Baths with a mansard for lovers of good rest: 230+ (Photo) Projects (from a bar, with a terrace, with a veranda)


Bath projects with an attic is an opportunity to combine active water procedures on the ground floor and a pleasant relaxation in the attic under the roof. The benefits of bathing leisure do not cause any doubts. After the steam room with a broom and a contrasting soul, the state of health improves significantly - the body gains health, and the spirit - vigor. The dream of having a personalized spa with a lounge where you can spend your time with benefits acquires real traits.

Content of this article:

  • Selection of the bath project
  • Benefits
  • Types of mansards
  • Types of baths with attic
  • Bar-shaped
  • Logs
  • From foam blocks
  • Frame baths
  • Brick
  • Planning a plot with a house and a bath
  • Room layout
  • Room equipment
  • Types of steam rooms
  • Interior Design
  • Decoration Materials
  • Furniture
  • Project of a bath with a terrace or a veranda
  • Sample project for a 6-by-6 sauna with attic
  • Unusual baths
  • VIDEO: Built bath projects
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Selection of the bath project
  • Benefits
  • Types of mansards
  • Types of baths with attic
  • Brick
  • Planning a plot with a house and a bath
  • Room layout
  • Room equipment
  • Types of steam rooms
  • Interior Design
  • Project of a bath with a terrace or a veranda
  • Sample project for a 6-by-6 sauna with attic
  • Unusual baths
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 230 photos)
  • Selection of the bath project

    Bath with a loft is a double pleasure for lovers of hot steam. In order for the unusual structure to meet the tastes of the owner, as well as to be comfortable and safe, you need a good competent project.

    Bath is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure

    Bath with attic - a technically complex object. The design decision should take into account the features associated with the installation of additional space. A full-fledged construction project contains preliminary and architectural parts, constructive and engineering sections, financial documentation.

    A set of drawings and descriptions developed by professionals will help to properly prepare and organize construction, make communications, ensure the safety of holidaymakers.

    Double pleasure for connoisseurs of hot steam

    The architectural part of the bath project gives a visual representation of the facades of the building, zoning, and the composition of the interior. You can choose a compact building for a family holiday or a large-scale facility for leisure in a large company.

    Projects develop a specialized organization. A variety of solutions offer construction sites. The owner of the estate can choose the option based on your taste and the actual conditions of the site.

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    Attic - a room under the roof, intended for temporary or permanent residence. The first rooms in the attics appeared in France and were used to house the servants.

    This is a technically complex object.

    Francois Mansart, a famous architect, transformed the space of the attic, decorating it with large windows and a roof of the original form. Since then, the attic has gained popularity. They began to be built in buildings of both economy class and luxury apartments. Indoors arrange bedrooms, rooms for rest or reception.

    Attic in the bath is an additional area that can be equipped for comfortable rest in the warm months of the year and in the winter cold.

    The undoubted advantages are:

    • simplicity of construction - no need to build a foundation, walls;
    • economy - a full-fledged room on the basis of an existing building is much cheaper than a separate building;
    • basic communications have already been made;
    • Attic creates additional heat protection for the lower floor, especially in the winter;
    • the most pleasant thing is that you do not need to leave the bath anywhere to lie down or chat with friends.

    Construction project contains draft and architectural parts.

    Beautifully decorated attic will emphasize the style, will give originality to the architectural appearance of the building.

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    Types of mansards

    Attic spaces are distinguished by a variety of design solutions:

    • for the device of penthouses use odnoskatny, duo-pitch, chetyrekhskatny, hip and semi-hipped roofs;
    • due to the broken silhouette of the roof, the walls and ceilings have a different slope;
    • the attic can occupy space above the main structure or go beyond it in the form of a console;
    • with reliable roof insulation, the room will be habitable all year round, with a cold roof it will be used in the summer;
    • The material of supporting structures, as a rule, corresponds to the basic construction, in baths beams are usually made of wood.

    Attic in the bath is an additional area

    The design can be one-or two-level, with a balcony, equipped with sloping roof windows or vertical gabled windows.

    The decoration uses materials and techniques that are functionally and aesthetically compatible with the design of the bath.

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    Types of baths with attic

    For the construction of baths using traditional materials:

    • timber;
    • log;
    • clay brick.

    And modern:

    • foam blocks;
    • claydite;
    • Sci.
    Bath is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure

    In the decoration are popular:

    • lining;
    • ceramic tile;
    • a rock;
    • decorative moisture resistant panels.

    In this bath, there is always a steam room.

    In addition, do not do without:

    • waiting room;
    • washing up;
    • shower;
    • furnace or boiler room.

    More solid options offer extras:

    • rest rooms;
    • bathroom;
    • the kitchen;
    • billiard room;
    • pool;
    • terrace;
    • barbecue area.

    These are whole complexes for complete leisure with family or friends.

    Easy to build

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    Bruce - a traditional material for the construction of baths. Wood has the unique ability to "breathe" with fluctuations in humidity and temperature. It is warm, environmentally friendly and, importantly, affordable for construction.

    The buildings are made of solid or glued timber. The latter is considered a higher-quality material, since it is not prone to shrinkage, deformation and the formation of cracks.

    As a rule, baths are built with single-storey freestanding. But recently spread two-storey and mansard options, as well as interlocked with a garage or house. Such an arrangement is convenient for the water supply of steam rooms, wastewater discharge.

    Attic creates additional thermal protection for the lower floor

    Baths of profiled timber are often performed in the Russian or Scandinavian style. In these areas, wood is traditionally widely used. Timber log or vertical clapboard clapboard walls are characteristic features of buildings in countries rich in timber.

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    A log bath is a traditional Russian log house made from whole logs with a modern “filling”. Healing air saturated with the scent of the forest and the amenities of civilization - shower, pool, bathroom - create a comfortable atmosphere.

    Baths from the rounded log are not cheap. The wood is prepared for construction - impregnated with antiseptics, nests are cut for fastening the elements between themselves, and the surface is polished to smoothness.

    For the construction of baths using traditional materials.

    Log houses look very impressive both outside and inside. The walls are often not veneered, leaving the tree in its original form. The most popular buildings are 3x3 m, 4x4 m.

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    From foam blocks

    Foam blocks - a relatively new material, which is widely used for the construction of baths. It is light, warm, just processed. Due to the low price, the facilities are low cost, accessible to many lovers of steam.

    The blocks are quite durable to withstand the load from the attic. Any finish is compatible with them. The main thing is to protect the material from waterlogging and low temperatures. For this, it is carefully isolated from external and internal destructive factors.

    Such a structure does not take much time.

    Foam blocks are faced with wood, brick, decorative panels, various types of siding. The architectural style can be any - from traditional folk to unusual.

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    Frame baths

    Frame baths are quickly built, inexpensive, provide the desired comfort microclimate in the room. The basis is a frame of boards, in the intervals between which the insulation is placed. As a rule, it is mineral wool.

    The foundation is shallow tape or columnar. Such basis can be made independently, without involvement of the digging and construction equipment.

    Inside the wall sheathed with clapboard made of pine, cedar, linden or precious wood. Exterior finish must withstand frost and moisture.

    Frame baths are quickly built, inexpensive, provide the desired comfort

    Looks stylishly frame sauna with a loft, decorated with a blockhouse. Imitation timber creates a realistic feeling that the walls are made of solid wood.

    Thanks to new technologies and building materials, the negative impact of increased humidity and temperature on the construction and decoration of rooms is completely eliminated.

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    Brick - durable fire-resistant material. Due to these advantages, the baths from it are quite popular. Capital buildings serve more than 50 years, not succumbing to rotting or deterioration by insects.

    Brick - durable fire-resistant material

    From a brick you can lay out a small bathhouse of 3x3 meters or build a structure of complex shape. Only ceramic clay material is used, it meets all sanitary and hygienic and construction requirements for buildings of high flammability.

    Brick baths with an attic are solid and solid. Their design should be given special attention. The thickness of the walls is greater than that of wooden, foam concrete or frame counterparts. For heavy structures, build a massive foundation. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Planning a plot with a house and a bath

    To the location of the steam room at the site are requirements for fire and sanitary safety, as well as associated with a convenient connection to communications.

    Watch out for fire safety.

    When planning a place for a bath take into account:

    • Construction material. If the construction is wooden, the distance to the neighboring house should not be less than 10-15 m.
    • Fuel. If the bath is supposed to be heated with firewood, 5 m recede from the fence, 2.5 m with gas.
    • The presence of a central sewer. If it is not, at least 8 meters recede from the residential building, well, or cellar.
    • Red line. The distance from it to any building on the site is at least 5 m.
    For the most favorable illumination by the sun and energy saving, it is advisable to place a bath on the north or north-west part of the site.

    Small, economical option

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    Room layout

    Finished projects offer a convenient zoning area of ​​the building. The premises in the baths are divided into sections:

    • water procedures - washing, steam room, sauna, shower, swimming pool, jacuzzi;
    • for rest - a waiting room, living room, bedroom, billiard room, terrace, gym, solarium, phytobar;
    • auxiliary - changing room, kitchen, vestibule;
    • technical - furnace, boiler room, firewood storage, place for drying brooms, laundry.

    Finished projects offer convenient zoning of the building area.

    The premises should be conveniently located and properly communicated with each other. The washing-room is preceded by a dressing room and dressing room, from which you can go to the steam room or pool. For winter use in the bath additionally suit the platform, which prevents the penetration of cold air and the appearance of drafts.

    The steam room, shower and shower should have a separate entrance. Technical premises are separated from the rest. The bedroom or recreation room is located in the attic, where the staircase leads. It is equipped with a stable railing and non-slip coating steps. If a swimming pool is arranged in the bath, it is combined with rooms for water treatment and access to the terrace.

    Rooms in the bath should be divided into sections

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    Room equipment

    In the steam room place the oven and shelves. Be sure to install screens to protect against fire, and people need to be protected from getting burned.

    In the shower, equipped with plumbing, install booth or corner. If this is not possible, and the water is heated in the tank, the shower is replaced with a large bucket or a vertical watering can on the support.

    The bathroom is placed in the boiler room or separately. You can use the dry closet or organize a full toilet in the presence of sewage.

    The stove and the shelves are placed in the steam room.

    In a small bath, you can combine the washing room with the steam room, without separating them with partitions, but refuse from the bathroom.

    A dressing room in small buildings serves as a locker room, a resting place, a storehouse for firewood. Even a room of a modest size is furnished with the necessary furniture: a bench or sofa, a hanger, shelves for shoes, a table.

    If possible, share a dressing room and dressing room, and a rest room is transferred to the attic. If desired, they set up a billiard table, upholstered furniture, arrange a fireplace.

    The bath area is calculated from the estimated number of visitors who simultaneously receive water treatments. For each person allocated 5 m².

    Option for rest rooms

    A well thought-out layout is the key to a comfortable, and most importantly, safe rest. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Types of steam rooms

    In the steam room, a person is exposed to dry or wet steam and high temperature. The body reacts to this with rapid breathing, sweating, active work of all organs. That is why after visiting the bath there is a feeling of lightness, release from accumulated fatigue.

    Despite the general principle underlying the pair, in the world a sufficient number of their varieties:

    • Finnish sauna - the dry warming up of stones is carried out by firewood, electric heating elements. Compact version - infrared emitters that raise the temperature of surfaces. After the adoption of the procedure go to the scrubber.
    • Traditional Russian steam room - The stove is heated to a high temperature when wood is burned. To humidify the air, heated stones periodically pour water, infusion of herbs, and kvass. For massage use birch, juniper, rowan, oak and even bamboo brooms. Suitable for this purpose are herbs and shrubs rich in essential oils.

    Finnish sauna - dry warming stones carried wood

    • Turkish hammam - heat is supplied from the heated pipeline, which passes through the walls along the perimeter of the room. The temperature does not exceed 55 °, which is comfortable for people who do not tolerate heat. The steam is emitted through special channels at a height of 1.5 m. Marble, natural stone and tile dominate in the decoration.
    • Japanese bath - a barrel-shaped font filled with water heated to 45 ° C with the addition of essential oils, salts, extracts from herbs. The person sits inside on the bench for 15 minutes, followed by massage and heating in a container filled with a mixture of hot cedar and pebble sawdust. The popularity of such steam rooms is growing.

    Traditional Russian steam room

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    Interior Design

    To get real pleasure from bath procedures, the surrounding space must be properly arranged, and the decoration is made with high quality and beautiful.

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    Decoration Materials

    Steam room - a place where the temperature and humidity are constantly changing. For finishing it is recommended lining from wood of non-resinous species. Boards sheathe the walls, ceiling, placing them vertically, horizontally and at an angle. Mandatory impregnation of protective compounds.

    Turkish hammam

    Stone, granite, facing brick is used to finish the floors and walls behind the stove. Materials are not combustible, do not rot, do not deform from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

    Illuminated salt panels will decorate the interior, saturate the air with healing vapors. It is advisable to arrange such a finish in dry steam - water adversely affects the material.

    Mosaic marble panels are used to finish surfaces in Turkish hammams; for the Russian or Finnish baths such facing is not typical.

    In the shower temperature is less than in the steam room, but high humidity. Stone, tile and wood can be added:

    • moisture resistant drywall;
    • plaster;
    • PVC panels.

    Japanese bath

    The dressing room and attic rooms are not in direct contact with water. For their decoration any options and combinations are possible. It is recommended to veneer the surface adjoining the steam room with brick, stone or plaster without using wood. Accumulation of condensate destroys wood.

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    Furniture plays a big role in the design of premises. Wooden carved details will enrich the interior of the bath or attic, and the original hangers and benches made of solid logs will bring a touch of closeness to nature.

    For the safety of people, furniture must be sustainable, but not bulky. Surfaces should be carefully treated to smoothness to avoid splinters or scratches.

    Japanese Style Lounge

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    Project of a bath with a terrace or a veranda

    The layout of the bath with a terrace or a veranda is common in suburban construction. The main building is carried out according to any chosen technology - from brick, foam blocks, timber, logs.

    Terrace - a platform with a deck for relaxing next to the main building. Her suit:

    • adjacent to the front or side wall;
    • under a common roof or separately, linking the path with the entrance;
    • open or fenced.

    Option with a terrace

    On the terrace or next to it allocate an area for a barbecue or BBQ. In order to ensure fire safety, all places where sparks can get are protected with fireproof materials.

    The terrace is covered with boards, ceramic non-slip tiles, concrete or stone. The platform is equipped with furniture - a table, plastic or wicker chairs, swings, lounge chairs.

    In the evening lighting should be provided. To do this, use LED backlights, garden lanterns, fixed lighting.

    On the terrace you can arrange a bath tub. To protect themselves from prying eyes, set lattice supports, planted plants are planted.

    Veranda will not be superfluous

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    Sample project for a 6-by-6 sauna with attic

    The building of profiled timber, square in plan, is sufficient in size to accommodate the washing, steam room, boiler room, vestibule, covered terrace and recreation room. From it a staircase leads to the attic. Attic space is insulated, there is planned a bedroom or a billiard room.

    The foundation is shallow. The basement, porch and chimney are lined with brick. The roof is gable, covered with flexible tiles.

    On the facade of a window of complex trapezoidal shape, emphasizing the slope of the roof. On the terrace are steps decorated with stone. Board fence, repeating the texture and color of the profiled bar. To support the roof there is a wooden column decorated with carved ornamentation. Firewood is stored under a shed next to the boiler room, from it leads a separate entrance.

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    Unusual baths

    The love of a person for a bathing rest is embodied in unusual ideas. The desire to relax in any setting is irresistible, so the designers have developed exotic and daring wonders:

    • Bath Tram - a steam room for 10 people was arranged in the Milan carriage. The interior is decorated with a plasma screen, where non-stop revolving videos about the history of trams.
    • Bath Ferry - on the lake Larsmo in Finland you can relax in the sauna floating on the waves.
    • Bath-lift - 4 people can fit in a small mobile capsule in the mountains of Finland.
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    VIDEO: Built bath projects