A gift for the New Year 2019: what interesting things can you give? Sweet, baby, relevant. 90+ (Photos) Best Presents.


The season of festive preparations for the meeting of the Year of the Yellow Earthen Pig is already open. It's time to think that the useful and original to present to their loved ones in the New Year's Eve. To save yourself from the hustle and bustle of an emergency voyage to the souvenir shops on December 31, we suggest finding out in advance what gifts are appropriate in 2019? What can you make for your own family and how to cook unusual sweet gifts? Details further in the article.

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  • DIY gifts
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  • DIY gifts

    Handmade products have always been classified as elite. And if self-production relates to gifts for loved ones, it is still very cute and soulful.

    Tack-mitten for the New Year

    In the year of the earth pig, hand-made crafts will be more relevant than ever, because the patron badge of 2019 loves everything natural, homely and cozy. Whatever you decide to make, the main thing is to do it in a good mood and invest a piece of yourself in the future gift.

    Fireside - that is in the first place with the mistress of the coming year. Therefore, when choosing souvenirs that you want to prepare for friends and family members, it should be based on their need in everyday life.

    Consider the wishes of your relatives

    If you take care of hand-made souvenirs in advance, you can knit a warm woolen blanket. Ideal for this fit blend yarn. However, it is worth considering that quality threads are quite expensive, and the knitting process itself will take at least a week.

    For personal use it is good to tie gifts in the form of warm scarves, socks or mittens. In the form of jewelry, we recommend using prints of the New Year theme. In order to tie things of the necessary sizes, it is better to make them, starting from the dimensional grid over-size.

    For personal use you can tie a scarf

    Fans can work with a crochet hook to make openwork table napkins made of cotton threads. Masters of the highest class can take up knitting tablecloths or capes on upholstered furniture.

    Openwork napkins for a gift with their own hands

    You can also give your own people wall paintings embroidered with floss or beads.

    For lovers of needlework picture of beads

    Owners of artistic talent can draw pictures of the New Year's pig or make art painting of kitchen appliances with special paints.

    Painting kitchen appliances

    In order to make a gift with your own hands do not necessarily have any creative abilities. You can see on the Internet how to make a photo frame or photo collage. For lovers of easier ways, the option of buying a mural, photo prints and filling out frames will do.

    Modern printing house offers a variety of photo printing services. A very nice gift will be a hand-sewn pillow made of fabric, on which the patroness of the upcoming twelve months is printed.

    Sewn Pig Fabric Pillow

    A useful gift will be themed candles or hand-made soap. Order kits for the manufacture of these souvenirs can be on the Internet on sites for needlework or purchase in specialized stores. This option is also good for those who are not endowed with the talent of the sculptor, since instructions are always attached to such handicraft sets.

    Hand-made soap

    Refer to the gifts that are made with their own hands can be New Year's greetings from Santa Claus and (or) Snow Maiden. To do this, you need to buy or make themed costumes, think over the script of congratulations, the time and place of its holding in order to catch the homes of all relatives. In addition, buy or also make small souvenirs for yourself that you can give to your loved ones for participating in invented contests.

    Mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends and sisters can present wicker jewelry made from various beads, beads or artificial stones.

    Necklace is a beautiful decoration for mother or grandmother

    Children can please their relatives with wooden crafts, acorns, chestnuts and other natural materials. It is also important to congratulate loved ones with self-made cards made of colored paper of cardboard with different ribbons, voluminous flowers and small buttons.

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    Sweet Souvenirs

    Fans of pastry craftsmanship can sweeten the taste of New Year's holiday with friends and relatives by making various sweets. There are a lot of options and recipes for tasty souvenirs on the Internet. In choosing you need to be guided by your skills and the improvised sets of foods that will be needed for cooking.

    Handmade culinary souvenirs

    Gingerbread, baked in the shape of Christmas trees, stars, Santa Claus, felt boots, walking sticks, deer and pigs, will become an uncomplicated beautiful and incredibly delicious New Year's dessert. Now it is fashionable to decorate such goodies with multi-colored glaze, confectionery powders, beads or buttons made of mastic.

    A more complex option would be a cake decorated in the appropriate holiday theme. In 2019, you can bake a cake in the shape of a pig's face, decorated with colored cream using a pastry bag and special nozzles.

    You can make a cake in the form of a pig - difficult, but beautiful

    Berry pies baked in the shape of a Christmas tree will be a good addition to each holiday table.

    Craftsmen work with chocolate advise you to prepare handmade chocolates. For the fillings, you can use coconut chips, all kinds of nuts, berries and dried fruits, custard, fudge or cookie crumbs. This gift will appeal to every sweet tooth.

    The recipe is based on black and white chocolate.

    If cooking sweets is not your element, you can make delicious souvenirs from factory-made confectionery. Spruce made of chocolate candies in a green wrapper will look impressive. You can decorate a sweet tree with real tinsel and smaller colored candies.

    Exclusive decoration of any new year

    In this way, you can make a souvenir mug with a New Year's pattern, filled with all sorts of sweets or make a small souvenir chocolate sleigh filled with candies.

    It is very pleasant to receive as a gift candy made by loved ones with love and soul. Children can easily prepare them, and the ingredients are available to everyone. It is necessary to boil sugar syrup, add food coloring to it, pour into the forms and set the sticks. After hardening the candy can be wrapped with a transparent film and decorated with ribbons of thin silk ribbon.

    Giving loved ones candy with love

    You can make gift-colored cone-shaped sweets out of colored cardboard, fill them with chocolate Santa Clauses or small-sized snowmen, tie them with bright colored ribbons, stick New Year's stickers or colored broken glass crumbs.

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    Original gifts

    "Ice cream for children, flowers for women" ... If you are tired of giving patterned gifts in the form of leather gloves, perfume or Christmas candles, break the templates and go to choose original gifts for your loved ones.

    Break the templates and give original gifts

    In the year of the Yellow Pig, you can present dear people with warm pajamas with the image of the mistress of the coming 2019. This gift is useful to all its owners, since cozy homewear is relevant in the winter time more than ever. She will also appreciate the donated pajamas, because she loves everything related to family warmth.

    Men - motorists good service will serve the second armrest for a car or an attached organizer to the driver's seat. The pig will like such souvenirs, because driving with them will be much more comfortable.

    There are really a lot of variations.

    Give travelers a suitcase-scooter with a picture of a pig and banknotes. It is easy to use and very useful for people who are often on the road. Also, such a gift will symbolize wealth and craving for the knowledge of the new and the unknown.

    Relatives who keep up with the times are presented with a power bank in the form of a patroness of the coming year or a usb-tee similar in appearance.

    Power-bank in the form of a pig is not a trivial gift

    Earth Pig favors all tourists, because their area of ​​stay is always filled with positive emotions and a desire to learn about the world more and more. Therefore, it will be great if you give your half a trip for two.

    Gardeners can give garden figurines in the form of a family of cute boars or flowerpots (flower pots) with the image of piglets.

    It will be a talisman of your yard all year

    In advance, take care of the gift is necessary for those who want to reserve a table in a restaurant on New Year's Eve.

    The whole family will be pleased to receive Christmas balls with the image of family photos. Ideally, every family member will have their own photo on the ball.

    Christmas balls with a family photo

    Originally look sweet Christmas gifts in the form of various handicrafts or compositions. It can be bouquets of candy, locks of chocolate bars, baskets filled with various sweets, etc.

    Want to give impressions - order a special festive salute. Fireworks with inscriptions of lights or smoke appearing in the sky are very popular.

    Moneybox - for luck and good luck in the New Year

    The decision to give someone a cash gift, in the Year of the Pig, you can beat a very unusual. Exchange the planned amount to the pyataks, purchase a piggy pig corresponding to the size of the coins and fill it. You can add a piggy bank with a red bow of silk ribbon.

    Families with a sense of humor can be advised gifts in the form of patch pigs, hoops with ears or pig tails.

    A bold gift in the form of a decorative pig

    Perhaps the most unusual and at the same time courageous gift will be a real decorative pig. This pet is very careful in everyday life and has very cute eyes. Animal lovers will appreciate the positive appearance of a new family member.

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    Knitted gifts

    Needlewomen and needlewomen can please their relatives with knitted gifts. Armed with yarn, knitting or crocheting, you can make unusual and useful souvenirs.

    Armed with yarn knit toys

    Imagine TOP knitted gifts:

    clothing. Since we celebrate the New Year in the winter season, it is important to tie warm clothes to the gift. This can be a men's, women's or children's sweater with a Christmas theme, scarves, mittens, wool socks, slippers or hats. For the future mother, a knitted baby sling or a kangaroo backpack will be a wonderful gift.

    Home textiles. For use in daily use, tie a very large knitting plaid to a gift, openwork tablecloths made from natural cotton threads, napkins, chair covers or chair covers, pillowcases for small cushions, Santa Claus souvenir boots or mittens, straps for decorating cups, outfit Christmas tree shaped for a bottle of champagne, etc.

    Pleasant trinkets that will be useful to all

    Toys. Knitted gifts for the youngest family members can be soft toys in the form of piglets, deer, bunnies, owls, etc. You can make warm blouses for kids or booties. For adults, present a set of knitted Christmas-tree and interior toys or cutlery.

    On the needles for the smallest

    You can also link the stands in the form of a pig for hot pans. Clothing for Christmas balls, key rings, jewelry boxes, fruit string bags, festive wreaths on the door, bookmarks in a book, etc.

    Crochet bookmarks for book

    Having decided to tie the New Year's gift yourself, one should not save on the purchase of yarn, since it is from this that the further viability of the product depends.

    In order to master the knitting technique of this or that thing, it will take a lot of time, so you need to start preparing these gifts as soon as possible.

    Warm and cozy - surprise everyone

    Whatever product you choose, you can decorate it with beads, ribbons, buttons or rhinestones.

    Gifts, knitted with own hands, will warm not only the body of a loved one, but also his soul, since the preparation of such souvenirs can only be started with great love.

    Christmas socks with deer - warm your loved ones

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