Sofas and armchairs in the living room interior - How to arrange furniture interesting and stylish? 200+ Photos in modern style


What is the layout of the furnishings to choose? How to choose the right upholstery? How to take into account the style of the interior in the arrangement of the soft zone? Answers to all questions below in our article.

Content of this article:

  • Furniture lineup
  • Room arrangement options
  • Ways of placement
  • How to choose a material?
  • Natural textiles
  • Artificial and synthetic upholstery
  • Color spectrum
  • Original covers
  • Furniture style
  • Discreet classics
  • Cozy Provence
  • Scandinavian space
  • Energetic hi-tech
  • VIDEO: High-quality and stylish sofas in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Furniture lineup
  • Room arrangement options
  • Ways of placement
  • How to choose a material?
  • Color spectrum
  • Original covers
  • Furniture style
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Furniture lineup

    The living room is a traditional resting place for the whole family and reception. A soft zone that meets certain requirements (ergonomic, aesthetic) helps to create a comfortable environment in the room.

    We combine a sofa with chairs

    Transformers (multifunctional products) occupy the top places of the rating. This is a "magic wand" for small apartments. At night, the sofa easily turns into a comfortable full bed. In the daytime in the soft zone you can relax with friends - watch TV, chat. When choosing sofas and chairs, other characteristics deserve attention:

    • construction types. Modular is represented by individual elements: canapé, chair, ottoman, corner, armrests. Corner formed in two parts (main, corner). Straight designs are the most popular;
    • the size of the sofas determines the number of seats. Available from double to quintuple and more (usually by personal order);
    • types of transformation. Sliding products (pantograph, puma, eurobook, dolphin), with a turn (accordion, folding beds of French, American, Italian types), folding (click-klyak, book) are produced.

    When choosing furniture, pay attention to their size.

    Among fashionable world novelties creative design models come across. Items vividly stand out against the background of standards. And things can not be considered "detached" from life. Some models are great for certain interior styles.

    A sofa or chair can be upgraded and uniquely created from expensive materials.

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    Room arrangement options

    The parameters of the room must take into account when choosing the situation. A modest two-seater sofa will be “lost” in the spacious living room and it will be difficult to create a cozy atmosphere. In a small room, a bulky sofa will occupy most of the area, and visually the living room will look cramped.

    A small sofa in the large living room can get lost.

    In this case, do not forget about cabinets, pedestals, chairs or other items. Folding double model will comfortably sleep overnight guests. Small chairs and footstools will create relaxing conditions for relaxing with friends in a soft zone.

    Usually the sofa group is considered a set of furniture, represented by two or three seater sofa and a pair of chairs. Fashionable stylistic trends offer a change of tradition: the center of the living room is decorated with furniture from different objects.

    Folding furniture is very convenient for receiving guests

    It is easiest to rearrange the sets of items in spacious living rooms:

    • large corner or U-shaped sofas, armchairs and a couch;
    • several chairs of different shapes (massive and miniature), a small sofa;
    • the composition of two identical sofas of medium size and a pair of deep large chairs.

    Ageless classic duet

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    Ways of placement

    The size and shape of furniture, room area, light. With the right combination of these factors, it is easy to create an environment that is pleasant for relaxing and meeting with friends. It turns out a stylish interior in which all items are in place. There are three classic layouts for a soft headset:

    We create a pleasant atmosphere to relax.


    Suitable for rooms with a large area. The principle of the scheme: the central point in the room is conventionally chosen and the pair of pieces of furniture are located around it at the same distance. The layout perfectly recreates the classic interior in the living room. Usually, two armchairs or a pair of small sofas with poufs are installed on the sides of the fireplace. Or around the coffee table set two massive armchairs and two neat sofas. This option is suitable for pedantic people who prefer strict geometry and clear lines in their surroundings.

    The principle of symmetrical arrangement of furniture


    Asymmetrical placement should not be associated with chaos or random placement of furniture. Asymmetric arrangement of objects helps to emphasize or mask the unusual layout of the room. The visual balance of large and small pieces of furniture bring harmony to the interior. In order to properly group the elements, the center of the composition is also selected. In the recreation area near the window things are placed on the sides of the opening. In this case, a large sofa visually balance the armchair, coffee table and floor vase or floor lamp. With the help of an asymmetric arrangement, it is easy to visually disguise the modest size of small rooms.

    Helps to update any custom layout


    The circular arrangement of objects looks original in large rooms. Usually around the nominal cent (coffee table, carpet) things are put in a circle, at an equal distance. At the same time, usually close to the center are usually large elements (armchairs, sofas), and at a distance, near the walls, relatively small (puffs, floor vases). It is not necessary to observe symmetry. Things may be different (not paired). This method is best suited for visual selection in a large room separate areas (dining, recreation areas).

    The circular arrangement of the sofa with chairs

    In order for the indoor environment to be functional, you need to adhere to the following important rules:

    • armchairs and a sofa set at a distance sufficient to maintain a conversation conveniently. At the same time there is space for the free movement of residents between objects;
    • the height of the tables and armrests are the same;
    • between the elements of the situation, the passage is no longer 0.55-0.6 m;
    • coffee table is from a sofa or chair no more than 0.5 m;
    • couches with chairs unfold "face" to the door. Those who sit should see people entering and leaving, so as not to experience discomfort;
    • in small rooms, the elements of the soft group are not placed near one wall. More comfortable look sofas and chairs, located among other things (ottomans, tables, floor vases, small cabinets).

    Chairs with a sofa are located at a convenient distance for conversation

    Massive details of the situation do not put near the door, window openings. It is better to place large sofas in the middle of the wall, and chairs opposite.

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    How to choose a material?

    A variety of upholstery options have different qualities, tactile effects, durability, care details.

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    Natural textiles

    Natural materials (leather, textiles) are distinguished by environmental friendliness, quality, elegance. Each material has positive, negative sides:

    Leather cover always attracts attention. Soft, pleasant to the touch coating gives the furniture chic, well-groomed. Some buyers refrain from purchasing leather products due to popular opinion about the coldness of the coating. This is a misconception. Genuine leather is elastic, pleasant to use. It is easy to care for, it is resistant to abrasion, tears. Leather perfectly fits when upholstering furniture, so designers use it to upholstery furniture for upholstery.

    Skin is difficult to care for

    The negative side of leather upholstery - the high cost, requires special care when removing some stains. For the soft zone, it is desirable to select a set of items. Otherwise the risk is high in the future not to find a chair / sofa of a suitable color. Such furniture is not suitable for permanent overnight stays.

    Upholstery made from natural fabrics is nice to touch. Noble textiles lend an elegant setting to the interior, bringing a touch of luxury to the interior. Such materials are expensive, they are distinguished by capricious care: difficult stains are difficult to remove without damaging textiles, special tools are needed to clean furniture. Due to changes in temperature or humidity, natural fabrics can shrink. To preserve the shade of the material, objects are not installed in places brightly lit by the sun.

    Natural coating comfortable and pleasant to the touch

    The choice of products with natural upholstery is justified in spacious apartments, where each tenant has a separate room. If the family spends evenings in the living room or receives guests very often, then it is advisable to look at less expensive and capricious upholstery options.

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    Artificial and synthetic upholstery

    Why do manufacturers choose upholstery to create upholstered furniture? There are no secrets in this. Main reasons:

    • democratic cost of materials;
    • large selection of shades and textures;
    • increased wear resistance.

    When choosing a material, we pay attention to its strength and quality.

    Popular fabrics:

    • fleece. Maintains various loadings, it is impregnated with the special structures repellent dirt and liquids. Soft, non-staining material is inexpensive, pleasant to the touch. Even strong contaminants can be easily removed from the surface, which is especially important for families with children. For such things you will not worry if there are animals in the house. The rules of care are simple: dust collects quickly and maintains the silky shine of the surface with a vacuum cleaner; most of the dirt is removed with detergent liquid. If liquid is accidentally spilled on a sofa or armchair, it is easy to blot it with napkins or a clean towel;
    • chenille can be attributed to jacquard type of fabric. Warm material with a velvety surface is durable and is characterized by high strength, density. Upholstery can not be called cheap, but it is a deserved price. Fashionable decoration gives the furniture a spectacular look. In the care of things are not capricious: common types of pollution are removed with washing liquid. With daily cleaning of items with a vacuum cleaner, they will keep a beautiful well-groomed appearance for a long time.

    Fashionable finish in Provence style

    Artificial suede perfectly imitates natural material, but is much cheaper. In operation, the coating demonstrates resistance to fading, abrasion. To keep the nap longer soft and silky, the products are cleaned with special brushes.

    Minor dirt is perfectly washed off with water. After drying, the fleecy surface is restored with a soft brush.

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    Color spectrum

    Plain furniture will never go out of style. Such products are easy to fit into different interiors, they are "friends" with the decoration of the room, textiles, and other furnishings. The most popular range of colors:

    • white;
    • Gray;
    • red;
    • beige;
    • the black;
    • purple

    Bright, popular colors in the interior

    When choosing a color, you can take the tone of furniture upholstery as a basis and select the rest of the interior for it. Only carefully one has to deal with saturated colors (red, green, pink), which are able to visually fill the space. Therefore, it is better to decorate the soft zone of a small living room with pastel-colored upholstery.

    The original trend - a colorful chair (or a couple) is chosen as a set for a single-color sofa. The color scheme of the furniture set may not coincide: a white sofa and chairs in a black and gray ornament. Or a sofa in a large pattern and a chair upholstered in monophonic textiles. Decorative pillows with covers of the same patterned material will combine furnishings. And the soft zone will get a solid look.

    The colorful gamut will definitely give a picturesque look to the room. Small drawing (floristic motifs, strip) of pastel shades will bring peace and tranquility into the interior. Bright textiles with a catchy ornament will make the room elegant, dynamic. Interior colors should be present in the ornament / pattern so that the products organically complement the decor and do not look alien.

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    Original covers

    In the living room sometimes many people gather. Relatives come to special events or guests for holidays. Elegant covers will give the situation solemnity, brightness. Will protect the upholstery from various stains, without which no holidays can do.

    Also covers will be a great way to diversify the situation in different seasons. On summer days, bright cotton and linen textiles bring freshness and vitality to the interior. And for the winter period, plush, velvet and velvet covers are better.

    Covers will help protect your furniture from all sorts of damage

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    Furniture style

    A variety of shapes, designs and colors make the furniture an important focus of the interior. To choose the right models, take into account the particular style of the living room.

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    Discreet classics

    The main features of the style - elegance, grace. And the situation is selected reliable, functional. Exquisite lines of the sofa, chairs fit organically into the situation. Sofas and chairs do not hit pretentiousness. They make objects from natural wood (beech, mahogany, teak, cherry, oak). Restrained refinement manifests itself in carved elements (legs, sidewalls or backs). Some models are decorated with gold leaf, inlay. Traditional shapes - rounded / curved back, rectangular seat.

    In classic style - elegance and beauty

    Furniture upholstery also emphasizes the status of the owner - natural leather or textiles look rich, but not defiant. The colors are noble calm:

    • purple;
    • sandy;
    • golden;
    • brown;
    • burgundy shades.

    Original and airy look materials with retro prints (small floristic, strip, damask).The fillers are special hypoallergenic material (holofiber), polyurethane foam, individual springs, latex.

    Noble and soothing shades

    This is a style of spacious rooms in which the space is filled with respectability, sophistication. As a rule, a soft zone is formed by 2-3 small sofas with a massive chair or one large sofa and two chairs. Most often, furniture is installed around the perimeter of an expensive floor carpet. A more modern interpretation of the style is a corner sofa with a massive pouf.

    Fans of modest-sized rooms can pick up a small corner sofa or put on a duet from a compact sofa and armchair. A small wardrobe will complement the decor.

    Compact duet from the couch and chairs

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    Cozy Provence

    Rustic style is increasingly found in urban apartments. An interesting direction looks extraordinary and always harmonious. Upholstered furniture - the real embodiment of home warmth, tranquility. Most models are made from natural wood. As a rule, the backs of sofas make high. The models with wooden backs and armrests of elegant carved forms have an original look. For a comfortable stay use a lot of pillows of different sizes.

    Textile upholstery, floral print or monotonous, visually makes the furniture light, beautiful. Allowed fabric with stripes, with the image of animals, leaves. Pillows sew from the same material or contrast.

    Decorative pillows for bright contrast

    For the interior of a small room in a classic rustic style fit neat straight sofas, armchairs. Cozy models with rounded textile armrests, puffy seats, high soft backs. Sets of forged items bring romance and French notes to the interior. Metal elements have an openwork look and are usually painted black / white.

    Spacious rooms will decorate large corner sofas. Such models usually have extra beds.

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    Scandinavian space

    Restrained shades, a lot of space, light, graphic prints are features of the Scandinavian interior. Calm, simple, comfortable environment can not dislike.

    Calm atmosphere in the Scandinavian style

    When creating a recreation area, emphasis is placed on comfort and a warm, homely atmosphere. The color of the decor is white. But furniture upholstery can have different shades: all shades of gray, deep blue or green. Therefore, the situation does not look monotonous, boring.

    Design in the northern spirit is a reflection of the unity of man and nature. The furniture is made from natural materials. Frameworks collected from birch, beech, oak. Upholstery - cotton, wool, linen.

    Objects are distinguished by simple forms and functionality. Furniture corners may be slightly rounded. Even wide sofas visually look weightless. Furniture sets are easy to select for both spacious and compact rooms.

    Stylish, simple and comfortable

    Transformer models equipped with storage systems are welcome. As a rule, the whole situation is made in the same style and it is easy to gradually purchase the necessary items.

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    Energetic hi-tech

    This style is still considered a new direction of design space. High tech is gaining more and more fans due to brevity, simplicity, availability. Original lines of furniture models, rough upholstery, bright colors, chrome elements (legs, frame, armrests) are the main features of a dynamic environment.

    Angular modular system - a non-trivial solution to design a recreation area. Individual elements are easily rearranged, it is also easy to place the entire kit anywhere in the room. Naturally, the size of the modules must match the parameters of the room.

    Compatibility of the high-tech color palette

    In order not to lose the feeling of free space and preserve the features of the style, it is desirable to adhere to the rules:

    • for a small room choose furniture sets with light upholstery. Spacious living room will be decorated with models with bright upholstery;
    • set the sofa in the middle of the room or in the center of the free wall;
    • in a compact room is better to put a straight sofa, one chair. The large room will be decorated with sofas of various shapes (corner, U-shaped, round, semicircular).

    Suitable upholstery for furniture: leather (natural, artificial), coarse weaving textiles. For a harmonious combination with metal surfaces suitable materials of the appropriate color range (gray, white, black, blue).

    Furniture plays a leading role in creating stylish interiors. There are several advantages to sofas with chairs.

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