What you need to know about the assembly of the shower with a deep pan (rectangular and angular). Advantages and disadvantages + 50 PHOTO


Shower cabins appeared a long time ago, but only now they began to gain special popularity. In many cases, the decision to install them is associated with practicality and compact design. However, it is not less advantageous to enjoy water treatments, saving time and reducing water consumption.

Content of this article:

  • TOP-6 advantages of models
  • Design flaws
  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • What to look for when choosing
  • Open constructions
  • Closed models
  • What materials are used
  • Pay attention to the country of origin
  • The main stages of installation
  • Regular care prolongs durability
  • VIDEO: Installing a shower
  • GALLERY: The best options for showers with a deep tray
  • TOP-6 advantages of models
  • Design flaws
  • Open constructions
  • Closed models
  • The main stages of installation
  • Regular care prolongs durability
  • GALLERY: The best options for showers with a deep tray
  • Do not forget that many booth models provide additional functions. For example, it can be a hydromassage.

    The shower cabin not only looks great, but also will last a very long time.

    With open effect

    In addition, the installation does not require any serious redevelopment of the bathroom, nor reinstall the plumbing.

    Feel free to choose the replacement option

    TOP-6 advantages of models

    1 The height of the sides can be from 15 to 45 cm, so the design is called by many as a variation of a sedentary bath. In addition, manufacturers offer several options for forms and sizes of booths.

    Gorgeous shower in the interior

    Consequently, depending on the design and size of the bathroom, you can choose your own version. This design has many other undeniable advantages:

    Stylish option for your design.

    2When the warm water begins to collect, it warms up the pallet and the walls. The temperature inside the booth becomes comfortable for a short time.3 Such models are very practical - you can wash your feet or wash things in a high pan without undressing. It is also very convenient to use it as a bath for a baby bathing.

    Hydro massage is not only fun, but also a great way to improve your body.

    4Thanks to the metal frame and the installation features of such equipment, the maintenance of hidden communications is simplified.5 For most models, the installation of a seat is provided. This option is suitable for older people.

    Beautiful bathroom interior

    6Another important plus of a high pallet: water will not seep out of it exactly. Therefore, the floor will not be constantly filled with water. In addition, the design significantly reduces the risk that you flood the neighbors.

    We select the style for your room

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    Design flaws

    However, one can not say about the existence of minuses. After all, some of the nuances you need to know before purchasing a model.

    Transparent models, not everyone can enjoy

    1 The most significant drawback is the height of the side. Older people are very difficult to cross. But this problem has a simple solution: it is enough to equip an auxiliary step in front of the entrance. It may also not be suitable for a person with disabilities.

    Small model located in the bathroom

    He simply can not step over the high barrier. So people can stay on special models with a low pallet, inside which you can even call in a wheelchair.

    Finnish sauna construction

    2 Another disadvantage - these cabins look less stylish. High pallet visually makes the design more cumbersome and heavy. Smooth it will help the correct choice of colors, as well as the shape of the product.

    Chic bathroom interior

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    Variety of shapes and sizes

    The range of shower cabins on the market is designed to satisfy the wishes of the maximum number of customers.

    Gray may not always be bleak.

    So, for owners of small bathrooms - compact models, sizes 80 × 80 or 90 × 90 cm. It will fit into the design and help rationally distribute the floor space.

    Glass cabin adjacent to the sauna

    If you do not have strict restrictions in square meters, you can pay attention to the models of medium or large size.

    The most popular models in these categories are 120 × 80, 120 × 90 and 120 × 120 cm. Although you can find accessories if desired, with a pallet of 150 × 80 cm.

    With glass partition

    When choosing, you should also take into account that, depending on the shape of the shower cabin, they are divided into:

    • square;
    • rectangular;
    • angular (most often they look like a quarter of a circle);
    • non-standard (for example, asymmetric or multifaceted).

    Owners of small bathrooms often have to give up the bath.

    By the selection of forms should be treated very carefully. After all, the cost of the cabin will depend on this. This parameter may also affect the usability.

    Gorgeous combination of dark glass with a bright bathroom

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    What to look for when choosing

    Do not rush to buy a rounded model, if its size is 80 × 80. For many, this cabin may be too cramped and uncomfortable. The optimal parameters in this case should be at least 90 × 90 cm.

    Brick in the interior of a small bathroom

    Please note: products with rounded outlines are always more expensive than those that have rectangular or square pallets. There is a simple explanation for this: curved shower doors require molded glass doors.

    With hydro massage you can relax after a busy day.

    The most expensive are considered models of angular and asymmetric shape. These shower cabins are the most convenient when you need to choose an option for a cramped bathroom.

    To save space, a bath is placed in one design.

    For narrow rooms, oblong forms are best suited. For example, the most effective to use would be 120 × 70 or 110 × 80cm.

    The original design of the bathroom

    If among family members there is a person of impressive build, a rectangular model, the parameters of which are 150 × 70, can become a full-fledged and convenient replacement for a bathroom.

    Glass construction with a bath

    When the room is large - you can buy a corner cabin of the maximum size - 150 × 150 cm. For children, this model will become a real mini-pool.

    In the interior style loft

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    Open constructions

    Cab type is important when choosing. Depending on the degree of closeness, everything is open and closed.

    Model with a hydromassage complex

    Which option to choose is directly dependent on the amount you are willing to spend.

    Replace the side walls will be the walls of your bathroom. Therefore, the area where the shower will be located, is to lay tiles. The water supply is organized with the help of a watering can or a hydromassage nozzle.

    Glass curtain - it looks interesting

    When choosing a model of an open structure, it is necessary to take into account that mixers are not included in the package of such showers. Therefore, the device will have to be bought separately.

    The main advantage of open showers - they provide an opportunity to significantly save usable space.

    Glass model of the closed type

    However, at the same time, products with such a structure cannot be installed anywhere. In addition, they have limited functionality.

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    Closed models

    Consist of a pallet, walls, roof and hermetic door. In fact, they are sealed shower boxes.

    Do not forget about the good lighting in this room.

    These cabins are very mobile, so they can be installed in any place where there is a tap and water supply.

    Model open type with a view to the window

    Many people opt for closed models also because specialists are constantly developing new additional functions for them. Among the many options you can, for example, meet the following:

    1 additional lighting; 2 steam generator; 3 opportunity to enjoy watching videos; 4 phone presence; 5 aromatherapy; 6 tropical shower; 7 telephone; 8 aromatherapy; 9 tropical shower; 10 built-in radio; 11 hydro massage; 12 cascade flow; 13

    Elegant Huppe - Minimalism

    Multifunctional model, where everything is

    Snow-white bathroom in the style of Provence

    Regardless of the shape or size of the product, assembly and installation of closed cabins is carried out without undue effort. In addition, this design can be moved at any time.

    Cozy small bathroom in dark colors

    However, when choosing, remember that each additional function increases the amount that you have to pay for hydroboxing.

    Gorgeous combination of glass and wood in the interior of the bathroom

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    What materials are used

    The pallet must hold the cabin structure. It must be durable and sustainable.

    In the interior of a classic-style bathroom

    How these parameters correspond to the model can be found out by drawing attention to the materials used in the manufacture.

    Shower trays are made of acrylic. Due to the plasticity, this material can be given the most bizarre forms. In addition, it is easy to install additional mechanisms.

    A wonderful combination in the interior of marble

    Products from acryl serve not less than 10-15 years. Even if the surface of the pallet is slightly damaged - this will fix a special paste.

    Practical sliding glass curtain

    Therefore, an excellent appearance is maintained even after a long period of time.

    Unusual backlit model

    Doors are made of tempered glass. Optionally, you can choose options with both transparent and frosted glass (with tinted, for example, gray glass).

    Glass curtain of a shower stall in a delicate bathroom in white colors

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    Pay attention to the country of origin

    Accessories are made in many European and Asian countries.

    Compact placement of the shower area in a small bathroom

    In Europe, Italian manufacturers are rightfully considered to be leaders in this market segment. Their models are distinguished by exquisite design, functionality, excellent quality, but also the highest price.

    Even a small bathroom can be beautiful and cozy.

    Good quality products are from Germany, USA, England and Finland. If we talk about Chinese manufacturers, it is worth noting that the quality of the materials used and the assembly does not differ from models made in Europe.

    Red and black tiles look great in finishing the room

    Equipment for the adoption of water procedures is relatively inexpensive and has a warranty period of use comparable to the terms of manufacturers from other countries.

    Stylish small bathroom

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    The main stages of installation

    If you have purchased a high-quality, certified cabin, then the detailed instruction with diagrams and notes regarding the various nuances of the assembly will be attached to it.

    Combining bathroom and shower will help to please all tenants of the apartment.

    In the budget options, however, basically there is only an extremely concise text. By the way, usually such constructions are not completed with a full-fledged durable siphon, so buy a quality one if you don’t want to replace it soon.

    Mosaic with oblong tiles in a vertical design will help to extend the space visually upwards.

    Regardless of the model and its design, installation is performed according to the following scheme:

    1Basic parts must be unpacked, checked for integrity and damage. Then open the box with fittings to check the equipment.

    If you give up the bath, you can get more space.

    2Set the pallet on a metal base. Depending on the shape, the mounting configuration can be parallel or cross-wise. Next you need to do the installation of the drain and connecting the siphon. Cab glass should be attached to the fencing arches, and then sealed joints.

    Modern bathroom with dark white tile ornament

    3The stand must be secured to the rail. This is done with the help of screws. Then you need to install fencing, side panels and rear panel. Install the doors and the roof.

    Brick in the interior of a small bathroom

    4 It remains only to install the fittings and the protective screen, and then test everything. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Regular care prolongs durability

    Chic contrasting bathroom interior

    When you have chosen and acquired the desired model - make caring for her your constant habit. First of all, care must be taken to improve the quality of the water.

    Pastel colors will give the interior lightness and tranquility.

    In addition, after each use, the pan must be rinsed with hot (but its maximum temperature should not exceed 80C), and then with cold water.

    Next you need to remove the silicone scraper from the walls of the drop. Then all surfaces are wiped dry with a soft towel or microfiber cloth.

    Beautiful bathroom interior

    At least once every few months it is necessary to clean it with non-abrasive detergents that do not contain ammonia, alcohol or acetone.

    After applying to all surfaces of the selected cleaning agent, do not rush to immediately rub everything and rinse. Wait a little, so that the dirt has time to soak up well.

    Contrast in shades of green

    Then wipe the tray and other surfaces with a sponge, rinse with running water and wipe dry.

    In addition, a dry cabin can be polished with a wiper. It is also necessary to regularly treat all metal parts with a calcium deposits remover.

    Mirror wall cabinets as a way to visually make the bathroom more spacious

    It is important to remember that a wet, warm place is an ideal environment for the development of mold fungi.

    Given their danger, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment.

    In small baths such designs are perfect for families with young children.

    Treat all surfaces every week with a mold spray, and from time to time unscrew the drain pan and treat it with a special preparation.

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