New in Curtains Design 2017 (400+ Photos): Modern and trendy options


How many decisions about the choice of curtains you changed? I think that is not one. Therefore, here I tried to collect for you a concentrate of useful information, photos and style for 2017.


Regardless of the style of your house, the first object at the entrance to the room is the window and, accordingly, its framing. Therefore, the method of processing windows to a certain extent has an important impact on the atmosphere and style of the room. As with all other aspects of good design, I want to give you the best tips, ideas and photos.

Fashion trends of the year

Different kinds

Drapery, curtains, curtains, drapes are all decorative window treatments, and the terms are often used interchangeably to the length and density of the material. The curtain adds extraordinary personality to the space, framing the room in fresh foliage or lush velvet. While their main purpose is decor, they also perform certain functions: they filter or block light, sometimes they play the role of thermal insulation.

Curtain to create individuality

Hanging high from the ceiling and draped near the outer edges of the window, the curtain can make the room and the window larger. In this form, it becomes an ideal companion in combination with another type of window frames - woven canopies for wood or classic wood curtains.

Classic use case

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Romans leave a rich impression of drapery with the functionality of a design that opens and closes easily. In the closed state, they look like a quality panel. And when they rise, they form an accordion and look like in the style of Valence, like a cloud. Romans are available in many fabrics to create a wealth of color or texture in a room.

Create rich colors and textures

Different styles easily fit into almost any interior - traditional, family or even modern. And don't assume that the form wins over the function. There are so many options for the Roman - you can see models that open from top to bottom, from bottom to top, models without guides or with insulating parts are possible. Roman fit any window shape.

Diverse opening option

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The idea of ​​roller is quite simple. In the lowered state, the curtain fits snugly to the window glass, and when picked up it is wound onto a cylindrical rod. The obvious advantage of this design is the variety of fabrics available under the finish: a fabric for darkening, synthetic or cotton, as well as various patterns.

Very easy to use

The technology allows you to even print your own images, photos, creative works or invented design on roller blinds. I have friends who have a cafe with their logo and a menu printed on a roller and mounted on a window that faces the street for advertising.

Photo printing - looks spectacular

The wireless lift feature creates an additional aesthetically appealing look on these curtains. Roller blinds are a simple, budget-friendly way to handle windows.

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Tulle is an indispensable thing when framing a window for the first line of decor. It is light, spacious and elegant. Tulles can be arranged differently on the window, creating a partial view in the ajar view or completely closed to ensure confidentiality. Tulle in dark color will optimally fit into the atmosphere of the bedroom to darken the space for a comfortable sleep.

Transparent curtains on large windows

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These are roller of shielding material that provide full visibility outside, at the same time shielding the room of the room, which makes them opaque from the outside.

Blackout curtains for the living room

If you have a star view, or you just want a view of the street and more sunlight in your house, then you need to think about how to protect yourself from the sun and control the ultraviolet rays that will freely pass through these curtains.

Lightproof well suited for the bedroom

A weighty plus of this option is high energy efficiency, since we all want to save resources of our planet, reducing personal electricity bills. Translucent - this is another "trend" way to handle windows in today's world, focused on environmental friendliness.

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Pleated have a structure with clear folds, cascading on your window. Many people do not like the sunlight passing through the gaps between the folds when the curtain is in a lowered state.

Pleated curtain design

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This is an innovative option - light and carefree "street" (in English Outdoor) are also made of a material that transmits sunlight. But at the same time they block heat, glare and UV radiation.

Good for gazebos

The airy fabric is driven by the slightest breeze, but it also protects and ensures privacy. If you live in a climate with a strong sun, the street can be installed on the outside of the house so that the sun does not reach your windows and does not heat the place, like a stove. Outdoor can look like a rack to use in the yard for a picnic, on the porch and other open areas for a good rest in the fresh air and entertainment.

For open-air porches

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Stylish curtain ideas

If you keep up with the times, you prefer refined, elegant and environmentally friendly models of curtains.

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In modern style

Fortunately, the modern style for windows looks exciting. Before you start creating a modern look, choose a shade that contrasts with the color of the walls.

Art Nouveau Asymmetry

The absence of all kinds of garters for the curtain will provide the next step in the transition to a modern appearance, because not only smoothness and gloss, but also safety and convenience are appreciated.

For dramatic focus, when working with oversized geometric or graphic patterns in any shade, I prefer the Roman, if I want the fabric to be felt in space. Choose steel hardware, chrome or nickel, and provide a minimalist, modern look by choosing mechanized curtains or blinds.

Minimalistic appearance

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Creative approach to window decoration

A creative approach to curtain design is limited only to the sky and clouds. You can apply any pattern, photo or art object to the curtain fabric. To implement any idea, you can use various advanced methods from photoshop to a special print-on demand program to create a fully personalized curtain yourself from your own photo gallery.

We match creatively - embroidery on the curtain

You can make yourself - with seams or without seams. It is not difficult. Add braid, fabric tapes, metal borders, bows, ruffles or contrasting fabrics with trim.

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Elegant ideas for windows

To achieve the graceful appearance of the windows, a careful choice of fabric is usually necessary. Romantic shades and draperies are irrelevant here. The key is softness, the presence of layers and deep decadent folds. The oversized curtain, which hangs from the floor to the ceiling, is especially elegant as it makes your room visually taller and increases the distance to the ceiling.

Visually increase the space

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Unique Curtain Ideas

It is time to get out of the boring and indecisive look of our curtains and stop thinking that all we can do is come up with something neutral. To get a non-standard appearance, you need to learn how to choose the quantity and quality of light that is passed through the top and bottom.

Boho style for inspiration

For unique drapery ideas, I suggest:

  • fasteners;
  • corners of jabot;
  • drapery lambrequins;
  • double material curtains in the form of color blocks or wide stripes.

Drapery lambrequins

Here are some more interesting ideas to try:

  • mirror engraving;
  • matte effect;
  • leather inserts.

Creating a matte effect

Or any design that your heart wishes to print.

Use your curtains to decorate not only windows, but also doors. Think of them as dividers for rooms, a canopy in a niche, a canopy on a bed and focal points over the headboard.

We make a doorway

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Ideas for different rooms

For kitchen

Since the kitchen has high humidity and constant temperature changes, artificial wooden blinds are an excellent choice, as they will not warp or fade. They are natural fans and are durable even for the most active housewives.

For any style in the kitchen

They are also unpretentious in care and maintenance. I have a nasty story when, for example, I dip my hand mixer in a sauce and a mixture of egg yolk flies to the walls and furniture. But even in this situation, my blinds very quickly become clean again, it is worth wiping them with a damp cloth and are ready for the next disaster.

Practical wooden blinds

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For the bedroom

For the bedroom are gorgeous dark shades that create twilight. Color shades are also relevant. Possessing a soft diffusion of light, they sufficiently isolate it during any season, and stimulate it to awaken. But still calm enough not to interfere with falling asleep. To keep calm in this room, add automation so that your curtains act independently.

We create peace and comfort

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Ideas for windows in the living room

Here you will make a statement about your home, entertain and protect large furniture that you do not want to spoil. Solar or honey shades are excellent protectors from direct sunlight, moreover, they allow you to adjust the amount of light and create a welcoming appearance. Roman windows look great in spacious bay windows - soft and elegant.

Roman blinds are suitable for large windows.

On tall windows, or the ones you want to make tall, choose any tulle, and then apply long drapes to give expressiveness and a finished look. Add valency to get the wow window. Allow yourself in your living room to experiment with bold patterns, mix and match fabrics. After all, the main thing for a living room property is to make you feel that you want to live in it!

Tulle backed up with long drapes

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Dining Ideas

Important events are celebrated here - a family ritual or a big celebration that comes several times a year. If you like formality, I suggest high draperies, because they will help make the effect from floor to ceiling to get a sense of height and importance.

Sensations of importance and lushness

This is dramatic, but still interesting. If you are more at ease, then Roman or roller will keep the space warm and intimate with a soft feeling of home. Honeycomb or pleated - a great choice for those who visit the dining room for all celebrations - large or small.

Feeling of warmth and home

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Ideas on the door

The window covering option on the door always seems to scare people. However, this is a prejudice, as there are many alternative solutions to match your style.

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For sliding glass doors

For sliding glass doors, the first choice may be panel vinyl blinds, which are installed on the track in the upper part of the window and can completely close the desired area, like curtains.

Sliding Blinds

A series of panels opens and closes on a tracked system. They can also be used when installing on the ceiling as a room divider. A variety of materials are offered from basic vinyl to solar screens and natural woven wood. Many people choose popular verticals, but panel blinds are a more modern and versatile choice, since such panels are more convenient.

Panel Curtains for Sliding Constructions

Hanging drapery is also a popular style that adorns glass doors, but they are less convenient because they need constant movement.