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The bathroom certainly has the problem of storing dirty laundry and clothes. The best solution to this issue is to buy a special basket in which you can store things before washing. Laundry baskets in the bathroom are presented in a huge variety, so it will be difficult for you to make a choice. We will try to talk about the main types of containers and suggest ways to decorate housing with these devices.

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  • Basic requirements: what to look for before buying?
  • Types of linen containers
  • Popular materials
  • Corner
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  • Woven
  • Plastic
  • Folding
  • Laundry basket case
  • Cupboard
  • Making a container with your own hands
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Basic requirements: what to look for before buying?
  • Types of linen containers
  • Popular materials
  • Laundry basket case
  • Cupboard
  • Making a container with your own hands
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Basic requirements: what to look for before buying?

    Baskets are available in various forms and variations, because before buying you need to know the basic selection criteria. It is important for you to choose a piece of interior that does not take up a lot of space, while being quite roomy and well combined with the overall style of the bathroom.

    Baskets are available in various shapes and variations.

    In order for it to fulfill its function to the maximum and maintain a neat type of room, it is necessary to choose a product with a lid. Then dirty things will not look out. It is important that there are holes. If there is no ventilation, things start to get an unpleasant smell that will spread to the entire bathroom.

    Pay attention to such important points before buying:

    • The material from which the basket is made is very important. It is desirable that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, well-operated in a room with high humidity and reliable.
    • Regardless of the shape, the future container should be convenient for you.
    • The selected basket should fit well into the bathroom style, both in shape and color.
    • Large containers are very attractive, but will take up too much space. If you do not want to completely force the space of the room, think about the option of built-in furniture.
    • Consider how the product is made. It must have openings for ventilation on the walls and bottom, as well as a cover. It is desirable that the product was natural and not covered with paint. Make sure that the paint does not leave marks on the delicate linen.

    An indispensable thing in any bathroom

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    Types of linen containers

    Many when referring to a laundry basket in their minds represent the usual box with a lid. However, modern models are produced in a variety and add aesthetics to the interior. Sometimes it is even difficult to distinguish them from the bedside table under the sink.

    Braided option

    The main types of laundry containers are divided into:

    • Standard - most often found on store shelves. They are made of various materials and differ in the type of installation. The most popular model of this category is corner basket. Another common type is direct modelwhich is often placed near the washing machine. It also includes a basket on wheels, which is easy to move and in which case it occupies a free corner. The disadvantage of standard baskets is the area they occupy.

    Provence Style

    • Embedded - Models are considered multifunctional in comparison with standard ones, because they take up almost no space. Built-in baskets are placed in the bedside table under the sink or pencil case. Access is provided by sliding mechanisms.
    • Wall mounted - the same built-in baskets, but they are placed in wall cabinets. You will have space in the cabinet under the sink in order to fold the shampoos and household chemicals. This option is not very convenient to use, as the laundry is inconvenient to put and get out of such a basket.
    • Folding - the usual form of floor baskets, but you can, if necessary, to fold. That is, if there is no dirty laundry at the moment, the product is simply removed from the eyes and does not take up space.

    There are many forms of baskets.

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    Popular materials

    When studying the choice of baskets, it is important to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different materials. The most used are:

    • Plastic - most often found in stores in our country. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. If you can not spend a lot of money to buy and want a practical product, feel free to purchase plastic baskets.
    • Wood - classic material, which is chosen because of environmental friendliness. Wicker products look very stylish - they are compact and visually attractive, they will fit into a different design.

    Plastic - most often found in stores in our country

    • Metallic - most often are embedded, less common standard baskets of metal. Most often they are produced in the form of a conventional trellised cube, which is made of either colored or chrome-plated wire.
    • Fabric - the least popular material for the bathroom baskets. In most cases, produced in the form of bags or metal frame, covered with a fabric. By choosing this option, you will encounter troubles: the fabric quickly absorbs moisture and becomes a breeding ground for mold and unpleasant smell.

    Retractable option

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    Corner basket - the most current type of container, which is selected in connection with saving space in the room. It is designed to store things that will be washed in a maximum of two days. Thus, you prevent the occurrence of dampness and microbes.

    It can be put in any convenient place in the house - on the balcony or in the bedroom. However, the most relevant place for the location of the laundry basket is the bathroom. Corner containers are valued for compactness, because often the bathrooms are not large, and every centimeter remains on the account.

    Corner basket - the most current type of container

    Most often they are triangular. There are two types of models: without a cover and with a cover. Ordinary stationary models and folding, which can be removed from view at any time.

    Corner baskets are mounted, in this case they are equipped with handles. The most popular materials for corner baskets in the bathroom are:

    • Bamboo - the natural material which is appreciated durability and long service. Gamma is limited to natural colors.
    • Rattan - other environmentally friendly material with good ventilation and durability. So that the fungus and bacteria do not develop, it is varnished.

    You can put in any convenient place in the house

    • Tree - it is chosen because of the lack of toxins and low cost, as well as a long service life. However, the products weigh a lot and are also limited in the color palette.
    • Plastic - moisture resistant and available material, is issued in various flowers. However, it has poor ventilation and, as a rule, serves a short time.
    BoardChoose the dimensions of the container, given the size of your bathroom. Check the fastening of the cover, stability and strength.

    Creative option

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    Furniture makers know how important it is to save space. Because they created a built-in laundry baskets that can be mounted inside a cabinet or pedestal. The clothes will be hidden from the eyes, a free space will appear.

    Round products in different colors

    All the advantages of containers will be appreciated by those who have a good ventilation in the bathroom. Excess moisture will be eliminated, and there will be fresh air in the room without foreign smells of dirty things. Built-in wardrobe products have such advantages in comparison with analogues:

    • Good air circulation, no unpleasant odors.
    • You will see well what is in the container. If necessary, easily get the necessary thing for washing.
    • It weighs little and is easily removed.
    • The built-in metal basket is low cost and costs much less than standard wooden counterparts.
    • Built-in container is not deformed under the constant influence of moisture.

    Good air circulation, no unpleasant odors

    Experts identify a number of disadvantages of the built-in basket:

    • If the device breaks down, it will be inconvenient to use it.
    • Next to the basket with dirty linen is not recommended to put the container with clean things or towels.
    • Small things, such as socks, can constantly fall out.
    • If the container is additionally lined with cloth, it will quickly begin to smell unpleasant.

    Built-in boxes differ in type of fastening. There are containers:

    • Independent - they are easy to get, move and use offline.
    • Embedded - move forward and retract thanks to the mechanism.
    • Removable - fabric bag with a frame that is attached with grooves to the walls of the furniture.

    Can be used instead of lockers

    The boxes built into the furniture are deep and very roomy, as well as small but wide. The second option is often used not for dirty things, but for storing clothes.

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    In search of an object that will emphasize the cozy atmosphere of the bathroom, stop the choice on products that are made by hand. Wicker basket will be the highlight of the room and it will be beneficial to look.

    Rustic Bathroom

    Wicker tanks come in small, medium and large sizes. Small tanks are most often used for storing towels, bathrobes, shampoos and other personal care products. They do not exceed a height of 50 centimeters, while large containers can reach 1 meter.

    Along with its functionality, the wicker basket serves as a bright decor. It can fit into the design of the bedroom and improve it by adding expressiveness. Advantages of wicker containers for laundry:

    • Absolute safety, environmental friendliness and reliability of the material. Its natural shades add comfort to the room and create a feeling of harmony.
    • Good air circulation so that it does not stagnate and does not appear unpleasant smell. Wicker tank provides maximum ventilation, making it impossible to mold.

    Wicker basket will be the highlight of the room

    • Openwork basket is available in different versions and has a noble look, decorating the bathroom.
    • A diverse color range allows you to choose a model for any design. In addition to the classic brown shades, there are products of white, gray, black and beige tones.
    • Braided containers are light, then you can easily move them to another place. This is necessary during the cleaning of the room.

    Among the negative qualities of home-made products, they note their rather high cost and deformation after a while. They are more expensive than other tanks, as they are made from natural materials. Some experts believe that woven baskets are very badly combined with modern style and high-tech.

    Fabric item

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    To dirty things were not scattered around the room, you can buy a budget plastic basket. Like any product, it has its advantages:

    • Different colors - you can choose a shade to match the color of your tile, choose a pink, lime or blue container. With other materials this is not possible.
    • Durability plastic.
    • Ease and convenience in use.
    • Different sizes and shapes.
    • Low price.

    These baskets can be hidden in the closet.

    Plastic is a reliable, but not strong enough material. If you drop a heavy object, the basket will crack or break. The cheapest products are toxic, have an unpleasant smell. Return to the menu ↑


    A good solution for decorating the bathroom is a folding basket. It is designed for mounting on the cabinet door, bedside table or pencil case. Most often this is done from the inside to save space. However, in spacious walk-in closets and bathrooms, you can attach a tank to the outside.

    Many modern folding baskets have holders so that you can get the right thing to wash without difficulty. Containers should be made of waterproof materials, have a strong painting, so as not to leave marks on clothes.

    Built-in option

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    Laundry basket case

    The question of storing dirty clothes has always bothered the housewives. On the one hand, you need to hide things from the eyes. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a place where the dirty clothes of the whole family could be stored. Recently, special bathroom furniture has appeared, which allows you to store laundry. Cases with a built-in basket have the following advantages:

    • They are presented in furniture stores in a large variety - you can easily choose any dimensions and sizes.
    • The basket built into the pencil case helps to hide the mess and a lot of dirty things from prying eyes. They will always be at hand, but not visible.
    • The case can be used not only for clothes, but also for storing hygiene items, towels, hair dryers, electrical appliances, cosmetics, etc.

    The disadvantages include the fact that the tank built into the pencil case will not be large. This is a fairly narrow closet, because the basket will also be quite narrow. Large families, for whom daily washing is a common thing, a case with a built-in box will appeal to them.

    Modern canisters are equipped with convenient systems, which include drawers, removable attachments for shelves, folding storage compartments, hangers and coat hooks.

    Eco-friendly and reliable material

    Cases with removable baskets are:

    • Outdoor - A popular type, suitable for any bathroom. They are compact, often equipped with a large number of shelves for storing hygiene items. Often have metal legs, sometimes installed on a massive base.
    • Suspended - help save space, often installed above the sink. Suspended models with built-in drawers are rare, except for large canisters installed above the door. This is not very convenient, but when every centimeter counts, you have to sacrifice something.
    • Corner - also suitable for small bathrooms. Successful shape allows you to perfectly stand in a corner, freeing up space.
    • Mirrored - A stylish solution that helps to visually expand the bathroom and add light.

    Bathroom in white and turquoise colors

    When looking for a pencil case, first of all decide whether you will use it for anything other than dirty things. If the answer is no, you need to choose a compact model, the entire internal space of which will be allocated to the basket.

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    In the furniture market there are many interior items of various configurations and sizes, among which the wardrobe holds a high bar. Completion of the tank for dirty clothes - one of the main advantages when choosing furniture.

    Suspended model

    Floor models of cases are most often combined in a wash basin. You will be able to make the most efficient use of the available bathroom space. The compartment for things prepared for washing occupies the vertical half of the furniture.

    Cabinets have the following advantages:

    • a huge variety of design solutions - bathroom cabinets are available in classic, modern, baroque, etc .;
    • greater functionality - they can also store shampoos, shower gels, other accessories, towels, cosmetics;
    • strength;
    • easy installation with wall mounting;
    • affordability financially.

    Stylish articles for linen

    The main disadvantage of floor cabinets is that they can interfere with plumbing work. In the event of a breakdown, a complete disassembly of the installation may be necessary.

    Often, bathroom cabinets are made from such materials:

    • tree massif;
    • DSP, MDF;
    • artificial stone (very rarely - natural).

    Laundry for a private house

    The strongest and most resistant to moisture is the stone. Natural wood is also known for its long life. Cabinets made of wood panels are the cheapest of the presented materials. However, they should have an additional layer of protection, which is better to ask the sellers before buying.

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    Making a container with your own hands

    Despite the large selection in the stores, some make their own containers. Homemade products are very valuable and original. To make the container yourself is not difficult.

    In modern style

    One of the easiest and at the same time fascinating ways is to use newspaper weaving to create a basket. Adults and children will be able to do this. Prepare:

    • newspapers;
    • White glue;
    • scissors, ruler;
    • knitting needle;
    • form for the base;
    • varnish

    It is important that the ends of the tubes you have made are the same in width. Measure them with a ruler. The number of tubes you have made must be large, it depends on the estimated dimensions of the product.
    Step-by-step instruction
    • Cut sheets of newspaper into strips. The width of each strip should be 7 centimeters.
    • Scroll them in turn on a thin needle, maintaining an angle of 30 degrees.
    • Glue the ends of our thin tubes.
    • Now insert the ends of the tubes into each other to make long strips.
    • Secure the joint with the PVA.
    • Now prepare 10 tubes and spread them perpendicular to each other (5 * 5).
    • Bend in turn the tube, add glue and fix it.
    • When you have braided all 10 elements, turn the corner tube in a circle, intertwining with five other elements.

    Beautiful products in different colors

    Step-by-step instruction
    • Bend the remaining tubes in turns so that you end up with a circle (or oval).
    • You got the bottom. Now lift the axes up, insert the base inside the tubes. It can serve as a small plastic bucket. Go around the bucket in a circle and continue weaving.
    • When you reach the top, secure the edges. To do this, you need to bend the tubules inside, fastening between the other elements. Apply glue to the entire surface to secure a homemade basket and increase its service life. From above you can paint the container with varnish to make it more beautiful.
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