Making their own flower beds and flower beds - 210+ (Photo) Original and beautiful designs


Beautiful flower beds and flower gardens always attract the eyes of others, guests who visit your home. The originality of the options is very large. It all depends on the imagination of the owners. And what flower bed do you have? If you are still searching and reflecting on the design of your site, then our article will bring a lot of interesting and useful things to your thoughts.


In the middle of autumn, looking at the flower garden, the eye can catch on except for the fading chrysanthemums, almost all the seasonal work is behind, so there is an opportunity to focus on the miscalculations.

Garden path, decorated flower garden

In spring, flower lovers make the same mistake: they try to accommodate as many plants as possible in a limited area. After all, the leaves have not yet blossomed, and planning to plant, we often do not take into account what they will be in a month or two.

The best way to decorate your garden is to use flowering vegetation.

  • Therefore, the first rule: keep a distance! This year we had to cut off an old, still great-grandfather apple tree, whose branches broke off under the weight of fruits and fell on a flower garden, doing a lot of damage. Without an apple-tree, it became as if more spacious and lighter, however, some who felt comfortable in the penumbra (primroses, hosts, ferns, aquilegia) now found themselves in the sun, and in the spring they will have to think about their relocation.
  • And since there are not enough shady places for everyone, fast-growing tall people, such as castor beetle, sunflower, and an enotera tall, will be able to help. So, the second rule: the plants also need comfort.
  • Come to a flower garden not only with a chopper and a watering can, but also with a notebook and pen. Sketch the plan of planting, fix the beginning and end of flowering. And this is the third rule.

Make your site brighter

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Landscaping Art

Who among us, visiting the flower growers and noticing a new plant, did not experience heart sinking: "I want! I want! I want!" And also trips to flower exhibitions, and just to the flower rows on the market, interested in viewing a variety of catalogs with interesting offers. They did not notice how they turned their flower garden into a collection site with a huge number of very different ones. They do not have enough space, they overshadow each other, not giving the opportunity to enjoy their beauty, but they add us trouble.

Fountain as part of landscape design

Create a flower bed that you have long wanted:

  • You have to imagine where to put him so that it does not bother anyone.
  • Contemplating the work of landscape designers, you are convinced that plants look best when they grow in groups.
  • Fifteen bulbs, say, tulips of different varieties and flowers planted in a row, will not look as attractive as a group of one variety of the same fifteen.
  • But, creating such compositions, it is important to take into account the height, color and size of leaves, the duration and duration of flowering.
  • Each grower has his own little secrets of success and a list of unfortunate failures.
BoardColored spots in the flower garden, created by the same variety, always look more spectacular than many different ones, planted in one row.

Flowers along the walkway

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Types of flower beds

Now more and more often, household plots and cottages are used not for obtaining a rich crop of vegetables, not for planting potatoes or working in greenhouses. More and more often, our country life is not communication with a shovel, but communication with flowers.

Some part of the gardeners refuses to "slave" labor and work for their own pleasure. For them, a dacha is one big flower garden in which they feel like in a fragrant paradise.

But to make a beautiful flower garden is no less difficult than to form a bed. To do this, you need to have some idea of ​​what kind of flower gardens are and what plants they plant in.

Use different types

For the design of a flower bed even improvised means are used. For example, the old sink. Here you will also need:

  • pieces of chain-link;
  • soil, crushed stone;
  • pebbles;
  • stones

With this inventory, the sink must be given a more aesthetic look. After that, start planting. Naturally, the design of the flower garden is completely dependent on the wishes of the owner.. This applies to cases of professional assistance.

First you need to create a small hill. After all, the structure should stand out against the background of the rest of the landscape. In addition, you must give the hill the desired shape. Here you will need a cord, a ruler and other inventory. Additionally, it is worth creating a stone or plastic fence. That will not give a bed to overgrow with grass. After that, start planting.

Option with tulips

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Flower beds

The most common type of flower garden in the garden is, of course, a flower bed. But, despite the tradition, a variety of beds, sometimes, is amazing. Triangular, square, round, in two, in three tiers, in floor-standing flowerpots with long legs or simply standing on the ground. A huge number of varieties that are designed to decorate the place in which the flowerbed was installed. In general, all flower beds can be either geometric or free.

Their shape can be anything, and not only round or square. The main thing is to plant it correctly. Selection of varieties is carried out so that they all have different flowering periods.

On the site you can create mixborder and rabatku. Moreover, it is possible to carry out our plans without the help of a professional designer.

The most common type is, of course, a flower bed.

First you need to solve a number of issues, in particular, to choose the optimal combination of colors on the site. Also need to choose flowers. Usually combine three species in one bed. It is better to pre-select the geometry of the site and take into account the flowering period.

Kinds of flower beds

The carpet type is characterized by a rectangular or square configuration. Most often, this place is stunted multi-colored vegetation. Thanks to this, unusual patterns and patterns are created. There are also regular and irregular species. In the first case, all bloom at one time. In the second - the flowers follow each other.

The simplest representative is considered a perennial flower bed. One species is planted here. This option is easy to implement on their own.

Highlighting adds territory romance

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Rose garden

Quite often, gardeners create a rose garden on their own plot. Here you will definitely need a well-lit place with an area of ​​no more than twenty square meters. First you need to make a choice of the place of roses, then do the preparation of the soil, planting.

BoardIt is important to know that the rose garden is made in a special order.

That is, in the first line are low-growing bushes, whose height is not more than forty centimeters. Climbing roses are planted in the last row, capable of reaching several meters. The procedure is best carried out in early summer.

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Flower beds near the reservoir

Flower beds can be quite original. The presence of a reservoir makes it possible to create a floating structure. This will require light and non-sinking material. With this function, foam copes perfectly.

Plants located on a similar flower bed, must necessarily love moisture and water. Wooden structures can be placed on the plot. It is better to make them suspended. Otherwise, the material will quickly deteriorate.

Rose garden

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In second place after the beds are discounts. These are long tracts of land that perfectly draw paths and alleys in your garden. Rabatki width can not be more than three meters. Planted in it can be in several tiers, and the far row will be high, and then descending. These flower beds can be placed in the garden along the paths, or around detached trees. But the flower gardens themselves also need to be decorated. For this usually use borders.

The curb can have one or two tiers, the width is no more than half a meter. For borders use small low plants so that you can see from the flowerbed. Borders are very well combined with flower beds and rabatkami.

Rabatki - make out paths and alleys

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There is a kind of flower beds, like mixborders. This means that in such a flower garden there will be various plants, not only in terms of flowering, but also in growth.

But you can not put in a mixborder plants that love different growing conditions: light and shade, loving water and do not need it. Mixborder has another purpose - flowers mixborder can be cut and make bouquets of them.

It must necessarily have an asymmetric shape and branches of different lengths.

Mixborder - flower garden with a variety of types

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Flowerbed care

Every gardener, gardener, florist must take care to ensure the protection of his plot from pests and diseases. Performing work in the manual mode is very time consuming, here all sorts of sprayers come to the aid of fellow summer residents.

This technique is designed to create excess pressure, due to which there is a fine dispersion of the sprayed mixture. Fine particles of sprayed liquid fall on the surface of plants, penetrating into inaccessible areas.

In the state of the smallest droplets, the solution is perfectly kept on the microvilli of the stems and leaves. Twenty years ago, the choice was limited to a couple of simple dispensers, but now various models are on the market. Competition encourages manufacturers to look for new solutions, create engineering designs.

The most convenient is a garden hand sprayer. Before you buy a garden sprayer, familiarize yourself with the basic types. In addition to the differences in the volume of loading tanks, there is a gradation of sprayers according to the structure. There are pneumatic, piston, pump, lever, benzo and accumulator sprinklers.

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How to make flowerbeds with your own hands?

Making your own flowerbeds, the secrets of choice for filling them. Consideration of successful design ideas and the choice of materials for them.

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Perennial flower mixborder

Gardening is an abstract art together with landscape design and architecture. It’s about combining the right colors, tones, shades and textures into a stunning visual palette, and then fusing this floral palette with the surrounding space.

Gardening is an abstract art

BoardWhen creating alpine slides, install the stones firmly, as you will have to move along them during care.

The best way to decorate your garden is to use flowering vegetation.. To make very beautiful designer flower beds with your own hands you will have to spend an impressive amount of time and effort. But, now, thanks to information from the Internet, you can make really interesting ideas for decorating from scrap materials. Gardening is an abstract art together with landscape design and architecture.

The best way to decorate your garden is to use flowering vegetation.

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Planning is the key to success.

It seems that the easiest task is to buy your favorite flowers and plant them in the ground. And the more diverse the vegetation, the more beautiful the result. Alas, in this way you can only get a jumble of different plants, which will create a generally rather untidy look. In particular, it will be seen where the vegetation will not be combined in height, shape and color. Also problems can cause different time periods of flowering. It is a pity to get such unflattering results after all the efforts.

  • Creating the right composition is a well-planned operation that requires a clear plan of action.
  • Some still prefer to plant their own designed flower garden. It can be a fun pastime. It is advisable not to use a wide variety of types, especially if space is limited.
  • For arrangement of a bed it will be necessary to choose height, the blossoming calendar, color scale. It is also important to comply with environmental requirements (loving light, preferred humidity, soil type and acidity, etc.).

Planning is the key to success.

Because of the peculiarities of the vegetation and the surrounding landscape, the decorated corner acquires its individuality and will be unique.

BoardDo not worry that if you use ready-made schemes, your flower bed in the garden will become typical and uninteresting. After all, it is very unlikely that someone of your friends will use the same scheme. Do not be afraid to experiment. Often, unique compositions obtained from those who, based on information on the Internet, came up with their own design. Creating your own flower gardens and flower beds can be a real source of pride.

When choosing all carefully consider. For example, exactly what size do you want for your flower bed, the size of its border, etc.

Create your own garden with your own hands

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Perennial plants in flowerbed

Perennials are preferred for those who do not want to plant their flower beds again every year.

Perennial have advantages:

  • wide range of forms;
  • relative ease of care;
  • undemanding

And the direct destruction of the perennial flower garden or bulbs can be delayed for several years with the help of cultivation and fertilization of the earth.

However, as a rule, the flowering period for these plants is only 3 weeks, which is not very much.

Pay special attention to long flowering species.

  • After flowering, the perennial flower bed does not look so bright, so it is recommended to dilute it with annual plants.
  • Choose according to flowering season.
  • Often, the owners want the flower gardens and gardens in the courtyard to be pleasant to the eye from the beginning of the spring period and ending with the winter cold. To do this, consider the seasonality of the vegetation used by the flora.
  • Summer flower beds and garden compositions can be formed from such a wide range that it is quite easy to get lost in his list. Experts advise to pay special attention to long flowering species or those that can bloom twice. Among the perennial flowers there are some varieties of roses, geranium, catnip, chamomile.
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Summer is the time of flowering of many annual species. You can think about how to make a flower bed in your own garden more attractive looking. You can plant:

  • beautiful asters;
  • dahlias;
  • coreopsis;
  • various chrysanthemums;
  • calendula

The particular charm of the chosen flower ensemble will be given by related ornamental plants.

Summer is the time of flowering of many annual species.

Vertical flower bed will look great with ampelous plants. They give volume and shine, there are beautiful petunias, lobelia and verbena, which look great in a vertical flowerbed.

It will be interesting to you:

Modern Landscape Design courtyard of a private house (160+ Photos). How to beautifully arrange and decorate their own hands

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Aromatic flowerbed

Perfect solution - an aromatic flowerbed of lavender, sage, oregano. It is better to place it directly with a seating area. You will feel the aroma, passing by the flower garden. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, brain function and the cardiovascular system.

To create such a flower bed, we need:

  • Plastic containers.
  • Paint.
  • Sphagous moss (you can even use old moss).
  • Soil mix.
  • Saplings

Aromatic flower bed of lavender

Step 1

Paint the containers and wait for them to dry. Soak the moss to a comfortable consistency, which will allow you to "sculpt." The moss should be put in all containers after that they should be covered with a layer of soil previously mixed with fertilizer. Subsequently, the ground must be compacted and watered.

Step 2

Containers should be filled from the top containers. Saplings usually have small sizes. Their root system, as a rule, does not break up and is easily displaced in the right direction. If you need to remove the seedlings from the pot, then you need to squeeze the root system by hand.

Water well when planting seedlings. Follow the following sequence when filling the pot:

  • sphagnum;
  • moss;
  • the soil;
  • plant;
  • the soil.

Step 3

After that, plant a flower garden - you can hang it, as in the picture, on the side of your house, garage, fence or any other place in the open air that you see fit. The place where you decide to hang a flower bed will change, as it will improve its overall aesthetic effect. Sometimes experts advise to install a tube with holes in the middle of such structures so that the water reaches the bottom. Water the flower garden using a low pressure hose. Sphagnum absorbs moisture reserves.

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Exotic flowerbed

If you want to create an exotic flower bed, be sure to fill it with plants and flowers that will match its name. Ie, you may need to specifically order some types of flora, instead of relying on traditional flowers. You can order some exciting samples from around the world. Small succulents would give your flowerbed a sense of the desert.

Exotic flowerbed

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Bright ideas

Look for tin cans in your kitchen or just buy in the market. After that, on a large wooden wall, you should attach these cans - ideally 8 to 9, so that they are well scattered. Add the necessary vertical garden plants.

BoardDo not disregard the remaining areas - move to different places large plants or pots to find the best view.

Lavender. Simplicity and attractiveness in one photo

Pine trees, trimmed in a triangular shape, create visual interest. Annuals, perennials provide the garden with bright color and interesting forms. Here, gladiolus neatly contrasts with foliage and blooms around them. Large color stripes will create a soothing atmosphere for this garden.

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Vertical garden system

If you want to decorate a garden wall or just cover up any untidy side, here is a great idea. Take a thick cloth and hang it on the fence in the form of bags - it should be in the form of a kangaroo bag. Add plants and get the beauty you always wanted.

If you have trees in the garden, you can create a small composition around them. For it, you can use any stones to create an environment for flowers. Thus, all attention will be focused on plants.

Flowerbed on a wooden wall

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Group landing

For this idea you must have many different plants. You can install this design on a separate side of the garden and place several chairs and a table so that the flowerbed looks like the perfect atmosphere for privacy.

Plastic bottles as vertical garden containers:

There should be a lot of plastic bottles in your trash can. This is the perfect time to use them all. Simply tie them together with a thread so that you can cover the wall area. Now, make a hole in the center so that you can place the plants you need - a ready flowerbed on the wall!

You need to have many different types of ideas for this idea.

Wall planner:

Capacities for landing fasten to walls. You can plant any plants you want here. This idea can decorate your garden, the entrance to the house or even the backyard. Place the flowers in rows or staggered, it's just your imagination! Return to the menu

Natural design

All the materials at hand can be amazingly beautiful things. If an old tree has fallen near your cottage, then this can be a great idea for creating a unique flower bed. You just need to cut its core and set it in the center of the garden. After that, fill the ground and plant flowers.

Shelf for shoes as a flower bed. Creativity is the main thing.

BoardYou can use the old shoe rack and plant plants in it. Place it at the entrance to attract the attention of your guests.

Use old bed

You can use an old wooden barrel as a stand filled with beautiful plants and bright flowers.

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Wall decor

This flowerbed looks like a tree on the wall. Just a couple of pots arranged in a beautiful manner to provide a beautiful vertical garden.

The design in the barrel

With this design you can plant everything you want. In particular, try adding bright flowers with large leaves to give your flowerbed a fantastic look. Connect the old windows and make a beautiful little decor for garden space.

You can decorate the whole wall by simply placing small bags for clothes filled with beautiful flowers. This will undoubtedly hide the gray walls and enhance the beauty of your garden.

You can use the old bedside table

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the decor of your garden is primarily the work of the imagination. Therefore, you only need to present the overall composition and consistently solve problems in its implementation. It should be noted that it is especially important despite the large amount of work not to panic and gradually, step by step, turn your garden into the fruit of the envy of all the guests.

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Perennials for flower beds

To begin, you must determine the amount of time that you can spend on the flower beds. If you are engaged in a flower garden and nothing more - this is one thing, and if in addition to this you are also engaged in growing various vegetable crops, then this is quite another. Experience shows that with the second option, the time for growing and caring for a flower bed is not enough.

Flowerbed should be located near the recreation area. It should be visible from the country house or gazebo. Show your imagination when creating a composition.

Most likely, perennial flowers will be present in your flower garden. Now let's talk about them.

Flowerbed should be located near the recreation area

You must allocate a place for future flower beds at the time of planning. Consider that the flower bed should be located near the recreation area. So that it was visible from the house or gazebo. While shaping a flower bed, you can express all your imagination. Since the shape of the flower garden is entirely dependent on your desire.

Perennials are perfect for prefabricated flowerbeds, the so-called mixborders. As a rule, such flowerbeds create around garden paths. Also mixborders often equip around fruit trees and shrubs.

In the center of the flower bed you can put an artificial pond decorated with natural stones and coastal vegetation.

When creating this bed, keep in mind that the width of the bed should not exceed two meters, since if this rule is not followed, the bed will lose its aesthetic appearance.


If you decide to use perennial flowers, you should know that they need a lot of sunlight. They should not be placed in the shadows.

Let's talk about the proper preparation of the soil, as this is one of the most important moments when planting a flower bed.

  • The first. Organize good drainage. Stagnant water adversely affects the development of flowers. At high humidity perennial may fall into a state of rest.
  • The second. The soil should in no case be dense. It must contain air. Also, the soil should be quite moisture-consuming.

You must allocate a place for future flower beds at the time of planning. Consider that the flower bed should be located near the recreation area.