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Baby bedding in the cot: choose the size and quality of the kit for a newborn + 115 PHOTO


Properly chosen baby bedding in a bed has a positive effect on the mood of the child during the day. The results of numerous studies of experts proved that deep and restful sleep is the most important condition for the health, physical and emotional development of the baby. During the day and night rest the nervous system is activated, saturating the body with the right energy. Find out which kit is better to choose more detailed later in the article.


  • Kit selection
  • Buy or sew your own hands
  • Basic quality requirements
  • The size must fit the size of the bed.
  • The main criterion is the quality of the material.
  • Which set is better
  • Caution - synthetic and mixed textiles
  • The color scheme - a guarantee of pleasant dreams
  • Top 10 colorist tips
  • Bumpers for safety and comfort
  • Oilcloth - protection from unpleasant accidents
  • Canopy: all the pros and cons
  • TOP-9 secrets of choosing quality products
  • Top 4 recommendations for the care of bedding
  • VIDEO: We study all the nuances of choosing bed linen
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful and high-quality sets of baby bedding
  • Kit selection
  • Buy or sew your own hands
  • Basic quality requirements
  • Top 10 colorist tips
  • TOP-9 secrets of choosing quality products
  • Top 4 recommendations for the care of bedding
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful and high-quality sets of baby bedding
  • Kit selection

    Newborns sleep more than teens and adults. In the crib the baby grows, gains strength, is trained. In a dream, his brain processes impressions, adapting to environmental conditions. A well-sleeping baby happily greets the new day and is ready for his knowledge.

    Sleepy baby - joyful baby

    It should not irritate the skin, move off the mattress, slide off, electrify. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Buy or sew your own hands

    If desired, you can sew a bed set yourself. This, of course, is always exclusive, but requires a lot of time and certain skills. In modern stores, the choice is limited only by the possibilities of the family budget, the various quality of linen and personal preferences.

    Choose a set to your taste.

    You can buy bedding complete or separately. A large baby crib set can consist of 10 items. The standard set is completed:

    • sheet;
    • duvet cover;
    • pillow case;
    • a blanket;
    • protective side;
    • canopy;
    • side pockets.

    Bed set in a crib of 10 items

    For bedding newborns need a few sheets, because they quickly get dirty. The blanket cover can be with fasteners below, sideways, in the middle.

    Duvet Cover with Zipper

    It is necessary to buy bedding for an infant in special stores with goods for children, and not in the market, kits of dubious quality. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Basic quality requirements

    All textiles for baby bed should be:

    • safe;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • moisture absorbing;
    • breathable;
    • easy;
    • soft;
    • pleasant to the touch;
    • durable.

    Choose safe underwear

    Before acquiring familiarize yourself with the composition of textiles, fillers, quality and characteristics of accessories.

    The most convenient sheets are models with elastic bands that do not stray from the surface of the mattress. Return to the menu

    The size must fit the size of the bed.

    Bed linen sets for newborns are different from sets for teens.

    Set bed for a newborn

    For a single bed, the standard size of the bed sheet is 100 cm wide and 145 cm long, the duvet cover is 110 cm wide and 145 cm long, and the pillowcase is 40 cm wide and 60 cm long.

    Baby sheets with elastic - it is very convenient

    If the pillow is larger than the pillow case, then the surface will be solid. The small size of the duvet cover will compress the blanket, forming folds and lumps. And in the bedding of a large size, the baby may simply be confused.

    Pillowcase 40 by 60 with Velcro

    If the bed has non-standard dimensions, before purchasing or ordering, it is necessary to measure its parameters and add 5 cm to them to get the optimal dimensions of the set.

    Consider the size of the bed when choosing a set

    The size of imported linen differs from domestic sizes. Return to menu

    The main criterion is the quality of the material.

    The bed set should be made of natural fibers so that the fabric does not become the cause of allergic irritations on the skin, does not accumulate statistical electricity. He must "breathe", providing air circulation. Thanks to this baby does not face overheating. On the label manufacturers indicate the properties of the fabric.

    Natural fiber underwear

    Kits made of synthetic materials are undesirable to avoid diaper rash, irritation. Return to menu

    Which set is better

    For a cot, it is preferable to purchase a kit for the manufacture of which was used:

    1be without glossy gloss with a rough surface and dense structure, perfectly permeable to air and absorb moisture;

    Baby coarse

    2 natural cotton does not slip, does not stick to the body, absorbs moisture and passes air;

    Bright set of cotton in the crib

    3 soft poplin, resistant to stretching, not interfering with air circulation, moisture permeable;

    Soft bed for a comfortable sleep

    4 gloss satin for good breathability and heat retention;

    A bed of glossy satin in the children's bed

    5 soft and warm flannel.

    A set of soft bed for sound sleep

    A newborn's bedding is often washed, so it must be tight and durable. Option set of satin, which is softer, stronger calico.

    Choose a satin lingerie option

    Fashionable linen sets are also beautiful, durable, soft, absorb moisture and antiseptic. But they are quickly crumpled and hard to iron, so they add synthetic threads, whose presence is undesirable for a child.

    Choose sides for flax crib

    In the trend and natural bamboo. It is soft, pleasant to the touch, has excellent thermal conductivity and antiseptic properties, hypoallergenic. However, it is very expensive.

    From hypoallergenic bamboo

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    Caution - synthetic and mixed textiles

    Cotton blended fabrics with synthetics are cheaper, but quickly lose color and interfere with proper air exchange. In general, synthetics are valued for unpretentiousness, long service life, low price, but it is better not to use them for bedding babies. Polyester products:

    • hard;
    • over time accumulate static voltage;
    • badly let the air flow.

    Sometimes the sides in the crib contain synthetic fibers

    Mixed version - polycotton made of polyester with cotton is pleasant to the touch, does not crease, does not deform after washing. It is possible that the baby will experience skin irritation when resting on products.

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    The color scheme - a guarantee of pleasant dreams

    According to psychologists, the color of bedding affects the quality of night and day rest of the baby. For a quality set of bed linen is characterized by the absence of screaming prints, dark, too bright shades. Preferably the abundance of peach, pale pink or pale blue, caramel, white tones. As an option - a barely noticeable flowered drawing or with cartoon characters or its complete absence.

    Different characters and colors for the baby’s crib

    Preferred products painted with natural pigments that do not cause allergies and without an unpleasant odor. The linen should emit a light textile scent without the smell of chemicals. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Top 10 colorist tips

    1 For active, easily excited children, soft blue, blue tones or sand, ocher, terracotta shades on bed linen are preferable. This gamma helps relieve tension and calm.

    Blue underwear for active kids

    2 A bed of calm babies can be filled with linen of rich orange, apple-green colors. They contribute to the development of imagination, energizing and good mood.

    Orange colors in the baby’s crib

    3Blue color helps relieve the tension of emotions accumulated in a child during the day.

    Blue color for the emotional discharge of the child

    4 For babies with poor appetite, a set with delicate shades will resemble goodies.

    Delicate shades to excite the baby's appetite

    5 Brown underwear has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to relax the child.

    Brown blends with white

    6To the child not be capricious in the morning, it is better to have a yellow set, which contributes to the development of creativity and the desire to learn new things.

    Delicate yellow in bedding

    7Green colors have a relaxing effect, awaken interest in the surrounding world.

    Green color for calm baby

    8Pink shades reduce stress.

    Pink shades for a little princess

    9White palette stimulates the activity of visual organs, helps to improve well-being.

    The predominance of white energy-colored

    10 Shades of violet gamma inhibit the nervous system.

    Dilute purple with white

    According to studies on toThe sets of beautiful cheerful tones baby wakes up in a great mood. Return to the menu ↑

    Bumpers for safety and comfort

    Side protection It must be made of the same quality materials as linen. Uhthat flat pads, attached with ribbons to the sides of the bed around the perimeter.

    They contribute to the sleep of the child, isolating from the environment. There are models of solid or consisting of four parts. Their purpose is to protect from drafts and prevention possible bruises on the wooden structure, because the child during the period of activity turns, rolls and can hit.

    At the heart of the sides is a padding material that does not form lumps. The sizes of the models are different, so they must match the parameters of the bed.

    Bed crib DIY

    Foam, as a filler is not safe for kids.

    The secondary function of the bumpers is help in the development of the child. Considering the color prints on the fabric, the kid learns to concentrate the look, to distinguish details faster. With the same purpose, manufacturers equip them with removable parts with sound effects, elements that develop fine motor skills.

    Bumpers to concentrate the look of the baby on the details

    The bright and contrasting colors of the protective sides can cause irritation. Return to the menu

    Oilcloth - protection from unpleasant accidents

    This bedding should be strong and elastic, made of hypoallergenic materials. It is preferable to bed medical oilcloth or disposable hygiene product with a filler, which is used for diapers.

    Diaper-oilcloth for children's accidents

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    Canopy: all the pros and cons

    Main function elegant canopy - decoration of the crib, protection from excessively bright light, external sounds. For country houses - this is a kind of mosquito net. But the canopy has the same minuses. Light fabric quickly accumulates dust, even with frequent wet cleaning in the room, and therefore requires weekly washing. In addition, such protection against insects violates the air exchange, which negatively affects the health of the child.

    Canopy as decoration of an interior of the room

    Wash before use to disinfect and remove excess dyes that may cause allergies. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    TOP-9 secrets of choosing quality products

    1Rare weaving of threads is a sign that the kit will not last long.

    Choose a tight, strong fabric.

    2 Unprocessed edges and corners look not only untidy, but after washing they turn into fringe.

    Edge processing must be present.

    3Plate sheets made of pieces of material - this is extra seams.

    Comfortable baby clothes

    4The bed linen of solid cloths is more beautiful, more comfortable, stronger.

    Solid bed linen

    5The lack of complete information on the marking and uneven seams - a signal for doubt.

    The quality of the seams of the bed should be at the height

    6The color of threads and fabrics is different - a violation of the sewing technology. 7 A bona fide manufacturer does not save on packaging, so it looks stylish and bright.

    Bright packaging for baby bed

    8When sewing quality sets, double linen seams are used.

    Double linen stitch

    9 For bedding, the dye strength should not be lower than four. Bed sets for an infant cannot be cheap.

    Ribbons, laces, flounces, buttons are often used to decorate a crib. All decorative items should be sewn on the outside, not glued. It is better to avoid ornaments in the form of convex appliqués and embroideries.

    Decorating the bed with various accessories

    For safety, purchase products with zippers so that they do not choke with buttons, taste them, and do not get confused in the cuts in the middle. Return to menu return to menu

    Top 4 recommendations for the care of bedding

    1 The use of soft washing powders and concentrates based on natural ingredients, without strongly pronounced aromas, is allowed.

    Wash clothes with soft powder only.

    2 The baby kit must be washed separately, turning the pillowcase and duvet cover inside out. 3. In order for the fabric fibers not to contain pieces of detergent, baby clothes should be rinsed 2-3 times in clean water.

    Only wet clothes can be ironed.

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    VIDEO: We study all the nuances of choosing bed linen