items;
    • metal candlesticks;
    • mirrors in laconic frames or without them;
    • textiles of pleasant shades that fills the house with comfort;
    • wicker baskets of different shapes and sizes for storage.

    In this style they use only functional objects and a minimum of jewelry.

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    Studio Apartments

    Free space without partitions and a large amount of light - an ideal basis for creating comfortable and aesthetic minimalist interiors. Therefore, if you have not yet decided on the style, but are already planning to renovate a studio apartment, then feel free to choose the simplicity and comfort of the interiors in the Scandinavian style.

    Minimalist interior

    All you need is a little effort, the most necessary, with functional wood furniture, natural textiles, materials for decoration, as well as a little skill.

    When creating an interior, it is important to observe the main stylistic motifs of the Scandinavian style, namely:

    • organize free space in the room;
    • for the walls, ceiling, floor use natural materials;
    • white color should prevail in the interior;
    • use several types of lighting devices. Light does not happen much in the Scandinavian interior;
    • do not use a lot of furniture. Install only the most necessary items;
    • dilute the bright interior with bright accents in the form of colored accessories or pieces of furniture.

    Free space without partitions and a large amount of light

    Such a light, minimalist interior with a sleek design is also suitable for small apartments and large studios.

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    To emphasize the style, it is necessary to paint the walls in white. And the walls are not plastered or smooth, smooth. If there is a desire to make the kitchen more comfortable, then they can be sewn with wood paneling. This solution emphasizes the style and visually increases the volume of the room.

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    Kitchen Apron

    The wall near the stove, sink, working surface is closed with an apron. It is laid out with ceramic tiles or simply covered with a panel of transparent tempered glass. This solution allows you to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, which is very important.

    The kitchen and worktop are made of wood. It is necessary to ensure that the furniture from the working, dining area was the most practical, functional. This approach to the choice of models corresponds to the motives of the Scandinavian style.

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    Living room interior

    The interior of the living room is a reflection of the character and preferences of the owners of the house. And if we talk about the design features of the living room, here you can use not only functional items, but also decorative ones.

    In order for the interior to look organic, holistically you will still have to adhere to the basic rules of design. And this:

    • the predominance of white, pastel shades;
    • minimalistic design;
    • a lot of light.

    Interior living room - a reflection of the nature and preferences of the owners of the house

    To make the living room look modern, it was practical to carefully select furniture. Here come good-quality models of natural materials. They provide comfort for long. If there is a desire to slightly change the situation, it is enough to change the picture or photos within the framework, put new pillows on the sofa, chairs.

    In addition to the soft sofa, deep low chairs with high backs and practical natural upholstery in the room set:

    • small dressing table;
    • stand;
    • floor lamps;
    • open shelving for books (if there is a home library);
    • paintings;
    • wall mirror;
    • TV stand.

    Mostly white and pastel colors prevail

    Tulle and curtains in the living room, as well as other rooms, this style does not provide. If it is impossible to do without them, then choose light translucent curtains of a monochromatic shade and roller shutters.

    The highlight of this living room is a fireplace. It emphasizes the style, makes the atmosphere of the room more warm, cozy. Previously, fireplaces served as a stove for cooking and heating, now they are mainly used as a decorative element.

    Instead of a real fireplace in the living room, you can easily install a stylized electric, bio or candle fireplace.

    That the drawing room looked modernly - it is worth selecting furniture carefully

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    Cozy bedrooms

    A room for sleeping, relaxing in the Scandinavian style is a bright, spacious room with a comfortable bed with a minimalist design, some of the most necessary pieces of furniture. It can be:

    • bedside cabinets or stands in the form of solid stools;
    • storage systems (open clothes hangers, shelves for books);
    • comfortable soft chairs;
    • ottoman

    Small lamps are used as lighting devices, which are fixed near the head of the bed, floor lamps and lamps. To preserve privacy in the bedroom on the windows, you can install shutters, light curtains or curtains.

    The interior of the bedroom is also dominated by white color, for its design using natural materials. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Nursery interior

    The concept of the Scandinavian style is great for decorating children's rooms. And it can be used to accommodate a variety of sizes, but on the condition that there is a large window. The advantage of this design is that the interior can be changed depending on the age needs of the child.

    This style is great for decorating children's rooms.

    On dazzling white or pastel-colored walls it is easy to place the decor. If necessary, it is also easy to replace.

    Eco-friendly, durable and safe wooden furniture in the nursery will fill the interior with pleasant warm energy, and provide comfort. Functional and ergonomic models are selected in the room, for example:

    • bunk beds or pull-out beds;
    • bed attic with a workplace under the base;
    • headsets with fitted wardrobes, work surfaces and beds;
    • work tables and low deep chairs with backs;
    • open shelving and wicker baskets for storing toys;
    • soft knitted puffs;
    • open wall shelves and other items.

    Furniture in color is selected from light unpainted wood or made in the same color as the wall.

    As a bright accent, you can use colored toys, a blanket or blanket on the bed, soft decorative pillows or a colored rug. Color objects fit well into the nursery, for example:

    • computer chair;
    • lamp;
    • chandelier.
    BoardAs the original decor of the nursery, use handmade textile toys. They, like other Hand Made items, bring home comfort to your interior. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Original ideas for the hallway

    The pomp and excessive decor are not welcome when creating Scandinavian-style interiors, therefore hallways must be spacious, light and practical. Since the hallway does not always have windows, then take care of lighting. It does not have to be a chandelier or a lamp, a large lamp, screwed into a cartridge that hangs from the ceiling, will look quite original.

    The idea to design the hallway

    The ceiling, walls and floor in such hallways is made in white. For expressiveness, it can be diluted with contrasting black or gray elements or furniture.

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    Furniture should be practical and concise design. Depending on the size and layout, you need to choose a model:

    1To arrange a convenient storage area for outerwear and accessories

    Often use open floor or mounted hangers. They can be made of wood or metal in black or gray. For convenient placement such are equipped with hooks or a hanger on a crossbeam. For shoes in this case, a small area under the hanger.

    If the dimensions of the hallway allow you to place a large swing closet there, then you should choose a model with the correct geometric lines and concise design.

    2For preening zone

    To visually enlarge the room and make it more comfortable, it is worth choosing a mirror. The full-length model will simultaneously perform two functions at once.It will provide an opportunity to look around before going outside, as well as reflect the light and make the interior brighter and more spacious.

    BoardChoose a mirror of regular geometric shapes with a thin frame.

    Also for the preening zone it is worth choosing a comfortable chair, with a deep seat and back, on thin wooden legs. It can be replaced with a cabinet in the form of a chest for storing shoes. Shoes can be stored on open shelves that are placed one above the other.

    The comfort of the Scandinavian-style entrance hall will add bright homespun carpets to the floor and beautiful monochrome photos in the frames on the wall. If the dimensions and layout allow, then install a small soft sofa, an ottoman or a bench there. They will become comfortable furniture on which you can sit down for shoes. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    If you have long been eyeing the Scandinavian-style bathroom, then feel free to start work and select the most suitable option for you.

    Initially, this bathroom will seem boring, but after looking, you change your mind. After all, it is very practical, functional and aesthetic. Moreover, it is quite simple to recreate such a design even without serious expenses and efforts. This will require accessible materials and simple solutions.

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    White dominance

    The interior of the room will be dominated by white color, but it should be slightly diluted interspersed with gray and blue. This color scheme allows you to expand the space and make it lighter.

    Also in the interior will look harmoniously authentic patterns, namely:

    • Snowflakes.
    • Deer
    • Christmas trees.

    But care should be taken to ensure that the room does not look coarse.

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    Wall and floor tiles

    It is practical to finish the floor and walls in the bathroom with ceramic tiles. Of course, it should be white or light shade. To emphasize the style, you can also choose the materials of blue or blue hue, because the Scandinavian interior echoes the marine theme.

    On a noteIf the size of the bathroom is small, then you should think about installing a shower stall. Such a solution is only suitable if there are no lovers in the house to lie in warm water with fragrant foam. This will make a small room more practical and comfortable.
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    What should be the furniture?

    A modest but functional setting allows you to install ergonomic wooden furniture in the room. It can be a wooden bollard from an array or a wicker basket, racks or other functional models with a concise design.

    If the size of the room allows, then you can place mounted shelves, stools that perform the role of pedestals, closed pedestals on thin low legs and other models of wood. Moreover, the products can be made in a light natural shade or covered with light paint.

    Modest but functional environment

    Depending on the size of the area is to pick up the sink for the sink. It can be a round shape model that looks like a deep bowl. Or rectangular embedded in a ceramic or wooden countertop.

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    Plumbing for the bathroom

    To slightly dilute the situation pick up modern plumbing. Residents of the northern regions of Europe "keep pace with progress" and try to keep up. Therefore, the mixers must be practical, comfortable and durable. Beautifully look models with a matte, chrome or bronze-coated surface.

    Bathroom option

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    In the bathroom it is appropriate to place several sources of light. Ceiling or wall lamp with sconces or spots, as well as lighting near the mirror will make the room very bright and comfortable.

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    Bathroom accessories

    Selecting mirrors, choose a wall model of large sizes. This will visually increase the area, and the bathroom will look more spacious. If the floor in the room is tiled, use wooden flooring instead of a rug. If the floor is wooden - use homespun rug or woven rug.

    It is better to choose products in a light natural shade

    As a decor use useful accessories. It can be:

    • bright stands for toothbrushes;
    • chandeliers of the original shape and color;
    • pots with flowerpots (provided that there is a window in the room);
    • wooden towel racks and other hand-made functional items made from natural materials.
    BoardIn the Scandinavian interior allowed a minimum amount of decor, while it must be functional.

    Since luxury furniture and expensive materials in the interiors in the Scandinavian style are not used, this design is perfect for decorating balconies and loggias. After all, it takes a minimum of time, finances and strength, and the result is a comfortable, eco-friendly, practical and not without aesthetics interior.

    Often such cozy balconies, decorated with exclusively natural materials, are found in high-rise buildings of city dwellers. After all, they serve as a cozy place for rest and relaxation, for everyone who is looking for an opportunity to come close to nature just a little.

    To create a Scandinavian interior, you must have a glassed-in balcony and practical furniture made from natural materials. The floor can be laid out of wooden planks or laminate, and it is enough just to paint the brick walls white. This finish takes a minimum of time, after which you can do the furnishing.

    Install on the balcony only the most necessary furniture. It can be open wooden shelving, comfortable chairs, small coasters in the form of stools and cabinets.

    Models from an array of rough processing and made of rattan objects organically fit and complement the style. It can be comfortable rocking chairs, wicker sofas or chairs with a low deep seat. To arrange bright accents, you can expand bright pillows and blankets.

    If you want to create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony, do not forget to set there beautiful pot.

    Do not delay and get to work, but for inspiration I recommend watching the video.