Bedroom with wallpaper of two colors 210+ Photo: Design ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent


The remains of materials are usually sold at reduced prices, so the bedroom pasted over with two wallpaper will not cost so much. Learn what you need to do to make your bedroom the most beautiful and comfortable. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

 Content of this article:

  • The nuances of choice
  • Wallpaper features: TOP-8 species
  • Top 4 selection criteria based on the specific situation
  • Color palette for the bedroom
  • Top 5 popular design rules
  • Different ornaments for different styles.
  • TOP-3 rules for choosing the material to combine
  • What wallpaper emphasizes the style of the bedroom interior
  • Geometry matters too
  • Top 6 interesting ideas of combining
  • Fashion trends
  • VIDEO: Choosing the most beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for decorating the bedroom with combined wallpaper
  • The nuances of choice
  • Wallpaper features: TOP-8 species
  • Top 4 selection criteria based on the specific situation
  • Color palette for the bedroom
  • Top 5 popular design rules
  • Different ornaments for different styles.
  • TOP-3 rules for choosing the material to combine
  • What wallpaper emphasizes the style of the bedroom interior
  • Geometry matters too
  • Top 6 interesting ideas of combining
  • Fashion trends
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for decorating the bedroom with combined wallpaper
  • The nuances of choice

    With the help of combinations, it is easy to give an individuality to the bedroom interior by implementing your own even the most extravagant idea. Therefore, this method of decoration in the number of fashion trends.

    Create a comfortable and stylish setting.

    With it you can:

    • easy to zone the space;
    • hide room flaws;
    • create focal points;
    • emphasize a certain atmosphere;
    • show preference;
    • organize comfort and coziness.

    The main thing - to choose a recreation area and work area. Using color and texture, you can manage space. Cloths with a pattern, elegant colors will help in a compact room to visually expand the usable area.

    Separate recreation area and workspace

    In this case, the original idea can turn the disadvantages of the room into advantages. But only with the observance of a number of principles of double combination in each functional space. This concerns not only the appearance, but also the texture, quality characteristics of materials.

    The smaller the room and lighting, the brighter the appearance should be.

    Use flooring to match the wallpaper

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    Wallpaper features: TOP-8 species

    TextileThe most expensive, collect dust, require careful care.Glass clothDurable, they allow to hide uneven surfaces, they can be painted many times without damaging the texture, but they are heavy.Flizelinovye It is lighter than fiberglass cloths, for the preservation of the pattern, they are painted only with latex paints, and no more than two times. They are soft, therefore subject to mechanical damage.Pressed VinylThey are not afraid of mechanical effects, imitate the effect of screen printing.

    Extruded vinyl wallpaper mimics the effect of screen printing

    Foamed vinylThey have a convex volumetric texture, do not tolerate aggressive detergents and washing with brushes.Paper Do not emit harmful substances, cleaned only with damp cloths.Liquid Increase the level of heat and sound insulation, contribute to easy image correction.Stereoscopic They create the impression of additional space, the effect of the presence of a particular image or windows, doors, arches. Wallpaper fabrics of medium thickness with large texture and relief are rational.

    Incredible photo printing wallpaper

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    Top 4 selection criteria based on the specific situation

    The main indicators of the material - environmental friendliness, because the toxic components in the decor can adversely affect health, polluting the composition of the air. The texture allows you to distract from the flaws, not leveling the surface.

    Paper wallpaper - environmentally friendly and safe

    1Glass cloths are better suited for decoration in a new, not yet settled home. They are more durable, able to keep the surface even, even when a crack appears. 2. It is more rational to make an update to the interior of the room using non-woven wallpapers. They are cheaper, do an excellent job of alignment. They will give a special atmosphere to the atmosphere; they are perfectly combined with vinyl analogs. 4. Allergists and those who are constrained in finances should choose paper wallpapers.

    Glass cloth - durable and crack resistant

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    Color palette for the bedroom

    Gamma shades helps to shape the mood of the room. The atmosphere of the sleeping space should meet the favorable conditions for sleeping, and the living room - for active pastime. Therefore, for these corners, a certain spectrum of wallpaper is selected, merging into a single composition:

    Using even two monochromatic options you can achieve novelty and freshness in the interior.

    • With the help of a monochrome palette it is easy to give the atmosphere volume and integrity;
    • the use of contrasting colors visually crushes the interior, creating the necessary emphasis;
    • variants are considered a combination of black, white, gray, beige tones that muffle or accentuate other colors;
    • geometric patterns give design creativity;

    Creative geometric accents

      • green has the most beneficial effect on well-being;
      • combining white accents on a yellow background adds space to light and air;
      • in a small room it is not advisable to use shades of bright colors and contrasting patterns that make the room smaller;

    Green and pink colors as anti-stress, soothing effect

    • dark rooms are contraindicated in dark colors accompanied by ornaments with large elements;
    • at high ceilings, large patterns that contribute to comfort are relevant;
    • Bright patterns are always appropriate against a white background.

    Original and modern design

    More than two types should be used very carefully, covering individual walls with them, otherwise there will be an unaesthetic abrupt transition effect. Return to menu return to menu

    Top 5 popular design rules

    In the trend floral print on one wall, on the other - striped canvas

    1One bright color of the wallpaper complements the soft, pastel shade.2Opposite parts of different colors.3Hloristic print on one wall, on the other - striped canvas. The colors of both are combined. 4. Wallpaper of the same ornament, but differing in color. 5. Material of the same color tone with different ornament. Return to the menu return to the menu

    Different ornaments for different styles.

    Vegetable patterns are popular

    Ornamental patterns and patterns can belong to a group of images:

    • meander;
    • vegetable;
    • geometric.

    Each type is tied to a specific style, which makes it easier to choose materials. The decor turns out to be picturesque, voluminous with the help of zoning by meander ornaments on the edges, in the area of ​​the joints of the ceiling and walls, borders.

    Add volume using zoning meander patterns

    The fashion trend of combining is the use of patchwork technique. It is based on the gluing of pieces of different wallpaper of rectangular or square shape, taking into account the color and floral pattern. A wall with such a design resembles a quilt patchwork. This method is beneficial from a financial point of view, because you can use the remnants of wallpaper.

    Patchwork technique will add brightness to the space

    Canvas material with a geometric decor can consist of:

    • vertical or horizontal stripes;
    • circles;
    • squares;
    • rhombuses.

    Restrained geometric lines in the bedroom interior

    The basis of the ornament can be a quatrefoil of four circles of the same diameter. This design effectively highlights the living room area. Variants of its combination with checkered and striped patterns in classic, gothic and retro interior.

    Quatrefoil emphasizes classic style in the bedroom

    For the English style, the country technique is suitable "targan" - interlacing of multi-colored threads in the form of a grid, "crow's feet" on a monochromatic surface. For romanticism, a soft palette of lavender tones is ideal, giving the atmosphere lightness and airiness.

    For country style suitable technique "targana" - Scottish cell

    Proper use of style elements, echoing each other, you can get unusual combinations that adorn the interior.

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    TOP-3 rules for choosing the material to combine

    Combine contrasting shades, for example, black and white

    1The thickness of the coatings should be the same so as not to use at the joints and irregularities of the devices in the form of moldings, edging, borders. 2. The life of the decor depends on the same performance properties of the companion wallpaper. and flashy shades. It is better to buy wallpaper of the same brand and in one outlet. Preferably a combination kit.

    The thickness of the wallpaper should be the same.

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    What wallpaper emphasizes the style of the bedroom interior

    Each style, whether it be classic or minimalism, has its own shades, so you should adhere to the color matching and unity with the style of the room. A living room combined with a bedroom will keep space and airiness if the shades correspond to the style direction. The easiest way to achieve this when you design the space:

    In a classic design, use soothing colors.

    • classical and minimalist solutions with plain wallpaper;
    • Japanese direction with bamboo trunks or their imitation in a calm gray-beige, green-blue, pastel-pink range;
    • country simple colors without gloss and pretentiousness;
    • Romanticism, Baroque enlarged patterns of bright colors without smooth lines;
    • hi-tech, modern abstractions, strict lines, geometric formats;
    • art deco flower arrangements;
    • Provence small floral motifs.

    For such styles as baroque and classicism are characterized by wealth, pomp and sophistication

    Variant of any style - wallpaper with textural touches or elements without visible patterns.

    The solutions of "techno", industrial "loft" with brick or bare concrete subconsciously depress the psyche, therefore eliminating the relaxation necessary for a night rest. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Geometry matters too

    In some cases, the use of wallpaper companions will not work. Perception also depends on the shape of the room and light. Natural lighting makes the finish brighter, artificial - adds yellowness. Reflecting from the colored surfaces, the yellow particles mix the shades slightly, so the cold tones will be warmer.

    For large rooms it is necessary to use a trim in dark colors.

    A bright band against the light background of the opposite wall will mask the irregularities of the walls, details that spoil the interior.

    With a lack of lighting in the room of the wrong configuration, pastel and neutral gamma are preferable. vertical or horizontal separation of the surface to give the room a height. Looks good options for horizontal combinations:

    Vertical lines give room height

    • below the horizontal stripes, and on top - vertical;
    • below there is a dark shade, and above - light, or vice versa;
    • below a smooth monophonic surface, on top - a relief;
    • from above - horizontal stripes, and below - a monochromatic surface;
    • vertical stripes on top, and pattern below;
    • from above a pattern, below - a monophonic surface;
    • from above is a monochromatic surface, below is a drawing.

    A monochromatic surface from above, below - a drawing - an excellent reception to add heights

    For horizontal separation, it is preferable to use wallpaper with large contrasting patterns.

    A vertical way of combining wallpaper visually "pulls" the wall up. The most successful option is a series of monophonic and patterned stripes of the same width, breaking the stereotype of the interior.

    In one room more than two motley patterns and more than three colors are not combined. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Top 6 interesting ideas of combining

    Contrasting shades

    Not only colors and shades, but also ornaments, patterns or play with different textures within the same color.

    1 Gradient decor, when the soft beige color gradually turns into brown. Or the surfaces of four walls of different shades of the same color are painted from light green to dark green. You can arrange them counterclockwise or vice versa, but they should gradually move from one to another. The balance of complex wallpaper with intricate patterns and simple monochrome, the color of which repeats the color of the pattern of complex wallpaper. 3 The combination of opposites is contrasting shades according to the color circle. for allocation of a recreation area, a headboard.

    Photowall-paper will add originality

    5Kovrovy drawing on the wall, to which the bed adjoins. 6 The headboard accent material of one kind, which differs from the texture of facing other surfaces. The dominance of one active color looks better, others will balance the impression.

    Carpet pattern on the wall near the bed

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    Fashion trends

    Fashion is changing in interior design. Vegetative plots do not give up leading positions, but in a certain dose. For example, only on one wall or on strips. In the trend - a bright wall with an ornament at the head of the head and three plain walls.

    For a bedroom with a low ceiling, a combination of an accent wall that passes to the surface of the ceiling is important. Combinations of three-dimensional patterns, stylish black-and-white ornaments, individual prints and photo wallpapers with 3-D images, accent inserts with a baguette, and monochrome canvases with textured patterns are welcome.

    Another stylish trick is the placement of a canvas of wallpaper, the same size as the window frame. Placing them side by side creates the impression of a window through which a favorite landscape is visible.

    3 D image with individual print

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    VIDEO: Choosing the most beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom