How to make flowers from corrugated paper with their own hands. TOP-6 simple workshops + 125 PHOTO


Today we will talk about how to make chic and unique flowers of corrugated paper. And what to give your loved ones a birthday or some other holiday? The eternal question that leads to a dead end. What could be better than a gift that is made with love with your own hands? Many of you believe that creating a masterpiece with your own hands is incredibly difficult. But it is not so!

Content of this article:

  • Why do you need corrugated paper
  • Original Gift Ideas
  • Little tricks
  • Sweet rose
  • Sunflowers - sun in hand
  • Crocuses and tulips - harbingers of spring
  • Crocus making
  • Giant crafts
  • Huge rose
  • White rose
  • How much time to spend
  • VIDEO: Making flowers from corrugated paper
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful paper flowers
  • Why do you need corrugated paper
  • Original Gift Ideas
  • How much time to spend
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful paper flowers
  • Why do you need corrugated paper

    You will see for yourself that there is nothing difficult here. All you need is the necessary tools and materials at hand, as well as a little patience. So let's get started.

    It so happened that this delicate, multi-colored, crumpled paper attracts many designers and fans of the "crazy hands" mug.

    Delicate, different, crumpled paper attracts many designers

    And indeed, the "corrugation" is suitable for the realization of various design decisions.

    Embodying solutions from various options

    For example, from this material you can make unique lampshades for sconces, wall and floor lamps, interesting wall decoration elements and so on.

    Delightful Corrugated Paper Floor Light

    In addition, corrugated is incredibly easy to work. Elements that are made of crumpled paper can easily be given any shape, for example, flower petals.

    Flower petals

    They are easily affected and bend in any direction. "Corrugation" can also be repainted in a different color without affecting the manufactured product.

    It is possible to paint a corrugation in various shades

    Another argument in favor of the choice of pressed paper is an expensive and elegant look. They look really rich and festive.

    Really look rich and festive

    Well, before proceeding with the review of detailed instructions on how to make gorgeous compositions from the press, let's reveal the full potential of this topic.

    Elegant composition of the press

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    Original Gift Ideas

    And so, for what they can be useful and where to use them. In fact, there are many practical solutions; here are some of the most original ones:

    Any gift that you buy your family and friends, you wrap in gift wrapping. This is a generally accepted decision, which eventually became commonplace.

    Gift wrapping using corrugations

    But, if you decorate it with homemade compositions, you will not only emphasize uniqueness, but also focus your attention on the talent of the donor. This gift will be unique and one of a kind, because you made it yourself.

    Unique and one of a kind gift

    You can simply give a dear and dear person delicious candy that he will gladly eat with a cup of flavored tea.

    Delicious sweets for a cup of aromatic tea

    And you can do otherwise. Imagine the delight and sincere surprise if you wrap each “candy” in each candy. It will not just look beautiful, it will show how dear you are.

    Beautiful view of ordinary chocolates

    Card decoration. You can make one large or several small flowers from the corrugations and attach them to a regular postcard.

    Small twigs to decorate postcards

    This simple, and at the same time unique solution will make a nice person.

    Make a loved one nice

    A heart. This decoration is important for the wedding procession and for the holiday of all lovers.

    Heart for the holiday of lovers

    Cut the heart out of cardboard to the size you need, and then paste over the surface. Decoration can be presented to a loved one as a symbol of unity and devotion.

    Give your loved one "HEART"

    The original heart can also be part of the interior decoration that is chosen to celebrate the wedding.

    Part of interior decoration indoors

    Ladybug candy. Very relevant gift for sweet teeth and children. All that needs to be done is to form the layout of a ladybug.

    Very actual gift for sweet teeth and children

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    Little tricks

    Decorate the back with bright red compositions of the jammed, and for the place of the famous black dots, put chocolates in the center. Simple and original.

    Red flowers from the press with a black center

    You can also restrict yourself to a simple bouquet made from reaped paper with your own hands. Remember, the result depends on your creative decision.

    Simple bouquet

    Probably, you will think up the use of corrugations, which will become a general trend.

    Trend solutions using corrugations

    Let's move quickly to today's master class, because, for sure, you can’t wait to get started on needlework as soon as possible.

    Excellent combination in any gift

    Someone likes roses, someone likes daisies. What can you do here, everyone has different tastes. In this regard, we will not be limited to the example of the manufacture of a flower.

    Taste for everyone

    Tips will help you learn how to make different compositions and crafts from them.

    A variety of compositions and crafts from them.

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    Sweet rose

    First of all, you need to stock up on the following materials: a corrugation (for the stalk, choose green, and for the bud, one that approves of your imagination), a small candy cane, threads, scissors, duct tape, wire.

    Cook everything you need

    So, let's start creating a "chocolate" masterpiece:

    Cut blanks

    1 cut out 10 rectangular shapes of the blanks: 5 petals with the size of 6x7 cm and 5 blanks with the size of 4x7 cm, slightly twist the edges on one side;
    2 Try to give the cut petals 4x7 cm shape, pulling them out in the middle, it will be the core;
    3fold wide blanks wrap around the formed core;
    4 it is possible to fix the petals at the base with threads, several times wrapping the bottom of the leaves with them;
    5 In the center of your product gently place the candy;
    6 Take the desired wire length (preferably aluminum) and wind it with green paper, this will be your little stalk;
    7 Also take care of the leaves, pre-cut them and securing them on the stalk.

    Take steps and you will succeed

    You can cut the leaves for the bud of their individual sizes. If you want to make a big rose, respectively, pre-harvest large petals.

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    Sunflowers - sun in hand

    We will need: yellow, brown and green corrugation, a small piece of wire, glue, thread and scissors, tape-tape. Let's start making:

    First of all we need to start from the middle of the sunflower. From the brown roll cut several strips of 6-7 cm wide. Cut one side of the stripes with fringe, let the other side stay flat. Roll up both strips, fixing them at the bottom with threads.
    2 From the yellow paper need to cut the petals. Do not limit yourself to 5-6 petals, the more there will be, the more natural and beautiful it will be. Therefore, the same principle cut sepals. Glue the yellow and then green blanks to the bottom of the middle in several rows.
    3 Attach the head of the sunflower to the wire wrapped in green corrugation.

    Step-by-step master class - sunflower

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    Crocuses and tulips - harbingers of spring

    Tulips and crocuses can please only one-day flowering, and I would like to enjoy this wonderful phenomenon longer. Well, you can extend the life of these plants by making them yourself.

    Favorite spring

    You will need to stock up on the following tools and materials: corrugated green and a different shade, for your preference, glue, aluminum wire, scissors and glue. First, consider how to make tulips:

    Choose your desired shades

    1 Cut a long strip measuring 4x19 cm;
    2Fold this strip in half until the size of the real tulip petal is obtained;
    3To get the same size petals, you need to fold the strip very carefully, be responsible for this process;
    4c cut both sides of a folded paper into a small triangle, trim it down with an oval;
    5 All that remains to be done is to separate the resulting petals from each other, wrinkle the oval bottom a little and pull off the flagellum;
    6 on top of each petal bend slightly to give them a more natural natural shape. To achieve this, stretch;
    7form the bud, for this you need to fold the blanks and give them a natural shape;
    Attach the lower part of the tulip to the wire, pre-wrapped with a green corrugation;
    Do not forget to attach a pair of green leaves to the stalk.

    Try to let in the spring

    It is also possible to create stamens from a yellow pearly jacquash (corrugated) on a tulip, this will give the product a more attractive and natural look.

    Excellent tulips do it yourself

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    Crocus making

    1To start you need to cut a small rectangular billet size of 9x5 cm.
    2Rectangles must be folded with an accordion and cut out of them petals.
    3When using a toothpick, twist the tip of each piece.
    4Prepare the stamens, for this you need a yellow zhmakanka. It should be cut into a fringe.
    5Each an element (fringe), twist the flagellum, and wind the tips on a toothpick to give them a proper twisted look, this will be the top of the stamen.
    6 Pre-coat the parts (stamens) with PVA glue and begin to glue to the center of the bud.
    7At the end, wrap the wire (stem) with a green sandpaper.

    Fine crocuses for spring mood

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    Giant crafts

    What are they needed for? Everything is very simple. Events such as: photo shoots, banquets, celebrations require original decoration.

    Original decoration for any occasion

    Flowers made of zhmakanki, especially larger sizes, will look very creative and original.

    Compositions giants from zhmakanki

    They will not only decorate the banquet hall, but also surprise those present at the celebration of the life of guests.

    Decorate the interior with large crafts

    For decorations of the premises where weddings are celebrated or photo shoots take place, it is the large compositions from Zhmakan that use. This gives a more spectacular and solemn look to the room.

    Great masterpieces for photo shoots

    The scheme of their manufacture practically does not differ from the standard one, except for the fact that the components (petals, pith, stem and leaflets) are cut to many large sizes.

    Great details for a big peony

    For example, consider the manufacture of roses, in the form of a giant flower. You can make as a separate composition, and in the form of a huge bouquet.

    Try it yourself to create a masterpiece

    Such a decision will not only be unusual, but also make you genuinely surprised. If they find out that you were the initiator and implementer of this decision, there will be no limit to their admiration.

    Unusual solution will surprise others

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    Huge rose

    So, get ready for the fact that for the manufacture of a huge rose you will need even more pressed:

    1for the bud itself, it is necessary to prepare two types of blanks: in the shape of a heart (16-17 pieces), in the shape of a tear (7 pieces);
    2 In the next step, you need to give the blanks a necessary form with a petal, stretching them in the center, and twist the tips on a pencil or a thick tube;
    3 with the scheme, make leaves for future roses;
    4The most time to start forming: blanks that were cut in the shape of a tear, will be located in the very center. Attach each one in turn, and fix the bottom with wire;
    5 the core is ready, perfectly wrap it with heart-shaped petals, still fixing the bottom with wire;
    The stem is formed from the same wire, pre-wrapped with green paper, to which the leaves are attached.

    Rose making

    You noticed that we overlooked the size of the blanks for the petals and the stalk - this was done on purpose.

    The fact is that this or that size depends on your preferences. In this matter, be guided by your desires and preferences.

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    White rose

    Petal blanks

    We make out petals for a rose

    Putting the petals in the bud

    Cooking green leaves

    We collect a rose

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    How much time to spend

    Very relevant, due to the current employment of daily activities. We hasten to reassure you - this process will not take too long.

    Do everything step by step to get a good result.

    If you have never cut out a zhmakanki, then the production of one artificial plant will take you from 30 to 40 minutes, of course, taking into account the preparation of tools and the necessary materials.

    Take some time to create beauty.

    Over time, as you gain practical experience in this matter, you can reduce this time in half, that is, one will take 20 minutes of time.

    Having experience everything will happen faster

    This information provides some food for thought - and not to engage in their own business for the production of artificial decorations of banquet halls, but this is a completely different story.

    Making a masterpiece with your own hands is not at all difficult. All that is needed for this is a little patience, a great desire and adhere to the instructions.

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    VIDEO: Making flowers from corrugated paper