Green kitchen in an interior - Freshness and safety of Green in decoration (130+ Photos). What gives this natural color?


The nature gives for comfort and rest various shades of green color. They personify safety and freshness, warm purity, help to relax and distract from the surrounding problems. Can the functionality and attractiveness of the room depend on the color? Find out how the green kitchen in the interior transforms life.

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  • Corner kitchen - functionality and convenience
  • The combination of green with flowers companions
  • Elegant white and green interior
  • Orange-green makes life bright
  • Green and black - exquisite nobility
  • Natural brown-green combination
  • Classic notes in a gray-green tone
  • How do curtains change the interior?
  • Features of the use of green
  • VIDEO: Best green kitchen interiors
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Corner kitchen - functionality and convenience
  • The combination of green with flowers companions
  • How do curtains change the interior?
  • Features of the use of green
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Corner kitchen - functionality and convenience

    This form of placing the work plane or the entire kitchen unit helps to organize an attractive room. Why is it important? The kitchen is the only room without which it is impossible to do. It is possible not to organize a separate bedroom, nursery, study or winter garden, but without a kitchen unit it is impossible to prepare the food necessary for life.

    L-shaped option

    However, we need to organize not a workplace fitter. Need comfortable furniture, modern decoration to decorate the entire apartment or house.

    Several features of L-shaped headsets:

    • In the corner cabinets you must install the "Magic corner".
    • Use vykatny boxes, baskets.
    • Do not use hinged doors in the corners so that they do not block each other when opening.

    Comfortable furniture

    BoardRemove the windowsills and install the desktop near the window. Natural color improves mood, helps to save energy. The room takes on an exclusive look.

    To maximize the use of the floor space, place a pencil box to the ceiling in one corner near the window. Order the height of the shelf to fit the kitchen equipment. It will be easier for you to get it than from tables or hanging drawers.

    When buying or ordering an individual project, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room, so that all the connections of the built-in furniture are airtight.

    Be sure to use decorative plinths for walls. They have rubber parts, fit well to the wall, tabletop and prevent water and debris from entering the furniture.

    Natural color uplifting

    Depending on the area, they decide where to install the main kitchen appliances. Convenient option: in the corners place the tile - sink - refrigerator, and between them work surfaces. In this case, less time is wasted cooking, washing dishes. The refrigerator is not exposed to the high temperatures of the stove, and water does not splash these appliances.

    What to do if the kitchen area is miniature?
    BoardInstall a plasterboard wall with thermal insulation between the refrigerator and the stove, or combine cooking and washing dishes together. In this case, choose a sink with a dryer for dishes: the stove does not often have to wipe from water splashes.

    Use decorative plinths for walls

    The advantage of such furniture is obvious. It is possible to organize a full mini area for feasts, and not to squeeze it between the entrance to the kitchen and the refrigerator, as is often the case in standard apartments. For small rooms, an interesting version of the dining table: nickel-plated legs and glass table top with a greenish tint.

    Choose draw-out drawers, shelves, rotating internal accessories for tables, doors with a return mechanism. Modern fittings ideal in our dynamic world. Saves time, increases convenience and functionality.

    This arrangement is acceptable not only for miniature Khrushchev. In homes and cottages, it is also acceptable. In this case, neoclassical versions with gold-plated carved elements, fittings and glass shelves are permissible.

    Make the most of the room space.

    In the interiors with free planning, island elements separate the kitchen area from the living room. This element works not only as a border, they are convenient for kitchen work.

    BoardKeep it safe: install corner shelves and tables. A comfortable passage is provided and lines are softened. The room becomes safe and loses its true size, which is important for small areas. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    The combination of green with flowers companions

    Green is hardly static. Imagine how the shades of leaves and grass, fruits change, acquire depth or tenderness.

    Green kitchen in the interior

    Such features can be used in interior decoration. The color has interesting nuances, many of which are associated with natural analogues:

    • Exotic Lime.
    • Mint, giving freshness.
    • Glossy skinned juicy apple.
    • Mediterranean delicacy of olive.
    • Fresh Kiwi.
    • The ease of salad.
    • Pistachio elegance.
    • Mysterious marsh.
    • Great malachite.

    Color represents safety and freshness.

    This diversity allows you to choose for yourself an exclusive design that soothes, pacifies or emphasizes the high cost of housing.

    Apply the basic principle: furniture is green, walls of additional color and vice versa walls of green hue, furniture of additional tone.
    Combine the base color with companion shades:
    • Purple (more or less saturation) with kiwi or lime.
    • Mint with brown: light, dark, beige.
    • Red: purple, burgundy with subdued green.
    • A wide range of pink and golden with pistachio.
    • Bottled with orange, yellow.
    • Various nuances of white with green peas.

    Color has many shades

    Psychological color feature: it muffles the appetite. In this kitchen you can lose weight without dieting and heavy exercise.
    Cheerful mood in yellow-green color

    Yellow is the brightest spectral color. No wonder he is a symbol of the sun. North-facing rooms are softened with yellow and calm green. The room becomes warmer and gives a bright touch. You will bask in the aura of comfort.

    In yellow-green tones

    The south-facing kitchen is well lit. But this does not mean that you can not use yellow in the interior. Mute bright sunshine will help bottle-colored headsets with gold-plated fittings for classic, neoclassical styles.

    The modern rhythmic and design trends will be supported by yellow accessories, curtains. A pair of doors hanging shelves, drawers make lemon. The main color of facades pistachio - exclusive and brightness guaranteed.

    Such natural colors and their shades are well combined. Lemon, golden enhances the tonic effect of green on the nervous system. The color of kiwi and green apple is a new trend for glossy facades.

    Yellow is the brightest spectral color.

    Glossy glass doors of lemon and mint color in trend. Want to diversify the interior. Choose a headset model with an asymmetric arrangement of doors of different colors. Thus, the color spots scattered around the room, change proportions and mask the small size.

    Such a connection becomes an excellent option for families. What is preferable for women may not take men.

    A warm yellow hue has a good effect on appetite and balances a green, muffling feeling of hunger.
    BoardKitchen in yellow-green color gives hospitality. Want peace and comfort, add lemon, yellow accessories to the green interior. Bright sunlight illuminates gray everyday life, and green provides a sense of peace.

    These natural colors and their hues blend well.

    Apply malachite or marble pattern tops for neoclassical styles. Do not use this pattern for doors. Facades leave monophonic. For example, gray-green shades and massive gold pens.

    Wonderful color tandem for sociable fun people. You can enjoy life, feelings sometimes prevail over the mind, you have an excess of energy and share it with your loved ones. Dare, this is for you. Return to menu

    Elegant white and green interior

    Highlight the sophisticated image of housing will help design the kitchen in white and green colors. White is the main color of the palette and corresponds to the classic design trends. It provides a feeling of peace and cleanliness.

    In white and green tones

    On a noteAn interesting option for a small kitchen: the doors of cabinets and tables of mint color, and the apron and the tabletop are white. This technique helps to visually dissolve the space. The room acquires volume and gets rid of the main drawback: a small area.

    Salad walls, a tile for an apron with a white print does not overload an interior. The furniture can be olive or baked milk. Option for modern laconic interiors.

    An interesting option for a small kitchen

    Use the tricks of the designers and apply non-standard connection:
    • Gray pistachio ceiling.
    • Ceramics with a small classic pattern.
    • Wide ceiling white frieze.
    • White walls with a concise light pistachio pattern.
    • Pistachio picture frames.
    • White furniture with wooden fittings and table top.

    Frieze visually raises the ceiling, it figuratively hovers over the room. Pistachio tones emphasize the grandeur of classic decor elements.

    This combination provides a feeling of peace and cleanliness.

    Such a connection does not require strict proportions. White color will do the trick and even balance saturated bottle or malachite. To prevent the interior from becoming stern or cold, enter fragmentary pale pink or lilac.

    BoardYou have a kitchen located on the north side or the apartment is located on the lower floors of the house, which means that there is not enough light. Apply white and green decoration. A bright palette will save you from the aura of a dark room. Return to the menu ↑

    Orange Green makes life bright

    Want to change the world? This combination is unusual. Different shades of two colors in large rooms create a bright palette. In a limited area, sage (tables) and orange (hinged shelves) combine softness and solar brightness.

    In orange-green tones

    Youth decor direction. Cabinets with glossy surfaces are orange, matte pistachio tables for pop art style, kitsch. Neutral floors: brown with wood texture or abstract pattern.

    Do not be afraid to move away from the template. Decorate the kitchen in natural colors: tangerine furniture with olive table top. Install an unusual bar counter: countertop tangerine, and shelves or stand olive. Corner kitchen sofas with storage boxes with bright tapestry upholstery.

    In small ones, choose a tile print so that it does not overload the interior. In large, you can afford a large, eye-catching figure.. Bright detail: place the frieze in an unconventional way - vertically.

    Different shades of two colors in large rooms create a bright palette.

    Create a delicious orange-mandarin coziness with mint notes. Spring mood settled in the room. Colorful motifs well dilute the severity of the interiors of living rooms in the style of minimalism.

    Wallpaper with a dark green background and a gray pattern complement the orange fresh accessories, ceiling lamps, picture frames, kitchen jars. Decorate the floors with gray tiles with an orange frieze.

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    Green and black - exquisite nobility

    I want to emphasize this difficult combination. A subtle mix of two colors is needed so that the room does not look gloomy. In a black-green interior, fragmentary bright accents that dilute richness of color are necessary. In this capacity are silver, gold, bronze hardware, white marble worktop.

    In green and black tones

    It is advisable that the windows face south or southeast and not be shaded by large trees. The stunning effect is given by green kitchen furniture, white tile with black mortar and black floor.

    Details are very important: door handles and other accessories. Depending on the style you choose, choose:

    DirectionsStylesHardware Features
    modernjapanese hi-technickel-plated, matte
    eco-friendlywooden or imitation
    Provence, Countryvintage
    Empire, classiccomplex metal shapes
    archaicaged metal
    Egyptiansmooth, concise
    Greekround shape with three-dimensional pattern

    Fragmented bright accents are necessary in a black-green interior.

    Models with nickel-plated legs soar above the floor and change the parameters of the room decorated in these colors.

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    Natural brown-green combination

    Nature gives a lot of ideas. Different in shade and texture of wood, the range from lettuce to dark moss is used to create the inner world of housing. This interior is not annoying, not annoying, it remains in trend for a long time. With the help of small decorative elements or kitchen accessories of bright color it is easy to change the decor.

    In brown and green tones

    The basis is light beige walls: wallpaper without a pattern, painting walls. The best addition is the brown furniture set with a malachite working plane and a brown hob. The interior combines the rigor of the walls and the beauty of the furniture. A winning option for lovers of the neoclassical design principle.

    Light top, dark bottom - the classic of the genre remains in trend. But with a few nuances. For example, brown floor, bottled tables and pistachio shelves. For classic rooms: malachite floors, dark brown tables with malachite table tops and beige boxes.

    This interior is not annoying, not annoying, it remains in trend for a long time.

    Tribute to history. Combine the classic canons and innovative ideas of filling the kitchen.

    Provide functionality:
    • thread;
    • valuable tree species;
    • gilding;
    • aged elements;
    • rolling mechanisms;

    Modern style makes it possible to connect different directions. However, the classic palette should be applied. Wooden kitchen corner with green upholstery, doors with glass covers, aged accessories complement the historic charm.

    The interior combines the rigor of walls and furniture.

    Light brown is important for Provence and country music. Acceptable: beige and brown saturated colors, olive. Looks great light floor, walls, ceilings and dark furniture, ceiling beams. It is enough to paint the decorative stone of the apron of the working wall with olive wood, arrange the wooden furniture, decorate the room with calico print curtains and the country style is ready.

    BoardAs with black color, care is needed. In large rooms connect brown, green and beige. In small give preference to light shades.

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    Classic notes in a gray-green tone

    Classic interiors are associated with historical charm, a touch of antiquity. An introduction to the interior of the century highlight helps the introduction to the interior of a gray-green hue.

    Muted, as if dusty tones are suitable for the strict directions of design: modern, masculine, minimalist and creating historical interiors. Unlike acidic colors, a calm finish will not get bored.

    In a gray-green tone

    Rural areas: Provence, Country include gray shades. The furniture is textured. Walls with small floral and floral motifs. Avoid gold and bright yellow.

    The hallmark of an industrial loft: brick walls or the use of wallpaper that imitates it. I offer an unusual method: gray brick, furniture with greenish upholstery and nickel-plated legs, armrests. Complete the interior with black lamps and a floor lamp of matte texture. Play color nuances. Tile the floor of gray with a different shade lay on the diagonal, and the room will acquire new parameters.

    Muted, as if dusty tones are suitable for strict design directions.

    In laconic interiors, abandon the picture and the frieze. But these details are necessary in classic design to create palace grandeur.

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    How do curtains change the interior?

    Green curtains of various shades, textures harmoniously decorate the kitchen. They are suitable for almost any main colors of interior decoration:

    • beige;
    • brown;
    • blue;
    • black
    • white;
    • gray.

    Green curtains harmoniously decorate the kitchen

    In houses and cottages with large kitchens are quite appropriate:
    • velvet;
    • tapestry;
    • taffeta;
    • Textured click.
    In standard apartments: flax, chintz and imitation of these fabrics. Do not choose small dark shades, even if it is the south side. Sun blinds better protect roller shutters.BoardFor the north side, choose the main one for the curtains - olive or mint and curtains with an orange-yellow pattern. The room will get warm and compensate for an insufficient amount of natural color.

    Classic interiors get delicacy thanks to silk models with textured matte pattern. Use harnesses, silver or gold cords. In large rooms with lambrequins.

    Approach practically any main colors of interior decoration

    Country styles, ecological, Provence, Archaic complement natural curtains with floral pattern. If the walls are brightly decorated flax or monochromatic calico balance the riot of colors. In any case, textiles are needed for green interiors.

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    Features of the use of green

    The kitchen should be attractive, not difficult to clean. For lovers of cooking delicious dishes you need a lot of storage systems for dishes and appliances.

    BoardInstead of a standard headset with desktops and shelves, order one closet from the ceiling to the floor, with open shelves at the level of the desktops, where you can place a microwave, a slow cooker, a coffee maker, a bread maker or a toaster if you wish.

    The kitchen should be attractive, not difficult to clean

    Before choosing a decoration you should consider:
    • The room is separate or combined with a living room or hallway.
    • The size of the room.
    • Form.
    • Ceiling height.

    Separate the functional areas of different saturation colors. However, decorative elements and fittings of the same type. Use the functional content of the cabinets and interior:

    • Bottles
    • Roll out shelves and baskets.
    • Bracket with hooks for kitchen items.
    • Doors vertical and horizontal with the closer.

    Separate functional areas with different colors.

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