Wall decoration

Do-it-yourself wall decor - Realizing original ideas. 200+ (photo) for kitchen, living room, bedroom


Sophisticated wall decor not only fits into the design of the room, but also creates a cozy, homely atmosphere. Try to create your own original design that everyone will like. Everything in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • DIY work
  • Decor stickers
  • Wood decor
  • Flowers
  • Putty
  • Kitchen Options
  • Plates
  • Boards
  • "Message Board"
  • Art painting
  • For living room
  • For the bedroom
  • For the hallway
  • For the nursery
  • VIDEO: Beautiful wall design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • DIY work
  • Decor stickers
  • Wood decor
  • Flowers
  • Putty
  • Kitchen Options
  • For living room
  • For the bedroom
  • For the hallway
  • For the nursery
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • DIY work

    The easiest way to decorate your own hands is to use wallpaper. The monophonic variant looks trite, with its help it does not emphasize the originality of the design.

    We emphasize the originality of photo wallpapers

    Therefore it is recommended to use:

    • photo wallpaper;
    • classics;
    • Euro standards;
    • vinyl.

    Wall murals produced today are different from the Soviet. Technologies allow you to create images in 3D, making them three-dimensional, attractive, high-quality. The advantage of this decor method is the ability to create an individual pattern.

    In the 3D format in the bedroom

    BoardOriginal look 3D wallpaper, made on the basis of photos. Captured frame from real life creates a special comfort, homely atmosphere.

    The classic is not suitable for creating an original effect, but as a basis for further decoration. To decorate the room with paintings, lamps, other attributes, classic wallpaper will be a good foundation. They are performed in bright colors, if there is a drawing, then it is uncomplicated.

    We decorate the room with lamps

    Euro wallpaper - the opposite of classic, they are decorated with rich ornaments, often silver, gold hues. Not every room will look harmonious.. Unsuccessful will be the use of euro wallpaper for the bedroom in the style of country, Provencal kitchen. Their main use is for living rooms, halls.

    These wallpapers fit most styles of design.

    Vinyl wallpapers are often used to decorate rooms in order to emphasize them. This is an independent, bright element of the interior, usually bright colors. The advantage of vinyl wallpaper is its ability to adapt to most types of design.

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    Decor stickers

    There is a variety of themes of interior stickers, most often they are used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. They are made of vinyl material.

    Simple stickers upgrade the kitchen

    Those who have already tried to arrange a room with this option, highlight its advantages:

    • they are easy to apply on the surface, usually it takes no more than 15-20 minutes;
    • high service life - stickers do not deteriorate due to changes in temperature, humidity;
    • low price in comparison with other options of a decor;
    • stickers can be applied following the manufacturer's instructions, so you do not have to pay extra for the work;
    • Vinyl can be easily removed from the surface.

    Low cost option for wall decor

    A good option for vinyl stickers - trees, plants. On the branches you can harmoniously arrange the frame with family photos, pictures. Romantic scenes are suitable for the bedroom.

    Original look stickers in the kitchen decor. Look beautiful:

    • fruits;
    • vegetables;
    • other food;
    • images with water droplets looking realistic.

    They can hide many flaws.

    With the help of stickers, you can refresh the plain interior of the kitchen, hide minor flaws.

    BoardSome stickers are designed for the decoration of refrigerators. They help give a fresh look, hide flaws, just diversify the interior.

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    Wood decor

    Wood in the interior does not go out of fashion for many years. Some wooden decor options are expensive, others are cheaper.

    Natural wood trim

    Demand such options:

    • Board. The main rule - it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of boards. Smooth fit for minimalism designs. Rough, seemingly unsuitable at first glance, can be cleaned, polished, originally laid. They are suitable for rustic, Scandinavian styles.
    • Oriented strand board (OSB). Cheap material, which is easy to work with, can even be cut by an inexperienced builder. The decision to use OSB for decor fresh, appeared recently. Suitable for youth styles.
    • Small boards. Many owners in the house have cuts left after previous work. They can decorate the room, it will look relief, and the boards can be used as shelves.
    • Veneered panels. Dear option, appropriate for art deco styles, American. They decorate the halls, offices. Panels are made to order from individually selected material.

    We update the interior in the living room

    Previously, finishing a room with wood was perceived as a decoration for country houses. This perception of this material is in the past.

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    Flowers look good on monophonic backgrounds, in rooms made in different styles. Especially suitable - Provence, minimalism, chebbi chic, other similar options. Usually only one wall is decorated this way so that the room does not become too colorful.

    Paper Flowers - The Perfect Decor

    You can make flowers with your own hands, which will save money. You can make a lot of small buds or a few large ones, and compositions of flowers of different sizes also look beautiful.

    BoardTo make the decoration look voluminous, you can make petals from hearts, folded in half.

    Paper fan - original and beautiful

    A more difficult option, looking expensive - creating a frame around which flowers are placed or inside. They are hung not just in a chaotic manner over the entire surface area, but twist around the frame around the edges or evenly fill it. Originally looks like a white panel, decorated in this way.

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    As a result of using putty you can get:

    • wall drawing, extruded in the material;
    • relief surface, geometric patterns, waves;
    • grainy decor.

    With the help of Venetian plaster can achieve such a relief

    To begin, we prepare the composition, preparing in advance the necessary materials:

    • putty;
    • grout for joints;
    • acrylic paints;
    • white ground;
    • varnish

    Create any drawings and divorces.

    Work begins with a standard surface preparation - removing debris, applying a primer, start. Then the putty is applied with the selected technique. In order to obtain the relief, we apply the prepared mixture on the wall so that the layer thickness is 2-4 cm, extrude the drawing with a spatula.

    Another way is to extrude the image, “drawing” it with a spatula. The solution is applied in different directions. To get a grain, you need to treat the entire surface with a hard washcloth immediately after applying the solution.

    Wall inscriptions embossed in the material

    BoardIf you do not have any skills with plaster, it is better to choose a different decor option.

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    Kitchen Options

    If you want to approach the design of kitchen walls creatively, consider such options.

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    Often one part of the kitchen can be decorated with beautiful saucers and plates. They can be vintage, collectible, ordinary white, decorated with paint. The main thing - secure them.

    Decorative plates on the kitchen wall

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    Ordinary cutting boards look ordinary on the table, but if you hang them, it will be original. It is better to use the boards, decorated with any painting, they need to be combined with each other. You can add them to unusual forms for baking, trays.

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    "Message Board"

    To update the interior of the kitchen every day, a slate or chalk board is hung on one of the walls. The hostess can use such a device for practical purposes: to write a menu, a list of products to buy, other notes. For children, the board will become a favorite place in the house, they will definitely find a use for it.

    This way you can decorate the empty boring walls.

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    Art painting

    Looks rich, remains in trend for centuries. Handicraft in any room looks elegant. Drawing can be beautiful, funny, motivating.

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    For living room

    The design of this room is usually given enough time, as it is intended for receiving guests. Each living room decor has its advantages:

    • Wallpaper. You can choose to any interior. If the living room requires an accent surface to divert attention from any flaws, you can draw it with photo wallpapers. A large selection of designs, colors, materials make wallpaper a good option.

    A good option with photo wallpapers

    • Plaster. Its main purpose is smoothing defects. Irregularities, uneven height, other drawbacks can be eliminated only by rebuilding the apartment. Therefore it is necessary to hide them visually.
    • Tree. It can be used in different types: panels, laminate, full lining boards, clapboards. The main advantage of wood is that this material creates a cozy, homely atmosphere in the living room.
    • Decorative brick. Suitable for country, classic, scandinavian styles. Often brick wall is made to which the fireplace adjoins.

    TV brickwork

    • Soft panels. Can be made of various materials: leather, eco-leather, fabric. Inside there is a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber. Soft panels look favorably above the sofa, near the TV, they are suitable for many styles.

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    For the bedroom

    In addition to paint, wallpaper, wood, other classic materials, one wall in the bedroom can be done in a special way. Original ideas are:

    • Niche creation. The niche is usually located at the head of the bed, creating a romantic, mysterious atmosphere. If it is deep, the whole bed can go into it in whole or in part. The niche of small size performs a decorative function, it is decorated with lamps, vinyl stickers, mirrors.

    Making a niche in the bedroom

    • Soft wall. This decor will be suitable for a bed without a back. The surface is upholstered with fabric, leather, such fillers as synthetic winterizer, foam rubber provide not only comfort, but also noise insulation. The color of the soft wall can stand out against the general background of the bedroom, be bright or, on the contrary, in tone.
    • Mirror. This method of decoration visually increases, brightens the bedroom. Such material requires special care, daily rubbing, but it looks luxurious, rich. Mirror mosaic looks stylish - small elements are interconnected with frames, crossbars.

    Soft wall is up to date when there is no headboard in the bed.

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    For the hallway

    Hallway - the most frequently visited room in any apartment, meeting the hosts, their guests. It is a universal room, almost any material, except for ceramic tiles, is suitable for it.

    Usually this room is the smallest in the house, so you do not need to overload it. Making decor, you also need to consider techniques that use minimalism. It is enough to select only one wall, making it unusual.

    Minimalism in the hallway

    The decoration of the hallway with stones is considered a sign of luxury, given that it is usually small, such a decoration is inexpensive. The easiest way to make it wallpaper, it is better if they are solid or with a low-key pattern. Large images, 3D drawings in a small space look catchy.

    A good way to increase, lighten the hallway will be a wall of mirrors. It can be one mirror from ceiling to floor or a mosaic of small ones.

    Facet mirror increases space

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    For the nursery

    Registration of a child's room creates a child's mood, so the choice of the decor option is especially important. Finishing must be environmentally friendly, safe. Wood, other atypical materials with a specific smell will be inappropriate.

    A good option would be wallpaper. It is important to choose them, given the age of the child: for small ones, cartoon plots are suitable, for older children, more serious drawings. You also need to take into account the sex of the child, while it is not necessary to think that only pink or red wallpapers are suitable for the girl.

    Add a realistic wall

    Make fun in the design of the children's room, you can use vinyl stickers. They can be not only interesting, but also necessary. Often parents buy alphabetical themes, a scale for measuring height, and developing pictures.

    Painting in the nursery - the original version of the decoration of the room, especially since you can portray any plot. However, as the child grows, his preferences change, so you need to be ready at the first request to remove the drawing. It is better to decorate one wall with paintings.

    Flight of fantasy in the children's room

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