The design of the Red kitchen in bright colors: The magic of color, which affects our perception of the interior (115+ Photos)


Completely red kitchen in the interior is not suitable for everyone, but some details of the decor, with more or less intensity, will suit every “peppercorn” fan. Red kitchen in the interior stimulates appetite and cravings for food, which exactly corresponds to a highly functional kitchen. About all combinations of interiors, use of furniture and so on in more detail later in the article.

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  • Cabinets
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  • Repeat it in accents
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  • The look should be directed upwards.
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Hot color for kitchens with character
  • A color scheme
  • Accents
  • How to decorate the floor with red tiles?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Hot color for kitchens with character

    Red is a signal color with a strong personality, attractive potential. It is also considered to be stimulating hunger - which is why restaurants, which amaze us with their stunning decor, use these simple rules of color psychology in their design.

    Many of us love, want to integrate this passionate color into your home design, but the strong, exciting character makes it rather unsuitable for a bedroom or living room. Today, however, we welcome him to the kitchen for cooking with character.

    Red is a signal color with a strong personality.

    The increasingly popular red cuisine boldly states that they deserve undivided attention. There are many textures, nuances that can be used, from smooth, shiny to matte surfaces. Think of a combination with stainless steel or tiny mosaic tiles that slowly conquer, after their practicality, our hearts.

    BoardMix a little in any decor without any undesirable consequences. Apply the rule for advertising, according to which any composition may contain from 5 to 10 percent. Make the element compact, intense, so that it instantly turns into a sight for the eyes, for example, on a kitchen island.

    Color is considered a stimulating hunger.

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    Bar stools as accents can be just as stylish with a white kitchen set, but not too intense, but more gentle. Undoubtedly, a touch of red design will make food with friends more delicious.

    Bar stools as accents

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    If you are tired of classic wooden cabinets, you can change their color by painting. It will be a bold design that has an individualization, a little retro touch.

    It is advisable not to overdo it: temperamental furniture is best complemented by a neutral wall, such as white, cream, beige, with the addition of many nuances of wood.

    Red with black is Modern, and with gray is a rare, very effective combination. If you want to mix 2 colors, try a combination with pale green, in moderation, on a background of neutral color.

    Red with black is modern

    Smooth, shiny red aluminum cabinets have recently become very popular. With a hint of stylish design, with elements of industrial. Minimalistic, easy to maintain, they are timeless, can be a choice for life.

    A brilliant, intense scarlet inspires a technical atmosphere, and burgundy gives a royal, elegant shade. In any case, this color gives the kitchen worthy nuances that can not be ignored..

    Bright accent of your home

    Since it has real power in color psychology and advertising, the red color brought to the kitchen sometimes evokes associations with Coca-Cola and chili pepper. AT Combined with the right textures, it works with everything from industrial to retro design.

    If you love it and risk furnishing or decorating your kitchen with this color, then you will get glamorous surfaces that will stimulate conversation and appetite.

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    As we all know, kitchen is a great example of modular design. It will mean that we will always mix, match designs with each other, as their sizes often correspond. Here are some tips for playing around with unusual furniture:

    • cherry red lacquer on the cabinets will add a modern touch. And if you have a gray concrete worktop and a floor covering that reflects the surface, then it will be well reflected, affected;
    • use accents with a black and white color scheme to give the kitchen a retro look. Find for this red dishes, pots;
    • when there is a desire for sophistication, go to Burgundy, mahogany or muffled burgundy. You can balance them with a light chrome, cheerful fabric. If you do not want to break the refined rhythm of the dark-red kitchen, bronze equipment, copper lamps instead of chrome ones will do.

    This color accentuates energy, creates warm, unique living spaces. There are many ways to give a modern kitchen a unique shade, including using this extravagant color.

    Cabinets, small decorations, walls - regardless of whether they are accent or solid - look great with many other colors and shades. Red appliances, racks or flower pots look amazing with black, white or gray tones and stainless steel appliances.

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    With the right complementary colors, accents, accessories, the red color on your kitchen cabinets can turn the kitchen into the forefront. He will guarantee that she will be a gathering place for the whole family for a long time.

    This kitchen will be a gathering place for the whole family.

    Since it is so powerful, you really need to use it in balance with other colors and accessories for better effect. Too large areas of color always look overwhelming, this is especially true. Red kitchen cabinets with white walls, worktops, complemented by black steel appliances and finishes, create a warm, inviting room, but also relax. With it you can also decide on a completely futuristic space age with gloss lacquering and a modern city view.e. Or choose a complete retro with shiny cabinets, silver fixtures.

    Dark red cabinets with muted gray walls, black granite countertops, accents give your kitchen a stylish, high-quality look with a sharp effect, it looks elegant.

    Scarlet cabinets are well mixed with the corresponding white cabinets, which will give the kitchen a playful, funny look, conducive to laughter, good mood.

    Red kitchen cabinets with white walls

    Modern flat panels of laminated cabinets are simple but very stylish. Laminate offers a lot of variety in decoration, brilliance. It will be a budget, but exquisite cuisine.

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    Ensure that the lighting in the design of the kitchen provides the correct accent when choosing red cabinets. It plays a very important role in determining the tone, mood, embedded in them. A lot of natural lighting with large plastic windows, frequent lighting will make the room brighter, and also soften any more rigid elements.

    Here gas lamps which will cause warm light will be pertinent. Stainless steel lamps perfectly complement the interior, as well as black and white. Just make sure that the lamp gives a soft glow, the glare from which does not reflect on the glossy surface of the cabinets.

    Lighting plays a very important role in determining the tone of a room.

    Note that there are many different shades that emit a certain tone, attitude. Darker red, such as cherry or burgundy, conveys a classic, sophisticated look. A brighter scarlet is well suited for a glossy lacquered look. Crimson, burgundy combine the middle segment between them. So choose the shade that fits, see how quickly your kitchen will play with unstoppable energy.

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    Although the red color in the kitchen is not for everyone, it should be considered if you want to add a spark, spice. It is usually associated with passion and its unpleasant partner, rage. But in terms of food, it is usually associated with hunger. The best examples of this are the fast-food chains, as they usually use them, as well as orange, yellow.

    Red walls in the kitchen will be a suitable choice for those people who want to be in a high mood, have a good appetite. This shade is very active from a psychological point of view. It stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood pressure, appetite.

    Shades should be harmonized with other colors or shades. When used in large quantities in interior design, it can cause aggression, irritability, and sometimes anger.

    BoardIt is better to use different shades, for example, cherry, pomegranate, burgundy, brick.

    Red walls are well suited for brave people.

    Accent walls in kitchens can also be red, you can make yourself:

    • red kitchen countertop;
    • fridge;
    • counter;
    • curtains.
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    Red kitchen interior design will look fresh, original, if it is reasonable to combine it with other shades. The most fashionable colors in the design of the kitchen are pale pink, rich maroon. Scarlet, light neutral combinations are widely used to decorate walls, floors. The red kitchen contrasts perfectly with the white, beige or light gray shades for wall decor.

    If you have a large kitchen, there are no restrictions in the choice. The walls will visually make your kitchen look smaller. But be careful, choose warm tones.

    Light or neutral furniture looks very good with a juicy tile or a glass apron. The combination of a white stone worktop with a red apron made of decorative stone is considered a stylish combination.

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    A color scheme

    This is a classic color that traditionally represents passion, love, strength, and even danger. And it is inextricably linked with food. Juicy strawberries, ripe tomatoes, mouth-watering pasta sauce, fiery chili - it’s like an indicator of fresh, delicious food.

    To balance the rich color in different styles, it is usually combined with various shades of neutral colors, such as:

    • Gray;
    • white;
    • the black;
    • brown.

    It can also be mixed with gold, green, fuchsia and yellow for an eclectic color scheme.

    The combination of multiple colors

    Traditional and classic kitchen designs often include various shades of this color, complementing both Country style and more sophisticated design schemes. Here, wooden cabinets, furniture and parquet floors look good, which create a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    A stylish centerpiece in red, such as an island, can liven up the workspace and change the look of the entire kitchen, while maintaining balance and style.

    Combine red with various hues of neutral colors.

    An accessory may seem too simple an exit, but it is a good way to add a warm color stain and stimulate energy without an overwhelming factor. The idea is well implemented through bar stools, fabrics, kitchen utensils and dishes.

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    Choosing a color scheme

    Since this is an eye-catching shade, it is important to consider how it will work with the rest of your circuit. Consider whether colder (bluer) or warmer (more orange) tones are appropriate in your space - this depends on the amount of light you have. Do not despair if your kitchen gets little daylight, where such décor largely seems heavy. The color can still be turned on in a smart way, such as the expressive background color on the shelves to emphasize the dishes.

    Red can be a bright accent for your home.

    Red kitchen colors in cabinets, accessories, small decorations and on the walls go well with many other colors and tones. Appliances, pens, racks or flower pots look amazing with:

    • white;
    • black
    • gray flowers;
    • stainless steel appliances;
    • wall plates.

    Elements of color should be coordinated with what is already in your kitchen - appliances, kitchen cabinets, accessories, small decorations, wall tiles and lighting fixtures. The combination of colors with the help of thoughtful color schemes with accents harmonizes your interior.

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    Red-gray interiors

    Gray kitchen cabinets look stylish in most situations and help balance the room. This color perfectly complements the main one, since it serves as its antithesis — it balances the “explosion hazard” and is able to adapt to any style and space.

    In red and gray tones

    Using the combination, you can decorate the minimalist space, which mainly consists of cold gray: here a rich color adds comfort.

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    Black-white-red combination

    When you need a disturbing but classic combination of colors, look at a mixture of black, red and white. The trio makes a visually exciting statement by adapting to a topic that is already present in your home. One of the most dynamic and fascinating designer colors creates bright color combinations with black and white decorations. The design of a small kitchen in black and white colors looks bold, unusual and interesting.

    Black-white-red combination

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    Black and red

    In the kitchen with dark colors, he can cut through the darkness. Add some matt gray stainless steel appliances to provide a welcome eye focus.

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    Red and white decor

    Kitchen designs in these colors bring retro style to homes and enrich interior design with a combination of familiar, nostalgic, fresh and energetic ideas. Bright colors completely change the atmosphere, making even a very small kitchen energetic, festive and welcoming.

    Retro style

    Color combinations create a strong subconscious effect on the human psyche, changing the perception of the situation. They are so powerful that they can turn a simple ordinary interior into an extravagant one. White elements create space, and in union they make the design warm, amazing and interesting. Mixed together, the combination creates a bright look of the kitchen with a touch of retro-style that will be comfortable and suitable for dynamic people.

    The culinary environment in this combination looks energetic and stimulating. The color combinations promote movement and speed up the body's metabolism, make foods more tasty and appetizing, forcing people to eat more.

    White elements create space

    Food will be tastier if the cutlery is of this color. But also keep in mind that it will stimulate you for snacks and excessively frequent "sample dishes" when cooking. Understanding this effect, you need to control the number of colors in the kitchen and in the dining room, to create a bold and balanced modern interior design with accents and charm in retro style.

    What else can these colors in the kitchen:

    • make rooms with a view to the north warmer;
    • bring passion and romantic atmosphere;
    • By controlling the amount of colors in a kitchen or dining room design, you can create a stylish, unusual and pleasant interior with charming, romantic, unusual and warm accents.

    White elements create space

    This color combination is a powerful tool for a small kitchen. White decorations and accents can make a small area larger and more airy, showing personality and creating a strong statement.

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    Cabinets and kitchenware are popular ideas for decorating the interior with these flowers. In order to create a pleasant and relaxing kitchen design, it is important to choose a color scheme with cabinets or a refrigerator. Such cabinets look bold, bring a lot of energy.

    BoardCombine them with white cabinets and furniture in cream and light neutral colors. Another idea: combine bright red with the same revolutionary and hot hues.

    These cabinets look boldly

    Modern kitchen in trendy colors - a bright alternative to wooden in natural brown or painted cabinets in pastel and light neutral colors. As they give dynamic rich colors and create a warm and bright kitchen design.

    Ideas for decoration:

    • black, gray or white kitchen cabinets look beautiful with accessories;
    • Black and white color schemes with accents are a good way to give a design a charming retro look. There are many different kitchen accessories on the market in fashionable colors, but you can start with dishes, pots, kitchen utensils, coffee makers or kitchen towels of this color;

    Small and stylish option

    • The expressive wall of accent with kitchen cabinets or wallpaper looks bright and impressive. Accents of color, combined with kitchen cabinets, floor and ceiling in neutral colors, create a warm and attractive kitchen;
    • Start with the accessories and see if you can have kitchen cabinets, a wall of accent or a floor of this color. Keep the design simple and discreet, since the tone you choose is quite powerful and saturated;
    • kitchen accessories - a great way to give your design a unique look;
    • Adding artwork or small wall decorations that support a general theme creates spectacular walls in the same way as painting.

    This is one of those flowers that comes with anything! Beige table set plus island stool complement each other well.

    In classic style

    It should, however, be used in moderation. Expressive painting or tile looks impressive and bright. Red accents in combination with neutral floors, ceilings and cabinets will create a great bow.

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    Bright accents in the kitchen, especially with a neutral background, will enliven the atmosphere, relieve boredom. Sometimes all you need is a small splash of color that heightens the feeling of warmth without crossing the line. There are several ways to do this, and below you will find a few suggestions to help you get started.

    Refrigerator as a bright accent

    Cookware. This is by far the easiest way to add shade. For example, a vase can look great and “warm up” the kitchen.

    Chairs.Chairs combined with a wooden pine table and thoughtful hanging lights form an eclectic decor with individuality.. A bold approach combines all the contrasting elements in the design.

    Sofa.Regardless of whether the accent sofa or complements the overall palette of the room, it will look like artistic furniture and decoration of the decor.

    Sofas complete the overall palette of the room

    Dinner table.Such a table will stimulate the appetite, raise your spirits, have a talkative attitude.

    Curtains.Combine them with white, pattern, sofas or kitchen countertops. Curtains attract attention and concentrate views on themselves. Choose the best fabric you can find. Combine them primarily with flowers that do not generate much heat to achieve clarity and not too thick, so that there is enough natural light.

    Curtains attract attention and concentrate views on themselves

    Beat them with white and merge with the rest of the kitchen. Consider the length of curtains for kitchens.

    Plate.In a clean white kitchen, the focal point on the stove, such as from Bertazzoni, can look incredible.

    a door. The door can be of great benefit, especially in the spacious, clean white kitchen.

    The door can also be a highlight of the kitchen.

    Wallpaper.Wallpapers can look amazing, but only with careful use, and red wallpapers will look great only if done correctly.

    Red apron.It may be bright and warm, but the color should not capture the whole kitchen. If you have a traditional taste, decorate with a red apron in Victorian design.

    Isle.This is for those who really love red. Make sure that you love him strongly enough to decide on a red island.

    Island design option

    Corner.A red corner can define a kitchen, but not crush it.

    Tabletop.Another idea for loyal fans of color is to have a chic, glamorous tabletop, and you can use gray cabinets to calm her down a bit.

    Cabinets.Mix cabinets with other colors, but soak them in a modern style. Otherwise make all cabinets red.

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    How to decorate the floor with red tiles?

    Regardless of whether you want orange-red terracotta tones or screaming red hues from a fire truck, you can achieve a truly impressive effect with such a tiled floor. It will be invigorating and energetic, and the secret here is to allow the floor to play a leading role and be careful with other colors..

    You can use red tile as a bright accent.

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    Do not repeat it on other large surfaces!

    No matter how much you love the red floor, the color should not be repeated on other large surfaces, such as countertops, walls, furniture and household appliances. This is a strong color that can easily become excessive.

    When you enter the kitchen and see the "red sea", the eye will not notice the individual elements, including the floor.

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    Repeat it in accents

    However, by adding a few small red accents, the floor will be emphasized. You can use a kettle or pans, or turn on a patterned cloth with red for windows, chairs or napkins. If you have open shelves or cabinets with a glass facade, paint the back walls red.

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    Add other colors

    If you do not want a weak bow, add other colors. Three will be enough, and this rule works fine with a large number of interiors, especially with the rule of 60-30-10. This means using 60% of the dominant color and 30% and 10% for the second and third colors, respectively.

    Color cannot be repeated on other surfaces.

    If you do not have a lot of space on the walls, you must allow the red color to become dominant. Wood parts, metal coatings or earth shades of tiles are not considered. Use light neutrals such as:

    • bronze;
    • Ivory;
    • white;
    • light gray.

    Colors such as black, dark brown and dark gray are much more difficult to isolate, but mostly the result depends on how much you decide to use on one element.

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    The look should be directed upwards.

    Red tiled floors usually serve as a focal point, but