What furniture to the bedroom will be fashionable in 2018 (165+ Photos)? How to arrange?


Bedroom furniture is designed to relax, it should be comfortable, functional and attractive. But how to choose it correctly, so that it really performs its functions and creates a feeling of coziness and comfort?


How to choose furniture for the bedroom?

The stores have a large variety of bedroom suites. It may seem that it is enough to choose an eye-catching set, and the problem is solved. However, it is not. You may encounter a problem: the set will not fit in the room, the cabinets block doors or window openings, the color does not match the interior decoration.

What you need to consider:

  • The color scheme, the style of the room.
  • The size, shape of the room.
  • The quality of the mattress.
  • Headset functionality.
  • Environmental Safety.

Bedroom furniture is designed to relax.

Let us examine these points in more detail. Psychologists have conducted research and proved that the emotional state of a person depends on the decoration of the interior, the quality of the furniture. If you look like choosing "with closed eyes", you cannot count on a good dream.

First: color and style. Usually the rooms are decorated in soothing colors. That the room did not look boring bright decorating is applied fragmentary. On the restrictions say below. Applicable soft shades of any color. Avoid saturated, bright acid tones.BoardDo not use in the decoration of the red color. It causes irritation, prevents good rest. If you want to introduce a bright color into the interior, use fragmentary: decorative vases, pillows.

This room should be cozy

The size, shape of the room. Before buying headsets measure room, draw the location of doors, windows, balcony openings. This will help not to be mistaken with the size of individual objects and the arrangement of the set.The quality of the mattress affects the rest. Save on something else, but good sleep is your health.Functionality. Set includes: wardrobe, mirror or banquet table, chest of drawers, bedside tables, bed. Choose the necessary items from this list and create a comfortable resting place.

Comfortable couch in the interior

If the bedroom is combined with a nursery, a study or a guest room, then the bed should be replaced with a transforming sofa. There is an interesting option to improve the situation. It creates an elevated podium, under which the bed is hidden. In this case, do without a full bed. There will be enough an orthopedic mattress that slides out on rollers in the evening and slides under the runway in the morning.

Environmental Safety is important. This room is multifunctional. They rest in it, store clothes, so the air must be clean and fresh. Unfortunately, dishonest manufacturers save and produce pieces of furniture from cheap material that emit toxins or unpleasant odor.

The quality of the mattress affects the rest

The best are natural material: wood, wenge, metal. Manufacturers offer, chipboard, veneering of valuable tree species with certificates of quality and safety. They are a bit more expensive than budget models, but cheaper than natural materials. Return to the menu ↑


From the quality of the mattress and the frame depends on the life of the bed. Inconvenient model has a bad effect on sleep. The bed is considered the heart of the bedroom. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

  • Take measurements to fit the model into the room.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the connection details. They must be tight, not have gaps.
  • Ask for a quality certificate for products. The material is environmentally safe for health.
  • The model should be spacious and comfortable for you. You are guaranteed not to fall from it.

Bed life depends on the quality of the mattress and frame

For large rooms suitable option of any size, with a large headboard, bedside couch. For small rooms do not buy massive items. The kit may not fit in the room or occupy the entire living space that does not give comfort.

Manufacturers use:

  • wooden;
  • metal (springs, mesh);
  • woven frames;
  • from flexible slats.

A little more about the latter basis. Lamels are thin, but durable. They guarantee a uniform load on the frame and can withstand orthopedic mattresses well.

We will talk about them in more detail. This item is primarily responsible for good sleep. The mattress should combine hardness and elasticity. It is advisable to lie down on the bed. It is you who decide what is convenient for you. High mattresses are not suitable for budget cages. They are heavy and the foundation can not stand and break.

Inconvenient model is bad for sleep

BoardIf there are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, buy a bed with an orthopedic mattress.

The headboard is made from different materials.

Depending on the style chosen, apply the material:

  • Tree.
  • Chipboard, fiberboard.
  • Genuine or artificial leather.
  • Metal forging.
  • Weaving from a rod, wenge.
BoardPay attention to the bed with storage places - spacious drawers for bed linen, pillows, blankets, blankets, seasonal shoes.

The bed is the heart of the bedroom

Exclusive models diversify the interior. With built-in trellises, bedside tables. The functional option decorates the room, removes the problem of selecting different elements for the bedroom.

The wardrobe is irreplaceable if the dwelling is not equipped with a wardrobe. We recommend installing a wardrobe. They are roomy. Mirror doors dissolve the surface, make the room bigger. There are features of the installation. In long rooms along narrow walls. Even for small rooms, you can order a narrow model with perpendicularly mounted brackets. In long rooms give up massive cabinets with carved doors.

Bedside cabinets come in many bedroom suites. Standard models are not connected to the bed. They can be rearranged to different parts of the room. There are two areas of decoration: all pieces of furniture in one color and contrasting headsets. Create an interior in eclectic style (blending) help diverse pieces of furniture.

In green tones

BoardThe fashionable trends of this year are considered asymmetric shaped bedside tables: semi-circular, with several open shelves, elongated.

A banquet table or a dresser with a mirror are necessary for women in the bedrooms. They are hidden from prying eyes female things. Mirror expands the space.

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White furniture is an elegant choice.

White is the king of flowers. The use of such headsets gives solemnity to the interior. It goes well with all colors. Therefore, they are used for interiors with a complex decorative pattern. It has many advantages:

  • Helps to bring harmony to the room.
  • Gives warmth and comfort.
  • Suitable for different color decoration.
  • For light furniture is easier to choose decorative objects.
  • Gives a feeling of spaciousness.

White is the king of flowers

White color transforms different surfaces. Glossy turn into reflective mirrors. Matte soften straight lines of furniture. An interesting effect is the use of artificial, natural leather or fabric for the design of the headboard. Special chic gives decoration with furniture nails and gold or silver cord.

The listed benefits may not convince. Doubts are justified if you think that:

  • White color turns a room into a hospital ward.
  • The room will be monotonous and boring.
  • It is difficult to take care of it: on a light surface, spots or scratches are especially noticeable.

You can choose two bedside tables and a dressing table in white. They are well complemented by a dark closet and bed.

Color gives warmth and comfort

Designers are advised to choose white furniture for small spaces. This approach is justified because it visually increases the space. But in large rooms, such a reception gives palace luxury.

Let's talk about the color content. Classic genre: white with black. This does not mean that all walls will be coal or graphite. It is enough to decorate the wall at the head with wallpaper with graphite vertical stripes or circles and the room becomes refined grandeur. Three walls to make monophonic. Additional elements are needed for decoration: paintings, photo in frames. They visually "break" the monochromatic field of the wall.

The decoration of one wall with natural or artificial stone, wallpaper with a large pattern looks original. Creating architectural mirrors with textured decoration also helps to change the appearance of the room.

Feeling of space

Turquoise color calms, helps to have a good rest and promotes awakening. It complements the white color, fits to classic and modern styles.

Enter the "golden" elements into the interior:

  • furniture handles;
  • moldings;
  • lamps with gold fittings.

This technique works flawlessly. Try an wallpaper with an abstract yellow pattern. The best option for rooms facing north.

Peach shades make the interior refined, soft. Used to create a sophisticated romantic interior. White furniture gives peace, festivity or peace.

For light furniture is easier to choose decorative objects.

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Interior with dark furniture

Want to create a respectable interior with a touch of mystery? Without dark furniture is not enough. There are features of dark furniture. For standard apartments, make bright wall decorations. Otherwise the room will turn into a dark casket. In large rooms, additional color accents are needed.

Dark furniture does not always need a light background. Everyone has their favorite colors and shades. One needs a bright atmosphere. Others love bright decor. The third for relaxation is important dark interior, which gives a feeling of a closed space and comfort. We learn about different design options.

Practical, dark room

We define the terminology. The concept of "dark furniture" has a large range of shades and color combinations. The color is affected by the appearance of wood, veneer, varnish. Dark furniture lovers should pay attention to:

  • Oak.
  • The Red tree.
  • Nut.
  • Ebony.
Furniture should not be one rich tone. It is permissible to decorate the main details with lighter moldings, decorative inserts, vignettes, carved elements. An unusual effect is provided by the upholstery of the headrest with a dark-colored fabric or pattern in combination with a light wood.

Headsets in dark colors give luxury home decoration

Dark shades are universal, have a rich color range, many shades, give a large range for decoration of rooms. Benefits:

  • Practical: scratches, dirt are not noticeable on the surfaces. The furniture is easier to care for and you do not have to rub it all day.
  • Raise the status of housing. Headsets in dark colors give the luxury of home decoration, emphasize the refined taste of the owners.
  • Used in any interior. Complies with modern interior styles: hi-tech, "Ego", classic: from baroque to modern. The main thing: choose a collection that corresponds to the desired direction.

Pay attention to the lighting. Dark headsets with the right light gain depth texture. Properly adjusted lighting emphasizes the quality of the material and the beauty of the accessories. The light is reflected from the skin, silk, makes soft plush, velvet surface. Return to the menu

Brown restroom furniture

As in the previous case, the color can not be called static and uniform. It has a large range of shades and tones. The interior becomes calm, warm, serious, friendly, moderate. Such features guarantee a good sleep.

BoardThe color is combined with green, white, peach. Combine light and dark shades. If dark color prevails, the space is visually reduced. Balance the headset with light walls, textiles, lighting, mirrored cabinet doors. An unusual effect is given by golden shades that create a sunny mood.

In classic style

Do not refuse to experiment. Brown is considered a trend of modern design. It corresponds to the fashionable direction of unity with nature. Brown, correspond to the styles: Japanese, Provence, Country.

Mattresses on the podium elevation framed by a wooden frame give the room an unusual attractive look. They soar above the floor and emphasize the aura of peace.

Textiles of various texture complements the interior. Flax, velvet, artificial fur used for bedspreads, curtains, decorative pillows.

Brown is considered a trend of modern design.

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Correct and comfortable furniture arrangement

Need to think about the details before buying. Determine the place for bulky items: cabinets, beds, so as not to have to rearrange them. They should not interfere with the opening of the entrance and balcony doors, windows. If the room is narrow, the bed should not have sharp corners.

Draw a room to scale, specify architectural elements: windows, doors. And start to "play" furniture. Consider the principles of ergonomics. Leave the aisles at least 0.7 m, do not place the bed opposite the window if the window faces east.

Think over the design in advance

Consider the basic principles of the arrangement:

  • Bed set headboard to the wall to create a feeling of peace and security.
  • By the double beds leave two passes. Do not install them side to wall.
  • Do not put a bed by the window, avoid direct drafts.
  • Place the dressing table or mirror on the side of the bed.
  • In large rooms, the diagonal arrangement gives exclusive comfort.
  • Bedside tables put near the beds.
  • One bed along the "blank" wall.
  • Place the cabinet close to the wall so that it does not block the aisles.
  • Place for the desktop near the window for good lighting.

Corner cabinet option convenient for small elongated spaces. It is roomy and takes up little space..

Open cabinet

Want to make the task as easy as possible. Computer programs and phone applications facilitate the work. They are not complicated. Enter the size of the room, specify the location of window, doorways, the size of objects. The program automatically provides several options for functional placement.

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Girl's bedroom sets

For the child, the bedroom should be comfortable, safe. Color helps to raise a child. Different shades affect emotions, help to focus or relax, promote harmonious development. Headsets can not be standard. They differ depending on age, temperament, hobbies.

For the child, the bedroom should be cozy, safe.

The color scheme is usually chosen by adults. But at a young age, children express their preferences. A bit higher we talked about white bedrooms. This color is suitable for girls. It blends well with pink and light green, blue. The newborn needs a safe environment. The bed is comfortable, with high-quality mattress. Colors choose neutral, calm. Avoid sharp parts. Fittings tightly connected to the details. Do not choose a playpen with low-quality painting. Kids love to gnaw objects that are around them. After 2 years of age, turn the room into a playground with bright decor. Buy a cot with a small side, a low cabinet, a table for creativity, a box for toys.

Color helps to raise a child

From the age of 5, girls love doll houses. Give the room a fabulous interior: a canopy bed in the form of a carriage. For the lover of adventure, active games, a 2-storey bed with a ladder, a slide becomes an interesting option. Baby need to be accustomed to order. The room needs roomy shelves, lockers or drawers for toys. Buy a transforming table, it "grows" with the hostess. In such an interior, the baby will be comfortable until 10-12 years old. In adolescence, preferences change, personality develops, color, design preferences appear. The interior should not distract from study. Furniture pick up comfortable: beds with orthopedic mattress, high-quality work chair or chair. Otherwise, there will be health problems.

The interior should not distract from study

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Furniture company Shatura

We will not talk about the features of manufacturing technology, the prices of furniture factory Shatura. More important is the variety of models. Bedrooms for every taste. We note modern technology, environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, reliable assembly. Let's tell in more detail about design features.

You can implement any tips that have been described above. White bedrooms: "Diamante", "Tiffany", brown "Dante", "Camellia", dark "Flash Line", neoclassic "Florence-M". These are some collections designed by designers.

Models decorate housing, make it modern, comfortable and exclusive. The texture of ash, walnut and other types of wood is shaded in a special way, which makes it more saturated. Furniture gets its unique look.

You are not difficult to choose your favorite option. As noted above, collections correspond to styles:

  • Classic.
  • Minimalism.
  • Modern
  • Eclecticism.
  • Japanese
  • Provence.
  • Baroque.

Italian designers took part in the development of several collections and gave them beauty and harmony. The classic design approach is complemented by subtle taste and reflects modern design trends.