Linoleum in the interior - a simple and original solution as a floor covering. 220+ (Photos) Best IDEAS for living room, kitchen, bedroom


A new material may have a slightly peculiar and even unpleasant smell. This is due to the chemical composition of its coating.

Coverage is selected depending on the room

In total there are 5 types of different types of linoleum, which are divided according to the method of manufacture:
Based on natural flaxseed oil. It consists entirely of natural ingredients. This guarantees absolute security for the person. The only drawback of the flooring is in poor colors. This creates difficulties when choosing the right color for the room. For example, a brown tint can only give a pattern in the form of small streaks. Natural linen is usually placed in such areas as:
  • children's room;
  • kitchen;
  • bath.

Interior living room with linoleum

Thin colloxylin linoleum. It is made from a single layer without adding a base. The material is durable and elastic. It is usually used for rooms with a high level of humidity. The main disadvantage is increased fire hazard.Glyphthalic linoleum with a fabric base. It has good insulating qualities, which helps to make the floor in the room warm and comfortable for walking barefoot. The disadvantage of the material is its rapid deformation.
The coating may begin to stretch in width by reducing the length.

Pay attention to the additional properties of this material.

Polyvinyl chloride linoleum. Several different bases are used for its manufacture. Among them:
  • classical fabric basis;
  • fiberglass base.
Both species have excellent insulating qualities. But they have one common flaw - the strong smell that crosses out its strengths.

Learn first all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular type.

Linoleum with rubber inserts. The bottom layer is made from recycled rubber materials. The top one consists of synthetic rubber, as well as a coloring pigment. Linoleum, consisting of artificial components, is of good quality. It is made with different patterns and in any color.

It has many colors and patterns.

The quality of the base significantly affects how warm and comfortable the floor will be in the future. For living rooms it is better to use a multilayer product.. Its base is made of natural jute or felt with a sizing of fiberglass. The thickness of such a coating is about 5 mm. It is durable and soft material that can be used in different rooms.

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Advantages and disadvantages

To understand whether the coating is suitable for a particular room, you need to explore all its strengths and weaknesses. Linoleum, which is produced today, is significantly different from models produced in Soviet times.

There is even a warmed linoleum

The strengths of the material include:
  • quick installation. Depending on the type of room, you can choose a canvas of different widths. This will give the opportunity to lay it without visible knocks and seams;
  • versatility. The material is suitable for residential and non-residential premises;
  • various colors. There are models made with imitation of other flooring, which are much more expensive than linoleum;
  • different textures used to decorate the surface. This allows you to order a canvas with a smooth, glossy, matte, embossed or rough finish;
  • antistatic effect. It is in almost all modern products. Due to this, the surface easily repels dust and dirt;

Very easy to clean

  • durability. Some models can lie on the floor for 40 years. During this time, they will not form wiping and cracking;
  • uniform distribution of heat. This makes it possible to install under floor a “warm floor” system;
  • heat and sound insulation. The room does not hear sound from neighboring apartments or rooms;
  • wear resistance. Even a few years after installation, linoleum retains its flawless appearance;
  • moisture resistance. It is possible to lay a cloth even in rooms with the increased humidity level. It is not afraid of moisture on the front side;
  • easy care. The surface can be cleaned using household chemicals at least every day;
  • different color options. Thanks to different shades, you can emphasize the dignity of the room, while skillfully hiding its flaws;
  • the cost. It affects the composition of the canvas and its appearance.

You can emphasize the merits of any room

If necessary, replace the linoleum with another floor covering, it is not necessary to dismantle it. You can just over the old canvas to install carpet or other material.

Each finish has not only strengths. Before buying, be sure to pay attention to its shortcomings.

In linoleum, they look like this:
  • Almost all types of synthetic components are present.
  • The high cost of the product with an additional protective layer.
  • If you order large quantities, the canvas is difficult to transport. Be sure to ensure that the products are not deformed, and also not deteriorated appearance.
  • When buying the simplest class, the material has a primitive and monotonous appearance. This makes the situation in the room too boring and monotonous.

The high cost of the product

If you do not follow the rules of installation, the sheet after laying can go in waves or have uneven joints. This is especially true of large areas.

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Recommendations for the right choice

This is one of the most popular flooring. The main thing is to know how to choose the canvas, so that it lasts for a long time.

An ordinary buyer, when shopping for a store, pays attention to the color and price. Very annoying sellers often fail to concentrate and recall other important characteristics. But among them there are very important indicators, which should not be forgotten.

Do not forget about the important characteristics

First of all, it concerns marking. It happens:

  • 1 - for rooms with minimal loads. This refers to the bedroom;
  • 2 - for living rooms. For example, a kitchen or living room;
  • 3 - for offices;
  • 4 - for industrial premises.
Each room has a different load on the floor.

The room is placed furniture and other interior items. All these nuances must be paid attention to before purchasing a specific coverage model.

Pay attention to all the details before you buy.

It is necessary to choose a floor covering for each concrete room separately:
  • Living room. It has an average cross. This fit linoleum with a thickness of 1.5 mm from PVC. It must be resistant to moisture, does not absorb dirt, does not lose color.
  • Children's. Here it is better to lay a canvas of natural materials.
  • Hall and kitchen. Here the biggest burden on the floor. People can walk in outdoor shoes, so often there are traces of moisture and dirt. Something must be spilled or awakened in the kitchen. Based on this, for these rooms it is better to purchase semi-commercial linoleum 3 mm thick. Also for these premises you need to choose canvas with anti-slip properties. They consist of a relief embossed surface, which is easily determined if you run your hand over the surface.

It is better not to choose dark linoleum for the bedroom

In order for linoleum not to stretch and not lose its shape, when buying, you need to pay attention to the layer in the middle of the material. It is called fiberglass. This element keeps linoleum from "stretch marks".

The base must have a high density. This will help preserve the appearance of the material for a long time. The canvas will not deteriorate or deform over a long time. The better the base, the higher the density of the material.

The denser the base, the longer it will last.

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Tricks of linoleum for different rooms

The material should contrast with the interior of the room. Coatings can mimic different materials, come with an abstraction or monophonic. There are several features to choose from. These include:

  • for kitchen and bathroom it is worth choosing PVC linoleum. It has moisture resistant properties;
  • for the bedroom and dressing room, you can pick up material on a fabric basis;
  • for nursery or hallway, you can choose a narrow roll;
  • in large rooms you need to choose a wide roll. Otherwise, you will have to make a seam and glue together cloths that do not look very beautiful.

For the living room is better to choose wide rolls

An important point when choosing a floor covering is its durability. The thickness for the house is 0.2 - 0.3 millimeter.

Even before the purchase of linoleum is to look it by touch.

It should not be:
  • rough edges;
  • bubbles;
  • cracks;
  • damage;
  • lack of protective layer.

Be sure to check the material to the touch before buying

You also need to pay attention to the sharp and unpleasant smell.. In quality products it should not be. All these parameters can be studied in the store by touching the roll and reading the information on it.

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How to choose a coating for the kitchen?

Linoleum is a polymeric material for floors. Today it is available in different color schemes. It can be laid on concrete and wooden floors. The technology of its production makes it possible to select the coating in accordance with the requirements of the customer. But it is better to choose linoleum, based on the conditions of its further use.

We select waterproof material

It is very important to choose the right floor covering for rooms that require special conditions. One of these rooms is a kitchen. Here it is necessary to select a very wear-resistant and water-resistant material.. In the kitchen, all surfaces are exposed to water and fat. Linoleum is best for this room.

If we put aside all the issues concerning the colors, then the following characteristics of the flooring come to the fore:
  • tensile properties;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • abrasion resistance.

The main thing that the selected linoleum served for a long time

In the market of building materials there are still canvases stretching during operation. To avoid this, you need to clarify the presence of fiberglass in the composition. This element is the guarantor of the stability of the material, regardless of mechanical effects.

To determine by eye whether the material will be resistant to different influences is almost impossible. Resistance is determined by the structure of the upper layer.

It is better not to choose a household option for the kitchen

Household options have a very thin layer, which is absolutely not suitable for the kitchen.

The top transparent PVC layer for hazardous kitchen conditions must be at least 0.5 mm.

Apartments are rarely fully heated. In addition, the heating season does not always coincide with the actual date of the start of heating. Therefore, the best option for the kitchen would be warm linoleum.

BoardSelecting the warmed material, it is recommended to pay attention to the base layer. The denser it is, the better the floor will retain heat. The thick base is worse compressible, which will provide less deformation of the material in the case of placing on it heavy furniture or other loads.

Thick layer keeps heat better

If the canvas is intended for the summer kitchen, you must consider its frost resistance. In this case, you need to choose a material with a double layer of polyester. The structure will not lead to stratification or deterioration of the material in the cold season.

Another factor influencing the choice of canvas, is the presence of a lacquer coating. The protective layer not only prevents premature wear of the material, but also simplifies the maintenance of the flooring.

Pay attention to the lacquer coating

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Linoleum made under laminate

Logical completion of construction repair work is the selection and installation of the floor. The choice of materials presented on the construction market is quite large:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • carpeting;
  • parquet tiles.

Linoleum under the tile

When choosing a coating, it is necessary to maintain a ratio of 3 main criteria:
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Functionality.
  • Practicality.

Linoleum consists of two layers:

  • Surface performs a decorative function.
  • The bottom, consisting of a synthetic fiber base, provides noise and vibration insulation.

The perfect choice for your interior

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