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Each apartment should have a special place to store linen and clothing. Best of all, this task can be done with a white dresser. Hue is considered universal. It fits different styles. Varieties, materials, features - everything in more detail later in the article.

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  • Strengths and weaknesses of the model
  • Varieties
  • Materials
  • White features for the dresser
  • How to care?
  • Commode selection rules
  • VIDEO: Dressers - an indispensable thing in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the model
  • Varieties
  • Materials
  • White features for the dresser
  • Commode selection rules
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the model

    Recently, furniture has become actively gaining popularity. It can be found in almost every room. White chest of drawers placed in the bedroom, nursery, living room and hallway. The model perfectly copes with its main task - storage of bed linen or various things.

    Beautiful white furniture in the interior

    Many people are afraid to buy light models. It seems to them that it is very difficult to maintain it in its original state. But with timely care problems will not arise. Hue is considered universal. It fits almost all styles and blends well with other colors.

    The main feature is the configuration of the furniture. Most often, it has several drawers. They are somewhat wider than regular shelves, making it easy to browse items inside nutria. It is convenient to fold bedding and other things here.

    Many are afraid to buy such light-colored furniture.

    The main advantages of white chest of drawers are:
    • versatility. The model performs several tasks simultaneously. The main function is a place to store clothes or clothes. If you hang a mirror above the dresser, then it can easily be used as a dressing table. In addition, the furniture, complemented by bumpers, can replace the changing table;
    • shade suitable for any style of room. It is used as a base. Color helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the room;
    • space zoning. The model will perfectly cope with the task of dividing a room into certain zones, for example, working and rest;
    • the dresser can be installed in the room with any style. The main thing is to choose the appropriate facade;
    • on a light surface, the dust will not be so noticeable;
    • long service life. The main thing is to timely and carefully take care of the dresser.

    Appropriate for any interior

    This type of furniture is better to install in small apartments, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold. White shade visually expands the space, making the area of ​​the room much larger.

    In addition to the advantages of each type of furniture has its drawbacks.

    The drawbacks of the dresser are:
    • Careful and constant care. Especially if the apartment has small children or pets. All surfaces will need to be wiped daily with a damp cloth.
    • Do not overload the interior. It is necessary to fill the boxes evenly, starting from the lower sections.
    • Prefer better quality and durable materials. If you choose a seemingly beautiful, but fragile parts, then the model will quickly fail.

    Require particularly careful care

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    White commodes have more advantages than disadvantages. From which you can make a simple conclusion that with proper care, it will last for a long time. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu


    The stores feature a large number of different models of white dressers. Each of them has its own design.

    With proper care, they will last a long time.

    Furniture can be divided into several major groups. Among them:

    • Classic option. Models were and will be relevant at any time, regardless of the trends of modern fashion. They fit in any room setting. The design of a dresser includes several boxes. They are framed with stylish surfaces. Each copy is complemented by elegant fittings.
    • Bright gloss. Such a white chest of drawers can be installed in a room that is decorated in the style of minimalism. Feature of the model is considered a mirror or shiny surface. She adds charm to the room.
    • Cozy Provence. The design of the white dresser makes it easy to fit it into the interior, decorated in the spirit of antiquity. To achieve this, furniture facades are specially aged. For example, create artificial rubbing or scratches.
    • Models equipped with a mirror. Furniture can be used as a dressing table. Cosmetics, photos or other trivia will easily fit on its surface.

    Option model, equipped with a mirror

    There is also a separate type of furniture - it is white chests for the children's room. They are for different ages. For example, for a small child, the model is additionally equipped with a changing table, and for schoolchildren, additional storage space.

    If the apartment has very little space, then you can buy a corner chest of drawers. Its special feature is deep triangular drawers.. They create an additional storage space where toys, things, clothes and even books are easily removed. Option suitable for small apartments. It will allow to use every centimeter of space with benefit.

    Classic interior option

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    BoardFor small families, you can choose a standard or angular model of the chest of standard size. But the more a person lives in the same apartment, the more spacious the furniture should be. Return to menu меню return to menu


    When choosing a dresser, a person focuses on the overall design of the room, as well as the cost of materials.

    Furniture should be spacious

    Among the most popular are:

    • chipboard. It makes by pressing. By production resins are used. They are absolutely safe for health;
    • fibreboard. In the production of using only a small amount of resin, which makes the material virtually harmless to humans. A feature of MDF are increased strength. They are suitable for the manufacture of dressers with a glossy surface;
    • solid wood. The material is suitable for the production of luxury furniture. This will add to the interior of luxury. The production uses only environmental materials that emphasize the natural beauty of the tree;
    • plastic. It is well suited for children's rooms. The material has enhanced strength and safety.

    Choose quality materials

    When creating models, various additional materials are used, as well as furniture fittings.

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    White features for the dresser

    White shade is considered a classic in the manufacture of furniture. It can be used in any premises. The furniture always turns out refined and deep, as the color has more than 10 shades.

    When choosing, focus on the overall design of the room.

    The main thing is to choose the best option for yourself. Among the sought-after emit:

    • pearl;
    • snow white;
    • lactic;
    • platinum.

    Any of these shades highlights the dresser and emphasizes its dignity.

    Often choose a white color with a touch

    White color has several important advantages.

    These include:
    • Visual expansion of room spaceIn which this furniture is installed. Hue gives the chest extra volume.
    • Filling the room with space. White color reflects light well. It helps to make the room brighter and airier.
    • Successful combinations. Any tone of white color goes well with the rest of the furniture in the room. For example, with black, blue, red or any bright shades.
    • A sense of calm and serenity. Psychologists have long proved that if there are white-tones in the room, this subconsciously soothes the person, and also sets him in a positive way.
    • Personification of success. Bright colors program the landlord to achieve their goals, which will bring good wealth to the house. People who have achieved success in life usually furnish their apartments only with white furniture. This is considered a sign of high social status.

    White color reflects light well.

    White color exists in different shades. The main thing to choose the right to the design of the apartment. If the apartment is decorated in the style of minimalism, it is better to stay at the cold and concise shades. For more refined designs - furniture should be made in alabaster or pearl tones.

    BoardWhite color is better not to combine with gray, light green or brown shades of finish. They will block all the positive properties of the finishing tone.

    It is better to combine with light wallpaper

    No need to furnish the entire room with white furniture only. This may cause association with the hospital. Being in such a room is not comfortable.

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    How to care?

    Dressers of this shade look beautiful and cozy. But many people are afraid to install them in their apartments because of the margins of color. They think that it will require more thorough care. If we drop all fears, then white furniture has much more advantages than nuances. There are several basic rules that will help preserve the flawless look of a white dresser.

    Drop all fears of white furniture.

    These include:

    • To remove greasy and contaminated sites, it is best to use onions, cut into 2 halves. Cut off the part you need to handle the stain. Then wipe this place dry.
    • If the surface is glossy, then abrasive cleaners should not be used to clean it. If you have any doubts, it is better to test the drug in an inconspicuous place. If no negative reaction followed, then it can be used for further purification.
    • Laminated chipboard, you can simply periodically wipe with a clean cloth dipped in water or special wet wipes for cleaning. If there are stains on the surface of the dresser that are not immediately removed, then the cloth should be wetted in a soap solution.
    • During the cleaning of the dresser should not use coarse and tough fabrics. Pile may damage or scratch the surface of the furniture. It is best to use wipes made from viscose.

    Try not to overdo it with white

    If you follow these simple rules, the chest will retain its appearance for a long time. This applies to both glossy and matte surfaces.

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    Commode selection rules

    Not every white dresser will fit into the space of a room. To make this happen you need to know the basic parameters of the choice of furniture.

    Beech chest in the children's room

    These include:

    • Dimensions. Standard models have a depth of 60 cm. The size allows you to accurately place the desired number of things. The furniture will not take up much space in the room.
    • Room. There are some nuances of choosing furniture.

    Small model, when there is not much space

    • children. Models should be equipped with convenient drawers. They open and close with a simple but reliable mechanism;
    • living room or hall. Furniture must have a solid surface;
    • bedroom. It is best to choose a chest of drawers with additional storage space, wide drawers and shelves.

    Furniture must have a solid surface.

    • Material. Practically in all rooms it is possible to install a white chest of drawers made of chipboard or MDF. The exception is the bathroom. There is always a level of humidity is elevated. Therefore, it is best to choose an array of natural wood or plastic.
    • Style. All the furniture in the room should be combined with each other. It is selected on the basis of the design of the room.
    • Choosing a place. Before you install the furniture you need to prepare for this place and make all the measurements.

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    VIDEO: Dressers - an indispensable thing in the interior