Fences for private houses and homesteads (+390 Photo Ideas). Beautiful fences and selection criteria


It all starts with a beautiful fence. Yes it is! Every private house needs fencing. Having no idea about the house, perception comes precisely from it. Therefore, this issue should be approached seriously, after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. Everything is more detailed later in the article.


  • Criteria for choosing fences
  • Fence options
  • TOP-9 materials for enclosing structures
  • Combined fences
  • The use of ornamental plants
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  • Criteria for choosing fences

    Before choosing the type and material of fencing you need to decide on their purpose.

    Determine the style

    Usually, a fence for private houses performs the following functions:

    • denotes the boundaries of the adjacent territory;
    • prevents the entry of unwanted visitors and animal raids;
    • serves as the basis for creating a hedge;
    • protects neighbors and passers-by from prying eyes, ensuring privacy;
    • protects against dust and noise;
    • decorates the garden.

    Fence as a decoration of the territory

    If you need to completely isolate the local area, then the best option would be to install solid barriers that are resistant to mechanical damage. To decorate the landscape and indicate the borders, use openwork forged fences and low wooden fences.

    Forged type fencing

    When planning the construction of fences around the site, pay attention to the following factors:

    LocationIf your house is located near a highway or a busy street, then it should be protected by a deaf high fence. It will protect from uninvited guests and road noise, as well as reduce the amount of dust falling on the site.

    High fence for silence

    Architectural style of home ownershipThe shape and decor of the fence should look harmoniously with the landscape and the building, so the conciseness of a simple house will be shaded by the construction of a medium height of picket fence or living plants. For respectable mansions with a multitude of towers and other decorations, a fence of a complex configuration made of natural stone or brick in combination with metal structures will be suitable.

    Interesting design, eye catching

    The amount of financial investments that you have planned to spend on the installation of fences is also important. The choice of material and the complexity of the design depend on the amount of the estimated costs.

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    Fencing options

    In search of a functional and aesthetically attractive fence, consider the requirements of SNiP and soil features in the backyard territory, the complexity of the relief and the location of groundwater.

    We take into account all the requirements for a comfortable stay.

    You can choose the following options:

    1Capital. Solid structures provide safety and are distinguished by a long service life, but also degrade the natural circulation of air at the site, shade the plants and reduce the illumination of the premises when located near the house. If you decide to install a capital fence, then it will need a foundation and a significant period of time. 2Lungs. Prefabricated structures are made of wood, plastic or mesh. They are cheaper, but need regular maintenance.

    Solid metal construction

    If you want to conditionally designate the boundaries of your plot, then use voluminous shrubs, crops with large leaves and decorative elements in the form of a fence.

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    TOP-9 materials for enclosing structures

    For the construction of fences around the house area, you can choose wood, brick, natural or artificial stone, metal and concrete structures. Combinations of several materials look natural as well.

    There are a lot of materials that can be used.

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    Wooden structures are a traditional type of fences for private households that have been protecting manors since ancient times. Their popularity is due to the availability and low cost of material, as well as a variety of options. You can use softwood or hardwood as a raw material.

    Wood is a great choice

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    Examples of wooden fences

    1Scourge. For the manufacture you need the willow or other plants that are cleaned or left in its original form. Such fences are usually used to divide the area into zones, since they do not provide reliable protection and require constant updating. Pletni harmoniously look with wooden houses in a rustic style.

    Wattle with the help of boards

    2Picket fences. You can build it from wooden slats that need to be fixed on horizontal crossbars. Between adjacent elements leave a gap of different size, and their top may have a different shape.

    The gap in the fence is your discretion.

    3The fence of logs or lumber. They can be placed horizontally or vertically. The diameter of the logs is selected in accordance with the massiveness of the house, which should also be built of wood.

    Bar fence

    Unlimited space of fantasy provides a fence of boards. Depending on your wishes, it can be solid or imitate weaving.

    Grilles, assembled with large gaps between the boards, are used in the form of sections for fencing. They can also serve as a base for climbing flowers or plants planted around the perimeter of a plot.

    Imitation of weaving from boards

    Do you want to preserve the natural texture of wood - refuse to use paint and varnish compounds that form a dense layer after application. In this case, it is better suited impregnation or a special varnish for outdoor structures.

    The classic combination of wood with stone

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    Brick and stone

    More durable materials that you can use to build fences are brick and natural stone. They allow you to build reliable and durable structures, but require a foundation. Apply basalt, granite or porphyry to protections.

    Durable granite fencing

    The luxury of a stone allows to avoid difficult designs, constructing fences of a simple form. Their beauty is set off by bright flowers and evergreens. Cracks, chips and other defects create the effect of aged structures, which are ideally suited for buildings with similar facades.

    Luxury stone fence

    To save money, you can replace natural material with artificial stone or cobblestones of small size. An interesting variant of the fences are constructions of pillars and mesh, filled with pebbles or gravel. Such fences resemble gabions and are harmoniously combined with the deliberately rough texture of the pillars and facades of the house.

    Common Pebbles

    Brick fences - the best option for owners of cottages, lined with the same material. Such fences will reliably protect your territory from prying eyes. To avoid monolithic and ordinary perception, brick constructions are decorated with turrets, arches and other decorative elements.

    For lovers of intricate fences of stone and brick

    It is interesting to look at the fence, for the construction of which use stacking in a checkerboard pattern. In addition, this method allows you to save material and reduce the cost of construction of the fence.

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    Concrete structures

    As an alternative to massive brick or stone structures, you can use ready-made concrete structures. They are sections of different sizes and shapes, which are fixed in the grooves of the pillars. The front surface of concrete panels may have a different texture: smooth or rough, glossy or matte.

    Concrete Finished Design

    You can buy both tinted and unpainted sections and choose the appropriate shade with regard to architectural and color solutions at home.

    Another version of concrete fences are constructions of blocks. You can choose material with the texture of natural stone, wood or with a fancy surface pattern. A concrete fence completed with columns, lids and other decorative elements will decorate the villa or town house.

    Concrete block constructions - reliable and sturdy

    If you want your concrete fence to be indistinguishable from wooden structures, carefully choose the compositions for painting and avoid bright saturated tones. Return to the menu


    Metal fences are durable and durable structures. Due to staining with special compounds, they are resistant to corrosion and do not deteriorate with time under the influence of moisture. A variety of metal forms allows you to create simple and complex structures.

    Modern metal fence always looks as relevant

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    From shaped tubes

    The simplest option is a fence, sections of which are made of shaped pipes, fixed together by welding. You can choose the option with a different combination of metal pieces, formed into a single pattern. Such structures look especially impressive next to the house, the lining of which is made of brick or stone.

    Profile pipes that are attached to each other

    Fences from the profile pipe do not provide complete privacy due to the many gaps between the elements. To protect from prying eyes, metal sections can be combined with a profile sheet or planks. Privacy can be achieved using polycarbonate of different colors and shades.

    We supplement the design with polycarbonate

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    From shtaketnika

    No less popular due to its availability and ease of maintenance and fencing of profiled metal sheets or picket fence. Structural elements are painted at high temperature under pressure, so they retain their brightness and color saturation for a long time. The decorative layer also performs protective functions: thanks to the paintwork, your fence will be resistant to moisture and will not require replacement for a long time.

    Stable and painted shtaketnik

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    Profiled sheets

    You can purchase fencing structures with profiled sheets, the front surface of which imitates materials that are different in texture. Sections with the texture of stone or walnut, oak, cherry and other species are on sale. Thanks to this finish, the fence around your house will be unusual in decor and durable, since the metal has a long service life.

    Profile sheets for the fence

    Metal shtaketnik made of profiled sheets in the form of slats of a certain width. The slats are fixed with a small gap on the horizontal crossbars parallel to each other. They can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

    Option of vertical layout of the professional sheet

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    Metal sheets

    An interesting type of fences are metal sheets with carved patterns or perforations. They are fixed on the pillars and create the effect of openwork and weightless design.

    To fence from profiled sheets or metal picket fence created the impression of a single monolithic structure, use pillars, crossbars and fasteners, the color of which coincides with the color of the base material.

    We combine colors in one design

    The elite version of metal fences are forged structures, which are characterized by high cost and spectacular appearance. The more complex the pattern, the more expensive each section of the fence will cost you. If you want to save money, you can use welded structures made of shaped pipe, supplemented with forged inserts and patterns.

    Decking with forged inserts and patterns

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    Combined fences

    The fences, in which several materials are combined, also look impressive. They are harmoniously combined with buildings, for the decoration of which different methods were used. For example, a plinth made of stone and a plastered facade or brick walls with wooden shutters fixed outside.

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    Brick and metal

    Usually, pillars, foundations and other supporting structures are made of brick. Profiled sheets, shtaketnik, metal welded or forged structures used for the manufacture of sections.

    The combination of brick and metal is very popular

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    The combination of metal and stone

    Rocks of natural origin, you can use in the construction of the foundation and pillars. To fill the gap are various metal structures.

    Metal and stone look no less harmonious.

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    Brick and wood

    As in the first case, the brick serves as a material for the construction of bearing elements: pillars, lower crossbars and other structures. The gap between the pillars is filled with a picket fence or boards that can be fixed in different ways.

    The original combination of brick and wood

    You can use other combinations of materials. For example, wood and metal. The perforated metal sheet insert contrasts with the sections, which are made of horizontally fixed planks.

    When choosing for the construction of fences of two or more materials, pay attention to their compatibility in color and texture.

    Combine correctly and harmoniously

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    The use of ornamental plants

    In addition to various materials to create fences you can use shrubs and trees. The height, density and protective functions of hedges depend on the parameters of the selected plants. They can be decorative, no more than 50 cm high, or functional, consisting of 2-3 meter trees.

    Beautiful, but not always practical

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