Design of a small bathroom combined with a toilet. TOP-12 methods of unique space correction + 50 PHOTO


How to achieve comfort not to the detriment of beauty in the room where the bathroom and toilet are combined? Own imagination and preferences will help give hygienic procedures a wonderful feeling, especially if you create an interior of the eastern direction.

Only each decorative accent should organically fit into a single concept of stylistic direction, therefore it is important to follow the rules and follow the basic decor techniques.

Content of this article:

  • Blurred Classic
  • Egyptian design rules
  • Turkish motives
  • Harmony and simplicity of Japanese style
  • Elegant Chinese Proportionality
  • Indian elegance and luxury
  • Criteria for the selection of sanitary equipment
  • Features of a bathroom with a toilet
  • Plumbing placement
  • TOP-12 techniques when combining
  • TOP 21 layouts
  • Blurred Classic
  • Egyptian design rules
  • Turkish motives
  • Harmony and simplicity of Japanese style
  • Elegant Chinese Proportionality
  • Indian elegance and luxury
  • Criteria for the selection of sanitary equipment
  • Features of a bathroom with a toilet
  • Plumbing placement
  • TOP-12 techniques when combining
  • TOP 21 layouts
  • Blurred Classic

    The principles of the classical style in the modern concept are rather blurred. For the British, this is the setting of the Victorian era, for the Greeks - of ancient times, for the Americans - the colonial houses.

    A lot of people against combining

    But there are common features that determine the color of the classic interior of the combined bathroom:

    • clarity of lines and shapes;
    • single scale of the whole room;
    • stylized antique decor;
    • symmetrical layout;
    • finishing only with natural materials;
    • the presence of artificially created niches;
    • solid wood furniture;
    • large mirror in the frame.

    The main thing to maintain a single style

    In the classic interior is excluded the use of plastic in any form.

    The classic interior is popular because it is suitable not only for a spacious, but also for a small bathroom with a toilet.

    Classic interior is always relevant

    Ceilings are traditionally painted in bright colors. In large rooms it is decorated with stucco. For wall decor used tile, natural stone, marble or granular plaster.

    The decoration uses tapestries made of wood, sculpted cornices, borders with a plain vegetative pattern. Space zoning is carried out by a combination of two materials.

    Option for a large bathroom

    The classic design excludes bright colors with a metallic tint. Preferred are green, brown and beige, blue, white, pink hues and their shades. Return to menu return to menu

    Egyptian design rules

    The basis of the beauty and functionality of such an interior is laid by the pharaohs, complemented by Cleopatra and improved by contemporaries.

    Joining is space saving.

    The main thing in the decor is the solar range of all shades of brown, because this is the style of the country of sand and year-round warmth.

    Feet bath in the form of animal lamps, a variety of figurines, copper and bronze details will emphasize the regality of Egyptian themes.

    Often, small details can perfectly highlight a particular style.

    Gilding is appropriate on the mirror baguette or on the handles of cabinets. Furniture should be expensive, from natural materials, plumbing smooth curved shapes.

    For the Egyptian-style bathroom, purchase plumbing of a milky or sand color.

    Beautiful mustard color bathroom

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    Turkish motives

    It is possible to add Turkish refinement and luxury to the bathroom with a toilet with the help of decorative cladding.

    Its basis is a small blue-and-blue mosaic and pattern of "Turkish cucumbers". The colors are very bright. In favor - red derivatives from carmine tones to carrot and brick shades.

    We give the interior a luxury and sophistication

    Their combination with the national blue, green and yellow tones add charm to the atmosphere.

    Eastern color of plumbing and marble countertops, fancy mixers, heated towel rail, basin in the form of the pelvis, shower head of copper plate geometry from copper are underlined.

    Bright colors are gaining popularity.

    To illuminate this luxury are used numerous lamps in open niches. An important nuance is the absence of mirror surfaces.

    They are placed on the inner surface of the column cabinet.

    Good lighting is the key to a bright room.

    The toilet for a combined bathroom in the Turkish style is better to buy a hinged structure. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Harmony and simplicity of Japanese style

    The minimalism of the Japanese interior is notable for its elegance and laconic forms.

    Bright blue of combination design

    For such an interior dim shades that maintain a calm atmosphere of relaxation are relevant:

    • blue;
    • peach;
    • beige;
    • pink;
    • terracotta;
    • coffee;
    • yellow;
    • black

    Saturated color of bathroom walls

    To avoid color glut it is necessary to combine no more than two colors.

    It is appropriate in the Japanese interior white sanitary equipment, taps and faucets made of bronze and copper, non-standard bath geometry. Together with ofuro - cedar barrel, they perfectly emphasize the style.

    Calm atmosphere of relaxation

    Furniture items in such a bathroom are only dark polished rectangular wood.

    Ceiling luminaires, wall-mounted light sources, sconces - cubic form of frosted glass or bamboo. The winning touch is a sisal or bamboo mat on the floor.

    Today, the requirements for the design of this room have increased significantly

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    Elegant Chinese Proportionality

    Chinese bathroom interior is akin to the Japanese style of a kind of minimalism. It is convenient for small rooms, because it facilitates the design.

    It is a mistake to consider its difference - these are images of hieroglyphs, drawings of flowers, dragons. It is based on the Feng Shui teaching, which promotes harmony.

    All plumbing must meet certain requirements.

    Therefore, in the room with the Chinese interior is dominated by simple forms and an abundance of light. Bath is located on the podium in the center.

    Its square-shaped corners are rounded, because Feng Shui does not accept sharp formats.

    The main thing is that the room is practical and comfortable.

    The window replaces its imitation on the wall, decorated with mosaic, painted or LED lighting. Color palette of shades:

    • yellow;
    • blue;
    • green;
    • golden brown;
    • blue;
    • white;
    • black

    More space

    In Chinese design priority is red, which is necessarily present at least as an accent.

    For a wall decor natural stone, metal, moisture resistant wood are used. Chinese interior excludes empty corners.

    The walls are decorated with different materials.

    According to Feng Shui, they prevent the penetration of streams of positive energy. Therefore, they are filled with plants in tubs, high floor vases or wicker basket.

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    Indian elegance and luxury

    The Indian bathroom interior is a wealth of natural palette and materials. The color ensemble consists of shades:

    • brown;
    • woody;
    • ocher;
    • blue;
    • green;
    • orange;
    • bright red.

    It is better to use water repellent materials.

    The paisley pattern on ceramic tiles is the most characteristic of Indian motifs. It is used for wall and floor cladding.

    Modern bathroom design

    For finishing the surfaces of walls are used:

    1 wooden carved panels or gratings coated with varnish; 2 uniform plaster with mosaic panel applied on top.

    Depending on the dimensions of the room, the design of one of the walls represents a niche that is crowned with several domes.

    Build on style

    Its plaster coating inside is decorated with original carvings and placed open shelves of wood. Even a niche of modest size gives an Indian flavor.

    The Indian design is characterized by sanitary equipment of traditional white, red and beige shades or black with gilding.

    At your disposal a large selection of colors, shapes and types

    Strengthens the luxury furnishings towels, rugs, bathrobes with national motifs.

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    Criteria for the selection of sanitary equipment

    Each model plumbing different sizes and installation diagrams. Correct installation and convenient operation depend on them.

    The selection must begin with the type of toilet. The properties of the wall structure - reliability, stability, compactness, modern look.

    Spacious and comfortable bathroom

    It saves space, but requires additional installation of the suspension system.

    Floor toilets are not less practical, but occupy more space. The appearance of the additional toilet bowls differs from other impressive dimensions, therefore it is only suitable for installation in spacious rooms.

    Want a cheerful atmosphere - use bright colors

    Significantly save space allows angular variety of floor toilets.

    Model bath can be cast iron, steel or acrylic, of different shapes and sizes. Corner options allow you to make room for the installation of a washing machine, furniture.

    Incredibly stylish and elegant bathroom

    A little place is occupied by a shower cabin with hydromassage, filter, radio and other modern devices.

    Another plus is its economical consumption of water, which means a reduction in utility costs. This is not only a modern, but also a functional solution.

    Expanding space with mirrors

    Transparent surfaces do not crush the space, and the design in the same style with the surface of the bathroom walls helps to emphasize the integrity of the composition of the space.

    A small sink with a siphon shifted back is a great option for installing a washing machine under it.

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    Features of a bathroom with a toilet

    The interior of the combined bathroom is not limited to the choice of color and quality of decorative materials, furniture, sanitary equipment and accessories.

    Interesting sink design

    Its continuation is an ergonomic layout of the space. In the bathroom there are three working areas:

    • shells;
    • toilet bowl;
    • bath or shower.

    A full-fledged design consists of accessories, bath accessories, which are placed in accordance with the "rules of the arm".

    Striped panels visually increase the room

    Their accurate implementation helps to avoid problems during operation, and also guarantees the comfort of use:

    • about 50 cm of space should be left in front of the toilet, and 40 cm at the sides;
    • 60 cm of area should be free in front of the shower, bath, sink;
    • the sink is installed at a height of about 80 cm from the floor;
    • towel warmer or hanger are located at a height of 50 cm above the bathroom;
    • washbasin is installed at a distance of at least 70 cm from the door;
    • from the bath to the sink is left free at least 30 cm;
    • it is rational to place the bath along the wall opposite the doorway.

    Reserve space near the toilet.

    After placement of equipment in the bathroom with a toilet should be free more than 170 cm of space. It is necessary for dressing, additional procedures and comfortable movement.

    Increasingly begin to use showers

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    Plumbing placement

    The main disadvantage is the impossibility of using the devices simultaneously by different people.

    Therefore, it is justified to separate the toilet or place it behind the cabinet, a screen, translucent partition.

    Proper plumbing is very important

    An alternative to a glass partition - the curtain perfectly zoning the space, ensures cleanliness, preventing water from splashing. Its color should be neutral to avoid overloading the atmosphere of a small room.

    A linear method of placing equipment opposite each other and radial when the plumbing is installed around the perimeter is practiced.

    We replace cabinet furniture with transparent shelves

    The toilet is placed closer to the sewer riser to minimize the risk of clogging due to insufficient tilt. The rest of the equipment is tied to the sewer and water supply.

    For a narrow and long room, the placement of plumbing along the walls is optimal. In the spacious rooms - bath with legs in the center. The best place for a shower stall is one of the corners of the room.

    Do not be afraid to use dark colors.

    The hot water boiler is better positioned above the washing machine or toilet.

    The angular arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment is the most rational, because it unloads space.

    Great solution - mirror wall

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    TOP-12 techniques when combining

    1Volume bathroom visually increases the mirror. It is better to place it on the wall horizontally above the sink. Option - a mirror surface along the entire wall height of 120 cm.

    Bathroom mirror

    2In addition to the top light sources, it is reasonable to install wall lamps or sconces.

    Sconce in the bathroom

    3The selection of a bowl in the shape of a bowl allows you to hide the water pipes, the siphon, the drain system.

    Bowl Sink

    4The corner configuration shell helps to place more shelves and cabinets alongside.

    Corner Sink

    5Podium helps create original zoning of space.

    Podium in the bathroom

    6Biokamin in a spacious bathroom is better to build into the wall.

    Bio Fireplace in the bathroom

    7 Classical zoning technique - a combination of large and small tiles of different shades and patterns.

    The combination of small and large tiles in the bathroom

    8Replacing hinged doors with sliding structures saves space.

    Sliding doors in the bathroom

    9 The combination of dark bottom and light top in the wall decor visually makes the room lower.

    Dark floor and light walls in the bathroom

    10 The unusual contrast of one dark, another light wall visually adds centimeters to the height of the bathroom.

    Black and white wall in the bathroom

    11 It is better to decorate walls in a small combined bathroom with glossy tiles that reflect light and visually push the boundaries of space.

    Glossy tiles in the bathroom

    12Installed instead of the expensive shower cabin, a special pallet paved with tiles will not only save centimeters and money, but also create a complete picture of the interior.

    Tile shower tray

    The design of a large or small combined bathroom is a rather complicated job, requiring consideration of a huge number of nuances.

    The best solution - glass partition

    Hanging toilet bowl - significant space savings

    Holistic picture of the interior

    Bright selection of wallpaper for wall decoration

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    TOP 21 layouts