Wardrobe in the nursery: How not to make a mistake with the choice? 205+ (Photo) design with options (sliding wardrobe, corner, built-in)


Children's wardrobe, the photo of which can be shown to friends or put on the Internet, has the following characteristics:

  • relevance - from the most convenient cabinet a little sense, if it stands out from the general decor of the room;
  • reliability - a well-made wardrobe can stand for a decade or even two in one place, and if you want to update the design of a room, you can simply change the design of the doors;
  • convenience - it is important for a child that there is a place in the closet for clothes, for books, for toys and for your favorite collections of comics, stones, maps and anything else.

The main thing is that the cabinet fits into the overall style of the room.

To combine all the characteristics, you need to make an effort to select the cabinet. To think about what kind of construction it should have, what it should be made of, how it will fit into the interior.

The design of the cabinet is no less important than the material from which it is made. There are three aspects that matter:

  • housing design - it depends on how much space the wardrobe takes in the room and how it will look like;
  • door construction - it depends on how convenient the doors will open and how they will be finished;
  • internal structure - it depends on how comfortable it will be to use the cabinet, how many compartments, additional accessories it will have.

Each cabinet has its own design - simple or more complex

It is better to disassemble each of the aspects separately from the others.

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By design, a cabinet can be primarily a cabinet - this is the most classic, customary version, in which it has walls, doors, a cover and a back wall. The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  • it's easy to design - it is very simple to invent a box made of wood of any intricate form, since no room characteristics should be taken into account;
  • it can be moved - when he gets tired in one place, he can always be moved;
  • it is easy to place - hull solution can be placed anywhere in the room.

Cabinet cabinets easy to move

There are also three minuses:
  • such a cabinet takes up a lot of space - part is spent on the walls;
  • it is difficult to combine it with other furniture - unless, of course, it is not included in the headset;
  • it can break or fall - with a strong blow to the wall of the cabinet, it can crack, and the whole structure can sway and fall on its side.
Cabinet cases happen rectangular, semicircular, and also triangular - that is, angular. Sometimes they are performed in the form of the letter "G" to increase capacity.

May have a wide variety of shapes.

They also have a variety - modular systems, they are transformer cabinets. This design includes additional furniture. It happens that a table is screwed to the wall, and one of the shelves hangs over it. It happens that a folded bed is hidden behind the closet door. It happens that the wardrobe becomes one of the bed supports on the second level, and on the other side it is supported by a high computer desk.

This design has advantages:
  • good for a small room - all the pieces of furniture in it fit together very compactly;
  • versatile - you can not think about how to arrange the furniture, but just buy a ready-made modular system;
  • It fits perfectly - because all the objects in it are of the same style and color.

Sometimes a transformer closet fits just right.

The main disadvantage is that the model system is very bulky, occupies almost all the space in the room, and also does not imply any rearrangements. If one day you tire that the bed is like this, and the closet has this form - it will only be necessary to change everything.

BoardCabinet - classic. If you have a classic interior, and in the nursery a lot of space, it will be a great solution.

Cabinet for classic interior

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Built-in closets are usually partially devoid of walls - they are embedded directly into the room itself. Its walls become the walls for the cabinet. Usually, the process uses initially available convenient niches.

This design has advantages:
  • takes less space than the cabinet;
  • provides some sound insulation - when the wall is closed by a closet, hearing through it deteriorates very much, which is useful for a child;
  • more spacious - cabinet is limited in height, while the built-in usually rises to the ceiling itself, which makes room for additional shelves;
  • cheaper - because less material is spent;
  • more secure - cabinet may fall, built-in never;
  • masks the defects of the walls - if one of them is a curve, in the closet nobody will see it anyway.

Fitted wardrobes more cheaper

The built-in structures also have disadvantages:
  • you can not move - once installed the cabinet will remain in its place until you decide to completely dismantle it;
  • difficult to assemble - you need to drill the walls, and for this you need tools;
  • there are holes - in order to put shelves, holes are made in the walls for screws.
Usually built-in wardrobes have sliding doors. This helps save even more space. They are rectangular, semicircular or angular.

The downside is that it can not be rearranged

And they also have an additional version - semi-built. It is used when there is no suitable niche. Then one wall of the room is used as the back wall, the other as the side wall, and the third side wall is made of the material from which the shelves are made.

There are no separate pluses and minuses for such a construction - they coincide with the pluses and minuses of a regular built-in cabinet.

BoardThe built-in design is ideal for either a small children's room or for modern design. Cabinet case, for example, will not fit into minimalism - but the built-in will look perfect.

Take up much less space

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Door design

From the design of the door depends on how much the cabinet will take place, as well as how it will look. There are two varieties.

The first - swing doors. This is a classic that is always in fashion. Doors just open on themselves, it is worth pulling the handle.

The advantages are as follows:
  • strength - if the hinges are well secured, they will endure even an irritated teenager who constantly slam the doors too hard;
  • reliability - can serve a decade or even two, if they are lubricated;
  • easy replacement - if suddenly one loop breaks, it can be simply removed and then replaced with another, and the process is so simple that even a person who has never held tools in his hands will cope.

Door reliability for decades

Three cons:
  • old-fashioned - hinged doors will not fit into modern styles in general;
  • footprint - the hinged door needs a place to open;
  • insecurity - A sloppy child may bruise or pinch a finger.

Such doors are usually made in cabinet cases, which makes them even more bulky, but also adds a peculiar charm. They look classically, modern photo printing, complex glass inserts with engraving are not combined with them.

Such models are strong, will withstand any child.

The second type - sliding doors. They work on the principle of doors in the compartment, it is worth pulling for them and they shift to the side.

This design has its advantages:
  • space saving - in a small room there is no room for swinging doors;
  • aesthetics - there is no handle on the sliding door, it can be painted or decorated with a large printed photo, a poster hung on it;
  • modernity - such doors are perfectly combined with modern styles;
  • safety - most of the sliding doors are equipped with a special device that does not allow them to drastically push or slam.

Sliding designs in the teen room

There are also disadvantages:
  • it is difficult to install or replace - in order to hang a hinged door, you just need to fix the hinges, and to put the sliding door, you need to mount a special rail, which only the master can handle;
  • require a flat floor - the rail can be put only on a perfectly flat floor;
  • easily broken - if poor-quality fittings were purchased, if the doors were used too intensively, if someone ran into them running, the rail might bend, then it would have to be changed.
There are also open cabinets without doors in general - they are the hardest to incapacitate, they do not require a place to open, but they show off all things and are accessible to dust. They are usually curtained with a pretty pattern or used to store toys and books - collections that are pleasant to look at.

Commonly used for toys or books.

BoardProceed from two aspects: how big is your childish and what style is in it. If a little modern style - definitely wardrobe. If large in the classic - with hinged doors. If a small one in a classic one can put a narrow and tall cabinet with hinged doors. Return to the menu

Internal content

From the internal design depends on the ease of use, because you need to treat it with great attention. There are different elements you can use.

Pay special attention to the shelves.

The first is the shelves, which are divided by height:
  • Top shelves. Higher than the height of an adult and exactly higher than the height of the child. Designed to store things that are not currently actively used. It can be summer things in winter, winter in summer, bored toys or memorable things. You can hide there from the child gifts. In cabinet cases are not always found - sometimes there is not enough height.
  • Bottom shelves. The adult will have to squat down, the child bend slightly. They usually put shoes that are not used at a particular moment. Well, if it contains aromatic sachets that will relieve her of unpleasant smell.
  • Middle shelves. At the level of the eyes and chest of a child. It is convenient to put things on them that are used in everyday life. Usually it is a wearable garment, one that does not hesitate, if it is folded neatly.

Shelves can be different in size and capacity

Shelves are also divided by their location:
  • Open. They can be included in the design even in the whole closed cabinets, being in the form of a rack attached to the side wall. Designed for storage of things that are not afraid of dust and which are always nice to see. For a child, these are usually toys - few baby will agree to put them in the dark.
  • Closed. Hiding behind the doors, suitable for storing everything in the world, but usually used for storing clothes.

In addition to the shelves, there are also other useful design elements. It:

  • Crates. Closed, ready to hide from the eyes of everything that they put in them. Usually they store small things that are ready to constantly crumble - stationery, hair accessories, bracelets, badges, small toys.
  • Baskets. Wire or braided - this is, in fact, open boxes. They store small items of clothing, which is harmful to sing in an enclosed space. This is usually underwear or socks collected in a neat pile.
  • Barbell. Used to hang hangers with clothes on it. Each closet should be in at least one copy, so that you can hang up classic trousers, shirts, blouses and any other clothes that can be rumpled if folded. Ideally, if the bar is at such a level that the child can easily reach it.
  • Belt Hanger. If a child likes to wear trousers or skirts with belts, you can fit a special hanger in the closet just for them, on which they can be viewed and quickly select one specific one.
  • Mirror. Sometimes it is simply irreplaceable - if the child likes to dress up, and there is no place in the room under the growth mirror. Mounted usually on the back of the swing door, so that you can immediately assess the result of changing clothes. If we are talking about the closet, the mirror can be both of its doors from the outside.

Beautiful corner for your child

Special mention deserves the light - it can perform several appointments:
  • Help in the search for things. Actually, if the wardrobe is deep and positioned so that the light from the window does not penetrate into it - or so that the child will block the natural light from his back.
  • Highlight the mirror. Actually, if the light from the window is not enough, but you want to consider yourself.
  • Highlight things on the shelves. If the cabinet is open partially or completely, and the child uses it to arrange toys or to exhibit his collections, you can arrange a real exhibition of them by lighting them up beautifully.

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Using lighting fixtures

To make light in the closet, use:
  • Spotlights. Small, they give an even bright light in which you can see everything you need. Used when the main purpose is not aesthetic, but purely practical. They are embedded either in the walls or in the design of the cabinet. The cable is pulled from the nearest outlet - a good solution would be to place it somewhere on the wall near the back wall.
  • LED Strip Light. Used when the main purpose is just aesthetic. They can be of different colors, look perfect on the glass shelves, highlighting them like strange jewels. You can adjust the degree of illumination and, if the inhabitant of the nursery is afraid of the dark, use it as a night light.

Consider the opinion and wishes of the child

BoardIf you want your child to be really comfortable, discuss with him the question of interior layout. You can even draw it with colored pencils. And then order a closet that will perfectly match the results of your discussion. So you will be sure that your child is comfortable, and also teach him a decision-making lesson. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


Ideal by design, the cabinet costs nothing if it is made of poor-quality or unsuitable materials. Therefore, they must be taken into account.

Choose quality materials

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The cabinet cabinet may be made of the following materials:
  • Chipboard. The cheapest, most common. Consists of synthetic resin and sawdust. Looks like a fake wood plan in most cases. Fears of water, temperature drops, deforms over time. Very brittle - cracks or cracks as a result of a strong blow. Very light, therefore, may fall. But its price is very low, which in some situations can become decisive.
  • MDF. More expensive chipboard, spread a little less. Consists of the same sawdust and resin, but before pressing molten into one mass. Usually imitates wood, but with more quality than chipboard. If well treated, not afraid of water, temperature changes. Upon impact, it will not crack, but it will fade. Heavier.
  • Tree. The most expensive, the most beautiful stuff. Does not cause allergies, fits well with most interiors. Properly processed, it is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, or parasites. Heavy - on the one hand harder to overturn, on the other hand more dangerous. It is less sensitive to mechanical damage than MDF or chipboard.
  • Metal. Strict, cold material, little suitable for a child's room. Is that you want to furnish in a minimalist style a haven of an active teenager. Very reliable, does not break, does not burn, does not rust, if properly processed. Heavy.

Wood is the most expensive, but very beautiful material.

The case is only for cabinet cases - that is why it is so important to calculate the severity and whether the cabinet will fall on the child.

Consider also the materials of the shelves. It:
  • Chipboard. Thin shelves, which under the weight of things quickly change shape and sag.
  • MDF. Solid shelves that can support a lot of weight.
  • Tree. Beautiful expensive shelves that make little sense to do inside a closed cabinet, if the child does not have allergies.
  • Metal. Cold, thin, very strong shelves that last for decades, but rarely installed, because they do not fit well with wood.
  • Glass. Shelves for open cabinets are beautiful, there is no point hiding them behind the doors. Well combined with lighting, allow you to turn ordinary toys placed in an interesting collection. But slippery, and you also need to take care to be strong enough to prevent your child from breaking them.

Thin shelves bend very quickly

Metal and glass are well combined - although this combination is not for a student’s room, much less a preschooler. Wood and glass are well combined - the first softens the second and gives it comfort. Chipboard is not combined with anything.BoardThe material should be not so much beautiful as reliable. You certainly expect that the baby will use the wardrobe for more than a couple of years.

Interesting space organization for two children

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Door trim

If you want an open closet, naturally you won't have to think about the door material. But most of the children still have closed constructions, in which it is convenient to store all those things that need not be seen by strangers.

Swing doors, like sliding doors, can be made from:
  • Chipboard. These doors are thin, which on the one hand is good - they are light. But if the child hits them, the real hole is likely to turn out.
  • MDF. A much more durable option. Such doors are harder, but this is not too critical - both the hinges and the rail will calmly restrain them.
  • Tree. Such doors are durable; there will not even be a dent in them from impact. But they are heavier. They cannot be used for a sliding construction at all, they are suitable for a swing door only if the cabinet itself is heavy and massive.
  • Glass. Clear glass as a door on the cabinet looks more funny than beautiful, because it opens all the shelves, drawers, bars. But mirror or frosted can look very impressive.
  • Metal. Not used almost never, because heavy, reminiscent of school locker rooms from American films. It is used rather inlays to slightly diversify the general appearance of the tree.

Doors must be reliable and durable.

The material is responsible for reliability - chipboard is a couple of years, MDF is somewhat longer, wood, like glass, can not be changed for decades.

But for the overall appearance of the cabinet is responsible for covering the door, which can be done very differently, using different techniques:
  • Pure wood without treatment. It does not matter whether it is natural or counterfeit - the effect is about the same. It looks somewhat boring, but classically, and also does not require any effort in processing. No need to invest power, no need to invest money.
  • Painting. Painted wooden door looks much more interesting than usual. If the design of the room allows it, you can paint it with a floral or geometric pattern, bright shapeless spots, clouds, sheep, fish, favorite cartoon characters - absolutely anything. The main thing is that it fits into the overall interior and that the child also likes it.
  • Photo printing. In fact, it is similar to painting, but does not require skill in drawing or hiring an artist, plus it provides photographic accuracy. It can be all the same patterns, an interesting landscape, a portrait of the child in full growth, a scene with his favorite characters - the effect will be bright and festive, especially if the canvas will be all the sliding doors of the wardrobe.
  • Metal inserts. Usually they are made on a wooden door, have the form of shiny geometric shapes or stripes. It turns out strictly and even a little cold. The baby is most likely not impressed, but for a teenager can be a great solution. Especially if symbolism is close to him.
  • Mirror glass. Mirror doors - a good solution for the closet in the room of a child who is keen on sports. For example, doing aerobics or gymnastics. In the mirror you can control how well the exercises are performed.

Photo printing - bright and constantly festive effect

In addition, the mirror fits well into the room of a child who likes to watch himself, prefers fashion or acting. Also visually expand the small room.
  • Frosted glass. It can be colored, slightly transparent - so that obscure shadows of the contents of the cabinet are visible through it. Will delight the kids, if you make the backlight inside - then at night the whole structure will resemble a magic castle.
  • Sandblasted glass. This glass is opaque, slightly rough to the touch. It is easier to break, but it looks very interesting. Moreover, with the help of a stencil on it can be made a drawing that will remain transparent - from the silhouette of the animal to the vegetable pattern.
  • Stained glass window. Such doors on aesthetic qualities will be comparable to this picture. She can depict any plot, represent animals, plants, geometric patterns, favorite cartoon characters. The only negative is that stained glass is somewhat easier to break than ordinary glass.
  • Tinted glass. A good solution for a room in dark colors. It looks interesting, while behind it you can not see things that are stored in the closet.
  • Fusion. The same stained glass, but more interesting - on the basis of glass superimposed glass forms, which are then baked, forming a picture. If an ordinary stained glass window is easily broken, then fusion, on the contrary, is more difficult.
  • Thread. For classic interiors - just a godsend. Carved cabinet doors made of natural wood look interesting, nobly, attract attention.

Beautiful option for the girl's room

An open design with such a variety can not, but you can hang a curtain from it - from a thin translucent fabric, from a heavy fabric with a pattern, from thin multicolored threads.

The best part is that if you want a curtain can be easily removed by changing to another.

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How to fit the closet in the interior?

Choosing a way to finish the doors and the material for the body, be guided by what the rest of the interior looks like. The cabinet in it can perform two opposite functions:

  • Merge. In this case, it becomes the most invisible part of the interior, which is not intended to pay attention. Emphasis on something else, the color of the maximum matching with the color of the main situation. The ideal embodiment of this function is a wardrobe with mirrored doors, which is almost impossible to notice if you do not know that it exists.
  • Accent. In this case, it becomes the most visible part of the interior, which is supposed to look immediately from the threshold. Color - the most vivid. Either coinciding in hue with the main one, or contrasting with it and so interesting. The ideal embodiment of this function is a large cabinet with stained-glass doors that cannot be ignored.

When the cabinet merges with the general interior

BoardNone of the interior will not benefit from overloading accents. If the bed is already allocated in the nursery, it is impossible to allocate a wardrobe, it will turn out coarse, ugly. Return to the menu return to the menu

Finally: safety

In order for the cabinet to fit well into the nursery, it must not only have an ideal construction, a suitable material, its own role in the interior. He still has to be safe for the baby.

Provence style

It should be:

  • devoid of sharp corners, which can be hit - best of all, if all of them will be slightly rounded or protected by a soft coating;
  • deprived of protruding handles - they can fly on them on the run, because it is better to choose boxes with special solid protrusions, which you can take
  • heavy enough not to fall - the body structure must be quite massive so that if the child hits it, it will not fall on it;
  • light enough that, falling, do not cause fatal damage;
  • It is equipped with special closers that allow you to open the drawers together with the doors smoothly, and then return them to their rightful place just as smoothly - so that the child cannot break the door with a strong roar, drop the drawer or break his finger by pinching it.