Kitchen of the Tree with their own hands - How to do? Choosing furniture for stylish design (210+ Photos)


Wood is a versatile material for creating a special atmosphere in the house. But first, pick up his breed, depending on the color and qualities.

Wood in the interior

Specialists in this field give the following characteristics of each of the most popular woods:

  • Larch is a durable, beautiful material with a healing effect. However, not every piece of furniture can be made from this breed, to benefit the body, because for protection varnish. From the table of larch additional benefits will not be, but you can make any figure.
  • Pine - one of the most common tree species used in construction. The material is soft and malleable, but can quickly lose its original appearance, so it is recommended to cover it with several layers of varnish.
  • Walnut is a great choice for aesthetics lovers. In addition, walnut products are very durable, you can cut openwork patterns from them, decorating tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture. Products from it are quite heavy.
  • Oak is a popular breed among builders and designers. Oak wood has collected aesthetics, practicality: beauty, durability, low exposure to aggressive environmental conditions, reliability.

Wood - a versatile material to create a special atmosphere in the house

After selecting the option you like, you can start making drawings for future furniture.

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Before you start building a kitchen of wood, it is better to contact the more experienced builders for detailed information.. It will save you from wasting time, nerves, materials, money. As a result, you get an excellent result that will please the eye.

So, a few tips that furniture makers give:

1Choose standard sizes

When the flight of fantasy is unlimited, the head is full of design solutions, I want to create a completely unusual kitchen furniture that you cannot buy in the store. Masters say that this idea is better to apply in another place, and make frames according to standard drawings and diagrams. It is more convenient both for calculations, and for assembly.

Kitchen with wood elements

If you make some cabinets too big and others, on the contrary, are too small, you will create extra problems for yourself. Then it will be hard enough to pick up things that can be stored in them, and the strong scale of the size of the cabinets is bad on the style and design of the kitchen.

BoardUnused space can be filled with drawers, which also perform the entire arsenal of storage functions. They will allow the most efficient use of available space.

Flight of fantasy can be unlimited

2Do not buy a very expensive tree

If you - just a novice builder, spend extra money to anything. During production, you can accidentally ruin some material, so a simple tree does not look worse than expensive.

3Use only moisture resistant wood.Never use raw wood in your work. It does not like moisture, it is quickly deformed under its action, reducing all work to the ground.

In stores you can immediately buy soaked with special means, or cover yourself by yourself.

Do not use untreated wood

4Do not forget about the extra care

No matter how expensive, high-quality was a tree, it is still under the influence of sunlight, air, temperature will be deformed. To slow down this process, the wood should be treated with wax or protective varnishes about once a year.

On a noteThe right selection of colors is what your kitchen needs. Bright, warm colors will cheer up, cheer, whet your appetite. If you have special places in the room, highlight them in bright colors. For those who prefer peace and tranquility, we suggest choosing cold, dark tones.

Proper color matching is what your kitchen needs.

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Stages drawing for furniture do-it-yourself

In order to correctly draw up the drawings, and build kitchen furniture according to them, one cannot do without the knowledge of small subtleties.:

  • When drawing a drawing, be sure to consider the possible curvature of the walls and all protruding structures. In order not to be mistaken in this, it is recommended to make measurements at the very bottom, near the baseboard or the floor, then approximately in the middle and finally at the ceiling. Of the three values, select the smallest.
  • After measurements and their verification, the data can be transferred to the drawing. There must be taken into account window sills, baseboards, doorways, shoals, sewage, heating, even outlets.
  • Now we are doing on paper a rough layout of the location of the headset. We advise you to listen to the desires, the advice of designers, standard plans. All sizes can be found on the websites of furniture stores in the public domain. It is better to think in advance about the location of cabinets and shelves, and about where electrical appliances will be.
  • After the readiness of the general plan, they proceed to study it. Here we must work out every piece of interior, paint its dimensions, the number of cabinets, shelves, plywood thickness, protruding parts, etc.
BoardYou can use special computer programs for the volumetric display of your kitchen design. They will allow a closer look at all the nuances of the layout.

After completing the drawing business, you can proceed to the pattern and assembly. Just make sure that all the material is of high quality, there are no chips, spots, cracks. Be sure to cover the fittings with moisture resistant agent.

Kitchen furniture made of wood, made by hand, will be comfortable, durable and durable. The tree fits well with the decor, creates comfort, a special eco-style. Self-assembly saves from unnecessary costs, but takes time.

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It is impossible to imagine a kitchen where there would be no table where guests and family can gather. Many design ideas are devoted to the forms of tables and their location in the room. Also, this furniture is easy to make yourself.

Unusual option for the table

So, the most popular options for a dining table made of wood look like this:

The traditional table is made from the sub-base, the table top and the legs attached to it. The assembly design is quite simple, the table itself is familiar to everyone, durable and easy to use. Change of design is carried out depending on the number of legs and their location, the size and shape of the table top, the design of the under-stand. You can create a more modern style, close to modern, or arrange everything antique. A garnished table is more difficult to make. Consists of a table top and two supporting elements located on each side. Beamed tables create a traditional kitchen design, so they are perfect for people who do not like experiments.

Complete with benches

A table without a base - this option is suitable for lovers of modernity, since it is created in the style of minimalism. It is not massive, rather simple in assembly, it goes well with any colors in the kitchen. Wall tables with a folding table top are a bold challenge to old traditions and a few square meters. There is no more clutter in the entire room of an already small kitchen with a massive table - it can be replaced with a table top attached to the wall. The mechanism allows you to push and move the table from the wall to the wall as needed. Return to the menu


The chair, as well as the table, perform the most important functions in the kitchen space. It depends on the design of the room, so the chair should be in harmony with the overall style.

Option of stylish chairs

No wonder most people choose wooden chairs. The advantages of choosing furniture from wood:

  • Durability and durability all service life.
  • Highly eco-friendly material.
  • Large selection of wood.
  • The abundance of design solutions.
  • Favorable energy in the apartment.
Wood chairs come in the following categories:
1Classic traditional chair

This model is the most common and popular. Consists of a back, sitting and, as a rule, four legs. Classic chair - robust, durable and durable design. All parts used in the assembly, massive, fastened with screws. You can make not only dining chairs for adults, but also small ones for children. This will help maintain a single eco-style in the kitchen.

This model is the most common and popular.

BoardIn order for the chair not to darken and not lose well, so that it does not have rough edges, the product should be sanded and covered with several layers of protective varnish.Chair with soft seat

This chair is suitable for lovers of a more refined style. They are more convenient due to the soft seat of the fabric, the legs can be made thinner, and on the back to make a beautiful thread. Plywood and boards - the best choice for the manufacture of such a chair, they make it easier and less massive.

This chair is suitable for lovers of a more refined style.

3Chair chair

If convenience is the same necessary thing as air, then we recommend a chair-chair. Making it your own hands is more difficult than a classic traditional chair, but the work will pay off. This model will make your kitchen more comfortable, homely, especially if you sheathe a chair upholstered.

These chairs can be used in other rooms, because they have to work, relaxation.

If convenience is the same necessary thing as air, then we recommend a chair-chair

4Folding chairs

Folding chairs will be convenient to use in apartments with a small living space. As in the situation with the wall table, folding chair helps to save space, free up space for something more important. Although the folding chair is simple at first glance, it is not so easy to make, so it is better to carefully study the instructions, drawings.

First, you need to consider that the chair will be constantly in dynamics, i.e. constantly evolve, unfold. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the weight category of all family members. Material for the manufacture should be light and durable, we advise the use of plywood. If you take into account all the nuances, folding chairs will last a long life, will be convenient to use both in the kitchen and in any other place.

Folding chairs


The easiest option for the kitchen is wooden stools. They have no back, there is only a seat and legs. Here you can also make several options:

  • Select the shape of the seat: round or square.
  • Number of legs: one or two to classic four.
  • You can upholster a wooden seat with a cloth or just varnish the stool.
BoardThe only minus of wooden chairs is their weight, but this can be corrected by cunning. Choose a lighter tree, such as linden, and then just repaint the chairs to match the color of the oak.

The easiest option for the kitchen - wooden stools

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Wooden shelves

The main thing in the kitchen is its maximum functionality. Therefore, the hostess and owners place interior items so that they take up as little space as possible, but have the best capacity. Best of all, when external attraction is added to the capacity.

The shelves have in themselves these two concepts of practicality and beauty, because practically no kitchen can do without them. You can make them with your own hands, if you know the characteristics of materials, size, shape, as well as a single style, part of which will later become a regiment.

The main thing in the kitchen is its maximum functionality.

The best wood for shelves are:
  • Linden - light, but durable wood, well amenable to processing.
  • Spruce - coniferous, has healing properties, lightweight, resistant to cracking.
  • Alder is a versatile building material, dense, perfectly polished, glued and cut.
  • Aspen - solid wood, durable, not warped, does not crack, retains heat.
  • Pine - a tree that does not want to dry out, cracks and stains, is strong, durable.

Shelf saves space and convenience

Boards should be smooth, smooth, without color irregularities, stains, cracks, the presence of which will spoil the appearance or soon make it unusable. Shelf - it saves space and convenience, as well as it blends harmoniously into the interior. This can be achieved by selecting the option from the constructions described below:

  • Shelves-racks

So the shelves are attached to the wall, usually from floor to ceiling height, or slightly lower. They may look like ladders, such a design decision will allow to diversify the style of the kitchen, to move away from standards and traditions. Their only disadvantage is that the shelves occupy space from top to bottom, so they require additional space. But it will hold enough kitchen equipment. However, this is not the most popular option.


  • Shelves on the wall

The most usual shelves are wall. They are placed above the table or between the cabinets, because they do not take up much space, do not require additional space.

There are also several types of them:
  • A classic single wall shelf is the most common shelf design. Shelves are mounted on one wall, and their shape can be completely diverse - squares, rectangles, circles, even unusual shapes, it all depends on your imagination or style of the kitchen.
  • Shelf corner - practical to use shelf. Often people can not use the corner space in the rooms, because no household items fit there. Therefore, the corner shelves - the perfect solution to this problem. They are attached directly to the two walls in the corner. They can be made, for example, above the sink, in order to put a sponge or detergent there.

The most familiar shelves are wall mounted.

  • Shelves with glass or closed shelves - closed shelves are like cabinets, only much smaller. If in the open space we can safely store jars and other utensils, we can put on the shelves with a door that they were afraid or damp. There you can also put the festive tableware (if the door is glass), decorating the kitchen.
  • Modus is an innovation in the world of shelves, which entered the design world not so long ago. They are closer to the modern or high-tech style than to the classics and traditions. A very unusual design will attract the eyes of the owners and guests, as well as make the kitchen more modern. Moduses are a complete set, that is, you can make several blocks, assemble them into one of your own accord.
BoardOn the wooden shelves will be great and very nice to look houseplants.

Glass shelves or closed shelves

Before you decide which of the shelves is best for the kitchen, decide on the style you want to create. Another style of the shelf, not fitting into the interior, can cause a dissonance, will destroy the overall impression of the room.

So, we deal with kitchen tile and shelf:
  • If your choice is a permanent classic, traditional comfort, then your choice is a massive wooden shelf of rectangular, round or square shape. It will look good both in its pure form and with decorations, for example, with thread.
  • High-tech requires owners of high-tech and simplicity at the same time. We recommend a shelf of either very light or very dark tones, regular, preferably rectangular, in shape. Adding lighting will be a great solution and will look good in the kitchen.
  • Modern style will ask you to show imagination, to do everything gently, without corners. The shelves of a fluid or round shape, with smooth, ornate corners will look most advantageous here.

Shelf corner - practical to use

A minimum of angles in an apartment has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, relationships in the family circle.

If you are completely different from everyone else, California or Texas sings in your heart, and the kitchen expresses country style, then correct and neat forms are definitely not for you! Here it is better to use painted boards, parts from unwanted boxes, etc. The style should be as wild as bold.

An interesting option in the style of loft

Before you start making a regiment, it is better to think about what exactly you will keep there. Check the dimensions of things, make calculations, only then you can be taken to work. Otherwise you risk losing time, materials and money.

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Recently, it is considered that whatnot - this is the last century. All kitchen space is occupied by convenient lockers and shelves. In fact, wood furniture is back in fashion. The uniformity of the same cabinets makes the kitchen dull, monotonous, and a shelf in the corner of the room stores kitchen utensils and looks good.

It suits both lovers of traditional design and something new, for example, country style.

Wood furniture is back in fashion

Этажерка очень проста в изготовлении: несколько полок, которые соединяются при помощи креплений или стоек. They are universal, so they can be attached to the wall by either side. The bookcase is one of the ways to divide the kitchen into zones depending on its location.

BoardIf there is not enough space and light in the kitchen, be sure to choose a tree for a shelf of the most light colors. It is the light color that will visually expand the space and make it more comfortable.

Why should the shelves be made of wood? The tree looks expensive, much appreciated. It is also convenient and practical: in case the shelf is broken, it is easy to repair or modify it for the new desires of the owners, for example, to paint or add decorations.

The shelf is very easy to manufacture.

Also, wood is well processed, carved, polished, does not go out of fashion.

BoardPlace the bookshelves away from wet places in the kitchen, since wood and water are incompatible with each other.
Types of shelves that can be used in the interior:
  • Universal rectangular shelves with 3-4 shelves.
  • Shelves in the form of stairs to the ceiling.
  • Corner shelves that fill empty corners with functionality.
  • High shelves with two walls on each side.

For convenient storage of things or products

Open furniture will bring more comfort to the kitchen, decorated in any style. This is an excellent reason to abandon too bulky cabinets and expand the room. Here you can put the kitchen utensils, a small TV, indoor flowers and much more. It is also convenient to store fruits and vegetables that do not require freezing, and their wonderful and fresh aroma will fill the room.

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Wooden apron

Of course, we are used to hearing that - this is what the housewives go around the clock on weekends during cooking for family members. But the builders have found another use of this word, also directly related to the kitchen, and this is a wooden apron.

Kitchen aprons are very functional and convenient, so if there is enough free space in the room, installing it will be the right decision.

It is of two different types:

  • The single is a solid wooden slab.
  • Precast - from several elements of lining.

Kitchen aprons are very functional and comfortable.

There are two ways of laying boards: vertical and horizontal:
  • Vertical is recommended to use for those who plan to place various designs above the apron: cabinets, shelves. Since the vertical layout makes the kitchen smaller, but with the cabinets on top, this is not noticeable.
  • Horizontal is preferable to use for owners of a small kitchen. The peculiarity is that the horizontal stripes visually make the space wider and lighter. Take advantage of this little trick when you start making an apron.

Lighter, more spacious and cozier the kitchen will be made by lighter woods, so if you want to achieve just such an effect, choose them. High-tech and modern styles can best be combined with dark colors that emphasize the elegance and high price of the design.

Special care like wooden kitchen aprons do not require. Several times a month it is recommended to wipe them with a soap solution and then with a dry cloth so that grease and dust do not accumulate on the panel and do not spoil the appearance. Also, treat the panel several times a year with products that repel moisture. This will increase the life of the wood.

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Wooden cabinet

Cabinets are essential attributes of any kitchen. Despite the numerous shelves and whatnot, the need for them never disappeared. They are comfortable and versatile.

It is not difficult to make such cabinets on your own, there are a number of advantages:

  • You will not encounter marriage or deception - all materials are bought and checked personally, and you are the only ones who are engaged in the installation.
  • The process itself is simple, it requires only patience and accuracy. Wood is well subjected to any processing and grinding.
  • It is impossible not to mention personal pride for the work done - now, looking at the closet, you will always be happy to think that it was made with your own hands.

Cabinets for the kitchen come in different sizes, both large and small.

The following wood is best for them:
  • Aspen.
  • Linden.
  • Larch.
  • Pine.
Oak is not recommended for wall cabinets, because they will be very heavy and massive.

Cabinets - required attributes of any kitchen

The form does not differ a special variety - the rectangular cases extended along or across. It should be noted that horizontally elongated cabinets visually lengthen the kitchen, and also save space. It is best to hang them above the hob so that the temperature and steam and not spoil the wood cover. Do not overdo the size. The furniture should look neat, not too different in size and shape, otherwise the whole style of the kitchen will be lost.

BoardNever make dark cabinets in a small kitchen, it will visually become even smaller. Give preference to warm colors, they will add space, comfort and light to the kitchen.
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