Ideas for home decor with your own hands from scrap materials. We refresh the interior + 125 PHOTO


The interior of a modern house is no longer ordinary. Everyone wants not only to create an atmosphere of comfort in his home, but also to comply with fashion trends. Create such an atmosphere at home with several elements of decor. Do not know how? Read on for our article.

Content of this article:

  • Change colors
  • Choosing a floor dye
  • Features painting furniture
  • New color to the old refrigerator
  • P.S: Color as a mood
  • Experiments with old furniture
  • Exit I - get rid of furniture
  • Exit II - Restoration
  • Play of light
  • A few tips on the design of light space
  • Mirrors
  • Top 11 simple ideas spectacular decor
  • Scrap old fabrics, newspapers
  • Foam ceiling plinth
  • Old but favorite t-shirt
  • Replacing bulky hangers and closets for the hallway
  • Decorative pillows for upholstered furniture
  • Old clothes
  • Homemade blanket of pompons
  • Jute cord
  • Wooden boxes
  • Branches
  • Tree bark
  • VIDEO: The coolest ideas for decor
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Original ideas for room decor
  • Change colors
  • Choosing a floor dye
  • Features painting furniture
  • New color to the old refrigerator
  • P.S: Color as a mood
  • Experiments with old furniture
  • Play of light
  • A few tips on the design of light space
  • Mirrors
  • Top 11 simple ideas spectacular decor
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Original ideas for room decor
  • Change colors

    Atmosphere of the house is governed by several main rules of the interior: light, color and furniture arrangement. The first thing that gets into consideration and unknowingly creates impressions about the room is color.

    Color forms the impression of the room

    Start better from the floor. The easiest way to change the color of the floor covering is to paint it.

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    Choosing a floor dye


    With the painting of wooden surfaces is simple. Almost all paints are suitable for wood processing. Alkyd, acrylic, water dispersion and oil. The choice will depend on how the surface has been treated.

    Almost all paints are suitable for wood processing.


    It is better to choose a dye based on acrylic.

    Linoleum painting with special paints


    In the case of parquet, as with wood, you need to take into account the quality of the processing of the primary layer.

    The perfect solution to update the interior


    For this type of flooring suitable alkyd or acrylic paint. Need to avoid water-based paints.

    Acrylic paint for painting laminate

    The color of the floor is better to choose on the basis of tone or contrast. Natural shades always look organically, matched to a general tone. With the use of contrasting contradictory colors, both black and white, one can achieve the effect of an extraordinary one.

    Light floor to your home

    Furniture, as one of the dominant parts of the interior, you can devote several sections.


    One of the simplest methods. Changing the color of the furniture is not difficult. A wide selection of paints of various shades, textures and characteristics. Depending on the surface of your furniture, select the appropriate colorant.

    Painting furniture to match the entire interior

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    Features painting furniture

    Before painting it is necessary to prepare the surface of the furniture. It is necessary to completely disassemble the structure, make work to remove cracks, chips and other flaws with wood putty, clean the surface, and then treat it with an acrylic primer. At the end of these works, you can proceed to staining.

    Adhere to the processing technology when coloring

    It is better to choose a water-based acrylic paint. It is applied evenly, dries quickly and is odorless. In addition, it is easy to wash off with water if something went wrong.

    Use acrylic paint for comfortable furniture painting.

    Multi-colored elements of the body are painted from light to dark shade.

    Uniform application of paint over large areas can be achieved thanks to the spray gun or spray can. Smaller parts are painted with a roller and brush.

    Use the spray gun for smooth application.

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    New color to the old refrigerator

    It is also possible to turn old household appliances into new ones with paint. A refrigerator or gas stove will add raisins to the interior if painted in a bright color.

    Turn an old refrigerator into a new one.

    In general, if we talk about colors, you can change the color of anything, but rather everything that you can change the color - change!

    Paint everything that can be repainted

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    P.S: Color as a mood

    Different color combinations can affect a person in different ways. Choosing a scale, follow the rules of the color ratio and remember that each color carries its own energy, from aggressive hot energetic red to calm cold blue, not forgetting their shades.

    Choose the color of the room according to your internal energy

    It is possible to bring a new meaning to the atmosphere by complementing bright accents. Monochrome room can be diluted with a bright spot on the wall in the form of a picture, on the floor a bright spot can be a carpet. Curtains of a contrasting color will also attract attention.

    Bright accents in the interior of the room

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    Experiments with old furniture

    Furniture can rightly be called the main part of the interior, it creates comfort. What to do if she is old, out of order or just tired?

    Comfort is created with furniture

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    Exit I - get rid of furniture

    Try to say goodbye to unnecessary. By the way, you can consider unnecessary that thing that has not been useful to you during the past year. If you have a wardrobe of such things, it's time to say goodbye to the wardrobe.

    Say goodbye with unnecessary furniture

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    Exit II - Restoration

    1Replacement fittings. Door handles, moldings, locks and awnings can change the look of bored furniture.

    Even the replacement of accessories makes furniture updated

    2Color change. Painting or pasting the surface of the furniture will change the interior of the room.

    The color change will update the interior

    3Separation of furniture cases among themselves. Arrange furniture in other places, bringing small elements to the fore. Leave the corners for large cabinets. This will free up space in the center of the room.

    Small elements separated from the common body

    4Centered round carpet, visually increases the space of the room. A round table in the center will have the same effect.

    Round elements in the interior give space

    5You can change the appearance of the furniture by removing the door details, unnecessary shelves, outdated molding. Be sure to handle the junction. Cover the extra holes from the fasteners with a special filler for wood. If it is plastic, apply a thermal or epoxy adhesive. After treatment, the surface must be painted or varnished.

    Restoration of an old cabinet with wall decoration

    6Rearrangement For working with small rooms there are rules for optimizing space. The preservation of usable space is done with the help of furniture. First, you need to identify places that are undeservedly empty, for example, the subwindow space, corners, and niches. Zones can be adapted for shelving to store all sorts of things or as a highlight of the interior.

    The highlight in the interior is a sill-niche-sofa

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    Play of light

    Light is that which has the maximum effect on a person. With it you can change the mood of the room.

    Maximum light

    Lighting of a dwelling is divided into 4 types:


    MainA directed or diffused stream of light to illuminate the room as a whole.AccentWith the help of accent type of lighting emphasize the advantageous details or bring to the fore the whole part of the room. The more independent sources of lighting, the more options for the appearance of your room.WorkingLight spreads over the work area.CombinedSeveral types of lighting combined in the same room.

    Combined lighting in the room

    The project of lighting the premises should be created during the construction or repair phase. This is the only way to distribute light in those places. In cases where you just want to change the situation, you can play with accent lighting. Sconce, floor lamp, table lamp with lampshade, lamps with original shades - all this is a great tool to update the interior.

    Lighting is projected at the stage of repair or construction

    It is not necessary to throw out old light sources. They can also be restored.

    Do not forget that the interior is affected not only by the location of the light source, but also by its color. Red and yellow light - comfort. Blue and purple colors will paint the room in unusual colors and give it mystery.

    Cold light to give unusual colors to the interior

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    A few tips on the design of light space

    1 Often the darkest place in the apartment is the entrance hall. This room needs the greatest possible light. Sources can be embedded in furniture, placed along the wall. Primary spot lighting will not be enough.

    Lighting built into the furniture

    Do not place the source at eye level. This will blind the person. The living room requires combined lighting. The light space can be achieved using high-power spot lighting along with diffused main light. The depth effect is achieved with the help of a dim illumination of decorating elements.

    Using the ceiling lights in the living room

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    With the help of mirrors you can afford a lot. First, the mirror takes part in the play of light. A room with a large open mirror looks lighter and brighter. Properly using this item you can visually enlarge the space of the room or emphasize the expressiveness of accents.

    The mirror in the bedroom visually increases the space

    The larger the mirror, the smaller they should be in the decor.

    Place the mirror so that it reflects the best part of the room. This will create the illusion of its continuation.

    Dimensional mirror in the room decor

    Wall decor with one big mirror is elegant and majestic. But the scattering of small mirrors, framed in a thematic framework, will create a cosmic atmosphere. In this case, it is not necessary to limit the imagination when choosing the forms of mirrors. Let it be circles, ovals, rhombuses and all sorts of polygons. You can arrange them vertically, horizontally, snake or chaotically.

    Round mirror in chrome rim

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    Top 11 simple ideas spectacular decor

    Original ideas that inspire life in old things. Most popular and easy to do.

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    Scrap old fabrics, newspapers

    Can be turned into an exclusive panel with an elegant frame. As a frame, you can use the product from the framing workshop, and you can make an imitation of the frame.

    Panel of old magazines for room decor

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    Foam ceiling plinth

    It is necessary to glue to the wall with liquid nails. Pay attention to the configuration of the plinth, it should not be angular. The main part of the panel: fabric, newspaper, paper or other material is placed in the frame in any way. If it is a fabric, it is better to glue it to the cardboard beforehand or pull it onto the frame itself.

    Ceiling plinth in the interior

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    Old but favorite t-shirt

    You can easily turn it into an original picture that will remind you of the cherished moments of life experienced in it. To do this, the central part of the thing must be carefully cut and placed in a frame, having previously glued it to a piece of cardboard.

    Original T-shirt picture

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    Replacing bulky hangers and closets for the hallway

    Changing to elegant coat hooks is a great idea. Handy tools can be adapted as hooks: wrench elements, remnants of metal parts, tree branches, in general, everything that is not used, but sorry to be thrown away. If it is good to rummage in the storeroom, such things are sure to be found.

    Original coat hooks

    A planter on rustic themes gives the atmosphere a different atmosphere. Use woolen yarns, ice cream sticks, colored pencils, wooden skewers, and so on.

    DIY flowerpot decoration

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    Decorative pillows for upholstered furniture

    Can be made from unnecessary clothing. To vary the shape of the pads, apply a stencil, pre-cut out of paper. It can be a circle, a triangle or any other shape. In the winter season, silhouettes of deer and owls are popular.

    After cutting two objects of the same shape from the fabric, join them along the contour by stitching or gluing. Fill the pillow with a filler (you can use fabric trimming) and decorate it with buttons, beads, pieces of fabric.

    Decor of pillows from old fabrics

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    Old clothes

    To create the original bedside rug in the style of the patchwork again, you need old clothes. We cut unnecessary T-shirts, T-shirts, dresses on strips 2 cm wide and weave them together with a homemade machine.

    The machine consists of two wooden beams with a length of 1 m, into which nails are driven in rows at a distance of 2 cm from each other. For each stud we fix a strong thread of such length as you see your carpet in size. The second end of the thread is fixed to the second bar. The cut tapes of fabric weave around threads, receiving an integral cloth.

    Patchwork Rug

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    Homemade blanket of pompons

    It is easy to do in the presence of small balls of yarn for knitting. Previously made pompons should be stitched together, forming a solid canvas. The result will be a fluffy winter blanket.

    Homemade blanket of pompons for comfort in the house

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    Jute cord

    Uncomplicated in performance will be mats of jute cord. You can make them according to the technique of quilling, sizing threads with textile glue. Ornament choose to your taste.

    Bumpy backlit rug

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    Wooden boxes

    Give a second life to old wooden boxes. They will make a great coffee table, nightstand or bookcase. Having added color which will fit into your interior, connect boxes among themselves. The configuration of the product can be chosen at its own discretion.

    Second Life to Old Wooden Crates

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    Empty corners can be filled with a twig composition. Acrylic paints will create a rainbow ikebana, which can additionally be decorated with beads, rhinestones and other decor.

    Natural ikebana

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    Tree bark

    Photo frames made from tree bark look great. You just need to paste the photo into a piece of bark.

    Photo frame made from tree bark

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    VIDEO: The coolest ideas for decor