"Modern style" in the interiors of apartments: from Modern to Contemporary


"Modern style" has many different incarnations in the interiors of apartments, which make identification difficult. It refers to the reflection of the movement of the renewed art in the interiors of houses. Learn about all the nuances of the design of the modern style in more detail later in the article.

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  • What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern?
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  • Simple, clean, functional: modern style in the interior of bedrooms
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern?
  • Similarities
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern?

    There are several central features and design themes that are visible throughout modern design, in particular, there are two large sections:

    • Modern;
    • Contemporary.

    They in turn have their own directions. Contemporary is here and now. He flaunts everything that is relevant today in the world of interior design. It is constantly evolving: it plays with conventions, covers new ideas, takes on different forms that come and go every season.

    While Contemporary remains here and now, Modern lives in the past.

    These two project terms are often used interchangeably, but they are completely different styles that both fall under the definition of "modern." Let's look at their origins and compare.

    Contemporary is here and now

    Modern, created by the German design schools Bauhaus and Scandinavian design, emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Over time, it turned into:

    • Midcentury Modern (mid-century style);
    • postmodernism.

    The style of the mid-century, in contrast to postmodernism, is considered "modern". About him in detail below.

    Contemporary became popular in the 1970s, originally a mixture of styles, before becoming recognizable by itself. He borrowed several elements from modernism and postmodernism, and also collected ideas from many other styles, such as art deco, deconstruction, futurism, and many others.

    Modern style

    There are many differences between them:
    • modern space tends to follow a clear format of style, while Contemporary has many variations in its interiors;
    • Art Nouveau in its true form is rarely seen as strict or cold, while some contemporary interiors glorify a harsh temper;
    • in decorations of the first style, colors are based on natural or neutral ones, but in the second, this range in color gamut comes from one extreme to the other;
    • the first supporter of rigid lines, the second likes bends, curvature.

    However, there are considerable similarities. Both styles tend to prefer simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines, and they tend to be creative.

    Contemporary has many variations in its interiors.

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    Both of them avoid the richly decorated design or heavy elements, although lately the “Contar” has begun to break this rule more often. In both styles, sofas, chairs, ottomans have open legs. Both tend to reach for reflective surfaces such as untreated metal, wood, glass.

    “Less is more” can also be the motto of both styles. Each of them, as a rule, is simple, concise, chooses smooth lines, a few strokes of creative expression. Both styles are soothing, neutral, with an emphasis on materiality.

    Now that we know the difference between them, it is necessary to examine each style in more detail in order to navigate in modern design.

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    Modern never changes. He recorded the style and mood of a particular epoch - from the beginning of the mid 20th century, in particular, from the 1920s to the 1950s. During this period, new thinking is born, which is reflected first in political ideas, and then in design, to the full.

    Interesting living room design option

    While it is anything from art deco to Bauhaus, Modern is considered a jewel in interior design. Here are a few subgenres in design that fall under the name of modernism:

    • Futurism;
    • Bauhaus;
    • Neo-dadaism;
    • Minimalism;
    • Abstract expressionism.

    The style of the mid-century - the "modern" branch of modern, rather complex style of interior design. This aesthetics is renowned for its lightness, open concepts, clean lines, minimal decor.. The modern decoration of the mid-century is the beauty of simplicity. This laconic atmosphere attaches great importance to the architecture of the Modern style, makes the furniture of the mid-century the center of focus of space. We all know this famous furniture, the most famous of its representatives - all kinds of chairs Patchwork from Eames, the most prominent representatives of the style.

    Beauty in simplicity

    Other design elements that define the mid-century space are:
    Open conceptual plans. In recent years, we have witnessed a serious revival of open conceptual spaces, all this thanks to the middle of the century! This style is the ancestor of the open concept of life. Having fewer walls creates a smoother flow from room to room. In turn, it gives you more opportunities to play with the placement of furniture, makes your home visually large. The houses of the mid-century also have bare floors that blend perfectly with the idea of ​​open, airy life. Strong corners and lines. This style prides itself on its elegant lines, geometric shapes, sharp angles in everything from modern architectural details of the mid-century to furniture and works of art. Asymmetry also serves as an important design feature.

    Style is famous for its ease.

    Less furniture items. Empty spaces are as impressive as filled ones. Thanks to fewer pieces of furniture, the idea of ​​a mid-century is emphasized, which consists in broadcasting an easy life. White walls: the houses of the mid-century use white walls to preserve freshness, create a characteristic setting, show architectural details. White walls are not subject to seasons and trends, so your home will always look fashionable, feel modern. It's all about simple complexity. Natural materials. Modern design always has a touch of natural elements to make the space more warm, pleasant. This applies to wood, leather, wool, flax, polished metals. It was also a time span covering industry and manufacturing, so uchaski molded plastic and plywood were a popular choice in mid-century homes.

    Large windows let in plenty of natural light.

    Many windows are one of the most important design philosophies of the mid-century. This is a relationship with nature. A house project with large windows (and a large number of them) was a thoughtful way to feel indoors as if it were outdoors. Not to mention the abundant flow of natural light.

    In the end, it all comes down to the fact that modern wants to capture a moment in time, while Contemporary observes the trends occurring in the present.

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    The art of futurism - minimalism and high technology in interior design

    Futuristic design is a way to see the future, its trends show how it will change and develop. Furniture designers demonstrate it like:

    • interesting, comfortable;
    • safe, functional;
    • modern;
    • with aesthetically appealing furniture and decorative accessories.

    Futuristic design is a way to see the future.

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    Hi-tech style

    The art of futurism and high technology combine style, futurism, minimalism, art. The result is a delightful aesthetics in which a person feels well and spacious. It is organically combined with the new style of people of the 21st century.

    Hi-tech style

    The main principle on which high-tech equipment is based is its wide possibilities. Smart technical equipment determines the criteria for a good choice. Futurism with art appears here as a single form in which an idea is connected with aesthetics.

    Furniture in the style of futurism is:

    • metal chairs;
    • sofas;
    • leather upholstered chairs;
    • tables made of metal, plastic, glass;
    • unusual (often rounded) shelves and cabinets;
    • built-in appliances.

    Futuristic style furniture

    The futuristic setting defines one of the most impressive trends in decorating, fittings at home, creating a beautiful interior for a comfortable life. It is created by professionals who have a special combination of artistic talent and skills to implement new ideas, practical vision of modern interior design. These new developments in modern furniture concepts, which we see, will in the future be the main trends in decorating and fittings at home.


    Often used:

    • concrete;
    • glass;
    • metal;
    • brick;
    • plastic.

    Stylish bathroom

    He also welcomes industrial style elements that help functional details not to hide, but to be part of the image. Pipes, air ducts, crane parts, round door and window openings are welcome.

    Wallpaper and many other decorative details, however, are unpopular in this interior design. The room, which corresponds to the futuristic style, is sustained completely in cold tones. With a strong desire, bare walls can be revived a little. But works of art should also be in the style of futurism, such as photographs in this style or black and white photographs.

    Bedroom Design Idea

    The color scheme is very restrained. It is usually limited to white, gray, black. Here surfaces play an important role. Bright metallic is always safe.

    In the end, the space that was developed according to all the rules of futurism art should be open. Open to people, their daily lives, open to new developments and technologies.

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    Simple, clean, functional: modern style in the interior of bedrooms

    The movement of modernism embraced the concept: “Form follows function”, which means that the benefits of a piece of furniture or space in a building are more important than appearance. This does not mean that modern is ugly: it just does not contain unnecessary decoration. Clean lines in furniture, plenty of open space in the room are important components of this concept.

    In light, soothing colors

    Traditionally, the color gamut is neutral: various shades of brown, cream, gray-brown, black, gray and white predominate. Early Bauhaus designers used small touches of red, yellow or blue as accents. As the style matured, neutrals remained the main palette, but the use of bright, cheerful colors of accents became more common.

    Modern contains natural materials, especially wood. However, the use of plastics, chromium is an integral part of the image, adding color, brilliance, highlighting all the things of mass production, which are typical of style.

    Use clean lines when choosing furniture.

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    Entrance hall

    Modern hallways, as a rule, are minimalist. They are clean and simple, have a thoughtful spatial architecture. If your corridor is narrow or small, you need to make it more visually with the help of various techniques, not to force furniture. Add a table or shelf for small things, put a chair. Any furniture must be either hidden or moved to another room.

    BoardTry to make the walls of reflective material, without covering them with pictures, placing the built-in lighting in the corners to visually expand the space. Use light colors for the hallway.

    Modern hallways minimalist

    Favorite accent spots in the Modernist style corridor are red Bauhaus-style chairs. Use the correct lines, symmetry, to harmonize a small space.

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    Studio apartment

    A clean and unadorned modern apartment encompasses a variety of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen. Furniture will still be the standard:

    • plywood;
    • plastic;
    • polished metal.

    The mid-century style airy atmosphere is still subject to craze. Therefore, most of the accessories are visually elevated from the ground and designed in such a way that the space seems open and expansive. Retro-red-orange accent colors also occur, bring joy, and geometric patterns are always appropriate.

    Studio apartment with corners of fresh flowers


    Despite the attention to minimalism, modern spaces are usually not cold or dull.. They are filled with lots of warm, natural neutrals. On the other hand, modern spaces may have a bold severity: have a monochromatic black and white spectrum, or have another bold color variation.

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    This style is derived from modernity, but using the Contemporary theme does not mean that you have to follow all the rules. He can be as individual as you. One likes clean lines, local lighting, streamlined furniture. And you may be prone to deeper, bold colors with unobtrusive lighting, abundant furniture, upholstered furniture.

    Pillows as a bright element of the room

    It comes down to the question of personality. Pay attention to this designer for your project, so that his personality was consistent with yours, or that he was guided by your requests. Thus, you will be sure that you will get the Contemporary style, which will preserve individuality.

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    Key elements

    According to Eric Amos, editor of a major magazine for designers, Contemporary style is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without complex details.

    "This does not mean that your home will look stern or cold, because the days of square furniture and eccentric decorations have long passed. Updated Contemporary is a combination of comfortable, life-giving elements that create a refined, fresh look and feeling."

    Use unusual items

    The designer suggests that we take these elements into account to create a contemporary-style home:

    • Colour;
    • metallic accents;
    • texture;
    • tree shade;
    • lighting.
    Color is the key

    Modern design is usually offset by neutral colors. When you decorate your walls, you will want to choose shades of brown, dark gray, cream or pure white. You can easily revive your room by decorating one wall with an accent, adding a sofa in bold color and choosing small but bright decorative accessories, such as:

    • pillows;
    • zoning carpet;
    • fixtures;
    • illustrations.

    The key to "modern design" is simplicity.

    BoardBeware that the accessories do not clutter up the space, because the key to "modern design" is simplicity.
    Metal focus

    Metals such as stainless steel, nickel and chrome are very popular in “modern design” because they provide a glossy finish and a clean look. You can easily accent your home by choosing stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. Regarding kitchen faucets, there are many suitable metallic coatings to choose from.

    For accents in living rooms, consider using metal to:

    • furniture items;
    • fixtures;
    • shelves;
    • artwork.

    Stainless steel, nickel and chrome are popular in this design.

    All about texture

    If you wantDo not add texture and create a more natural and cozy atmosphere, use fabrics such as:

    • silk;
    • fine velvet;
    • linen;
    • wool.

    Accents such as cloth on the windows, upholstery, printed pillows, rugs and linen wallpaper are a great way to make up for clean, smooth lines of metallic accents. When choosing fabrics, avoid complex patterns, because they will distort the pure "contemporary look" that you are trying to achieve.

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    Woody tones

    The tree always remains in fashion

    The wood surfaces of the structures usually have very light or very dark colors. You can easily create a unique flooring design with a wide range of varieties, forms of decoration, design and use of wood stain to choose from. The only limit is your imagination and budget. Other ways to incorporate wood into interior design are using:

    • large wooden pots;
    • shelves;
    • picture frames;
    • side tables;
    • floor lamps.

    Effective “modern design” corresponds to accents and does not clutter up space.


    The lamp can be a decor

    Lighting is very important in "modern design", because it is the way to properly illuminate the design of the room. There are many lighting options available to provide interesting, clean lines.Popular fixtures include light paths, pendants and floor lamps.

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    Design Elements

    Since this design is constantly changing, it is difficult to determine exactly how it should look in a house. Of course, not every furniture should be new. Modern elements are very often included in this style. Contemporary can be called the style "here and now": such an apartment or house has large windows, uses various sculptural forms and harmoniously combines the external landscape with architecture.

    Metal, stone and clear glass are integral to the style. They can be embedded in:

    • countertops;
    • fireplaces;
    • floor coverings;
    • walls;
    • furniture.

    You can be as creative as your imagination allows.

    Lighting is a decisive factor in style.

    You should be careful about window coverings, as daylight is part of the style. However, if you use window treatments, consider using textured fabrics in neutral or simple colors that will help soften and warm the room. Make them simplistic so as not to upset your mood.

    Lighting is a decisive factor in style. Clean, simple metal lines for lamps will serve to demonstrate the benefits of furnishings, wall art or other collectibles. Integrated lighting will always be a popular option, it is also popular in the style of Contemporary.

    The palette in the house is often very delicate, with a neutral or bicolor painting. However, the use of a bright accent color on a rug, a piece of furniture or other accessory will serve as an excellent focal point.

    BoardJust add a couple of strokes of your favorite color here and there so that it keeps you within the bounds of the style, while allowing the personality to appear.

    The choice of furniture should also be simple. Clean, slender lines are fully consistent with the contemporary design philosophy. Usually the furniture has some metal or wood in the finish with a neutral fabric color.

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    Living room

    The living room also has plenty of space to display your personal style. It consists of simple lines, a small amount of furniture, modular sofas, unique lamps, a coffee table. It has a fresh appearance, functional and convenient device. Everything is set with purpose, design style and uniqueness.

    Fireplace - an element of comfort

    Ideas for the living room:

    • Contemporary style is distinguished by clean lines and eclectic elements, inspired by nature;
    • mix and match texture, do not be afraid to add materials that create an unusual atmosphere, for example, mix wood with metal, glass with stone or brick;
    • it is eclectic and includes a playful design. Make an area with a large carpet that offers texture in an interesting shape;
    • this design often offers a mixture of recycled materials and clean lines throughout the interior;
    • Merging a house with a landscape is a typical approach to contemporary design. Windows are designed to link the interior with the environment, they must be large and open;
    • Choose furniture with beautifully curved lines or an unusual shape; use tidy pendant lights.

    Use white in large quantities.

    BoardFocus on neutral colors for interior design to come to the fore. Use white in large quantities, adding only a few extra strokes. Use wide strips of uniform color to make an accent wall.

    Ground floors will create the desired look. Use wood, if they are in other rooms, add a rug that matches the rest of the room's color scheme.

    Small eclectic touches such as impressive mirrors, silver coffee tables or more bold colors are also appropriate.

    Keep accessories to a minimum to focus on furniture, such as large sofas and modern chairs. Make sure that the quality and materials that will be in the room are of high quality. You can easily upgrade your modern living room if you stick to a neutral color palette, simply by using accessories from each season.

    Ground floors will create the look you want.

    Black-and-white walls and furniture are also suitable for this style, but also include natural elements such as spruce, cedar, stone and even cork. Sustainability and vitality are of paramount importance for "modern design." The overall appearance is unified, but comfortable, stylish and deliberate.

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    It is difficult to design a bedroom that would be stylish, functional and relaxing, and did not look like a soulless demonstration. But we will try. In order for the Contemporary style bedroom not to seem cold and sterile, it is necessary to choose the right elements, including bright colors, soft textures and warm wooden furniture.

    Bedroom Contemporary

    Since this style can take on different forms and can be one of the most versatile and flexible, modern interior designs are very different from each other. However, there are a few highlights that need to be met, and minimalism is one of them.

    Although each bedroom is very individual, neutral colors are common here. Neutrals tend to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Easily combined and mixed, they look good in almost everything, from wall paint to bed.To make your neutral bedroom design more intriguing, pay attention to details such as:

    • fixtures;
    • bedside tables;
    • framed works of art;
    • carpets.

    Style can take many forms.

    White decor is, as a rule, a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and an ideal choice for a bedroom. For bold accented details, use artwork or items such as a headboard, bedding, pillows, or lamps.

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    Gas fireplaces

    Contemporary style fireplaces are more like paintings or a plasma panel. They may not stand out from the wall or be voluminous, but they always transform the room.

    Fireplaces with direct vent gas do not require a chimney and can be produced directly through the wall or roof.Linear or portrait design and a variety of lights complement the modern interior style.

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    VIDEO: The most beautiful designs in modern style