Soft, modular and cabinet furniture for the living room in a modern style. Everything you need to know to create a stylish design + 115 PHOTOS


It can be difficult to choose furniture for the living room so that everything is harmonious. But it turns out everything is much easier. With the help of furniture in the living room you can arrange bright accents, make it cozy and welcoming.

Content of this article:

  • What is the modern style
  • What can be used in the living room
  • What you need to know about modular furniture
  • What you need to know about soft
  • Cabinet Nuances
  • Variations of color options
  • Do materials matter
  • Moments that need attention
  • Top 10 major furniture trends in 2019
  • VIDEO: Design of the hall
  • GALLERY: The most successful living room furniture options
  • What is the modern style
  • What can be used in the living room
  • What you need to know about modular furniture
  • What you need to know about soft
  • Cabinet Nuances
  • Variations of color options
  • Do materials matter
  • Moments that need attention
  • Top 10 major furniture trends in 2019
  • GALLERY: The most successful living room furniture options
  • What is the modern style

    Perhaps every homeowner wants every room in the house to be not only comfortable, but also visually beautiful.

    Choosing furniture with taste

    A popular technique for creating comfort is the consistency of a single style in the interior. If we are talking about the living room, then there is often used a modern style, which is reflected in the choice of furniture.

    Practical, beautiful and modern

    Modern style in the interior is popular because of the combination of practicality and convenience, along with an attractive look.

    There are no problems with the choice of furniture because of the same popularity, the main thing is to know what to use, in what color, from what material, etc.

    The main thing to choose by color and size of the filled space

    To understand the basic principles of creation, it makes sense to understand the most characteristic features of this style.

    Of great importance in the process of arranging the room has its size - requires the most spacious room, in addition, it should be bright. If possible, the doors should be dismantled. Lack of doors will expand the space on visual perception.

    As for furniture and accessories, you can select the following:

    • Interior items should be as comfortable as possible. In this sense, the so-called modular furniture that can be changed if necessary looks attractive.
    • The color should be light, soft shades. As for large items, wenge colors are allowed for them.
    • A large number of decorative accessories are welcome, but accessories and furniture should be combined with each other, or at least look organic.
    • Lines, as well as surfaces must be perfectly smooth.
    • Facades should be straight and smooth.

    Furniture should be as comfortable as possible.

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    What can be used in the living room

    It must be remembered that some styles, such as minimalism, are directly related to modernity. But in any case, completely without furniture in the room is not enough.

    We keep up with the times

    You can use upholstered furniture - in this situation a sofa or chair will do. The presence of large armrests or wide backs is not allowed.

    The wall is made in a classic style.

    Puffs that create extra comfort come up to the sofa. The coffee table should be a glass table.

    Appliances, in particular, television, should stand on a specially designed booth. The color should be light.

    The room can be a hinged construction of shelves or cabinets. There is another option with the installation of a metal serving table, which is equipped with wheels.

    Noble white with classic notes

    TV can be located not only on the cabinet, but also on the shelf or directly on the wall. Only need to repel the preferences and parameters of the room.

    Minimalism is always in fashion

    All unnecessary details are removed as much as possible, otherwise the organic matter can be broken. In the case of using the fireplace in the room, it should serve as the main object in the room.

    It is around the fireplace that the furniture is placed. If the room is not spacious, and especially the situation did not affect the dismantling of the doors, then it is better to pay attention to minimalism.

    Option with a round table in the middle of the room

    If you break the items used into separate categories, you can select modular furniture, upholstered and cabinet.

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    What you need to know about modular furniture

    Such living room furniture is represented by numerous species. Modular models can, as supplemented, and decrease.

    Transforming the room with these corners

    With minimal effort, you can very much change the look of the room, without changing anything in principle. The most important qualities of modular designs are their versatility and mobility.

    It is quite so easy to build an interior, since it can be adapted for both spacious and compact living rooms. No other type of this can boast fully.

    Adapt the interior to your needs

    Quite often used modular walls in which you can select compartments for dishes in the living room.

    Use the compartments for dishes

    For such compartments, it is better to make transparent doors, and the dishes themselves should be bright. As for modern classics, there should be light shades.

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    What you need to know about soft

    Since the purpose of the living room is, including, and in the reception of guests, respectively, the presence of certain types of upholstered furniture required.

    Modern classic light shades

    Modern style is no exception. Selected designs, whether sofas or ottomans, must comply with this.

    The frame of the furniture can be both wooden and metal, there is also a variety in the choice of upholstery.

    Both genuine leather and fabric will do. The main requirement for them is durability, as it will be used frequently, and poor quality upholstery cannot withstand private use.

    Of the popular species, which looks organic, you can select frameless models.

    An interesting option of wooden leaving curtains

    It can be a padded stool or a bag-chair, which have an elastic filling with a memory effect, that is, such objects easily take on the desired shape.

    When in the living room you need to make a place to sleep, then a transforming sofa can be used as such a place, which will be folded and folded at will.

    It is not always acceptable to use soft poufs in the interior.

    For convenience, you can use additional auxiliary elements. An additional element may be a footrest or a table for storing journals. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Cabinet Nuances

    Cabinet furniture is distinguished by its versatility, where there are a large number of different elements, which makes it also multi-functional.

    This includes dressers, shelves, and cabinets, which can be used to install the TV and to store smaller items.

    Full ivory design with soft furnishings

    The bookcase is included in the same category of hull structures, but if the dimensions of the room do not allow the installation of rather bulky items, then we can confine ourselves to a corner.

    It is no less convenient and practical, but due to its design, you can save free space, which is already lacking in a compact room.

    We save space due to small walls

    By and large, the basic rule of choice: the furniture should belong to one set. Already after this, parameters such as convenience and size are important.

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    Variations of color options

    Color when choosing furniture for the living room is a defining parameter. Professional designers recommend relying on these shades:

    1The upholstery should have a blue tint or mint color. The following shades are inherent in this style: beige, brown, white, pastel colors. 2. White furniture is often chosen, as it is quite simple to combine it with objects of other shades. 3 Only leather and beige leather are used in leather upholstery.4 as it should itself be dark. The lightness of the interior will add objects made of plexiglass.

    Color colors in the interior

    Since the color of wenge in this style is popular, many stop on it. The specificity of this color is that it is dark enough, respectively, so that the room does not look gloomy, you need to make the floor, walls, ceiling in a light shade. Otherwise, being in the living room will become uncomfortable. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Do materials matter

    Key parameters for materials are safety, reliability and comfort. Under these parameters fit several materials at once, in particular, wood.

    To refresh the room, you need to do everything light.

    Wood furniture is most in demand. It is relatively inexpensive, while it is sufficiently resistant to the effects.

    As wood for the manufacture of interior used oak, pine, beech. Plastic is most often used to create small designs, and to create hanging products.

    Wood - remains the most popular material

    For modern classics such furniture is not very suitable, although it has advantages. This is a great variety in shapes and colors.

    Products from particle board are even more affordable. All danger of products from a chipboard that at its production it is possible to use varnishes, different at the price.

    The attractiveness of the furniture is added by the use of glass.

    The use of cheap lacquers leads to the fact that the furniture can not be used in a residential area.

    To choose furniture for the living room of chipboard, it makes sense to study the accompanying documentation to understand the composition of products. There is also a recommendation to improve visual appeal - it can be supplemented with glass or plastic inserts. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Moments that need attention

    There are a number of options that will help choose. For some people, the issue price is not in the first place, so they do not even pay attention to items at a low price.

    But if the budget is limited, you will have to look for items at a more affordable price. There is a basic rule - the cheapest designs can not be used, since the quality of such items will be questionable.

    Cheap furniture may have a short operational life.

    We look at the country of production. This parameter is quite subjective, but you should not pay attention to it.

    For a living room, items made in Italy and Germany are equally suitable. The first products are famous for their originality and attractiveness, the second - for its rigor and smooth lines.

    Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer

    Should I pay attention to the products of domestic producers? It is worth considering all the options.

    As for the size, it is necessary to build on the parameters of the room. Bulky items will not look in a compact room.

    The size of the furniture is directly dependent on the size of the room.

    In order not to get into an unpleasant situation when the furniture has already been purchased, but it cannot be put into the living room, you should plan it in advance, and it is better to do it on paper. From this plan and need to proceed with the purchase of interior items.

    If the room is large, then the choice of models that fit perfectly and will look very large

    The configuration of objects also depends on the parameters of the living room. For small rooms, corner models are suitable, which themselves are roomy and compact.

    The use of corner models allows you to free up space in the center of the room, which can be used wisely.

    It seems a lot of furniture, but space in the room is well-played

    Appearance is a controversial parameter, since different may have a different view on this question.

    When ordering a sofa or chair should be familiarized in advance with how the object looks in reality.

    Before ordering furniture, it is important to familiarize yourself with its actual size and material of execution.

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    Top 10 major furniture trends in 2019

    1 Shades of pink.

    Delicate pink tones for chairs

    2Geometrical drawings.

    Bright and contrast geometry

    3Natural materials.

    Natural materials in the interior

    4 Round shapes.

    Furniture round shape


    The use of metal in the interior

    6 Traits individuality.

    Original furniture in the interior

    7 Attention to details.

    Unique and modern furniture details

    8A bold Art Deco.

    Art Deco Conciseness and Airiness


    Antique furniture

    10 Soft beds.

    Cozy and comfortable beds

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