Design and decoration of the bathroom with plastic panels for walls and ceilings + 110 PHOTOS. Fast and cheap way to decor


Do you think that the bathroom design presented in the photo will require a lot of money and time? In vain. Decorating with plastic panels will take a couple of days. This is a chance to drastically change the design of the bathroom and maintain cleanliness with ease.


  • Pros of the material
  • What solution is plastic bath decor suitable for?
  • Technical Parameters of PVC Panels
  • Shape and size
  • Criterias of choice
  • How much to buy
  • Installation is possible for everyone
  • Two types of cutting
  • The sequence of the stages of wall cladding
  • Secrets of frameless plating
  • The nuances of finishing the ceiling panels
  • Care rules
  • TOP 8 undeniable advantages of plastic panels
  • VIDEO: Little bath
  • GALLERY: The best options tdeki bathroom plastic panels
  • Pros of the material

    Plastic panels in no way inferior tile. The undoubted advantages of the material - the price and excellent sound insulation.

    Stylish interior hygienic room in dark colors

    The range allows you to realize the idea of ​​decor using:

    • decorative pattern;
    • imitations of marble, wood;
    • fashionable 3D image;
    • photo printing;
    • colored background of any shade.

    Plastic in the classic bathroom

    The palette of PVC panels is diverse - from pastel to bright hues, and even deep black with a glossy and matte surface.

    The color palette of plastic panels

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    What solution is plastic bath decor suitable for?

    The use of cladding moisture resistant plates is relevant for small apartments. Inexpensive and modern. Beautiful and rich.

    White bathroom looks beautiful and very spacious

    Bathroom decor plastic plates will never be boring. It opens a wide scope for the realization of the most extravagant idea. But not for the classical style, country, Provence, art deco.

    For such design decisions appropriate natural materials in combination with tile.

    Latte color in the bathroom

    Plastic products are excellent for modern, hi-tech, contemporary, minimalist, thanks to the possibility of a harmonious combination of patterns.

    Shades and elements of images in the editing process can be alternated, which allows to realize any creative idea.

    The most popular images are flowers, sea animals and plots, mosaic. Friezes skillfully imitate marble, granite tiles with a smooth or embossed surface, glossy shine or a noble matte texture.

    White bathroom with headset addition

    PVC cladding with a frieze under the wood texture is able to give the bathroom a new interior.

    One of the stylish solutions is a panel with a print around a mirror or a shower area. The rest of the walls are one-color.

    In a fashion - a combination of panels with three different patterns. The alternation of different bands allows you to give the surfaces a unique look and visually "pull" the walls up.

    Soft blue colors make the bathroom very delicate

    Even a small 3D volumetric image on plastic will add some lightness to the space.

    PVC materials are perfectly combined with modern decorative materials, so it looks effectively facing the surface around the sink and bath with walls, decorated with moisture-resistant plaster or wallpaper.

    Delicate interior in the style of marble

    Visually increase the room by using small images on the plastic, located across.

    Fragments with a pattern in the form of a small mosaic or a frieze are better suited for small rooms, and panels with a large image for decoration of spacious rooms. Return to the menu

    Technical Parameters of PVC Panels

    The basis of products is polyvinyl chloride, which meets modern requirements for environmental friendliness, hygiene and safety.

    Black bathroom in white

    Each panel consists of two thin sheets of plastic, connected by longitudinal ribs.

    They form cells in the form of cells, so under them after installation an air layer is created. This structure provides thermal and sound insulation.

    The advantage of this material in aesthetics, strength and durability

    Plastic does not absorb moisture, so it is not subject to deformation. In the process of installation, the sheets of decorative plastic adhere tightly, thanks to the protrusions on the edges.

    This is a guarantee of one hundred percent waterproofing, lightweight panels eliminates the additional load on the base of the walls and ceiling.

    PVC products are not deformed by high temperature. Images do not fade, are not erased.

    Broad bands look very interesting.

    Pollution is easily removed from the plastic surface. High-quality installation and regular maintenance contribute to the operation of up to 10 years and more.

    If you need to change the interior, the panels are quickly and easily removed. Their installation does not require pre-finishing walls. Behind them, you can hide communications. Return to the menu

    Shape and size

    Manufacturers usually produce PVC fragments 2.5–4 m long, 5–10 mm thick.

    White color makes the room more spacious.

    The market implements options for plastic panels thinner and shorter than the standard parameters, but they are less durable, so their use in the bathroom is irrational.

    Gray plastic for the bathroom look strictly and concisely

    Depending on the design idea on the market, you can buy PVC in the form of:

    • standard sheets with a width of 10-37 cm, mainly with a tile imitation frieze;
    • slats, representing a narrow 10 cm wide strips with a single-color design;
    • seamless sheets up to 2 m wide, as a rule, with a ready-made design solution on the front side.

    Big allow to reduce installation time. However, it should be remembered that in a small bathroom monotonous wall cladding without seams can create the impression of a box.

    Beautiful white surfaces blend in with wood

    Rack plastic are mounted longer, but allow to correct space.

    Horizontal mounting of the rails will visually expand the room, and vertical mounting will visually “raise” the ceiling.

    Disadvantages of plastic panels:

    • low level of resistance to mechanical damage;
    • reduction of useful space of the room due to installation;
    • the difficulty of installing additional wall shelves, cabinets that require slats;
    • the need for accurate calculation docking frieze and drawings.

    But these disadvantages successfully replace the pros. In addition, manufacturers continue to work on improving the characteristics of products, create new ways of installation. Some versions of the panels can already be glued or installed with clips.

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    Criterias of choice

    A number of product specifications are possible upon careful consideration:

    Wall paneling in the bathroom

    • the surface of each surface must be flat;
    • dimensions must exactly match the information on the label;
    • in the composition should not be more than 43% ethylene, 57% - associated chlorine;
    • the more stiffening ribs, the durability of the panel is higher;
    • the tone of the color should be smooth and the image clear.

    Latte color plastic sheathing looks harmoniously with a tile in the bathroom

    High surface relief makes cleaning difficult. In the projections will accumulate dirt, water, which leads to the formation of mold fungi. The same problem occurs when poor-quality installation.

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    How much to buy

    The accuracy of the calculation - the key to saving the budget. Calculate the surface area is not enough, because the corners and transitions will not allow to do without waste.

    Their volume increases when choosing lamellae with asymmetrical patterns. To use segments with such decor in other places of the bathroom is impossible.

    Variety with narrow stripes

    Therefore, for standard plates, you should buy 10-15% more from the area of ​​the finished surfaces. With complex drawings, the number of panels is better to calculate one by one.

    Screws, screws, klyammery better buy bundles, because it is impossible to calculate their exact number. With slats and profiles is easier, because they divide the surface into squares, but it is preferable to purchase with a stock.

    This material currently has great potential.

    BoardPreparing for installation, it is better to pre-assemble the picture and use an adhesive tape to attach it to the wall. This will help to avoid calculation errors. Return to the menu

    Installation is possible for everyone

    Plastic lining done with their own hands, even without special skills. This is a way to quickly and profitably decorate the room without outside help.

    Mounting does not require plaster leveling. Practiced frame and adhesive method of lining.

    Beautiful plastic lining in the bathroom

    For the skeleton method you need to stock up:

    • a drill;
    • screwdriver;
    • screws and dowels;
    • a hacksaw;
    • a pencil;
    • a triangle;
    • tape measure;
    • bath plinth;
    • plastic moldings;
    • sealant.

    Easy to install yourself without asking for help from specialists.

    Before installation, an antiseptic primer is sprayed onto the surface of the walls in order to prevent the formation of mold by 100%. Return to menu

    Two types of cutting

    1While cutting along the lamella, a long, flat rail fits snugly to the contour of the marking and is notched with the help of a mounting knife, “grinder”, or hacksaw one side along the entire length. Then turns over and bends at the cut point. It is completely cut off at the fold. 2 In the transverse method, at first, jumpers located between the planes are cut one by one. The final incision is also made along the fold.

    Striped panels look nice in the bathroom

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    The sequence of the stages of wall cladding

    The beginning of work is the removal from the premises of all disturbing things so that there is free access to the surfaces.

    Cool and very stylish bathroom interior

    • Measure the height of the walls.
    • Trimming metal profiles to the desired height.
    • Installation of vertical profiles at a distance of 50 cm from each other, starting from the left side.
    • Screw fasteners at a distance of 40 cm on the same level, starting from the bottom.
    • Between the wall and the ceiling, the wall and the floor there are gaps of 3-3.5 mm.

    Delicate and very soft bathroom interior

    The result is a solid frame - the foundation. Then the cells are filled with foam.

    After it is laid, the lighting will be wired - sockets, places for lamps. The last stage is the fastening of plastic panels to the profile with a tight connection of fragments, gluing the baseboards on top and bottom.

    For mounting panels used screws, screws or nails. The panels can be fixed with the help of klyimer, "snap" elements to the crate. They allow you to speed up the installation, but more expensive in cost.

    For bathrooms, horizontal installation is not recommended, because moisture can easily get into the joints, and then penetrate into the space under the lamellae and provoke the formation of mold fungus.

    In small rooms, the use of a frame for decoration "eats" precious centimeters of area. But this is not a reason for rejecting such a plastic decoration option. They can be glued.

    A relaxed bathroom interior resembling a Chinese style

    Just in this case it will be problematic to replace the damaged item. It will not be possible to install the built-in lamps, to warm the room.

    A limited space in the bathroom creates a warm and special comfort.

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    Secrets of frameless plating

    Prior to frameless PVC installation, it is necessary to level and prime the wall surface. For fixing, use liquid nails, taking into account the flow rate of 1-2 standard cartridges of 5-6 square meters. m or.

    In a small bathroom the interior in light colors visually expands your space.

    The adhesive composition is applied to the slab dotted with a distance of 5-10 cm from the edge. The points are staggered.

    Installation is carried out from a corner clockwise. It is applied to the surface with little effort, because the panels are "afraid" of large mechanical effects.

    The advantage of plastic in elegance, reliability and durability

    Almost immediately, the decorative sheet is detached from the wall surface to allow the glue to dry. After 5-10 minutes, the panel is finally installed in place. The upper and lower edges are additionally secured with dowels.

    Compliance with this technology is imperative that there is no skew of the following lanes.

    Classic with old style looks ambiguous

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    The nuances of finishing the ceiling panels

    For the ceiling plating used decorative plates with a width of 20-25 cm with a glossy surface. Without a frame can not do.

    It is set by marks on the surface of the walls. Make them easy using the water level. On one wall put the starting point, and then - in the corners. Markers are connected to the assembly lines.

    Light gray bathroom looks beautiful and very loose

    The frame of the ceiling is made with slats of spruce or pine with dimensions of 20x40 mm or 20x50 mm. For fastening the rails, U-shaped suspensions are used, which are positioned 40-50 cm later. The frame for the lamps is additionally strengthened.

    Installation begins with fastening to the skirting frame. Then decorative lamellae are inserted under the baseboard on one side, and then on the other, and attached to the crate with screws.

    Easy to install yourself without asking for help from the masters

    During installation, the electric wires are brought out. The installation is completed with the treatment of joints with silicone sealant.

    It is better to install ceiling tiles diagonally, to use screws with a press washer, because the atmosphere of the bathroom is characterized by high humidity and temperature differences.

    Green plastic panels in the bathroom decoration

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    Care rules

    The plastic slats are easily removed with a cloth moistened with water and detergent. To prevent divorce, wipe them with a dry cloth. Do not use abrasives and brushes that can injure the plastic surface.

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    TOP 8 undeniable advantages of plastic panels

    1 Rich assortment. 2. Moisture resistance. 3. Quick installation. 4 Under the panels hide communications.

    VIDEO: Little bath