Pink color: 220+ (Photo) Options combinations in the interior of different rooms


Pink is a delicate and sensual color chosen by romantic people. Do not believe the stereotypes that pink is the color of little girls, blondes and Barbie dolls, and does not look good in a modern interior. In fact, this shade is very diverse - they make out the whole room or use for placement of accents. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Basic rules for the use of pink
  • Popular shades
  • Pink in the interior of the rooms
  • In the living room
  • In the bathroom
  • In the children's room
  • In the bedroom
  • On the kitchen
  • In the hall
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Basic rules for the use of pink
  • Popular shades
  • Pink in the interior of the rooms
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Basic rules for the use of pink

    Pink is considered one of the most insidious, because not everyone can apply it correctly. We will give you tips on how to successfully combine pink with other colors and design a truly stylish room.

    We make a room for the envy of others

    According to psychology, color is considered a symbol of femininity, friendliness, love, tenderness, romance and passion. It gives the inhabitants of the house a feeling of peace and comfort, helps to relax after a hard day and get rid of obsessive thoughts.

    This shade is appropriate in the design of any room and provides great opportunities for the manifestation of its designer taste.

    Causes a feeling of peace and comfort.

    Follow the simple rules of its use, and you will succeed:
    • The use of optical illusions. Pink paint can make more voluminous and airy. If you paint the walls in a light pink shade, the room will appear more spacious and light. The same applies to the walls of the bathroom or toilet - the correct strawberry shade will expand a small room. Plain old furniture, such as a table painted in this color, will play in a new way and will seem larger, but not massive.
    • Color temperature. There are an incredible amount of beautiful shades - from pale pink and ash-pink to lavender and coral. The color of tea rose or salmon color will help to make the room more comfortable and warm, while parts of the decor in a shade of fuchsia will charge you with energy and lift your spirits. Thus, it all depends on your ultimate goal.
    • Correct combinations. The pinkish shade that you picked up is not a guarantee of the expected result. Properly dilute it and match it with other colors. For example, a room completely consisting of two colors - pink and gray, will look boring and quickly tire you. Choose bright shades for separate elements of an interior, combine them with beige, white and other tones.
    • General style. This color can successfully decorate a room of various styles. For example, a combination of pink, turquoise, black, orange and white will suit the retro style. In a classic or Provencal style, muffled tones will perfectly fit.
    • Measure in the amount of color. The key to a good interior is moderation in everything - color, furniture, lighting, etc. Use only one shade for an accent and two more for the main decor. Before the final choice, make sure that they are well combined with each other. For example, purple and coral will not find a "common language" even in the interior of the bathroom.

    Colors should be moderately indoors

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    Popular shades

    The spectrum of this color boasts many beautiful options, among which we highlight the following:

    • Salmon - noble and "adult" tone, which has a light brownish glow. Looks good in any room, in particular the bedroom and the study.
    • Carmine - Another intermediate option between red, pinkish and brown. Enough deep and rich, often found in the interior in the English style. Recently, designers successfully combine it in modern style.
    • Persian pink - well suited for a bedroom or children's room, very gentle and romantic. Combined with cold tones, makes the room more calm and soft.
    • Fuchsia - bright and bold color, which falls on the taste of most teenagers. It looks advantageous in a minimalist interior, plays in a contrasting color. The abundance of fuchsia will not help to achieve inner harmony and relax after work or study.
    • Corporeal - A good basis for decorating the walls of a bedroom or living room. It pleases the eye and symbolizes restraint and taste. Creates comfort, looks good with more vivid tones.

    Pink has many beautiful shades.

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    Pink in the interior of the rooms

    Consider in more detail the use of this color in different rooms. Where does he look better?

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    In the living room

    Making the living room, we recommend to look at such popular and successful options:

    Pink and white living room

    This classic combination will make the most important room of the house incredibly light and bright. Even the smallest room, made in a tandem of pink and white, will seem spacious and voluminous. A snow-white combination is often used for a minimalist style.

    Please note that such an interior may soon become pretty boring. To prevent this from happening, forget about the bright pink color and use only pastel colors, complementing it with a soft crimson, cream or cream shade. The living room will be airy and romantic, it will be a real salvation for women who are prone to the manifestation of depressive states and occupy a stressful position. To please men, you can dilute the zephyr sitting room with black, chocolate or blue accents.

    Spacious pink and white living room

    Pink beige living room

    Beige color will help to create a peaceful atmosphere in a room designed for gathering families and receiving guests. It is successfully combined with the "doll" base, muffling its excessive glamor. Thus, interior paints will create a peaceful atmosphere.

    Bright colors for this design are unacceptable - preference is given to muted tones, as if faded in the sun. These include powdery, light salmon, the color of tea rose. To emphasize the pastel colors of the walls, use beige, chocolate, or white furniture. It is best to leave the ceiling white; add as much woodwork as possible to the interior. The overall style of the living room is underlined with golden, bronze and caramel accessories. If you choose blue or turquoise curtains, the living room will take on a complete look. This combination will be appropriate in a classic and Provencal interior, as well as in the Baroque and Country style.

    The relaxing atmosphere in the pink-beige room

    Pink and gray living room

    Do you want to recreate a modern, vintage or retro style? The perfect color choice would be a combination of gray and pink. This combination allows you to make a room more masculine or more feminine. It is necessary to add more gray tint - and the room will become more elegant and restrained.

    Gray color is in harmony with any marshmallow hue. You choose, you want to create a living room in warm or cold colors.

    The perfect combination of gray and pink

    Contrast living room

    You can add spring freshness and feeling of a blooming garden with the help of a green-pink combination. Also, peach, raspberry, dark emerald and turquoise combine well with our main shade. Brightness can be adjusted to your own taste - young people are likely to choose a deep pinkish tone in combination with bright lime colors, while respectable people will prefer a smoky pink and soft green tone.

    It is not necessary to combine these combinations only in the decoration of the room. It can be decorated in white or beige color, while furniture and accessories will stand out.

    Contrast that can be adjusted

    Bright living room

    Pink color is widely used to recreate ethnic motifs. If you want a living room with passionate southern notes, made in Arabic, Mexican, Indian or Moroccan styles, use motley ornaments. For example, crimson or deep-purple can be combined with completely incompatible, at first glance, tones. They can be emerald, turquoise, orange paint.

    If you want to make a bright room in modern style, furniture or accessories in acid-pink shades will come in handy. Remember the importance of the size of the room - the smaller it is, the finer the ornament should be. Bright pink attracts attention so much that even in a neutral beige or white room, two or three accents create the impression of a fully pink room.

    Do not forget about the size of the room

    Pink, diluted with gray or brown, will deprive the interior of excessive femininity and make the room truly elegant.

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    In the bathroom

    Risking to arrange the bathroom in pink, you will make it not only bright, but also very modern, exclusive and stylish. If you don’t feel like very romantic people who delight in one marshmallow hue, use cool tones. They do not create a feeling of cloying and dolls, while filling the room with pleasant coolness, tenderness and a sense of cleanliness.

    Bold design decision

    The first bathrooms in pink colors appeared in the thirties in the USA. However, they became fashionable only in the fifties thanks to the wife of then-President Eisenhower. An example of her doll bath was followed by many housewives who wanted to decorate their rooms in the same style. Since the time they were superseded by blue and green bathrooms, however, in our time, the demand has again risen to the skies.

    The best ideas for combining in the bathroom:
    • lime;
    • silver;
    • lime;
    • brown;
    • the black;
    • white;
    • purple.

    The perfect combination for the bathroom

    To regulate the excessive femininity of the pink room, add one of these shades. Rich pink will contrast well with white fixtures and brown floors. Combining white and creamy pink will make the room truly cozy.

    A gray or silver shade is a universal tone that successfully complements the basic colors of the bathroom. He will make her noble and elegant.

    If you add metal fittings to the bathroom, the effect will be more impressive.

    We complement the metal fittings

    BoardIf you choose a very bright tone, combine it with black. The resulting combination will be quite dramatic and masculine, so men will definitely like it. Lilac also plays well with pink.
    Among the unsuccessful combinations for the bathroom can be identified blue-pink or orange-pink gamut.

    Also be careful with the addition of yellow colors - only muted shades will do.

    BoardSet up moisture-loving flowers in your “girly” bathroom - juicy rich greens will enliven the design of the room.

    Enrich the bathroom with fresh flowers

    When designing the bathroom, do not forget about the accessories. Observe color proportions, so as not to overdo it with one of the basic colors. If you want to install hot pink plumbing, bathroom walls should be decorated neutral - in white, beige or cream color.

    Having decorated the walls in pink color, use white or wooden furniture. Well, if the nightstands and drawers will have the effect of antiquity. Also the furniture with glass inserts will look beautiful.

    White furniture emphasizes the sophistication of the interior.

    If you have enough space in the room and arrange it in a glamorous style, it will be appropriate to put a snow-white floor vase. A mirror with a soft strawberry edging revitalize the bathroom. The focus can be shifted to the ornate chandelier - the main thing is to choose the desired size. Well, the final touch will be the patterned floor mats located near the bath and the toilet.

    Have you heard about chebbi chic style? It is applicable for the bathroom and provides for the predominance of pink delight with white inserts. The tile is best to choose in cold pink colors, leave the ceiling white or paint in pale pink.

    A thick curtain for the shower with stripes or a snow-white-pink pattern will complement the overall range.

    Often used style chebbi-chic

    As a dresser or table for bathroom accessories, choose a wooden product, painted in our Barbie color. Give it a slight effect of antiquity can be a special tool that will make the paint cracks.

    From above, paint the bedside table with white color - in this way, interesting purple cracks will be visible through the snow-white top.
    • Brown furniture will add a sense of luxury, wealth.
    • White furniture will make the room neat and fresh.
    • Gray furniture will bring a touch of sophistication to a regular bathroom.
    • Pink furniture will look romantic against the light walls.
    • Black furniture looks expensive, elegant, but will not fit into a small bathroom.

    Black looks beautiful too, but don't overdo it.

    If you use a white pendant sink, decorate it with an apron made from the same fabric that you used for the curtain. The mirror in this decor should stand out. Choose a carved frame made of wood, paint it with white paint or decorate with gilding.

    If you find a crystal chandelier, the pendants of which will be pink - just great.

    The window in the bathroom can be decorated with wooden blinds or matching curtains to match. It is appropriate to place scented candles and hygiene kits in a pink bath.

    It will be appropriate to emphasize the curtains to match

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    In the children's room

    It is popular for decorating the room of a small princess, bringing notes of tenderness, magic and peace. However, he has a downside - when misused, the color becomes too intrusive and glossy.

    Knowing the basic rules for using pink will help create the perfect corner:
    • Do not decorate the bedroom with a variety of images of fairy-tale characters, an abundance of toys, dolls.
    • To cultivate the taste of the future lady, it is best to make the nursery elegant, stylish.
    • Strawberry color temperance is the main principle that parents must adhere to. Delicate shades and correctly placed accents will preserve the atmosphere of fabulousness and natural beauty.

    Pink dream for a real lady

    Popular and stylish color options for the nursery:
    • Cold pink. Forget about that baby should be bright, cloyingly caramel and resemble a chemical chewing gum. Cold pink shade has the right to exist, it is well suited for a room with large windows and good lighting. Pale pink will serve as an excellent base color, while brighter shades of pink will serve as accents. They are curtains, toys, pillows, furniture upholstery and paintings.
    • Pastel Pink. Best suited hyperactive girl who needs to curb energy. Gentle tones soothe the nervous system, directing energy in the right direction. If to add bright inserts of blue color, very stylish and pleasant nursery will turn out. Dilute the overall gamut with a white, cream or beige color to soften it, make it more tender.
    • Catchy pink. Are you going to decorate your child’s room with rich strawberry colors? Be prepared that they activate his internal energy, you can only dream of a quiet calm child. Use cyclamen only for sex and also as accents. Psychologists say that such an amount of bright shade will help the child to be charged with energy during waking hours, whereas he will calm down before going to bed after seeing neutral colors on the ceiling. Bright pink colors combine with green, brown, white, gray.

    The pink children's room is in harmony with the following "comrades":
    • White - a classic combination that adds elegance and freshness.
    • Gray - discreet option for a modern interior.
    • Green - A bold decision for energetic children, suitable for both sexes.
    • Brown - adjusts to the workflow, helps to focus.

    Classic color combination

    It is not necessary to arrange the decoration of the walls in crimson color, you can restrict yourself to properly placed accents with a restrained decor:
    • A bright crimson canopy bed is a stylish and fabulous option for a child. The textile cape performs a decorative function.
    • Toys in pink colors will be a bright touch in the children's bedroom, they will be relevant even as the child grows up.
    • Painting in the form of stories of favorite fairy tales or cartoons will develop the imagination and stimulate creativity.
    • Thoughtful lighting will emphasize the atmosphere of fabulousness. In addition to the spectacular chandeliers, the room should be themed nightlight.

    Pink toys will always be relevant

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    In the bedroom

    No need to think that this color will be ideal only for a children's bedroom. The room of a married couple, sustained in delicate shades, will be refined and stylish. Focusing on gentle tones, you will get a bedroom that will soothe, tune in a positive way.

    What color combinations would be appropriate for a bedroom?

    Pink and white

    The tandem with a white tint can be read as a win-win - they combine well, giving the room lightness and softness. A crimson-white bedroom is considered an ideal option for owners of small rooms who aim to visually enlarge it. This color scheme fits well into many styles, including Provence, Classicism, Modern, Minimalism. If you want to make the walls light crimson, decorate the floor and ceiling to white and cream tones. Choose laminate or parquet flooring. Doors, windows and furniture should be white. It is also recommended to use wooden furniture, slightly stuck in an artificial way.

    Unbeatable color combination


    Gray is successfully combined with all shades of pink - from pastel to acidic. The combination is elegant, making the bedroom very modern and stylish. To complement the interior in such colors can be using forged and glass products.

    Dilute pink walls with gray

    Pink yellow

    To create a cheerful and sunny bedroom, pop art fans combine marshmallow and yellow colors. They not only improve your mood, but also allow you to expand the space.

    Pink beige

    Cream bedroom with delicate strawberry shades are distinguished by grace and tenderness. It can be called very feminine and romantic, aimed at cozy family evenings.

    Feminine and romantic room

    Pink red

    If you have a passionate temperament, you want to make your bedroom a place for seduction, sensuality and passionate nights. The bedroom, aged in these saturated colors, will be very intimate, they can be diluted with gray, white, beige tones.

    Pink black

    Black blotches look favorably, standing out with a certain brutality on a gentle background. If your man is opposed to the strawberry bedroom, to offer him this option, he will have to agree.

    Choose light and unobtrusive shades

    Pink lilac

    Unpredictable option that tunes the inhabitants to a romantic mood. Tones fill the bedroom with mystery and charm. However, sometimes this scale reduces the intensity of the sun's rays, because it is recommended to be used only in bedrooms with good natural lighting.

    Looking for furniture, look at the products of a neutral shade. Of course, in each of the described options there are exceptions, because it is allowed to use brown or black products.

    The original solution for the boring interior

    The sandy shade furniture looks good in the pink range. If the bedroom is small and its decoration is made in pink, white products will be the best choice.

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    On the kitchen

    A smartly chosen palette is important for any room, especially for the kitchen. Women spend enough time here cooking, families gather daily for family dinners. Pink calms, soothes, even increases appetite.

    ABOUTMain ways to use color for the kitchen:
    • Background. Wall-paper, a tile or other type of a covering will create cheerful mood, thus they are not obliged to be monophonic at all. Interesting ornament with flowers or intricate pattern will be a relevant addition to the decor. Warm shades of finish can increase the room.
    • Furniture. The glossy facade of a bright crimson color looks extravagant and will fit into a high-tech or modern style kitchen.
    • Apron. If you pay attention to the working area, choose a brilliant pink tile, the kitchen will play with new tones. It will attract the eye and stand out from the rest.
    • Accessories. Pink interior can be created without pre-finishing walls or painting furniture. Enough to think about the little things: pick up the dishes, curtains, jars for spices, kitchen towels in the same range.

    In this kitchen you need to think through every detail.

    Often in kitchen design it is combined with white, beige, gray, black shades.

    But there are more non-standard combinations that we propose to consider:
    • Peach furniture, brown linoleum and grassy facade - create the feeling of a spring meadow, a flower meadow.
    • Yellow walls, pinkish furniture, beige floor covering is a bright and sunny option, which raises the mood from morning to evening.
    • Oriental tale in the form of a combination of rich pinkish and blue colors, as well as orange, yellow, green tones. You can add glitter here in the form of a gold ornament, satin textiles.

    For lovers of bright colors

    Pink kitchens, as a rule, look good in these styles:
    • Classic style. Peach, light pink, wine shades will fit into it. If you chose a dark general background, then furniture set black or dark wood. If you designed the kitchen in bright colors, add patterns.
    • Modern. Any shade of pink will suit this style; it can be used as an accent. Combine it with silver and white facades.
    • High tech. Bright pink colors will look great here. But do not overdo with them - dilute with other colors.

    Chebbi-chic kitchen